The AIIM research facility on the University of Wollongong Innovation Campus houses the University of Wollongong’s flagship research groups – the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute (IPRI) and the Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials (ISEM). It also houses the University’s Electron Microscopy Centre, is the lead node of the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) and houses the materials node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility.


Papers from 2018


In operando mechanism analysis on nanocrystalline silicon anode material for reversible and ultrafast sodium storage, Lei Zhang, Xianluo Hu, Chaoji Chen, Haipeng Guo, Xiaoxiao Liu, Gengzhao Xu, Haijian Zhong, Shuang Cheng, Peng Wu, Jiashen Meng, Yunhui Huang, Shi Xue Dou, and Hua-Kun Liu

Papers from 2017

Controlled growth of polythiophene nanofibers in TiO2 nanotube arrays for supercapacitor applications, Rohan Ambade, Swapnil Ambade, Nabeen Shrestha, Rahul R. Salunkhe, Wonjoo Lee, Sushil Bagde, Jung Ho Kim, Florian J. Stadler, Yusuke Yamauchi, and Soo-Hyoung Lee

Nanoscale analyses of the surface structure and composition of biochars extracted from field trials or after co-composting using advanced analytical electron microscopy, B Archanjo, M Mendoza, M Albu, David R. G Mitchell, N Hagemann, C Mayrhofer, Thi Mai, Zhe Weng, A Kappler, S Behrens, Paul R. Munroe, C Achete, Scott Donne, J R. Araujo, Lukas van Zwieten, Josip Horvat, A Enders, and Stephen D. Joseph


3D printing of tough hydrogel composites with spatially varying materials properties, Shannon Bakarich, Robert A. Gorkin III, Reece Gately, Sina Naficy, Marc in het Panhuis, and Geoffrey M. Spinks

Electrically Stimulated Adipose Stem Cells on Polypyrrole-Coated Scaffolds for Smooth Muscle Tissue Engineering, Miina M. Bjorninen, Kerry J. Gilmore, Jani M. Pelto, Riitta Seppanen-Kaijansinkko, Minna Kellomaki, Susanna S. Miettinen, Gordon G. Wallace, Dirk Grijpma, and Suvi P. Haimi


Flux penetration in a superconducting film partially capped with a conducting layer, J Brisbois, V Gladilin, J Tempere, J Devreese, Victor V. Moshchalkov, F Colauto, Maycon Motta, Tom H. Johansen, Joachim Fritzsche, O Adami, N D. Nguyen, Wilson Aires Ortiz, R. B. G Kramer, and A Silhanek

Enhancing s, p-d exchange interactions at room temperature by carrier doping in single crystalline Co0.4Zn0.6O epitaxial films, Qiang Cao, Maoxiang Fu, Dapeng Zhu, Li Cai, Kun Zhang, Guo-Lei Liu, Yan-Xue Chen, Shi-Shou Kang, Shi-Shen Yan, Liang-Mo Mei, and Xiaolin Wang


Evidencing extrinsic stacking faults in twinning-induced plasticity steel, Gilberto Casillas, Azdiar A. Gazder, Elena V. Pereloma, and Ahmed A. Saleh

Investigation of the crystal growth, thickness and radial modes of α-BiB3O6 piezoelectric crystals, Feifei Chen, Lingfeng Kong, Fapeng Yu, Chunlei Wang, Qingming Lu, Shujun Zhang, Yanlu Li, Xiulan Duan, Lifeng Qin, and Xian Zhao

The isotope effect of boron on the carbon doping and critical current density of Mg11B2 superconductors, Fang Cheng, Yongchang Liu, Zongqing Ma, Md Shahriar Hossain, and Mehmet Somer

A novel protocol to design TiO2-Fe2O3 hybrids with effective charge separation efficiency for improved photocatalysis, Gang Cheng, Feifan Xu, Jinyan Xiong, Yi Wei, Florian J. Stadler, and Rong Chen

The influences of sodium sources on the structure evolution and electrochemical performances of layered-tunnel hybrid Na0.6MnO2 cathode, Ting-Ru Chen, Zhenguo Wu, Wei Xiang, En-Hui Wang, Chun-Jin Wu, Mingzhe Chen, Xiaodong Guo, and Ben He Zhong

