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Papers from 2011

Lawyers in Australia, Ainslie Lamb and John Littrich


'The main thing is to shut them out' The deployment of law and the arrival of Russians in Australia 1913 -1925: An histoire, Marett Leiboff


Graduate capabilities assessment rubric for the Bachelor of Laws: problem solving, John P. Littrich, Judith May Marychurch, and Margaret C. Wallace


Building future sustainability and democratic practices: The role of adult education in post-conflict communities , Georgia Lysaght and Peter Kell

Fatwa chaos ignites cyber vandalism: Does Islamic criminal law prohibit cyber vandalism?, Alaeldin Maghaireh

Culture versus gender: how the mainstream criminal court system is still getting it wrong, Elena M. Marchetti

Women who kill their abusers: how Queensland's new abusive domestic relationships defence continues to ignore reality, Elena M. Marchetti and Michelle Edgely


Graduate capabilities assessment rubric for self-management standards in the Bachelor of Laws, Judith May Marychurch, John P. Littrich, and Margaret C. Wallace

Economics in fisheries management, Alistair McIlgorm

The economic cost and control of marine debris damage in the Asia-Pacific region, Alistair McIlgorm, Harry F. Campbell, and Michael J. Rule

The use of an aeration system to prevent thermal stratification of a freshwater impoundment and its effect on downstream fish assemblages, Nathan G. Miles and Ronald J. West


Balancing the tensions between shipping and marine environmental protection in the straits of malacca and singapore: Have the straits reached an environmental tipping point?, Mohd Mohd Rusli


Straits of Malacca and Singapore: Ensuring Safe Navigation, Mohd Mohd Rusli

The Christian origins of secularism and the rule of law, Richard Mohr


Reassembling the legal: the wonders of modern science in court-related proceedings, Richard Mohr and Francesco Contini

Da capo: law and religion from the top down, Richard Mohr and Nadirsyah Hosen


Islamist terrorism and Australia: an empirical examination of the "home-grown" threat, Sam Mullins


Australian Jihad: Radicalisation and Counter-Terrorism, Samuel J. Mullins


Insights into gender, 'rurality' and the legal practice experience, Patricia Mundy

The use of technology in securing marine resources, Mary Ann Palma and Lowell B. Bautista


Re-framing the rape trial: insights from critical theory about the limitaitons of legislative reform, Julia A. Quilter

Optimizing voluntary compliance in marine protected areas: A comparison of recreational fisher and enforcement officer perspectives using multi-criteria analysis, Andrew Read, Ronald J. West, Max Haste, and Alan Jordan

Balancing Australia's rights and obligations to protect the marine environment: the Torres Strait particularly sensitive sea area, Julian Roberts

Interlinkages between multi-lateral environmental agreements: International compliance cooperation, G. L. Rose

Preventive detention of individuals engaged in transnational hostilities: Do we need a fourth protocol additional to the 1949 Geneva conventions?, G. L. Rose

Law for the management of antarctic marine living resources: From normative conflicts towards integrated governance?, G. L. Rose and Ben Milligan

The application of compulsory pilotage in straits used for international navigation: A study of the straits of Malacca and Singapore, Mohd Mohd Rusli

Defining the limits and boundaries of maritime Australia, Clive Schofield

Choppy waters ahead in "a sea of peace cooperation and friendship"?: Slow progress towards the application of maritime joint development to the East China Sea, Clive H. Schofield and Ian Townsend-Gault


Civilisation, Settlers and Wanderers: Law, Politics and Mobility in Nineteenth Century New Zealand and Australia, Nan Seuffert

Mobility, sexuality and civilisation: settlers, strangers, nomads and gypsies in the Pacific to 1910, Nan Seuffert

Responses to systemic risk after the global financial crisis: Canada and New Zealand, Nan Seuffert

Revolution, national identity and law reform: from derivatives to demonstrations, Nan Seuffert


Time to Tame the "Wild Beast" in the Wild West? The Regulation of Disclosure of Equity Derivatives in New Zealand, Nan Seuffert

Religion and justice: atonement as an element of justice in both western law and Christian thought, Cassandra E. Sharp PhD

‘Represent a murderer… I’d never do that!’ How students use stories to link ethical development and identity construction, Cassandra E. Sharp PhD

Sedition and the Advocacy of Violence: Free Speech and Counter-Terrorism, Sarah Sorial

Criminal Law for Common Law States, Donna Spears, Julia Quilter, and Clive Harfield

Submarine ridges and Eeevations of article 76 in light of published summaries of recommendations of the commission on the limits of the continental shelf, Philip A. Symonds and H Brekke

The conservation of sea turtles under the Law of the Sea Convention, the UN Fish Stocks Agreement and the WCPF Convention, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Joytishna Jit

Developments in global fisheries to 2020: implications for Australia's fisheries interests and enforcement obligations, Ben M. Tsamenyi and Kwame Mfodwo

Reproductive biology and spawning strategy of the catadromous percichthyid, Macquaria colonorum (Günther, 1863), Christopher Walsh, Charles Gray, Ronald J. West, and Lindsay F. G. Williams

Australia's marine resources, Robin Warner


Designing criteria suites to identify discrete and networked sites of high value across manifestations of biodiversity, Robin M. Warner, E Gilman, K D Hyrenbach, D Dunn, and A Read

Risk-based AML regulation on internet payment services in China, Lixin Yan, Lishan Ai, and Jun Tang

Papers from 2010

Carrying out a risk-based approach to AML in China: partial or full implementation?, Lishan Ai, John Broome, and Hao Yan

Avoiding a privacy-security telecommunications deadlock under emergency declarations, Anas Aloudat

