The AIIM research facility on the University of Wollongong Innovation Campus houses the University of Wollongong’s flagship research groups – the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute (IPRI) and the Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials (ISEM). It also houses the University’s Electron Microscopy Centre, is the lead node of the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) and houses the materials node of the Australian National Fabrication Facility.


Papers from 2018

Mullite-glass and mullite-mullite interfaces: Analysis by molecular dynamics (MD) simulation and high-resolution TEM, Esmaeil Adabifiroozjaei, Judy N. Hart, Pramod Koshy, David R. G Mitchell, and Charles C. Sorrell


The effect of amorphous TiO2 in P25 on dye-sensitized solar cell performance, Kadhim Al-Attafi, Andrew Nattestad, Qijie Wu, Yusuke Ide, Yusuke Yamauchi, Shi Xue Dou, and Jung Ho Kim


3D printing Vegemite and Marmite: redefining "breadboards", Charles Hamilton, Gursel Alici, and Marc in het Panhuis

Recent progress in 2D materials for flexible supercapacitors, Yan Han, Yu Ge, Yunfeng Chao, Caiyun Wang, and Gordon G. Wallace

Metal-oxygen bonds: stabilizing the intermediate species towards practical Li-air batteries, Yuyang Hou, Yuqing Liu, Zhen Zhou, Lili Liu, Haipeng Guo, Hua-Kun Liu, Jiazhao Wang, and Jun Chen

Hybrids of Fe3O4/CoSe2 as efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction, Yanli Huang, Chuanqi Feng, Huimin Wu, Shengfu Wang, Feng Wang, and Hua-Kun Liu


Gold-loaded nanoporous ferric oxide nanocubes for electrocatalytic detection of microRNA at attomolar level, Md Nazmul Islam, Mostafa Kamal Masud, Nam-Trung Nguyen, Vinod Gopalan, Hatem Alamri, Zeid Abdullah Alothman, Md. Shahriar Al Hossain, Yusuke Yamauchi, Alfred K. Lam, and Muhammad J. A Shiddiky

Periodically Arranged Arrays of Dendritic Pt Nanospheres Using Cage-Type Mesoporous Silica as a Hard Template, Kenya Kani, Victor Malgras, Bo Jiang, Md. Shahriar Al Hossain, Saad M. Alshehri, Tansir Ahamad, Rahul R. Salunkhe, Zhenguo Huang, and Yusuke Yamauchi

Estimation of mechanical property degradation of poly(lactic acid) and flax fibre reinforced poly(lactic acid) bio-composites during thermal processing, Hossein Mohammad Khanlou, Peter Woodfield, John Summerscales, Gaston Francucci, Benjamin King, Sepehr Talebian, Javad Foroughi, and Wayne Hall

The storage degradation of an 18650 commercial cell studied using neutron powder diffraction, Po-Han Lee, She-Huang Wu, Wei Kong Pang, and Vanessa K. Peterson

Tunable dielectric resonance with negative permittivity behavior of BiFeO3-Bi2Fe4O9 composite at about 1 GHz, Qiang Li, Shengxiang Bao, Yanhua Sun, Jie Li, Zheyin Yu, Yingfei Li, Shujun Zhang, Yingli Liu, and Zhenxiang Cheng

Direct fabrication of two-dimensional copper sulfide nanoplates on transparent conducting glass for planar supercapacitor, C Justin Raj, Murugesan Rajesh, Ramu Manikandan, Won-Gil Lee, Kook Hyun Yu, and Byung Chul Kim

Quantitative characterisation of conductive fibers by capacitive coupling, Andres Ruland Palaia, Rouhollah Jalili, Attila J. Mozer, and Gordon G. Wallace

Efficient wide range electrochemical bisphenol-A sensor by self-supported dendritic platinum nanoparticles on screen-printed carbon electrode, Kyubin Shim, Jeonghun Kim, Mohammed Shahabuddin, Yusuke Yamauchi, Md. Shahriar Al Hossain, and Jung Ho Kim

Pt-decorated zinc oxide nanorod arrays with graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets for highly efficient dual-functional gas sensing, Hailin Tian, Huiqing Fan, Jiangwei Ma, Zhiyong Liu, Longtao Ma, Shenhui Lei, Jiawen Fang, and Changbai Long