Enhanced Structural Stability of Nickel-Cobalt Hydroxide via Intrinsic Pillar Effect of Metaborate for High-Power and Long-Life Supercapacitor Electrodes, Yuanzhen Chen, Wei Kong Pang, Haihua Bai, Tengfei Zhou, Yongning Liu, Sai Li, and Zaiping Guo

Synthesis and electrochemical properties of ZnMn2O4 microspheres for lithium-ion battery application, Wei Dang, Feng Wang, Yu Ding, Chuanqi Feng, and Zaiping Guo

Magnetic and electrical response of Co-doped La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 manganites/insulator system, J C. Debnath and Jian Li Wang

Charge ordering and exchange bias behaviors in Co3O4 porous nanoplatelets and nanorings, J C. Debnath, Jian Li Wang, and R Zeng

Atomically thin Co3O4 nanosheet-coated stainless steel mesh with enhanced capacitive Na+ storage for high-performance sodium-ion batteries, Yuhai Dou, Yunxiao Wang, Dongliang Tian, Jiantie Xu, Zhijia Zhang, Qiannan Liu, Boyang Ruan, Jianmin Ma, Ziqi Sun, and Shi Xue Dou

Electrotactic ionic liquid droplets, Wayne Francis, Klaudia K. Wagner, Stephen T. Beirne, David L. Officer, Gordon G. Wallace, Larisa Florea, and Dermot Diamond

Tunable pinning effects produced by non-uniform antidot arrays in YBCO thin films, Joanne M. George, Antony Jones, Mustafa Al-Qurainy, Sergey Fedoseev, and Alexey V. Pan


Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 decorated with electron-blocking acceptor-doped BaCeO3 as electrolyte for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells, Zheng Gong, Wenping Sun, Jiafeng Cao, Duo Shan, Yusen Wu, and Wei Liu

Correlating cycling history with structural evolution in commercial 26650 batteries using in operando neutron powder diffraction, Damian Goonetilleke, James C. Pramudita, Mackenzie Hagan, Othman Al Bahri, Wei Kong Pang, Vanessa K. Peterson, Jens Groot, Helena Berg, and Neeraj Sharma

ZnO-loaded mesoporous silica (KIT-6) as an efficient solid catalyst for production of various substituted quinoxalines, Oveisi Hamid, M. Adharvana Chari, Chi Van Nguyen, Jeffrey E. Chen, Saad M. Alshehri, Ekrem Yanmaz, Md Shahriar Hossain, Yusuke Yamauchi, and Kevin C.-W Wu

Boron-functionalized graphene oxide-organic frameworks for highly efficient CO2 capture, Md Enamul Haque, Md. Monirul Islam, Ehsan Pourazadi, Shuranjan Sarkar, Andrew T. Harris, Andrew I. Minett, Ekrem Yanmaz, Saad M. Alshehri, Yusuke Ide, Kevin C.-W Wu, Yusuf Kaneti, Yusuke Yamauchi, and Md Shahriar Hossain

Effective area and charge density of iridium oxide neural electrodes, Alexander R. Harris, Antonio G. Paolini, and Gordon G. Wallace

Effective Area and Charge Density of Iridium Oxide Neural Electrodes, Alexander R. Harris, Antonio G. Paolini, and Gordon G. Wallace

Pressure-enhanced light emission and its structural origin in Er:GdVO4, Fang Hong, Binbin Yue, Zhenxiang Cheng, Hui Shen, Ke Yang, Xinguo Hong, Bin Chen, and Ho-Kwang Mao

Viewpoint on fast creation of dense MgB2 phase in wires made by internal Mg diffusion process, Md Shahriar Hossain

Electrochemical biosensing strategies for DNA methylation analysis, Tanvir Hossain, Golam Mahmudunnabi, Mostafa Masud, Md Nazmul Islam, Lezanne Ooi, Konstantin K. Konstantinov, Md Shahriar Hossain, Boris Martinac, Gursel Alici, Nam-Trung Nguyen, and Muhammad Shiddiky

Unravelling the growth mechanism of hierarchically structured Ni1/3Co1/3Mn1/3(OH)2 and their application as precursors for high-power cathode materials, Wei-Bo Hua, Wenyuan Liu, Mingzhe Chen, Sylvio Indris, Zhuo Zheng, Xiaodong Guo, Michael Bruns, Tai Wu, Yanxiao Chen, Ben He Zhong, Shulei Chou, Yong-Mook Kang, and Helmut Ehrenberg

