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Papers from 2007

Law reform in the 'developmental states' of East and Southeast Asia: from the Asian Crisis to September 11, 2001 and beyond , Christoph Antons

Sui Generis Protection for Plant Varieties and Traditional Agricultural Knowledge: The Example of India, Christoph Antons

Traditional Knowledge, Biological Resources and Intellectual Property Rights in Asia: The Example of the Philippines, Christoph Antons

Introduction, Christoph Antons and Volkmar Gessner

Moving towards a Rights-Based Fisheries Management Regime for the Tuna Fisheries n the Western and Central Pacific Ocean, Transform Aqorau

Building good order at sea in Southeast Asia: the promise of international regimes, Sam Bateman

Navies and the maintenance of good order in peacetime, Sam Bateman

Outlook: The New Threat of Maritime Terrorism, Sam Bateman


The regime of the exclusive economic zone: military activities and the need for compromise?, Sam Bateman


Rethinking the special equity rule for wives: post Garcia, Quo Vadis, where to from here?, Charles Chew


Reconciling independence and accountability in judicial systems, F. Contini and Richard Mohr


Update: Japanese Whaling Litigation, Ruth Davis


Enforcing Australian law in Antarctica: the HSI litigation, Ruth A. Davis


Taking on Japanese whalers: the Humane Society International litigation, Ruth A. Davis


Assessing the Terrorist Threat to Singapore's Land Transportation Infrastructure, Adam Dolnik

Suicide Terrorism in Southeast Asia, Adam Dolnik

The siege of Beslan's School No. 1, Adam Dolnik

Understanding Terrorist Innovation: Technology, Tactics and Global Trends, Adam Dolnik

An International Legal Extravaganza in the Indian Ocean: Placing the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission outside the Framework of FAO, William R. Edeson

Article XIV of the FAO Constitution, International legal Personality and the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, William R. Edeson

The limits of judicial review: Anvil Hill in the Land and Environment Court, Malcolm D. Farrier

A First Analysis of RAN Operations, 1990-2005, Andrew Forbes

Maritime security regulation, Andrew Forbes

RAN Activities in the Southern Ocean, Andrew Forbes

The Western Pacific Naval Symposium, Andrew Forbes

A revival of the doctrine of attainder? The statutory illegality defences to liability in tort, James Goudkamp

Delay in commencing proceedings within the limitation period in Australia, James Goudkamp


Litigation privilege: transient or timeless? Blank v Canada (Minister of Justice), James Goudkamp

The rule against bias and the doctrine of waiver, James Goudkamp

Pushing the limits of the Law of the Sea Convention: Australian and French cooperative surveillance and enforcement in the Southern Ocean, Warwick Gullett and Clive Schofield

Can the Muslim World Borrow From Indonesian Constitutional Reform? A Comparative Constitutional Approach, Nadirsyah Hosen

Human rights provisions in the second amendment to the Indonesian constitution from Shari'ah perspective, Nadirsyah Hosen

Shari'a and Constitutional Reform in Indonesia , Nadirsyah Hosen

Marine Pollution from the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry: Review of Major Conventions and Russian Law (Part II), Mikhail Kashubsky

Biodiversity offsets and native vegetation clearance in New South Wales: The rural/urban divide in the pursuit of ecologically sustainable development, Andrew H. Kelly, Malcolm D. Farrier, and Angela Langdon

Conserving Native Vegetation on Private Land: Subsidizing Sustainable Use of Biodiversity?, Andrew H. Kelly and Natalie P. Stoianoff

Étude du développement juridique et économique en Thaïlande, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

Intellectual property rights and pharmaceuticals: A Thai perspective on prices and technological capability, Jakkrit Kuanpoth


Patents and access to antiretroviral medicines in Vietnam after World Trade Organization accession, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

TRIPS-Plus Rules under Free Trade Agreements: An Asian Perspective, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

Lawyers in Australia, John P. Littrich and Ainslie Lamb


Indigenous sentencing courts: towards a theoretical and jurisprudential model, Elena M. Marchetti and Kathleen Daly

Conflicting uses in Mangueira Bay: a prospective analysis, Debora Martins de Freitas, Marcelo Domingues, and Paulo Roberto A. Tagliani

Spatial planning of shrimp farming in the Patos Lagoon Estuary (southern Brazil): an integrated coastal management approach, Debora Martins de Freitas and Paulo Roberto R. Tagliani

Korea: the first challenge for Australian naval aviation, Jack McCaffrie

Positioning navies for the future, Jack McCaffrie

Human Rights controversies: the impact of legal form, Luke McNamara

Does a Bill of Rights matter? Comparing Australia to New Zealand, Luke J. McNamara


Identity Crisis: Judgment and the Hollow Legal Subject, Richard Mohr


Local court reforms and 'global' law, Richard Mohr


Judicial Evaluation in Context: Principles, Practices and Promise in Nine European Countries, Richard Mohr and F. Contini

The international politics of combating piracy in Southeast Asia, Christopher Rahman