Synthesis of hierarchical mesoporous lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide spheres with high rate capability for lithium-ion batteries, Wei Tong, Yudai Huang, Yanjun Cai, Yong Guo, Xingchao Wang, Dianzeng Jia, Zhipeng Sun, Wei Kong Pang, Zaiping Guo, and Jun Zong

Magneto-electronic properties and tetragonal deformation of rare-earth-element-based quaternary Heusler half-metals: A first-principles prediction, Xiaotian Wang, Zhenxiang Cheng, Yaoxiang Jin, Yang Wu, Xuefang Dai, and Guodong Liu

Electronic, magnetic, half-metallic and mechanical properties of a new quaternary Heusler compound ZrRhTiTl: Insights from first-principles studies, Xiaotian Wang, Weiqi Zhao, Zhenxiang Cheng, Xuefang Dai, and Rabah Khenata

Thermal actuation of hydrogels from PNIPAm, alginate, and carbon nanofibres, Holly Warren, Marc in het Panhuis, Geoffrey M. Spinks, and David L. Officer

Top-down synthesis of interconnected two-dimensional carbon/antimony hybrids as advanced anodes for sodium storage, Chao Wu, Laifa Shen, Shuangqiang Chen, Yu Jiang, Peter Kopold, Peter van Aken, Joachim Maier, and Yan Yu

LiI embedded meso-micro porous carbon polyhedrons for lithium iodine battery with superior lithium storage properties, Zhenzhen Wu, Jiantie Xu, Qian Zhang, Haibo Wang, Shihai Ye, Yonglong Wang, and Chao Lai

Synthesis and Performance of Tungsten Disulfide/Carbon (WS2/C) Composite as Anode Material, Zhengyong Yuan, Qiang Jiang, Chuanqi Feng, Xiao Chen, and Zaiping Guo

A novel liquid metal patterning technique: Voltage induced non-contact electrochemical lithography at room temperature, Zhenwei Yu, Fei Yun, and Xiaolin Wang

Superconducting thermomagnetic instabilities tuned through electric-field-controlled strain in Nb/PMN-PT/Nb hybrids, M Zeibekis, Shujun Zhang, and D Stamopoulos


In operando mechanism analysis on nanocrystalline silicon anode material for reversible and ultrafast sodium storage, Lei Zhang, Xianluo Hu, Chaoji Chen, Haipeng Guo, Xiaoxiao Liu, Gengzhao Xu, Haijian Zhong, Shuang Cheng, Peng Wu, Jiashen Meng, Yunhui Huang, Shi Xue Dou, and Hua-Kun Liu

3D spongy CoS2nanoparticles/carbon composite as high-performance anode material for lithium/sodium ion batteries, Yaohui Zhang, Nana Wang, Changhui Sun, Zhenxiao Lu, Pan Xue, Bin Tang, Zhongchao Bai, and Shi Xue Dou

Robust fully-compensated ferrimagnetism and semiconductivity in inverse Heusler compounds: Ti2VZ (Z = P, As, Sb, Bi), Y J. Zhang, Z H. Liu, Guodong Liu, X Q. Ma, and Zhenxiang Cheng

Structural and superconducting characteristics of YBa2Cu3O7 films grown by fluorine-free metal-organic deposition route, Yue Zhao, Jingyuan Chu, Thomas Qureishy, Wei Wu, Zhiwei Zhang, Pavlo Mikheenko, Tom H. Johansen, and Jean Grivel

Papers from 2017

Gold Nanoparticles Supported on Mesoporous Titania Thin Films with High Loading as a CO Oxidation Catalyst, Shingo Akita, Makoto Amemiya, Takanori Matsumoto, Yohei Jikihara, Tsuruo Nakayama, Md Shahriar Hossain, Kenya Kani, Daisuke Ishii, Md Islam, Xiangfen Jiang, Amanullah Fatehmulla, Wazirzada Farooq, Yoshio Bando, Victor Malgras, and Yusuke Yamauchi

Metallic Iron Effects on Coke Analog Carbon Bonding and Reactivity, Oluwatosin Aladejebi, Brian J. Monaghan, Mark H. Reid, Marc in het Panhuis, and Raymond Longbottom


Aggregated mesoporous nanoparticles for high surface area light scattering layer TiO2 photoanodes in Dye-sensitized Solar Cells, Kadhim Al-Attafi, Andrew Nattestad, Yusuke Yamauchi, Shi Xue Dou, and Jung Ho Kim

