This is the archived site for the former University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, which in 2013, following an organisational restructure, was made part of the new Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts. All new material is found here: Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts - Papers.


Papers from 2010

Adaptive management of the Great Barrier Reef: a globally significant demonstration of the benefits of networks of marine reserves, Fergus J. Molloy, Tony Ayling, Garry R. Russ, Robert L. Pressey, Bruce Mapstone, J. Howard Choat, Debora Martins de Freitas, Helene Marsh, Richard D. Evans, Geoffrey P. Jones, Stephen Sutton, Morena Mills, David R. Wachenfeld, Mike Cappo, Terry P. Hughes, Laurence J. McCook, David H. Williamson, C. Roland Pitcher, Michael Heupel, Renae Tobin, and Hugh Stweatman


Rehabilitation of Islamist terrorists: lessons from criminology, Samuel J. Mullins

An exploratory, dynamic application of social network analysis for modeling the development of Islamist terror-cells in the west, Samuel J. Mullins and Adam Dolnik

Relations between violent non-state actors and ordinary crime, Samuel J. Mullins and Adam Dolnik

A HECS Rebate? Ways to attract and retain graduate lawyers in rural, regional and remote communities, Trish Mundy

L’archipel de l’archipel, Mary Ann Palma

Pirates et Philippins, toute une histoire – d’avenir, Mary Ann Palma

Poverty, poaching ang pirates: geopolitical stability and maritime insecurity off the Horn of Africa, Thean Potgieter and Clive Schofield

Maritime domain awareness in Australia and New Zealand, Chris Rahman


China's maritime strategic agenda, Christopher Rahman

A strategic perspective on security and naval issues in the South China Sea, Chris Rahman and Ben M. Tsamenyi

Qualitative risk assessment of multiple-use marine park effectiveness – a case study from NSW, Australia, Andrew Read and Ronald West

Area-based management on the high seas: possible application of the IMO's particularly sensitive sea area concept, Julian P. Roberts, Aldo Chircop, and Sian Prior

Treatment of Detainees under Criminal Processes, G. L. Rose

A Pirate Paradise: Underlying Causes and Key Challenges in Countering Piracy off the Horn of Africa, Clive Schofield


Pirates ahoy! The modern pirate menace off the Horn of Africa, Clive H. Schofield

Reproducing empire in same sex relationship recognition and immigration law reform, Nan Seuffert

Reproducing empire in same sex relationship recognition and immigration law reform, Nan Seuffert

Shares and caring: stories of law, identity, culture and enterprise, Nan Seuffert

Taming the wild beast: the regulation of equity derivatives in New Zealand, Nan Seuffert

The TPPA and financial sector deregulation, Nan Seuffert and Jane Kelsey

Water use benefit index as a tool for community-based monitoring of water related trends in the Great Barrier Reef region, Alexander Smajgl, Silva Larson, Beau Hug, and Debora Martins de Freitas

Combating money laundering in transition countries: the inherent limitation and practical issues, Jun Tang and Lishan Ai

A collective approach to Pacific islands fisheries management: moving beyond regional agreements, Ben M. Tsamenyi, Quentin A. Hanich, and Feleti Teo


The European Council regulation on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing: an international fisheries law perspective, Martin Tsamenyi, Mary Ann Palma, Ben Milligan, and Kwame Mfodwo

Papers from 2009


Perspectives on the organisation and control of the illicit traffic in antiquities in South East Asia, Christine Adler, Duncan Chappell, and Kenneth Polk


Foster v Mountford: cultural confidentiality in a changing Australia, Christoph Antons

Indonesia, Christoph Antons

IP law reform in developing countries after the global financial crisis, Christoph Antons

Malaysia, Christoph Antons

Traditional knowledge in Asia global agendas and local subjects, Christoph Antons

What is "Traditional Cultural Expression"? - International Definitions and Their Application in Developing Asia, Christoph Antons

Traditional medicine and intellectual property rights: a case study of the Indonesian jamu industry, Christoph Antons and Rosy Antons-Sutanto

Introduction, Christoph H. Antons

The international debate about traditional knowledge and approaches in the Asia-Pacific region, Christoph H. Antons

Recent developments in Pacific tuna fisheries: the Palau Arrangement and the Vessel Day Scheme, Transform Aqorau

Western and central pacific fisheries commission, Transform Aqorau


Fare well, Justice Kirby, Elisa Arcioni


That vague but powerful abstraction: the concept of 'the people' in the Constitution, Elisa Arcioni

Good order at sea in the South China Sea, Sam Bateman

Hydrographic surveying and marine scientific research in exclusive economic zones, Sam Bateman

Maritime security implications of the international shipping recession, Sam Bateman

Piracy and armed robbery against ships in Indonesian waters, Sam Bateman

Sea piracy - what's the current situation?, Sam Bateman

The compulsory pilotage regime in the Torres Strait - a "melting pot" of operational, legal and political considerations, Sam Bateman

Compulsory pilotage in the Torres Strait: overcoming unacceptable risks to a sensitive marine environment, Sam Bateman and Michael White

International legal implications of the Philippine Treaty Limits on navigational rights in Philipine waters, Lowell Bautista

Moving beyond disputes over island sovereignty: ICJ decision sets stage for maritime boundary delimitation in the Singapore strait, Robert Beckman and Clive Schofield