Three-dimensional super-branched PdCu nanoarchitectures exposed on controlled crystal facets, Muhammad Iqbal, Cuiling Li, Jung Ho Kim, Saad M. Alshehri, Tsuruo Nakayama, and Yusuke Yamauchi

Three dimensional cellular architecture of sulfur doped graphene: self-standing electrode for flexible supercapacitors, lithium ion and sodium ion batteries, Md. Monirul Islam, Chandrasekar Mayandi Subramaniyam, Taslima Akhter, Shaikh Nayeem Faisal, Andrew I. Minett, Hua-Kun Liu, Konstantin K. Konstantinov, and Shi Xue Dou

Optical biosensing strategies for DNA methylation analysis, Md Nazmul Islam, Sharda Yadav, Md Hakimul Haque, Ahmed Munaz, Farhadul Islam, Md Shahriar Hossain, Vinod Gopalan, Alfred Lam, Nam-Trung Nguyen, and Muhammad Shiddiky

Self-healing characteristic of praseodymium conversion coating on AZNd Mg alloy studied by scanning electrochemical microscopy, Sina S. Jamali, Simon E. Moulton, Dennis E. Tallman, Yue Zhao, Jan Weber, and Gordon G. Wallace

Ionic interactions to tune mechanical and electrical properties of hydrated liquid crystal graphene oxide films, Mohammad Javadi, Sina Naficy, Stephen T. Beirne, Sepidar Sayyar, Rouhollah Jalili, and Simon E. Moulton

Synthesis and electrochemical properties of molybdenum disulfide/carbon microsphere composite, Qiang Jiang, Xiao Chen, Lin Li, Chuanqi Feng, and Zaiping Guo

Superior transport Jc obtained in in-situ MgB2 wires by tailoring the starting materials and using a combined cold high pressure densification and hot isostatic pressure treatment, Hyunseock Jie, Wenbin Qiu, Motasim Billah, Mislav Mustapic, Dipakkumar Patel, Zongqing Ma, Daniel Gajda, Andrzej Morawski, Tomasz Cetner, Mohammed Shahabuddin, Ekrem Yanmaz, Matthew A. Rindfleisch, Jung Ho Kim, and Md Shahriar Hossain

Rattle-type magnetic mesoporous hollow carbon as a high-performance and reusable adsorbent for water treatment, Mohammad Kalantari, Meihua Yu, Owen Noonan, Hao Song, Chun Xu, Xiaodan Huang, Feixiang Xiang, Xiaolin Wang, and Chengzhong Yu

Surface engineering strategies of layered LiCoO2 cathode material to realize high-energy and high-voltage li-ion cells, Sujith Kalluri, Moonsu Yoon, Minki Jo, Suhyeon Park, Seungjun Myeong, Junhyeok Kim, Shi Xue Dou, Zaiping Guo, and Jaephil Cho

Nanoarchitectured design of porous materials and nanocomposites from metal-organic frameworks, Yusuf Kaneti, Jing Tang, Rahul R. Salunkhe, Xuchuan Jiang, Aibing Yu, Kevin C.-W Wu, and Yusuke Yamauchi

Mesoporous Ni-Fe oxide multi-composite hollow nanocages for efficient electrocatalytic water oxidation reactions, Bong Kang, Moo Woo, Jooyoung Lee, Young Hyun Song, Zhongli Wang, Yanna Guo, Yusuke Yamauchi, Jung Ho Kim, Byungkwon Lim, and Dae Yoon


Design and engineering of water-soluble light-harvesting protein maquettes, Goutham Kodali, Joshua A. Mancini, Lee A. Solomon, Tatiana V. Episova, Nicholas Roach, Christopher Hobbs, Pawel W. Wagner, Olga Mass, Kunche Aravindu, Jonathan E. Barnsley, Keith C. Gordon, David L. Officer, P. Leslie Dutton, and Christopher C. Moser

Theoretically manipulating quantum dots on two-dimensional TiO2 monolayer for effective visible light absorption, Ting Liao, Ziqi Sun, and Shi Xue Dou