Mechanism of Enhanced Carbon Substitution in CNT-MgB2 Superconductor Composite Using Ball Milling in a Methanol Medium: Positive Role of Boron Oxide, Fahad Alghamdi, Mohammed Shahabuddin, Nasser Saleh Alzayed, Niyaz Madhar, Jafar Meethale Parakkandy, M Khan, Aslam Khan, and Md. Shahriar Al Hossain


Probe Sensor Using Nanostructured Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Yarn for Selective and Sensitive Detection of Dopamine, Wed Al-Graiti, Zhilian Yue, Javad Foroughi, Xu-Feng Huang, Gordon G. Wallace, Ray H. Baughman, and Jun Chen

Enhancement of charge separation in ferroelectric heterogeneous photocatalyst Bi4(SiO4)3/Bi2SiO5 nanostructures, Amar Al-Keisy, Long Ren, Tian Zheng, Xun Xu, Michael J. Higgins, Weichang Hao, and Yi Du

Facile synthesis of a reduced graphene oxide wrapped porous NiCo2O4 composite with superior performance as an electrode material for supercapacitors, Shaymaa Al-Rubaye, Ranjusha Rajagopalan, Shi Xue Dou, and Zhenxiang Cheng


Synthesis and characterisation of MWNT/chitosan and MWNT/chitosan-crosslinked buckypaper membranes for desalination, Ahmed Alshahrani, Habis Al-Zoubi, Long D. Nghiem, and Marc in het Panhuis

Controlled growth of polythiophene nanofibers in TiO2 nanotube arrays for supercapacitor applications, Rohan Ambade, Swapnil Ambade, Nabeen Shrestha, Rahul R. Salunkhe, Wonjoo Lee, Sushil Bagde, Jung Ho Kim, Florian J. Stadler, Yusuke Yamauchi, and Soo-Hyoung Lee

Band-Gap Nonlinearity in Lead Chalcogenide ( PbQ, Q = Te, Se, S) Alloys, Sima Aminorroaya-Yamini, Vaughan Patterson, and Joao Rafael Santos


Nanoscale analyses of the surface structure and composition of biochars extracted from field trials or after co-composting using advanced analytical electron microscopy, B Archanjo, M Mendoza, M Albu, David R. G Mitchell, N Hagemann, C Mayrhofer, Thi Mai, Zhe Weng, A Kappler, S Behrens, Paul R. Munroe, C Achete, Scott Donne, J R. Araujo, Lukas van Zwieten, Josip Horvat, A Enders, and Stephen D. Joseph


Effect of anisotropic thermal expansion on the torsional actuation of twist oriented polymer fibres, Shazed Aziz, Sina Naficy, Javad Foroughi, Hugh Ralph Brown, and Geoffrey M. Spinks


Thermomechanical effects in the torsional actuation of twisted nylon 6 fiber, Shazed Aziz, Sina Naficy, Javad Foroughi, Hugh Ralph Brown, and Geoffrey M. Spinks


3D printing of tough hydrogel composites with spatially varying materials properties, Shannon Bakarich, Robert A. Gorkin III, Reece Gately, Sina Naficy, Marc in het Panhuis, and Geoffrey M. Spinks

Mesostructured fullerene crystals through inverse polymeric micelle assembly, Bishnu Prasad Bastakoti, Yunqi Li, Sudhina Guragain, Yoshio Bando, Amanullah Fatehmulla, W Aslam Farooq, Md. Shahriar Al Hossain, Md Tofazzal Islam, Lok Kumar Shrestha, and Yusuke Yamauchi

Electrically Stimulated Adipose Stem Cells on Polypyrrole-Coated Scaffolds for Smooth Muscle Tissue Engineering, Miina M. Bjorninen, Kerry J. Gilmore, Jani M. Pelto, Riitta Seppanen-Kaijansinkko, Minna Kellomaki, Susanna S. Miettinen, Gordon G. Wallace, Dirk Grijpma, and Suvi P. Haimi

Demetallatation of electrochemically polymerised Mn porphyrin anion / PEDOT composites under light-illumination, Danijel Boskovic, Sivakumar Balakrishnan, Pawel W. Wagner, and Gerhard F. Swiegers


