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Papers from 2006

Local Government rates in New South Wales: an environmental tax?, Andrew H. Kelly and Natalie P. Stoianoff

Patents and access to medicines in Thailand: The ddI case and beyond, Jakkrit Kuanpoth


TRIPS-Plus intellectual property rules: impact on Thailand's public health, Jakkrit Kuanpoth


Public Health at Risk: a US Free Trade Agreement could threaten access to medicines in Thailand, Jakkrit Kuanpoth, Gawain Kripke, and Stephanie Weinberg

The deep colonising practices of the Australian Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, Elena M. Marchetti


Cross-disciplinary assessment: bringing law students and expert witnesses together, Judith M. Marychurch


Blurring the lines of environmental responsibility: how corporate and public governance was circumvented in the Ok Tedi Mining Limited disaster, Judith M. Marychurch and Natalie P. Stoianoff

Cancellation provisions in Australia's Commonwealth-managed fisheries, Richard Mason and Warwick Gullett

Protecting Australia's trade mark interests through the Australia-China free trade agreement, Leah Mauger and Natalie P. Stoianoff

Preparing for Practice: developing students' understanding of risk management, Ian J. McCall

Current Issues in Criminal Justice, L. McNamara


'Equality before the Law' in polyethnic societies: the construction of normative criminal law standards, Luke McNamara


Festival Filosofia sui Sensi / Philosophical Festival of the Senses, Richard Mohr


Living Legal Fictions: Constituting the State or Submerging the Signifier, Richard Mohr


Territory, Landscape and Law in Three Images of the Basque Country, Richard Mohr


Essay Review: Final Test and Class and Schools, M. T. O'Brien

A review of the Philippine MCS framework for fisheries, Mary Ann Palma


Fragments of forest management, a private practice: an assessment of the implementation of the regional forest agreements on private land in the southern and the Eden regions of NSW, Holly Park

Compulsory pilotage in international straits: the Torres Strait PSSA proposal, Julian P. Roberts


Legal frameworks for integrated marine environmental management, G. L. Rose


Regional Treaties, G. L. Rose


Report on the Comparative Analysis of Compliance Mechanisms, G. L. Rose


Harmonising Australian environmental law: An Australian Oceans Act for Australia’s oceans, G. L. Rose and C. Smythe

Jurisprudence of National Identity: Kaleidoscopes of Imperialism and Globalisation from Aotearoa New Zealand, Nan Seuffert


Sexual citizenship and the Civil Union Act 2004, Nan Seuffert

Places of refuge in a federal jurisdiction - the Australian experience, Angela Shairp and Sam Bateman

Hiring and firing of securities regulators in Bangladesh and Australia: a comparative review, Sheikh M. Solaiman

Investor protection and criminal liabilities for defective prospectuses: Bangladeshi laws compared with their equivalents in India and Malaysia, Sheikh M. Solaiman

Recent reforms and the development of the securities market in Bangladesh, Sheikh M. Solaiman

Monitoring medical research conduct: why, how and by whom?, Colin J. Thomson

Protecting health information privacy in research: what's an ethics committee like yours doing in a job like this?, Colin J. Thomson

The legal substance and status of fishing entities in international law: a note, Ben M. Tsamenyi

Integrated maritime enforcement and compliance in Australia, Ben M. Tsamenyi, Anthony Bergin, Derek Woolner, and Sam Bateman

The legal dimension of maritime military operations, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Barry B. Snushall

Papers from 2005

Responding to Cybercrime: A Delicate Blend of the Orthodox and the Alternative, Gregor H. Allan


South Pacific Security and the Emerging Doctrine of 'Co-operative Intervention': the Pacific way or Howard's way, Gregor H. Allan

Specialised Intellectual Property Courts in Southeast Asia, Christoph Antons


Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights in Australia and Southeast Asia, Christoph Antons


Developments in Free Speech Law in Australia: Coleman and Mulholland, E. Arcioni


Environmental Justice in Australia: When the RATS became IRATE, E. Arcioni and Glenn Mitchell


Capacity Building for Maritime Security Cooperation: What Are We Talking About?, Sam Bateman

Hydrographic Surveying in the EEZ: Differences and Overlaps with Marine Scientific Research, Sam Bateman

Maritime Regime Building, Sam Bateman


Prospective Guidelines for Navigation and Overflight in the Exclusive Economic Zone, Sam Bateman

Equality of Employment in Bangladesh: A Search for the Substantive Approach to meet the exceptional experience of women in the contemporary workplace, Afroza Begum

Judicial activism versus judicial restraint: Bangladesh's experience with women's rights with reference to the Indian Supreme Court, Afroza Begum

Future Unknown: The Terrorist Threat to Australian Maritime Security, Anthony Bergin and Sam Bateman

Anti-Money Laundering : International Practice and Policies, John Broome

Petit estat vesval: Christine de Pizan's Grieving Body Politic, Louise D'Arcens

Where No Knight in Armour Has Ever Trod, Louise D'Arcens

Indonesian Legislative Framework for Coastal Resources Management: A Critical Review and Recommendation, - Dirhamsyah


Maritime Law Enforcement and Compliance in Indonesia: Problems and Recommendations, Dirham Dirhamsyah


Mapping connections : postcolonial, feminist and legal theory, Ian Duncanson and Nan Seuffert