Marine environment protection and biodiversity conservation: the application and future development of the IMO's particularly sensitive sea area concept, Julian P. Roberts

The Regulation of Navigation Under International Law: A Tool for Protecting Sensitive Marine Environments, Julian P. Roberts and Ben M. Tsamenyi

Australia's regional treaty activity in the Asia-Pacific: a sub-regional trends analysis, G. L. Rose


Updating international humanitarian law and the laws of armed conflict for the wars of the 21st Century, G. L. Rose


Australian counter-terrorism offences: Necessity and clarity in federal criminal law reforms, G. L. Rose and D. Nestorovska


The Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries: A Matter of Life or Death for East Timor?, Clive Schofield and I Made Andi Arsana

Minding the gap: the Australia-East Timor treaty on certain maritime arrangements in the Timor Sea (CMATS), Clive H. Schofield

Unlocking the seabed resources of the Gulf of Thailand, Clive H. Schofield

Jurisdiction and nation-building: tall tales in nineteenth-century Aotearoa/New Zealand, Nan Seuffert

Disclosure philosophy for investor protection in securities markets: does one size fit all? , Sheikh M. Solaiman

Protection of Foreign Portfolio Investment in Bangladesh: A Critical Appreciation , Sheikh M. Solaiman

The Enron collapse and criminal liabilities of auditors and lawyers for defective prospectuses in the United States, Australia and Canada: a review, Sheikh M. Solaiman


Jury misconduct or irregularity, Donna Spears

Introduction to Regulation of Competition in South East Asia: A Comparative Study of Antimonopoly Laws in Vietnam and Indonesia and Their Models, Le-Thuy Tran

Legal considerations in the implementation of long-range identification and tracking of vessels, Martin Tsamenyi and Mary Ann Palma


Preserving a balanced ocean: regulating climate change mitigation activities in marine areas beyond national jurisdiction, Robin M. Warner

Papers from 2006


The HIH collapse: a catalyst for costly reform, Gregor H. Allan

Courting Kazaa - judicial approaches towards P2P networks in the US and Australia, Christoph Antons


Intellectual property law in Southeast Asia: recent legislative and institutional developments, Christoph Antons

Traditional knowledge and biological resources in Asia: Looking within and beyond the law of intellectual property, Christoph Antons


Representation for the Italian Diaspora, E. Arcioni


The application of GIS in maritime boundary delimitation: a case study on the Indonesia-East Timor maritime boundary delimitation, I Made Andi Arsana, C. Rizos, and Clive H. Schofield


Assessing the threat of maritime terrorism: issues for the Asia-Pacific region, Sam Bateman

Security and the law of the sea in East Asia: navigational regimes and exclusive economic zones, Sam Bateman

Criminal laws: materials and commentary on criminal law and process in NSW, David Brown, David Farrier, Sandra Egger, Luke McNamara, and Alex Steel

The Future of Legal Ethics: Some Potential Effects of Globalization and Technological Change on Law Practice Management in the Twenty-First Century, Ethan Burger and Carol M. Langford

Aleksandr Lukashenka’s Consolidation of Power, Ethan Burger and Viktar Minchuk


Another look at the giving of independent advice to sureties: some uncertainties and evolving concerns, Charles Chew


The scope and limitations of the doctrine of misleading or deceptive conduct in the context of guarantees: some perspectives and uncertainties, Charles Chew

New visions of justice, Kathleen Daly, Hennessey Hayes, and Elena M. Marchetti

Learning to die: suicide terrorism in the 21st century, Adam Dolnik

On the nature of religious terrorism, Adam Dolnik and Rohan Gunaratna

Book review essay - H.L.A. Hart and the Methodology of Jurisprudence, Ian P. Farrell


Industrial Tribunals and the Regulation of Bargaining, Andrew D. Frazer


Labour Law and Productive Decentralisation: Australian Report, Andrew D. Frazer

Maritime sanctions enforcement against Iraq, 1990-2003, James Goldrick

South Asian security challenges , Alexander D. Gordon

Can Tort Law be used to deflect the impact of criminal sanctions? The role of the illegality defence, James Goudkamp


Book review. The precautionary principle in practice, Warwick Gullett


Contesting the merits of aquaculture development: Port Stephens Pearls Pty Ltd v Minister for Infrastructure and Planning [2005] NSWLEC 426, Warwick Gullett

Fisheries, Warwick Gullett

The threshold test of the precautionary principle in Australian courts and tribunals: lessons for judicial review., Warwick Gullett


Up the creek and out at sea: the resurfacing of the public right to fish, Warwick Gullett

Freedom of navigation in a post 9/11 world: security and creeping jurisdiction, Stuart B. Kaye

The impact of the trail smelter arbitration on the law of the sea, Stuart B. Kaye

The proliferation security initiative in the maritime domain, Stuart B. Kaye

Securing urban amenity: does it coincide with biodiversity conservation at the local government level?, Andrew H. Kelly

Threatened species law and NSW Councils: challenges and change, Andrew H. Kelly and Carla J. Mooney