Flux penetration in a superconducting film partially capped with a conducting layer, J Brisbois, V Gladilin, J Tempere, J Devreese, Victor V. Moshchalkov, F Colauto, Maycon Motta, Tom H. Johansen, Joachim Fritzsche, O Adami, N D. Nguyen, Wilson Aires Ortiz, R. B. G Kramer, and A Silhanek

Electrochemical Oxidation of W(CO)4(LL): Generation, Characterization, and Reactivity of [W(CO)4(LL)]+ (LL≤α-diimine ligands), John P. Bullock, Chong Yong Lee, Brian Hagan, Humair Madhani, and John Ulrich


Doping-Induced Isotopic Mg11B2 Bulk Superconductor for Fusion Application, Qi Cai, Qianying Guo, Yongchang Liu, Zongqing Ma, Huijun Li, Wenbin Qiu, Dipakkumar Patel, Hyunseock Jie, Jung Ho Kim, Mehmet Somer, Ekrem Yanmaz, Arnaud Devred, Vladimir Luzin, Amanullah Fatehmulla, Wazirzada Farooq, Daniel Gajda, Yoshio Bando, Yusuke Yamauchi, Subrata Pradhan, and Md Shahriar Hossain

Enhancing s, p-d exchange interactions at room temperature by carrier doping in single crystalline Co0.4Zn0.6O epitaxial films, Qiang Cao, Maoxiang Fu, Dapeng Zhu, Li Cai, Kun Zhang, Guo-Lei Liu, Yan-Xue Chen, Shi-Shou Kang, Shi-Shen Yan, Liang-Mo Mei, and Xiaolin Wang

Growth-Controlled Engineering of Magnetic Exchange Interactions in Single Crystalline GaCoZnO1-v Epitaxial Films with High Co Concentration, Qiang Cao, Maoxiang Fu, Dapeng Zhu, Mengyu Yao, Shujun Hu, Yan-Xue Chen, Shi-Shen Yan, Guo-Lei Liu, Dong Qian, Xingyu Gao, Liang-Mo Mei, and Xiaolin Wang

Defect introduced paramagnetism and weak localization in two-dimensional metal VSe2, Qiang Cao, Frank F. Yun, Lina Sang, Feixiang Xiang, Guolei Liu, and Xiaolin Wang

Three-dimensional neuronal cell culture: in pursuit of novel treatments for neurodegenerative disease, Sarah-Sophia Carter, Xiao Liu, Zhilian Yue, and Gordon G. Wallace


Evidencing extrinsic stacking faults in twinning-induced plasticity steel, Gilberto Casillas, Azdiar A. Gazder, Elena V. Pereloma, and Ahmed A. Saleh

Effect of Sn and Cu on corrosion resistance of lamgalmnconi type alloys, Julio Cesar Serafim Casini, Margarida Saeki, Zaiping Guo, Hua-Kun Liu, Rubens de Faria, and Hidetoshi Takiishi

Modifying exchange bias effects of Mn/NiFe bilayers by in-situ Ar+ bombardment, Grace Causer, Palash K. Manna, C C. Chiu, Johan Van Lierop, Mihail Ionescu, Ko-Wei Lin, and Frank Klose

Synthesis of MOF-525 derived nanoporous carbons with different particle sizes for supercapacitor application, Ting-Hsiang Chang, Christine Young, Min-Han Lee, Rahul R. Salunkhe, Saad M. Alshehri, Tansir Ahamad, Md Tofazzal Islam, Kevin C.-W Wu, Md. Shahriar Al Hossain, Yusuke Yamauchi, and Kuo-Chuan Ho


Self-Assembly of Flexible Free-Standing 3D Porous MoS2-Reduced Graphene Oxide Structure for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries, Yunfeng Chao, Rouhollah Jalili, Yu Ge, Caiyun Wang, Tian Zheng, Kewei Shu, and Gordon G. Wallace

Granadilla-Inspired Structure Design for Conversion/Alloy-Reaction Electrode with Integrated Lithium Storage Behaviors, Chaoji Chen, Linfeng Peng, Yiju Li, Lei Zhang, Jingwei Xiang, Pei Hu, Shijie Cheng, Yunhui Huang, and Jia Xie

Investigation of the crystal growth, thickness and radial modes of α-BiB3O6 piezoelectric crystals, Feifei Chen, Lingfeng Kong, Fapeng Yu, Chunlei Wang, Qingming Lu, Shujun Zhang, Yanlu Li, Xiulan Duan, Lifeng Qin, and Xian Zhao