The role of traditional knowledge and access to genetic resources in biodiversity conservation in Southeast Asia, Christoph Antons

Some comments on amici curiae and 'the people' of the Australian Constitution, Elisa R. Arcioni

Australian global maritime capacity building, Sam Bateman

Capacity building for maritime security cooperation: What are we talking about?, Sam Bateman


Conclusion: Do rough seas lie ahead?, Sam Bateman


Confronting maritime crime in Southeast Asian waters: reexamining "Piracy" in the twenty-first century, Sam Bateman

Maritime piracy in the Indo-Pacific region - ship vulnerability issues, Sam Bateman


Regional maritime security: threats and risk assessments, Sam Bateman

New Zealand and Australia's role in improving maritime security in the Pacific region, Sam Bateman and Joanna Mossop

The Russian anti-corruption campaign: public relations, politics or substantive change?, Ethan Burger and Rosalia Giatau

President Dmitrii Medvedev's anti-corruption campaign: the need to recast it as part of the struggle against organized crime, Ethan Burger and Rosalia Gitau

Victimisation and the insanity defence: coping with confusion, conflict and conciliation, Duncan Chappell

Bank guarantees and undue influence: an Australian perspective, Charles Chew

Conduct conveying contractual misrepesentations which mislead or deceive: Grounds for judicial intervention, Charles Y. C. Chew

Maritime security in the Indian Ocean region: compelling and convergent agendas, Lee G. Cordner

Rethinking maritime security in the Indian Ocean Region, Lee G. Cordner

Fighting to the death: Mumbai and the future of the Fidayeen threat, Adam Dolnik

Negotiating in Beslan and beyond, Adam Dolnik

Promoting Sustainable Fisheries: The International Legal and Policy Framwork to Combat Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing, William R. Edeson, Ben M. Tsamenyi, and Mary Ann Palma

Australian energy security: The benefits of self-sufficiency, Andrew Forbes

The roles of maritime forces in protecting energy flows, Andrew Forbes

Modalities for advancing cross-sectoral cooperation in managing marine areas beyond national jurisdiction, Kristina Gjerde, Jeff Ardron, Sarah Gotheil, Quentin A. Hanich, Francois Simard, Robin M. Warner, Patricio Bernal, Serge Garcia, Jihyun Lee, Michael Lodge, Imen Meliane, Jake Rice, and Jessica Sanders

The value of practice in legal education, Andrew Goldsmith and David Bamford

Police-military cooperation in foreign interventions: Timor-Leste and the Solomon Islands, Andrew Goldsmith and Vandra Harris

Policing's new visibility, Andrew John Goldsmith

The defence of joint illegal enterprise, James Goudkamp

Forged but indefeasible mortgages: remedial options, Donald S. Grattan


Regional fisheries management in ocean areas surrounding Pacific Islands States, Quentin Hanich


Sovereignty and cooperation in regional Pacific tuna fisheries management: Politics, economics, conservation and the vessel day scheme, Quentin A. Hanich, Hannah Parris, and Ben M. Tsamenyi

E-policing and the social contract, Clive Harfield

The criminal not the crime: practitioner discourse and the policing of organized crime in England and Wales, Clive G. Harfield

Gendering transnational policing: experiences of Australian women in international policing operations, Vandra Harris and Andrew Goldsmith

The Still Life in the Fiction of A.S. Byatt, Elizabeth Hicks


Emergency powers and the rule of law in Indonesia, Nadirsyah Hosen

Human Rights, Politics and Corrupton in Indonesia: A Critical Reflection on the post Soeharto Era, Nadirsyah Hosen

Strategic roles of marine protected areas in ecosystem scale conservation, Richard Kenchington

The importance of estimating the contribution of the oceans to national economies, Judith Kildow and Alistair McIlgorm

Patent rights in pharmaceuticals in developing countries: major challenges for the future, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

The Jervis Bay Leek Orchid - a case study of the consideration given to threatened species conservation in strategic land use planning and development control processes in NSW, Angela Langdon and Malcolm D. Farrier


Alice through the wormhole: reconciling spatial and temporal disjunctions in the creation of content in Australian media law, Marett Leiboff


"Talkin' 'bout law's generations: an empirical and jurisprudential investigation into the reading of legal cases by different generations of lawyers", Marett Leiboff


Talkin' 'bout law's generations: Intergenerational Differences in Reading Legal Texts, Marett Leiboff

Hedonic wage theory and the labour market for intelligence officers in Australia., Mark Loves


Legal issues associated with the study of sexual content on the internet in Australia, Lenore T. Lyons, Sophie Williams, and Michele Ford

Indigenous sentencing courts and partner violence: Perspectives of court practitioners and Elders on gender power imbalances during the sentencing hearing, Elena M. Marchetti

Australia's 2009 defense white paper: a maritime focus for uncertain times, Jack McCaffrie and Chris Rahman

Online enhanced problem-based learning: assessing a blended learning framework, Ian J. McCall

Economic impacts of climate change on sustainable tuna and billfish management; insights from the Western Pacific, Alistair McIlgorm

How will climate change alter fishery governance? Insights from seven international case studies, Alistair McIlgorm, Susan Hanna, Frank Millerd, Pascal Le Floc'H, Minling Pan, and Gunnar Knapp

Stakeholder involvement in fisheries management in Australia and New Zealand, Alistair McIlgorm and Daryl Sykes

Book Review: Protection of First Nations cultural heritage: laws, policy and reform, Luke McNamara

Using otoliths to estimate age and growth of a large Australian endemic monocanthid, Nelusetta ayraudi (Quoy and Gaimard, 1824), Marcus Miller, John Stewart, and Ronald West


Responsibility and the representation of suffering: Australian law in black and white, Richard Mohr