This is the archived site for the former University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, which in 2013, following an organisational restructure, was made part of the new Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts. All new material is found here: Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts - Papers.


Papers from 2013

Victims or offenders: who were the 11 Indigenous female prisoners who died in custody and were investigated by the Australian Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody?, E Marchetti

Monitoring, control and surveillance of protected areas and specially managed areas in the marine domain, Denzil G. Miller, N Slicer, and Quentin A. Hanich

From behind the great wall: the development of statistics on the marine economy in china, Weiling Song, Guangshun He, and Alistair McIlgorm

Papers from 2012

"Rule-based but risk-oriented" approach for combating money laundering in Chinese financial sectors, Lishan Ai

Maritime security and port state control in the Indian Ocean region, Sam Bateman


Women's participation in union parishads: a quest for a compassionate legal approach in Bangladesh from an international perspective, Afroza Begum


Classifying ecological quality and integrity of estuaries, Angel Borja; Alberto Basset; Suzanne Bricker; J-C Dauvin; M Elliot; T Harrison; J-C Marques; SB Weisberg,; and R West


Satellite AIS - developing technology or existing capability?, J Carson - Jackson


The duty to explain a guarantee by the bank: an ephemeral concept?, Charles YC Chew


Contracts effected with a bank on the basis of coercion or pressure: grounds for judicial intervention, Charles Y. C Chew

Fisheries data and the Law of the Sea Convention, W R. Edeson

Australia's maritime past, present and future, Andrew Forbes


Understanding IMF stand-by arrangements from the perspective of international and domestic law: the experience of Venezuela in the 1990s, Gabriel Garcia

Incorporating fisheries interests in National Oceans Policymaking, Warwick Gullett

Distributing the bigeye conservation burden in the western and central pacific fisheries, Quentin A. Hanich

Managing human rights and covert methods in transnational criminal investigations, Clive Harfield


Police informers and professional ethics, Clive Harfield

Police in the development space: Australia's international police capacity builders, Vandra Harris and Andrew Goldsmith


Strategic environmental assessment: lessons for New South Wales, Australia, from Scottish practice, Andrew H. Kelly, Tony Jackson, and Peter Williams


Uncertain seas ahead: legal and policy approaches to conserving marine biodiversity in the face of changing climate, Richard Kenchington and Robin Warner

Responses and adaptation strategies of commercial and charter fishers to zoning changes in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Elodie J.I. Ledee, Stephen G. Sutton, Renae Tobin, and Debora M. De Freitas


'DITTO': law, pop culture and humanities and the impact of intergenerational interpretative dissonance, Marett Leiboff


Ghosts of law and humanities (past, present, future), Marett Leiboff


Book review - Dynamics of cross border industrial development in Mekong Sub-region: A case study of Thailand, Shaun Lin


ASEAN and interconnecting regional spheres: lessons for the Indian Ocean Region, Shaun Lin and Carl Grundy-Warr


One bridge, two towns and three countries: anticipatory geopolitics in the Greater Mekong Subregion, Shaun Lin and Carl Grundy-Warr

Innovative justice processes, Elena Marchetti and Kathleen Daly

The road from S and Marper to the Prum Treaty and the implications on human rights, Katina Michael

Places of refuge for ships in distress: Problems and methods of resolution, Anthony P. Morrison

Radical attitudes and jihad: a commentary on the article by Clark McCauley (2012) Testing theories of radicalization in polls of U.S. Muslims, Samuel Mullins

Disputed South China Sea hydrocarbons in perspective, Nicholas Owen and Clive Schofield

The implications of climate change for maritime security forces, Chris Rahman


Book review of Empowering Our Military Conscience: Transforming Just War Theory and Military Moral Education, Christopher Rahman


Book review of Oil on Water: Tankers, Pirates and the Rise of China, Christopher Rahman

Book review of The Prism of Just War, Christopher Rahman


Climate change mitigation activities in the ocean: turning up the regulatory heat, Rosemary Rayfuse and Robin Warner


Plant genetic resources, international protection, G. L. Rose


Departures from the Coast: trends in the application of territorial sea baselines under the Law of the Sea Convention, Clive Schofield

Climate change and the limits of maritime jurisdiction, Clive Schofield and I Made Andi Arsana

Reflections of the effectiveness of extradition in the ASEAN region, Ciara Spencer

Fisheries jurisdiction under the Law of the Sea Convention: rights and obligations in maritime zones under the sovereignty of Coastal States, Martin Tsamenyi and Quentin Hanich

Australian oceans policymaking, Martin Tsamenyi and Richard Kenchington


Tools to conserve ocean biodversity: developing the legal framework for environmental impact assessment in marine areas beyond national jurisdiction, Robin Warner


Australia's maritime challenges and priorities: recent developments and future prospects, Robin M. Warner


Oceans beyond boundaries: environmental assessment frameworks, Robin M. Warner


Climate change and the oceans: legal and policy portents for the Asia Pacific region and beyond, Robin Warner and Clive Schofield

Papers from 2011

Risk-based approach for designing enterprise-wide AML information system solution, Lishan Ai and Jun Tang


Privacy implications for information and communications technology (ICT): The case of the Jordanian e-government, Akram Almatarneh

Initiatives on IP Enforcement beyond TRIPS: The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and the International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force, Christoph Antons and Gabriel Garcia

Invoking international human rights law in a "Rights-Free Zone": Indigenous justice campaigns in Australia, Sylvia Arzey and Luke McNamara

MV Rena: Dealing with Sub-Standard Shipping, Sam Bateman

Sub-standard ships and human costs of piracy: The case of Captain Prem Kumar, Sam Bateman