The isotope effect of boron on the carbon doping and critical current density of Mg11B2 superconductors, Fang Cheng, Yongchang Liu, Zongqing Ma, Md Shahriar Hossain, and Mehmet Somer

Enhancement of grain connectivity and critical current density in the ex-situ sintered MgB2 superconductors by doping minor Cu, Fang Cheng, Zongqing Ma, Chenxi Liu, Hui Jun Li, Md. Shahriar Al Hossain, Yoshio Bando, Yusuke Yamauchi, Amanullah Fatehmulla, W Aslam Farooq, and Yongchang Liu


Same titanium glycolate precursor but different products: Successful synthesis of twinned anatase TiO2 nanocrystals with excellent solar photocatalytic hydrogen evolution capability, Gang Cheng, Yi Wei, Jinyan Xiong, Yixin Gan, Jiaxin Zhu, and Feifan Xu

Sorbitol-employed hydrothermal carbonization to TiO2@C mesoporous hybrids with promoted visible light utilization and excellent photosensitization stability, Gang Cheng, Yi Wei, Jinyan Xiong, Feifan Xu, Jie Ding, Sheng Guo, and Rong Chen

A novel protocol to design TiO2-Fe2O3 hybrids with effective charge separation efficiency for improved photocatalysis, Gang Cheng, Feifan Xu, Jinyan Xiong, Yi Wei, Florian J. Stadler, and Rong Chen

Microstructural and Texture Evolution of Strip Cast Nd-Fe-B Flake, Hansheng Chen, Wanqiang Xu, Zhixiao Ye, Yin Yao, Jiangtao Qu, Fan Yun, Jacob A. Warner, Zhenxiang Cheng, Jianqiang Liu, Simon Peter Ringer, Michael Ferry, and Rongkun Zheng

Prussian Blue-Derived Synthesis of Hollow Porous Iron Pyrite Nanoparticles as Platinum-Free Counter Electrodes for Highly Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, Jeffrey E. Chen, Miao-Syuan Fan, Yen-Lin Chen, Yu-Heng Deng, Jung Ho Kim, Hatem Alamri, Zeid Abdullah Alothman, Yusuke Yamauchi, Kuo-Chuan Ho, and Kevin C.-W Wu

Thermochemistry and growth mechanism of SiC nanowires, Jianjun Chen, Lijuan Ding, Lipeng Xin, Fan Zeng, and Jun Chen

Investigation of MnO2-doped (Ba, Ca)TiO3 lead-free ceramics for high power piezoelectric applications, Lei Chen, Huiqing Fan, and Shujun Zhang

Carbon-Coated Na3.32Fe2.34(P2O7)2 Cathode Material for High-Rate and Long-Life Sodium-Ion Batteries, Mingzhe Chen, Lingna Chen, Zhe Hu, Qiannan Liu, Binwei Zhang, Yuxiang Hu, Qinfen Gu, Jian Li Wang, Lian Zhou Wang, Xiaodong Guo, Shulei Chou, and Shi Xue Dou

The influences of sodium sources on the structure evolution and electrochemical performances of layered-tunnel hybrid Na0.6MnO2 cathode, Ting-Ru Chen, Zhenguo Wu, Wei Xiang, En-Hui Wang, Chun-Jin Wu, Mingzhe Chen, Xiaodong Guo, and Ben He Zhong

Cauliflower-like MnO@C/N composites with multiscale, expanded hierarchical ordered structures as electrode materials for Lithium- and Sodium-ion batteries, Ting Chen, Zhenguo Wu, Wei Xiang, En-Hui Wang, Tingru Chen, Xiaodong Guo, Yanxiao Chen, and Ben He Zhong


First-principles study of decomposition mechanisms of Mg(BH4)2$2NH3 and LiMg(BH4)3$2NH3, Xiaowei Chen, Renquan Li, Guanglin Xia, Hongsheng He, Xiuqing Zhang, Weidong Zou, and Xubin Yu


A comparison study of decomposition mechanisms of single-cation and double-cations (Li, Al) ammine borohydrides, Xiaowei Chen, Renquan Li, Guanglin Xia, Hongsheng He, Weidong Zou, and Xuebin Yu