Theoretically designed metal-welded carbon nanotubes: extraordinary electronic properties and promoted catalytic performance, Ting Liao, Ziqi Sun, Jung Ho Kim, and Shi Xue Dou

Electrocaloric effect in lead-free relaxor (1-x)(Sr0.7Bi0.2)TiO3+x(Na0.5Bi0.5)TiO3 material system, Jinglei Li, Xiaobo Zhao, Zhuo Xu, Tian Zhang, Xiaoshi Qian, Ying Hou, Lu Yang, and Shujun Zhang


Synergistic effect of Indium and Gallium co-doping on growth behavior and physical properties of hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorods, Jun Hyung Lim, Seung Muk Lee, Hyun-Suk Kim, Hyun Kim, Jozeph Park, Seung Boo Jung, Geun Chul Park, Jung Ho Kim, and Jinho Joo

Investigation of morphotropic phase boundaries in PIN-PSN-PT relaxor ferroelectric ternary systems with high Tr-t and Tc phase transition temperatures, Dabin Lin, Shujun Zhang, Edward Gorzkowski, Shun Zhou, Weiguo Liu, and Fei Li

Rational synthesis of MnO2@CMK/S composite as cathode materials for lithium-sulfur batteries, Jun Liu, Chengwen Wang, Bin Liu, Xi Ke, Liying Liu, Zhicong Shi, Haiyan Zhang, and Zaiping Guo


Multiangular Rod-Shaped Na0.44MnO2 as Cathode Materials with High Rate and Long Life for Sodium-Ion Batteries, Qiannan Liu, Zhe Hu, Mingzhe Chen, Qinfen Gu, Yuhai Dou, Ziqi Sun, Shulei Chou, and Shi Xue Dou

Hierarchical Structural Evolution of Zn2GeO4 in Binary Solvent and Its Effect on Li-ion Storage Performance, Wei Liu, Tengfei Zhou, Yang Zheng, Jianwen Liu, Chuanqi Feng, Yue Shen, Yunhui Huang, and Zaiping Guo

Synthesis and electrochemical properties of FeCO3 with different morphology for lithium-ion battery application, Xiaolin Liu, Shuijin S. Yang, Xiao Chen, Hao Zheng, Zaiping Guo, and Chuanqi Feng

The kinetics mechanism of MgB2 layer formation within MgB2 superconducting wire fabricated using improved internal Mg diffusion process, Yongchang Liu, Fang Cheng, Qi Cai, Wenbin Qiu, Yao Lu, and Zongqing Ma

Hollow carbon nanospheres using an asymmetric triblock copolymer structure directing agent, Yunqi Li, Haibo Tan, Rahul R. Salunkhe, Jing Tang, Lok Kumar Shrestha, Bishnu Prasad Bastakoti, Hongpan Rong, Toshiaki Takei, Joel Henzie, Yusuke Yamauchi, and Katsuhiko Ariga


Spin texture on top of flux avalanches in Nb/Al2O3/Co thin film heterostructures, R F. Lopes, D Carmo, F Colauto, Wilson Aires Ortiz, A M H De Andrade, Tom H. Johansen, E Baggio-Saitovitch, and P Pureur

Enhanced photocatalytic activity of Bi24O31Br10: constructing heterojunction with BiOI, Xi Lou, Jun Shang, Liang Wang, Haifeng Feng, Weichang Hao, Tianmin Wang, and Yi Du

Three-Dimensional Array of TiN@Pt3Cu Nanowires as an Efficient Porous Electrode for the Lithium-Oxygen Battery, Wenbin Luo, Viet Pham, Haipeng Guo, Hua-Kun Liu, and Shi Xue Dou

Microstructure and dielectric characteristics of Nb2O5 doped BaTiO3-Bi(Znl/2Til/2)O3 ceramics for capacitor applications, Yangyang Lu, Hua Hao, Shujun Zhang, Hanxing Liu, Cong Su, Zhonghua Yao, and Minghe Cao

Hybrid methylammonium lead halide perovskite nanocrystals confined in gyroidal silica templates, Victor Malgras, Joel Henzie, Toshiaki Takei, and Yusuke Yamauchi