Enforcing animal welfare law: the NSW experience, Keely Boom and Elizabeth Ellis

Following only some of the money in Russia, Ethan Burger

Private Sector Incentives for Fighting International Corruption, Ethan Burger and Mary Holland

Disclosure of information by the bank-protection of the guarantor's rights or a threat to the doctrine of confidentiality, Charles Chew

Misrepresentation as applied to contracts of guarantee: a map through the thicket, Charles Chew

The limit and boundaries of the application of the doctrine of misrespresentation: standing at the crossroads, Charles Chew

The Application of the Defence of Non Est Factum: An Exploration of Its Limits, Charles YC Chew

Transnational terrorism: unlimited means?, Adam Dolnik

Human rights aspects of legislation in the fisheries sector, William R. Edeson


Legislative guidelines for sustainable fisheries: some future directions for the development of fisheries legislation in the Pacific Islands, William R. Edeson

Overview of institutional arrangements for fisheries and marine biodiversity in the Indian Ocean, William R. Edeson

Collaborative advocacy: framing the interests of animals as a social justice concern, Elizabeth J. Ellis

Rethinking the protection of the sea lines of communication, Andrew Forbes


Industrial relations and the sociological study of labour law, Andrew D. Frazer

Linking Science and Management in the Adoption of Sensor Network Technology in the Great Barrier Reef Coast, Australia, Debora Martins de Freitas, Stuart Kininmonth, and Simon Woodley

Introduction - Integrating security, development and nation-building in Timor-Leste, Andrew Goldsmith and V Harris

Out of Step: multilateral police missions, culture and nation-building in Timor-Leste, Andrew Goldsmith and Vandra Harris

Apparent bias: Helow v Secretary of State for the Home Department, James Goudkamp

Self-defence and illegality under the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW), James Goudkamp

The defence of illegality: Gray v Thames Trains Ltd, James Goudkamp

Recent developments regarding forged mortgages: the interrelationship between indefeasibility and the personal covenant to pay, Donald Grattan


Fishing industry - Taiwan, Warwick Gullett


Regulating fishing in Australia: from mullet size limits to international hot pursuits, Warwick Gullett


Transportation systems, Warwick Gullett


Control, cooperation and participatory rights in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean tuna fisheries, Quentin A. Hanich


Compliance review: A study undertaken to support the development of a Regional MCS Strategy for Pacific Oceanic Fisheries, Quentin A. Hanich, Colin Brown, Ben M. Tsamenyi, Marcel Kroese, Duncan Soutar, and Christian McDonald

Developments in cooperative approaches to fisheries management in the Pacific Islands region, Quentin A. Hanich and Ben M. Tsamenyi

Covert investigation, Clive Harfield

The regulation of CHIS, Clive G. Harfield


International police missions as reverse capacity building: experiences of Australian police personnel, Vandra Harris and Andrew Goldsmith


Fatwas: their role in contemporary secular Australia, Nadirsyah Hosen and Ann Black

Australia's national framework for marine research and innovation, Joytishna Jit

The international standards of customer due diligence and Chinese practice, Tang Jun and Lishan Ai

Biodiversity conservation, local government finance and differential rates: The good, the bad and the potentially attractive, Andrew H. Kelly and Natalie P. Stoianoff

Developing an Ocean Ethic: Science, Utility, Aesthetics, Self-Interest, and Different Ways of Knowing, Richard Kenchington, Polita Glynn, Stephen Kellert, Peter Auster, Rod Fujita, John Avise, Claudio Campagna, Benjamin Cuker, Paul Dayton, Burr Heneman, Greg Stone, and Giuseppe Di Sciara

Pushing against globalization: the response from civil society groups in Thailand, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

TRIPS-Plus policies and the pharmaceutical industry in Thailand, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

Protection of geographical indications: The case of jasmine rice and Thailand, Jakkrit Kuanpoth and Daniel Robinson


Art Actually! The Courts and the Imposition of Taste, Marett Leiboff

Legal Theories: Contexts and Practices, Marett Leiboff and Mark Thomas


Shhh ... we can't tell you: an update on the naming prohibition of young offenders, Robyn Lincoln and Duncan Chappell


Project pandora: student teaching and learning (resources) tool box, Mark F. Loves


Shariah Law and cyber-sectarian conflict: how can Islamic Criminal Law respond to cyber crime?, Alaeldin Maghaireh

Security in the maritime sector of the liquefied natural gas industry, Peter Martin

The use of GIS for the integration of traditional and scientific knowledge in supporting artisanal fisheries management in southern Brazil, Debora Martins de Freitas and Paulo Roberto A. Tagliani


Ambulance officers: the impact of exposure to occupational violence on mental and physical health, C. Mayhew and D. Chappell

Regional cooperation: a case study of the Western Indian Ocean tuna fisheries, Jane Mbendo and Martin Tsamenyi

Report on 'Equivalency' under the IUU Regulation 1005/2008, Jo-Anne McCrea, Quentin A. Hanich, and Martin Tsamenyi

Discussion Paper: Australia's ability to meet the requirements of European Commission Regulation No. 1005/2008 'establishing a Community system to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, Jo-Anne McCrea, Quentin Hanich, and Martin Tsamenyi


‘Allontanarsi dalla linea gialla’: distance and access to urban semiosis, Richard Mohr


Response and responsibilty, Richard Mohr

Parallels between crime and terrorism: a social psychological perspective, Samuel J. Mullins