Enhanced Structural Stability of Nickel-Cobalt Hydroxide via Intrinsic Pillar Effect of Metaborate for High-Power and Long-Life Supercapacitor Electrodes, Yuanzhen Chen, Wei Kong Pang, Haihua Bai, Tengfei Zhou, Yongning Liu, Sai Li, and Zaiping Guo

In situ formation of a carbon fiber@Ni3S2non-woven electrode with ultrahigh areal and volumetric capacitance, Yuanzhen Chen, Tengfei Zhou, Yongning Liu, and Zaiping Guo

Development of drug-loaded polymer microcapsules for treatment of epilepsy, Yu Chen, Qi Gu, Zhilian Yue, Jeremy Micah Crook, Simon E. Moulton, Mark J. Cook, and Gordon G. Wallace


Voltammetric Enhancement of Li-Ion Conduction in Al-Doped Li7-xLa3Zr2O12 Solid Electrolyte, Yu-Ting Chen, Anirudha Jena, Wei Kong Pang, Vanessa K. Peterson, Hwo-Shuenn Sheu, Ho Chang, and Ru-Shi Liu

Fast-pulverization enabled simultaneous enhancement on cycling stability and rate capability of C@NiFe2O4 hierarchical fibrous bundle, Zerui Chen, Yu Zhang, Xiaoling Wang, Wenping Sun, Shi Xue Dou, Xin Huang, and Bi Shi

Potassium ferrous ferricyanide nanoparticles as a high capacity and ultralong life cathode material for nonaqueous potassium-ion batteries, Shaokun Chong, Yuanzhen Chen, Yang Zheng, Qiang Tan, Chengyong Shu, Yongning Liu, and Zaiping Guo

Tailored Design of Bicontinuous Gyroid Mesoporous Carbon and Nitrogen-Doped Carbon from Poly(ethylene oxide-b-caprolactone) Diblock Copolymers, Wei-Cheng Chu, Bishnu Prasad Bastakoti, Yusuf Valentino Kaneti, Jheng-Guang Li, Hatem Alamri, Zeid Abdullah Alothman, Yusuke Yamauchi, and Shiao-Wei Kuo


Anisotropic thermomagnetic avalanche activity in field-cooled superconducting films, F Colauto, D Carmo, A M H De Andrade, A A M Oliveira, Wilson Aires Ortiz, and Tom H. Johansen

Enhanced Magnetization of Cobalt Defect Clusters Embedded in TiO2-δ Films, David L. Cortie, Y Khaydukov, T Keller, David Sprouster, Jacob Hughes, James P. Sullivan, Xiaolin Wang, Anton P. Le Brun, Joel Bertinshaw, S J. Callori, Robert Aughterson, Michael James, P Evans, Gerry Triani, and Frank Klose

Derivation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells, Jeremy Micah Crook, Lucy Kravets, Teija Peura, and Meri Firpo

Culturing and Cryobanking Human Neural Stem Cells, Jeremy Micah Crook and Eva Tomaskovic-Crook

Cryobanking Pluripotent Stem Cells, Jeremy Micah Crook, Eva Tomaskovic-Crook, and Tenneille Ludwig

Synthesis and electrochemical properties of ZnMn2O4 microspheres for lithium-ion battery application, Wei Dang, Feng Wang, Yu Ding, Chuanqi Feng, and Zaiping Guo

Magnetic and electrical response of Co-doped La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 manganites/insulator system, J C. Debnath and Jian Li Wang

Charge ordering and exchange bias behaviors in Co3O4 porous nanoplatelets and nanorings, J C. Debnath, Jian Li Wang, and R Zeng

A Gallium-Based Magnetocaloric Liquid Metal Ferrofluid, Isabela De Castro, Adam Chrimes, Ali Zavabeti, Kyle Berean, Benjamin Carey, Jincheng Zhuang, Yi Du, Shi Xue Dou, Kiyonori Suzuki, Robert A. Shanks, Reece Nixon-Luke, Gary Bryant, Khashayar Khoshmanesh, Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh, and Torben Daeneke

Recent highlights in advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques: Applications to nanomaterials, Francis L Deepak and Gilberto Casillas

Synthesis of Multilayer Silicene on Si(111)√3 x √3-Ag, Paola De Padova, Haifeng Feng, Jincheng Zhuang, Zhi Li, Amanda Generosi, Barbara Paci, Carlo Ottaviani, Claudio Quaresima, Bruno Olivieri, Mariusz Krawiec, and Yi Du


