This is the archived site for the former University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, which in 2013, following an organisational restructure, was made part of the new Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts. All new material is found here: Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts - Papers.


Papers from 2009

Terrorist Networks & Small Group Psychology, Samuel J. Mullins

Recruiting and Retaining Lawyers: a problem in rural, regional and remote communities, Trish Mundy

Comparative contractual remedies, Thomas D. Musgrave


Combating IUU fishing: international legal developments, Mary Ann Palma


The Philippines as an Archipelagic and Maritime Nation: Interests, Challenges, and Perspectives, Mary Ann Palma


Fakers and Forgers, Deception and Dishonesty: An Exploration of the Murky World of Art Fraud, Kenneth Polk and Duncan Chappell


The Arctic: a race for resources or sustainable ocean development, Tavis Potts and Clive Schofield

Australia and maritime security in the northeast Indian Ocean, Chris Rahman


Concepts of Maritime Security: A Strategic Perspective on Alternative Visions for Good Order and Security at Sea, with Policy Implications for New Zealand, Christopher Rahman


Older workers as vulnerable workers in the new world of work, Malcolm Sargeant and Andrew Frazer

A seabed scramble: opportunities and overlaps on the outer continental shelf in the Asia-Pacific, Clive Schofield


Blurring the lines: maritime joint development and the cooperative management of ocean resources, Clive H. Schofield

Competing claims to maritime jurisdiction in the Indian Ocean: implications for regional marine biodiversity and fisheries, Clive H. Schofield

Dangerous ground: A geopolitical overview of the South China Sea, Clive H. Schofield

Shifting Limits?: Sea Level Rise and Options to Secure Maritime Jurisdictional Claims, Clive H. Schofield

The trouble with Islands: the definition and role of Islands and rocks in maritime boundary delimitation, Clive H. Schofield

Closing the loop: Indonesia's revised archipelagic baselines systems, Clive H. Schofield and I Made Andi Arsana

Extending Indonesia?: opportunities and challenges related to the definition of Indonesia's extended continental shelf rights, Clive H. Schofield and I Made Andi Arsana

Oceans of opportunity? The limits of maritime claims in the Western and Central Pacific Region, Clive H. Schofield, Quentin A. Hanich, and Peter Cozens

Across the top of the world?: emerging Arctic navigational opportunities and Arctic governance, Clive H. Schofield and Tavis Potts

Brokering cooperation amidst competing maritime claims: preventative diplomacy in the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea, Clive H. Schofield and Ian Townsend-Gault


Boundaries, biodiversity, resources, and increasing maritime activities: emerging oceans governance challenges for Canada in the Arctic Ocean, Clive H. Schofield, Ian Townsend-Gault, and Tavis Potts

Navigation through Archipelagos: current state practice, Clive H. Schofield, Ben M. Tsamenyi, and Ben Milligan

Beyond the limits?: outer continental shelf opportunities and challenges in East and Southeast Asia, Clive Schofield and I Made Andi Arsana


Reflections on transgender immigration, Nan Seuffert


Same-sex immigration: domestication and homonormativity, Nan Seuffert

Tracing empire in same sex relationship recognition and immigration in New Zealand, Nan Seuffert

Investor protection by securities regulators in the primary share markets in Australia and Bangladesh: a comparison and contrast, Sheikh M. Solaiman


Safeguarding the Stocks: A report on analytical projects to support the development of a regional MCS strategy for Pacific oceanic fisheries, Duncan Soutar, Quentin A. Hanich, Mark Korsten, Tim Jones, and Jack McCaffrie

Criminal law for the common law states, Donna Spears and Thomas V. Hickey

Managing fisheries and corruption in the Pacific Islands region, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Quentin A. Hanich

Proposal for a Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) Curriculum and Training Programme, Ben M. Tsamenyi, Quentin A. Hanich, and Mary Ann Palma

Fairer fishing? The impact on developing countries of the European Community Regulation on illegal, unreported and unregulated fisheries, Ben M. Tsamenyi, Kwame Mfodwo, Ben Milligan, and Mary Ann Palma


Fisheries dispute settlement under the Law of the Sea Convention: current practice in the western and central Pacific region, Martin Tsamenyi, Ben Milligan, and Kwame Mfodwo


Charting a sustainable course through changing Arctic waters, Robin Warner

Protecting the Oceans Beyond National Jurisdiction: Strengthening the International Law Framework, Robin Warner


Marine snow storms: Assessing the environmental risks of ocean fertilization, Robin M. Warner


The legal regime for the protection and exploitation of fishes, with special reference to Australia, Ronald J. West


Does otolith chemistry indicate diadromous lifecycles for five Australian riverine fishes?, Ronald J. West, N. G. Miles, and M. D. Norman

Papers from 2008

Copyright Law Reform and the Information Society in Indonesia , Christoph Antons

National Bans for YouTube: The Debate in Thailand in Comparison with India, Turkey and Germany, Christoph Antons

The recognition and protection of well-known trade marks in Indonesia, Christoph Antons

Traditional cultural expressions and their significance for development in a digital environment: examples from Australia and Southeast Asia, Christoph Antons

Policing and Emotionally disturbed persons: disseminating knowledge, removing stigma and enhancing performance, Duncan Chappell

Globalisation, geography and governance: Why the maritime case is vital to defending Australia's interests, Lee G. Cordner