A Structural Optimization of Ferrite/YBCO Bilayers, Mika Malmivirta, Jaakko Jyrinki, Hannu Huhtinen, Alexey V. Pan, Sergey Rubanov, R Jha, V P. Awana, and Petriina Paturi

Polycrystalline V2O5/Na0.33V2O5 electrode material for Li+ ion redox supercapacitor, Ramu Manikandan, C Justin Raj, Murugesan Rajesh, Byung Chul Kim, Sang Yeup Park, Bo-Bae Cho, and Kook Hyun Yu


Unlocking the potential of amorphous red phosphorus films as a long-term stable negative electrode for lithium batteries, Chandrasekar Mayandi Subramaniyam, Zhixin Tai, Nasir Mahmood, Dan Zhang, Hua-Kun Liu, John Goodenough, and Shi Xue Dou

Highly Ordered Mesostructured Vanadium Phosphonate toward Electrode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries, Peng Mei, Malay Pramanik, Jaewoo Lee, Yusuke Ide, Zeid Abdullah Alothman, Jung Ho Kim, and Yusuke Yamauchi

Structural versatility in slide-ring gels: influence of co-threaded cyclodextrin spacers, Takuya Murakami, Bernhard Schmidt, Hugh Ralph Brown, and Craig Hawker

4D printing of reversible shape morphing hydrogel structures, Sina Naficy, Reece Gately, Robert A. Gorkin III, Hai Xin, and Geoffrey M. Spinks

Template free preparation of heteroatoms doped carbon spheres with trace fe for efficient oxygen reduction reaction and supercapacitor, Malenahalli Halappa Naveen, Kyubin Shim, Md Shahriar Hossain, Jung Ho Kim, and Yoon-Bo Shim


Enhanced rate-capability and cycling-stability of 5 V SiO2- and polyimide-coated cation ordered LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 lithium-ion battery positive electrodes, Wei Kong Pang, Hsiu-Fen Lin, Vanessa K. Peterson, Cheng-Zhang Lu, Chia-Erh Liu, Shih-Chieh Liao, and Jin-Ming Chen

Introducing ion-transport-regulating nanochannels to lithium-sulfur batteries, Yuede Pan, Yahong Zhou, Qing Zhao, Yuhai Dou, Shulei Chou, Fangyi Cheng, Jun Chen, Hua-Kun Liu, Lei Jiang, and Shi Xue Dou


Solid cryogen: a cooling system for future MgB2 MRI magnet, Dipakkumar Patel, Md Shahriar Hossain, Wenbin Qiu, Hyunseock Jie, Yusuke Yamauchi, Minoru Maeda, Michael Tomsic, Seyong Choi, and Jung Ho Kim

Carbon- and binder-free 3D porous perovskite oxide air electrode for rechargeable lithium-oxygen batteries, Viet Pham, Haipeng Guo, Wenbin Luo, Shulei Chou, Jiazhao Wang, and Hua-Kun Liu

Designing 3D interconnected continuous nanoporous Co/CoO core-shell nanostructure electrodes for a high-performance pseudocapacitor, Chen Qing, Qin Zhou, Gan Qu, Xinqi Chen, Hai Wang, Daming Sun, Bixiao Wang, Lifeng Xu, and Yiwen Tang


Improved Reversibility of Fe3+/Fe4+ Redox Couple in Sodium Super Ion Conductor Type Na3Fe2(PO4)3 for Sodium-Ion Batteries, Ranjusha Rajagopalan, Bo Chen, Zhicheng Zhang, Xing Long Wu, Yonghua Du, Ying Huang, Bing Li, Yun Zong, Jie Wang, Gwang-Hyeon Nam, Melinda Sindoro, Shi Xue Dou, Hua-Kun Liu, and Hua Zhang


First-order magneto-structural transition and magnetocaloric effect in Mn(Co0.96Fe0.04)Ge, Qing Yon Ren, Wayne D. Hutchison, Jian Li Wang, Andrew J. Studer, and Stewart J. Campbell


A bladder-free, non-fluidic, conductive McKibben artificial muscle operated electrothermally, Danial Sangian, Javad Foroughi, Syamak Farajikhah, Sina Naficy, and Geoffrey M. Spinks

3D printable conducting hydrogels containing chemically converted graphene, Sepidar Sayyar, Sanjeev Gambhir, Johnson Chung, David L. Officer, and Gordon G. Wallace