Inkjet-Printed Planar Biochips for Interfacial Detection of Biomoleculars, Jianglin Diao, Ailing Ding, Yuqing Liu, Joselito M. Razal, Jun Chen, Zhisong Lu, and Bin Wang

In situ handheld three-dimensional bioprinting for cartilage regeneration, Claudia Di Bella, Serena Duchi, Cathal D. O'Connell, Romane Blanchard, Cheryl Augustine, Zhilian Yue, Fletcher W. Thompson, Christopher Richards, Stephen T. Beirne, Carmine Onofrillo, Sebastien Bauquier, Stewart D. Ryan, Peter Pivonka, Gordon G. Wallace, and Peter F. M Choong


Light-triggered soft artificial muscles: Molecular-level amplification of actuation control signals, Michael Dicker, Anna B. Baker, Robert Iredale, Sina Naficy, Ian Bond, Charl Faul, Jonathan Rossiter, Geoffrey M. Spinks, and Paul Weaver

Functional Electro-materials Based on Ferricyanide Redox-active Ionic Liquids, Andrew P. Doherty, Louise Graham, Klaudia K. Wagner, David L. Officer, Jun Chen, and Gordon G. Wallace


Microstructure Refinement in W-Y2O3 Alloy Fabricated by Wet Chemical Method with Surfactant Addition and Subsequent Spark Plasma Sintering, Zhi Dong, Nan Liu, Zongqing Ma, Chenxi Liu, Qianying Guo, Zeid Abdullah Alothman, Yusuke Yamauchi, Md. Shahriar Al Hossain, and Yongchang Liu

Synthesis of nanosized composite powders via a wet chemical process for sintering high performance W-Y2O3 alloy, Zhi Dong, Nan Liu, Zongqing Ma, Chenxi Liu, Qianying Guo, Yusuke Yamauchi, Hatem Alamri, Zeid Abdullah Alothman, Md. Shahriar Al Hossain, and Yongchang Liu


Atomic-Scale CoOx Species in Metal-Organic Frameworks for Oxygen Evolution Reaction, Shuo Dou, Chung-Li Dong, Zhe Hu, Jeng-Lung Chen, Yu-Cheng Huang, Li Tao, Dafeng Yan, Dawei Chen, Shaohua Shen, Shulei Chou, and Shuangyin Wang


Thiourea bridged periodic mesoporous organosilica with ultra-small Pd nanoparticles for coupling reactions, Esmail Doustkhah, Sadegh Rostamnia, Masataka Imura, Yusuke Ide, Shiva Mohammadi, Christopher J. T Hyland, Jungmok You, Nao Tsunoji, Behzad Zeynizadeh, and Yusuke Yamauchi

Fish Gill Inspired Crossflow for Efficient and Continuous Collection of Spilled Oil, Yuhai Dou, Dongliang Tian, Ziqi Sun, Qiannan Liu, Na Zhang, Jung Ho Kim, Lei Jiang, and Shi Xue Dou

Atomically thin Co3O4 nanosheet-coated stainless steel mesh with enhanced capacitive Na+ storage for high-performance sodium-ion batteries, Yuhai Dou, Yunxiao Wang, Dongliang Tian, Jiantie Xu, Zhijia Zhang, Qiannan Liu, Boyang Ruan, Jianmin Ma, Ziqi Sun, and Shi Xue Dou

Atomically thin non-layered nanomaterials for energy storage and conversion, Yuhai Dou, Lei Zhang, Xun Xu, Ziqi Sun, Ting Liao, and Shi Xue Dou

Metal-Free Carbon Materials for CO2 Electrochemical Reduction, Xiaochuan Duan, Jiantie Xu, Zengxi Wei, Jianmin Ma, Shaojun Guo, Shuangyin Wang, Hua-Kun Liu, and Shi Xue Dou


Handheld Co-Axial Bioprinting: Application to in situ surgical cartilage repair, Serena Duchi, Carmine Onofrillo, Cathal D. O'Connell, Romane Blanchard, Cheryl Augustine, Anita F. Quigley, Robert M. I Kapsa, Peter Pivonka, Gordon G. Wallace, Claudia Di Bella, and Peter F. M Choong