US Marines in Northern Australia: strategic benefits with social costs, Sam Bateman


New challenges for maritime security in the Indian Ocean - an Australian perspective, Sam Bateman and Anthony Bergin


Decent work, older workers and vulnerability in the economic recession: a comparative study of Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Susan Bisom-Rapp, Andrew D. Frazer, and Malcolm Sargeant

Brown, Farrier, Neal and Weisbrot's criminal laws: materials and commentary on criminal law and process in New South Wales, David Brown, David Farrier, Sandra Egger, Luke McNamara, Alex Steel, Michael Grewcock, and Donna Spears

The defence of Non Est Factum: a paradox in banking law, Charles Chew

The whaling dispute in the South Pacific: An Australian perspective, Ruth A. Davis

International Law: Cases and Materials With Australian Perspectives, Ruth A. Davis, Stuart B. Kaye, Donald R. Rothwell, and Afshin Akhtarkhavari

Developing a long-term outlook for the Great Barrier Reef, Australia: a framework for adaptive management reporting underpinning an ecosystem based management approach, Kirstin Dobbs, Jonathan Day, Hilary Skeat, John Baldwin, Fergus J. Molloy, Laurence J. McCook, Margaret Johnson, Bruce Elliot, Peter McGinnity, Karen Vohland, David R. Wachenfeld, and Richard Kenchington


Conducting field research on terrorism: a brief primer, Adam Dolnik

Negotiating hostage crises with the new terrorists, Adam Dolnik and Keith M. Fitzgerald

Stocking Up: Securing our marine economy, Laura Eadie and Caroline Hoisington

The Foundations of Torts in Commercial Law, James Edelman, James Goudkamp, and Simone Degeling


Australian Maritime Defence Council, Andrew Forbes


Australia's Maritime Economic Interests, Andrew Forbes

China and Sea Power in the Twenty-First Century, Andrew Forbes

Defeating the U-boat: inventing antisubmarine warfare, Andrew Forbes

Peace regime building on the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asian security Cooperation, Andrew Forbes

Red Star over the Pacific: China's Rise and the Challenge to US Maritime Strategy, Andrew Forbes

Should we worry about piracy, Andrew Forbes

The International Law of the Sea & The Legal Order of the Oceans: Basic Documents on the Law of the Sea, Andrew Forbes

Old and new threats from North Korea against the Republic of Korea, Andrew Forbes and Yoon Sukjoon

Anti-discrimination law at mid-life crisis, Andrew D. Frazer


IMF standby arrangement: its role in the resolution of crises in the 1990s., Gabriel Garcia

Out of step : Multilateral police missions, culture and nation-building in Timor-Leste, Andrew Goldsmith and V Harris

The struggle for independence was just the beginning, Andrew Goldsmith and V Harris

A taxonomy of tort law defences, James Goudkamp

Defences to negligence, James Goudkamp

Insanity as a tort defence, James Goudkamp

Recent Developments in the statutory illegality defences, James Goudkamp

The illegality defence in the law of negligence after Miller v Miller, James Goudkamp


From microbes to people: tractable benefits of no-take areas for coral reefs, Nicholas A.J Graham, Tracy D. Ainsworth, Andrew H. Baird, Natalie C. Ban, Line K. Bay, Joshua E. Cinner, Debora M. De Freitas, Guillermo Dia-Pulido, Maria Dornelas, Simon R. Dunn, Pedro I.J Fidelman, Sylvain Foret, Tatjana C. Good, Johnathan Kool, Jennie Mallela, Lucie Penin, Morgan S. Pratchett, and David H. Williamson

Fisheries and aquatic ecosystems, Warwick Gullett

Australia's marine jurisdictions under international and domestic law, Warwick Gullett and G. L. Rose

Advancing maritime Australia, Warwick Gullett, Clive Schofield, and Joanna Vince

Girt by sea: the challenge of managing Australia's marine resources, Warwick Gullett, Clive Schofield, and Joanna Vince

Marine resources management, Warwick Gullett, Clive Schofield, and Joanna Vince


Interest and Influence - A Snapshot of the Western and Central Pacific Tropical Tuna Fisheries, Quentin A. Hanich

A Draft Strategic Framework for Institutional Strengthening in Fisheries Management and Development, Quentin Hanich, Ian Bertram, Maruia Kamatie, Mbwenea Teioki, and Alistair McIlgorm

A Scoping Study into Timor Leste Legislation and Policies Relating to Fisheries Monitoring, Control and Surveillance, Quentin Hanich and Martin Tsamenyi

Transnational criminal investigation and modes of governance, Clive G. Harfield

Religion and Security: what’s your motive?, Nadirsyah Hosen

A posteriori: the experience of religion, Nadirsyah Hosen and Richard Mohr

Legislation, Citizen's Rights and the Self-Determination of a Developing Country: a Papua New Guinean Case Study, Mary A. Kaidonis and Natalie P. Stoianoff


The Development of Local Government in Australia, Focusing on NSW: From Road Builder to Planning Agency to Servant of the State Government and Developmentalism, Andrew H. Kelly


The three phases of Local Government State of Environment reports in NSW Australia: Complexity, intricacy and creativity, Andrew H. Kelly

The extended Australian urban dwelling: key issues relating to private open space in expanding residential suburbia, Andrew H. Kelly and Stuart Little


Zoning, a fundamental cornerstone of effective Marine Spatial Planning: lessons learnt from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Richard Kenchington and Jonathan Day

Biotechnological patents and morality: A critical view from a developing country, Jakkrit Kuanpoth