Principles and Practice of Law, Elizabeth J. Ellis

The Naval Professional: Admiral Sir Francis Hyde, KCB, CVO, CBE, RAN, James Goldrick


Re-shaping Australian Intelligence, Sandy Gordon

Courting Councils and Counselling Courts: Subjectivity and Objectivity in s 88K Applications, Donald S. Grattan


Smooth sailing for Australia's automatic forfeiture of foreign fishing vessels, Warwick Gullett

Mutual observation, reflection and discussion and professional development for magistrates: further developments, Garry Hiskey

Crime and Mental Health Law in NSW, Daniel M. Howard SC and Bruce Westmore


Freedom of Navigation, Surveillance and Security: Legal Issues Surrounding the Collection of Intelligence from Beyond the Littoral, Stuart Kaye

Facilitating Picnics and Nature Rambles: Conserving Nature for Recreation on Local Government Open Space - a Viable Option?, Andrew H. Kelly

Closing in on biopiracy: legal dilemmas and opportunities for the south, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

Current developments and trends in intellectual property rights: harmonisation through free trade agreements, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

Combating Cyberterrorism: The Response from Australia and New Zealand, Alaeldin Maghaireh

Unconscious racism: scrutinising judicial reasoning in “stolen generation” cases, Elena M. Marchetti and Janet Ransley

Legal Requirements and Current Practices, Kay F. Maxwell, Jim Cockerill, and Berna Collier


The Historical Lessons and Intellectual Rigour of Admiral Sir Herbert William Richmond, Bruce McLennan


Negotiating the contours of unlawful hate speech: regulation under provincial Human Rights Laws in Canada, Luke McNamara


Enduring Signs and Obscure Meanings: Contested Coats of Arms in Australian Jurisdictions, Richard Mohr


Some conditions for culturally diverse deliberation, Richard Mohr

Future Environmental Policy Trends to 2020: Impact on Ship Design and Operation, Cameron Moore, Stuart B. Kaye, G. L. Rose, Ben M. Tsamenyi, Kwame Mfodwo, Linda Munoz, and Barry B. Snushall


Blending educational tools and strategies: Integrating online learning in practical legal training programs., J. Pastellas and K. F. Maxwell

Ballistic missiles in China's anti-Taiwan blockade strategy, Christopher Rahman

Protecting Sensitive Marine Environments: The Role and Application of Ships' Routeing Measures, Julian P. Roberts

The Western European PSSA Proposal: A 'Politically Sensitive Sea Area', Julian P. Roberts, Ben M. Tsamenyi, Tim Workman, and Lindy Johnson


The United Nations as a source of international legal authority, G. L. Rose


Terrorism and national security intelligence laws: assessing Australian reforms, G. L. Rose and D. Nestorovska


Towards an ASEAN counter-terrorism treaty, G. L. Rose and D. Nestorovska


Cooperative Mechanisms and Maritime Security in Areas of Overlapping Claims to Maritime Jurisdiction, Clive Schofield

A Fair Go for East Timor? Sharing the Resources of the Timor Sea, Clive H. Schofield

Trans-Maritime Boundary Cooperation in Southeast Asia: Eroding or Enhancing the Importance of International Boundaries?, Clive H. Schofield

Forty Years on: Revisiting Border Studies Reflections on the relevance of Classic Approaches and Contemporary priorities in Boundary Studies, Clive H. Schofield and Carl Grundy-Warr

The Maritime Political Boundaries of the World, Clive H. Schofield and Victor Prescott


The Paradoxical Success of UNCLOS Part XV: A Half-Hearted Reply to Rosemary Rayfuse, Andrew Serdy

Towards Certainty of Seabed Jurisdiction Beyond 200 Nautical Miles from the Territorial Sea Baseline: Australia's Submission to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf, Andrew Serdy

Nation as partnership: Law, "race," and gender in Aotearoa New Zealand's treaty settlements, Nan Seuffert


The Extreme Makeover Effect of Law School: Students Being Transformed by Stories, Cassandra E. Sharp

Perceptions of Lawyers-a Transnational Study of Student Views on the Image of Law and Lawyers, Cassandra E. Sharp, Michael Asimow, Guillermo Jorge, Stefan Machura, Guy Osborn, Steve Greenfield, Peter Robson, and Robert Sockloskie


Investor protection and judicial enforcement of disclosure regime in Bangladesh: a critique, Sheikh M. Solaiman

Investor Protection through Administrative Enforcement of Disclosure Requirements in Prospectuses: Bangladeshi Laws Compared with their Equivalents in India and Malaysia., Sheikh M. Solaiman


Securities Market in Bangladesh: A Critical Appraisal of its Growth Since its Inception in 1954, Sheikh M. Solaiman

Strict Product Liability: A Useful Doctrinal Basis for Consumer Protection, Sheikh M. Solaiman


Adoption of the Disclosure-Based Regulation for Investor Protection in the Primary Share Market in Bangladesh: Putting the Cart Before the Horse?, S M. Solaiman


Electronic surveillance post 9/11, Chun-Lung Tai

Tooma's Annotated Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, Michael Tooma

The Law of the Sea, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Brian Opeskin

Papers from 2004


The Noxious Weeds Act 1993 (NSW) – balancing people, planet and profit?, E. Arcioni


What’s in a Name? The Changing Definition of Weeds in Australia, E. Arcioni


Developments in Australian fisheries law: setting the law of the sea convention adrift?, Warwick Gullett