New strategies for stationary phase integration within centrifugal microfluidic platforms for applications in sample preparation and pre-concentration, Emer Duffy, Rima Padovani, Xiaoyun He, Robert A. Gorkin III, Elizaveta Vereshchagina, Jens Ducree, Ekaterina Nesterenko, Pavel N. Nesterenko, D Brabazon, Brett Paull, and Mercedes Vazquez

Novel bipolar magnetic semiconducting and fully compensated ferrimagnetic semiconducting characters in newly designed LiMgPdSn-type compounds: KCaCX (X = O, S, and Se), Jiangtao Du, L F. Feng, Xiaotian Wang, Z Qin, Zhenxiang Cheng, and L Y. Wang

Accurate approach to the temperature effect on state of charge estimation in the LiFePO4 battery under dynamic load operation, Van Huan Duong, Hany Ayad Bastawrous, and Khay Wai W. See


3D network of cellulose-based energy storage devices and related emerging applications, Saikat Dutta, Jeonghun Kim, Yusuke Ide, Jung Ho Kim, Md. Shahriar Al Hossain, Yoshio Bando, Yusuke Yamauchi, and Kevin C.-W Wu


New insight into magneto-structural phase transitions in layered TbMn2 Ge2-based compounds, Chunsheng Fang, Guoxing Li, Jian Li Wang, Wayne D. Hutchison, Qing Yon Ren, Zhenyan Deng, Guohong Ma, Shi Xue Dou, Stewart J. Campbell, and Zhenxiang Cheng


Tuning the magnetic and structural transitions in TbCo2Mnx compounds, Chunsheng Fang, Jian Li Wang, Fang Hong, Wayne D. Hutchison, M. F Md Din, Andrew J. Studer, Justin A. Kimpton, Shi Xue Dou, and Zhenxiang Cheng

Co-deposition of carbon dots and reduced graphene oxide nanosheets on carbon-fiber microelectrode surface for selective detection of dopamine, Jian Fang, Zhigang Xie, Gordon G. Wallace, and Xungai Wang

Chiral Sensing with Mesoporous Pd@Pt Nanoparticles, Yuxi Fang, Cuiling Li, Jiang Bo, Joel Henzie, Yusuke Yamauchi, and Toru Asahi


Efficient visible-light photocatalysts by constructing dispersive energy band with anisotropic p and s-p hybridization states, Haifeng Feng, Yi Du, Cong Wang, and Weichang Hao


Construction of 2D lateral pseudoheterostructures by strain engineering, Haifeng Feng, Jincheng Zhuang, Ashley D. Slattery, Liang Wang, Zhongfei Xu, Xun Xu, David R. G Mitchell, Tian Zheng, Songlin Li, Michael J. Higgins, Long Ren, Ziqi Sun, Shi Xue Dou, Yi Du, and Weichang Hao


Ag-Mg antisite defect induced high thermoelectric performance of α-MgAgSb, Zhenzhen Feng, Jihua Zhang, Yuli Yan, Guangbiao Zhang, Chao Wang, Chengxiao Peng, Fengzhu Ren, Yuan Xu Wang, and Zhenxiang Cheng

Electrotactic ionic liquid droplets, Wayne Francis, Klaudia K. Wagner, Stephen T. Beirne, David L. Officer, Gordon G. Wallace, Larisa Florea, and Dermot Diamond

Role of double doping with C and RE2O3 oxides on the critical temperature and critical current of MgB2 phase, G Gajda, Andrzej Morawski, R Diduszko, Tomasz Cetner, Md Shahriar Hossain, K Gruszka, Daniel Gajda, and P Przyslupski

CoS Quantum Dot Nanoclusters for High-Energy Potassium-Ion Batteries, Hong Gao, Tengfei Zhou, Yang Zheng, Qing Zhang, Yuqing Liu, Jun Chen, Hua-Kun Liu, and Zaiping Guo


Confined NaAlH4nanoparticles inside CeO2hollow nanotubes towards enhanced hydrogen storage, Qili Gao, Guanglin Xia, and Xuebin Yu

Transmission Kikuchi diffraction versus electron back-scattering diffraction: A case study on an electron transparent cross-section of TWIP steel, Azdiar A. Gazder, Khalil Elkhodary, Mitchell John Bromley Nancarrow, and Ahmed A. Saleh

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Papers from 2016


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