In operando neutron diffraction study of the temperature and current rate-dependent phase evolution of LiFePO4 in a commercial battery, Neeraj Sharma, D H. Yu, Yusong Zhu, Yu-Ping Wu, Vanessa K. Peterson, and Y Zhu

Synthesis and cytotoxicity of dendritic platinum nanoparticles with HEK-293 cells, Kyubin Shim, Jeonghun Kim, Yoon-Uk Heo, Bo Jiang, Cuiling Li, Mohammed Shahabuddin, Kevin C.-W Wu, Md Shahriar Hossain, Yusuke Yamauchi, and Jung Ho Kim


Direct regeneration of cathode materials from spent lithium iron phosphate batteries using a solid phase sintering method, X Song, T Hu, C Liang, H L. Long, L Zhou, W Song, L You, Z S. Wu, and J W. Liu

Terahertz analysis of quinacridone pigments, Andrew Squires, Madeleine T. Kelly, and Roger A. Lewis


Strategies for designing metal oxide nanostructures, Ziqi Sun, Ting Liao, and Liangzhi Kou

Temperature dependence of the electro-elastic properties of the monoclinic α-BiB3O6crystals, Hewei Wang, Feifei Chen, Fapeng Yu, Qingming Lu, Yanlu Li, Xiulan Duan, Shujun Zhang, and Xian Zhao

Ultrathin cobaltosic oxide nanosheets as an effective sulfur encapsulation matrix with strong affinity toward polysulfides, Hongqiang Wang, Tengfei Zhou, Dan Li, Hong Gao, Guoping Gao, Aijun Du, Hua-Kun Liu, and Zaiping Guo

A 3D porous nitrogen-doped carbon-nanofiber-supported palladium composite as an efficient catalytic cathode for lithium-oxygen batteries, Jun Wang, Lili Liu, Shulei Chou, Hua-Kun Liu, and Jiazhao Wang

A first-principle investigation of spin-gapless semiconductivity, half-metallicity, and fully-compensated ferrimagnetism property in Mn2ZnMg inverse Heusler compound, Xiaotian Wang, Zhenxiang Cheng, Rabah Khenata, Habib Rozale, Jian Li Wang, LiYing Wang, Ruikang Guo, and Guodong Liu


A nitrogen-doped three-dimensional carbon framework for high performance sodium ion batteries, Ying Wang, Caiyun Wang, Huinan Guo, Yijing Wang, and Zhenguo Huang


Effect of storage environment on hydrogen generation by the reaction of Al with water, Yin-Qiang Wang, Wei-Zhuo Gai, Xia-Yu Zhang, Hong-Yi Pan, Zhenxiang Cheng, Pingguang Xu, and Zhen-Yan Deng

Lead-free 0.5Ba(Ti0.8Zr0.2)O3-0.5(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 thin films with enhanced electric properties fabricated from optimized sol-gel systems, Zeng-Mei Wang, Zhong-Lan Cai, Huan-Huan Wang, Zhenxiang Cheng, Jian Chen, Xinli Guo, and Hideo Kimura


Observation of transient overcritical currents in YBCO thin films using high-speed magneto-optical imaging and dynamic current mapping, Frederick Wells, Alexey V. Pan, Igor A. Golovchanskiy, Sergey Fedoseev, and Anatoly B. Rosenfeld

LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 hollow nano-micro hierarchical microspheres as advanced cathode for lithium ion batteries, Yao Xiao, Yanfang Zhu, Tuo Gao, Ben-He Zhong, and Xiaodong Guo

Facile Synthesis of Sulfur-Polypyrrole as Cathodes for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, Peiming Xin, Bo Jin, Huan Li, Xingyou Lang, Chuncheng Yang, Wang Gao, Yongfu Zhu, Wenqi Zhang, Shi Xue Dou, and Qing Jiang

An electrochemical method for the detection of disease-specific exosomes, Sharda Yadav, Kseniia Boriachek, Md Nazmul Islam, Richard Lobb, Andreas Moller, Michelle Hill, Md Shahriar Hossain, Nam-Trung Nguyen, and Muhammad Shiddiky