Offshore oil and gas industry security risk assessment: An Australian case study, Lee G. Cordner

Securing Australia's maritime domain, Lee G. Cordner


13 years since Tokyo: re-visiting the 'superterrorism' debate, Adam Dolnik

Negotiating Hostage Crises with the New Terrorists, Adam Dolnik and Keith M. Fitzgerald


Jemaah Islamiyah and the threat of chemical and biological terrorism, Adam Dolnik and Rohan Gunaratna


Reconceiving Labour Law: The Labour Market Regulation Project, Andrew D. Frazer

Border protection command, James Goldrick

The maritime element in the 1990-91 Gulf crisis: drawing on the dividends of half a century of multinational naval operations, James Goldrick


Globalisation and Consumer Protection Laws, John Goldring

Policing terrorism in India, Sandy Gordon


Bad character evidence and reprehensible behaviour, James Goudkamp

Facing up to Actual Bias, James Goudkamp

Fisheries law in Australia, Warwick Gullett

Management implications, Quentin A. Hanich, Ben M. Tsamenyi, and Ben Milligan


The organization of 'organized crime policing' and its international context, Clive G. Harfield

Online Fatwa in Indonesia: From Fatwa Shopping to Googling a Kiai, Nadirsyah Hosen


Management plans and state of environment reports prepared and implemented by local councils in NSW: problems and potential for biodiversity conservation, Andrew H. Kelly

The Capriciousness of Australian Planning Law: Zoning Objectives in NSW as a Case Study, Andrew H. Kelly and Christopher Smith


Appropriate patent rules in developing countries - Some deliberations based on Thai legislation, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

Give the poor patients a chance: enhancing access to essential medicines through compulsory licensing, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

Intellectual Property Protection after TRIPS: An Asian Experience, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

The Traditional Medicines Predicament: A Case Study of Thailand, Jakkrit Kuanpoth and Daniel Robinson


The risk intelligence conundrum and its impact on governance, Mark Loves

The Need for Higher Education in the Developmental State: Indonesia and Malaysia, Georgia Lysaght

Intersectional race and gender analyses: why legal processes just don't get it, Elena M. Marchetti

Wills and estates, Kay F. Maxwell

Introduction, Jack McCaffrie

Law Text Culture, L. McNamara


Introduction: The protection of law, Luke McNamara

Policy implications of convergence in the new security environment: an investigation into the symbiosis between risk management and intelligence, Katina Michael and Mark Loves


Flesh and the Person, Richard Mohr

Judicial Evaluation: Traditions, Innovations and Proposals for Measuring the Quality of Court Performance, Richard Mohr and Francesco Contini

Towards a taxonomy of police decision-making in murder inquiries, Samuel J. Mullins, Laurence Alison, and Jonathan Crego

Recruitment and Retention of Lawyers in Rural, Regional and Remote NSW, Trish Mundy

The Global Maritime Partnership Initiative: Implications for the Royal Australian Navy, Chris Rahman

Evolving U.S. framework for global maritime security from 9/11 to the 1000-ship navy , Christopher Rahman

Justice talk: Legal processes and conflicting perceptions of justice about a Palm Island death in custody, Janet Ransley and Elena M. Marchetti


Securing a sustainable future for the oceans beyond national jurisdiction: the legal basis for an integrated cross-sectoral regime for high seas governance for the 21st century, Rosemary Rayfuse and Robin M. Warner

International legal options for the control of biofouling on international vessels, Julian P. Roberts and Ben M. Tsamenyi


Australian approaches to international environmental law during the Howard Years, G. L. Rose

Australia's efforts to achieve integrated marine governance, G. L. Rose

Australia's final frontiers?: Developments in the delimitation of Australia's international maritime boundaries, Clive H. Schofield

Plundered waters: Somalia's maritime resource insecurity, Clive H. Schofield


Current Legal Developments: The Arctic, Clive H. Schofield and Tavis Potts

Maritime Claims, Conflicts and Cooperation in the Gulf of Thailand, Clive H. Schofield and May Tan-Mullins

International legal regulatory framework for seafarers and maritime security post 9/11, Clive H. Schofield, Ben M. Tsamenyi, and Mary Ann Palma

Securing maritime Australia: developments in maritime surveillance and security, Clive H. Schofield, Ben M. Tsamenyi, and Mary Ann Palma


Law, cosmopolitan law, and the protection of human rights, Sarah Sorial

The use and abuse of power and why we need a bill of rights: the ASIO (terrorism) amendment Act 2003 (CTH) and the case of R V Ul-Haque, Sarah Sorial


The criminal justice system and the rule of law, Donna Spears

CITES 'Introduction from the Sea': A Practical Way Forward, Ben M. Tsamenyi, Quentin A. Hanich, Gerry Geen, Frank Meere, Mary Lack, and Glenn J. Sant

Long-range identification and tracking systems for vessels: legal and technical issues, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Mary Ann Palma


Joining forces to combat crime in the maritime domain: cooperative maritime surveillance and enforcement in the South Pacific region, Robin M. Warner


Protecting the diversity of the depths: environmental regulation of bioprospecting and marine scientific research beyond national jurisdiction, Robin M. Warner

Papers from 2007

Faire des affaires en Indonésie: exécution des contrats par les tribunaux ordinaires et création d'un tribunal de commerce spécialisé dans la propriété intellectuelle et les faillites, Christoph Antons