K-doped layered LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 cathode material: towards the superior rate capability and cycling performance, Zu Guang Yang, Xiao Dong Guo, Wei Xiang, Wei-Bo Hua, Jun Zhang, Feng Rong He, Kai Wang, Yao Xiao, and Ben He Zhong

Effect of niobium doping on the structure and electrochemical performance of LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 cathode materials for lithium ion batteries, Zu Guang Yang, Wei Xiang, Zhenguo Wu, Feng Rong He, Jun Zhang, Yao Xiao, Ben-He Zhong, and Xiaodong Guo

Multiple Stimuli-Responsive Fluorescence Behavior of Novel Polyamic Acid Bearing Oligoaniline, Triphenylamine, and Fluorene Groups, Ying Yan, Ningwei Sun, Fangfei Li, Xiaoteng Jia, Ce Wang, and Danming Chao


Iron and nickel doped CoSe2 as efficient non precious metal catalysts for oxygen reduction, Beibei Yu, Jiayi Jin, Huimin Wu, Shengfu Wang, Qinghua Xia, and Hua-Kun Liu

High power density electrochemical thermocells for inexpensively harvesting low-grade thermal energy, Long Zhang, Taewoo Kim, Na Li, Tae June Kang, Jun Chen, Jennifer M. Pringle, Mei Zhang, Ali Kazim, Shaoli Fang, Carter S. Haines, Danah Al-Masri, Baratunde A Cola, Joselito M. Razal, Jiangtao Di, Stephen T. Beirne, Douglas R. MacFarlane, Anuncia Gonzalez-Martin, Sibi Mathew, Yong Hyup Kim, Gordon G. Wallace, and Ray H. Baughman


Electrical stimulation using conductive polymer polypyrrole counters reduced neurite outgrowth of primary prefrontal cortical neurons from NRG1-KO and DISC1-LI mice, Qingsheng Zhang, Dorna Esrafilzadeh, Jeremy Micah Crook, Robert M. I Kapsa, Elise M. Stewart, Eva Tomaskovic-Crook, Gordon G. Wallace, and Xu-Feng Huang

A novel class of multiferroic material, Bi4Ti3O12·nBiFeO3 with localized magnetic ordering evaluated from their single crystals, Hongyang Zhao, Kang Cai, Zhenxiang Cheng, Tingting Jia, Hideo Kimura, Zhibin Ma, Qiuming Fu, Zhideng Huang, Takao Matsumoto, Tetsuya Tohei, Naoya Shibata, and Yuichi Ikuhara


Improvement of thermoelectric properties and their correlations with electron effective mass in Cu1.98SxSe1−x, Lanling Zhao, Frank Yun Fei, Jun Wang, Funing Wang, Chunlei Wang, Jichao Li, Ji-Yang Wang, Zhenxiang Cheng, Shi Xue Dou, and Xiaolin Wang

Local probing of magnetoelectric properties of PVDF/Fe3O4 electrospun nanofibers by piezoresponse force microscopy, Tian Zheng, Zhilian Yue, Gordon G. Wallace, Yi Du, P Martins, Senentxu Lanceros-Mendez, and Michael J. Higgins

Local probing of magnetoelectric properties of PVDF/Fe3O4 electrospun nanofibers by piezoresponse force microscopy, Tian Zheng, Zhilian Yue, Gordon G. Wallace, Yi Du, P M. Martins, Senentxu Lanceros-Mendez, and Michael J. Higgins

Papers from 2016


Characteristics and cadmium extraction performance of PVC/Aliquat 336 electrospun fibres in comparison with polymer inclusion membranes, Nurul Syazana Binti Abdul Halim, Philip G. Whitten, and Long D. Nghiem

Self-assembled N/S codoped flexible graphene paper for high performance energy storage and oxygen reduction reaction, Taslima Akhter, Md. Monirul Islam, Shaikh Nayeem Faisal, Enamul Haque, Andrew I. Minett, Hua-Kun Liu, Konstantin K. Konstantinov, and S X. Dou


A ferroelectric photocatalyst Ag10Si4O13 with visible-light photooxidation properties, Amar Al-Keisy, Long Ren, Dandan Cui, Zhongfei Xu, Xun Xu, Xiangdong Su, Weichang Hao, S X. Dou, and Yi Du

Electrochemical performance enhancement in MnCo2O4 nanoflake/graphene nanoplatelets composite, Shaymaa Al-Rubaye, Ranjusha Rajagopalan, Chandrasekar Mayandi Subramaniyam, Zheyin Yu, S X. Dou, and Zhenxiang Cheng

Application of conducting polymers in solar water-splitting catalysis, Mohammed Alsultan, Abbas Ranjbar, Gerhard F. Swiegers, Gordon G. Wallace, Sivakumar Balakrishnan, and Junhua Huang


Elemental distributions within multiphase quaternary Pb chalcogenide thermoelectric materials determined through three-dimensional atom probe tomography, Sima Aminorroaya-Yamini, Tong Li, David R. G Mitchell, and Julie M. Cairney

In situ characterisation of nanostructured multiphase thermoelectric materials at elevated temperatures, Sima Aminorroaya-Yamini, David R. G Mitchell, and Maxim Avdeev


Substituted ferrocenes and iodine as synergistic thermoelectrochemical heat harvesting redox couples in ionic liquids, E H.B Anari, Mark S. Romano, W X. Teh, J J. Black, E Jiang, Jun Chen, T Q. To, J Panchompoo, and Leigh Aldous

Comparison of inorganic electron transport layers in fully roll-to-roll coated/printed organic photovoltaics in normal geometry, Thomas R. Andersen, Furqan Almyahi, Nathan Cooling, Daniel Elkington, Lauren Wiggins, Adam Fahy, Krishna Feron, Ben Vaughan, Matthew J. Griffith, Attila J. Mozer, Chaiyuth Sae-kung, Gordon G. Wallace, Warwick J. Belcher, and Paul C. Dastoor


Brazing techniques for the fabrication of biocompatible carbon-based electronic devices, Nicholas V. Apollo, Desmond Lau, Arman Ahnood, Alastair Stacey, Kumaravelu Ganesan, Samantha G. Lichter, Kate Fox, Javad Foroughi, Hamish Meffin, Gordon G. Wallace, Ray H. Baughman, Steven Prawer, and David J. Garrett

Electrostatic catalysis of a Diels-Alder reaction, Albert C. Aragones, Naomi Haworth, Nadim A. Darwish, Simone Ciampi, Nathaniel J. Bloomfield, Gordon G. Wallace, Ismael Diez-Perez, and M Coote

Design of novel nanostructured photoanode materials for low-cost and efficient dye-sensitized solar cell applications, Yang Bai, Zhen Li, Rose Amal, and Lianzhou Wang

Formation of mesopores inside platinum nanospheres by using double hydrophilic block copolymers, Bishnu Prasad Bastakoti, Yunqi Li, Sudhina Guragain, Saad M. Alshehri, Muhammad Shiddiky, Zongwen Liu, Kyubin Shim, Jung Ho Kim, Md Shahriar Hossain, Victor Malgras, and Yusuke Yamauchi


Antiepileptic effects of lacosamide loaded polymers implanted subdurally in GAERS, Sebastien Bauquier, Jonathan L. Jiang, Zhilian Yue, Alan Lai, Yu Chen, Simon E. Moulton, Karen J. McLean, Sara Vogrin, Amy J. Halliday, Gordon G. Wallace, and Mark J. Cook

3D printing and the third mission: The university in the materialization of intellectual capital, Thomas Birtchnell, Tillmann Boehme, and Robert A. Gorkin III


Electric-field effects on the closed orbits of the diamagnetic Kepler problem, Colin Bleasdale, A Bruno-Alfonso, and Roger A. Lewis


Azimuthal dependence of the Garton-Tomkins orbit in crossed magnetic and electric fields, Colin Bleasdale, Roger A. Lewis, and A Bruno-Alfonso


Studies of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) films containing cationic Mn porphyrins. A loading-dependent demetalation of Mn(III)TPP in PEDOT (Mn(III)TPP=5,10,15,20-tetraphenylporphyrinato manganese(III)), Danijel Boskovic, Sivakumar Balakrishnan, Jun Chen, Pawel W. Wagner, and Gerhard F. Swiegers


Kinematic molecular manufacturing machines, Danijel Boskovic, Sivakumar Balakrishnan, Shaoming Huang, and Gerhard F. Swiegers

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Papers from 2015


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