The University of Wollongong Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences.This series is followed by SMAH Papers: Part B. Related series: Faculty of Science - Papers (Archive); Graduate School of Medicine - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sicences - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2006


The review of application of acupressure massage in clinical nursing care, Hui Chen Chang, Hsiao-Mei Liu, Yi-Tsun Li, Hsuan-Fang Chen, and Pei-Hsuan Chou


Calculation of the cosmogenic nuclide production topographic shielding scaling factor for large areas using DEMs, Alexandru T. Codilean


Surface process models and the links between tectonics and topography, Alexandru T. Codilean, Paul Bishop, and Trevor B. Hoey


Beyond the rhetoric: what do we mean by a 'model of care'?, Patricia Davidson, Elizabeth Halcomb, L Hickman, J Phillips, and B Graham


The impact of institutional surveillance technologies on student behaviour, Shane Dawson

Cell-free protein synthesis, Nicholas E. Dixon

Kinetic and crystallographic analysis of mutant Escherichia coli aminopeptidase P: Insights into substrate recognition and the mechanism of catalysis, Stephen C. Graham, Penelope E. Lilley, Mihwa Lee, Patrick M. Schaeffer, Andrew V. Kralicek, Nicholas E. Dixon, and J Mitchell Guss


Impact of transatlantic transport episodes on summertime ozone in Europe, G Guerova, I Bey, J Attie, R Martin, J Cui, and M Sprenger

The changing physical environment of Southeast Asian deltas: a case study on the Mekong, Avijit Gupta, Soo Chin Liew, and Alice W C Heng

Is verbatim transcription of interview data always necessary?, Elizabeth J. Halcomb and Patricia M. Davidson


The role of practice nurses in an integrated model of cardiovascular disease management in Australian general practice, Elizabeth J. Halcomb and Patricia M. Davidson

Evolution of practice nursing in Australia, Elizabeth J. Halcomb, Elizabeth Patterson, and Patricia M. Davidson

Structure determination of protein-ligand complexes by transferred paramagnetic shifts, Michael John, Guido Pintacuda, Ah-Young Park, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Gottfried Otting


Structure of the theta subunit of Escherichia coli DNA polymerase III in complex with the epsilon subunit, Max A Keniry, Ah-Young Park, Elisabeth A. Owen, Samir M. Hamdan, Guido Pintacuda, Gottfried Otting, and Nicholas E. Dixon

Lymphoma presenting as chronic aortic dissection in Marfan syndrome, Elias Lachanas, Periklis Tomos, Marianthi Fotinou, and Spyridon Miyakis


linG, a new integron-associated gene cassette encoding a lincosamide nucleotidyltransferase, Renee S. Levings, Ruth M. Hall, Diane Lightfoot, and Steven P. Djordjevic


Differentiation of bone marrow stem cells on inkjet printed silk lines, Skander Limem, Paul Calvert, Hyeon Joo Kim, and David L. Kaplan

Value adding through regional coordination of rural placements for all health disciplines: the Broken Hill experience, David Lyle, Jocelyn Morris, David L. Garne, Debra Jones, Michele Pitt, Tara Walker, and Richard Weston

A characterization of the MSA stone artefact assemblage from the 1984 excavations at Klein Kliphuis, Western Cape, Alex Mackay


Tracing the geographic origin of the cosmopolitan parthenogenetic insect pest Liposcelis bostrychophila (Psocoptera: Liposcelididae), K M. Mikac and G M. Clarke


A holistic approach to Aboriginal well health screening, Jill Mitchell and Kathryn Weston

Factors contributing to inappropriate ordering of tests in an academic medical department and the effect of an educational feedback strategy, Spyridon Miyakis, Georgios Karamanof, Michalis Liontos, and Theodoros D. Mountokalakis

International consensus statement on an update of the classification criteria for definite antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), Spyridon Miyakis, M Lockshin, T Atsumi, D Branch, R Brey, R Cevera, R Derksen, P De Groot, T Koike, P Meroni, G Reber, Y Shoenfeld, A Tincani, P Vlachoyiannopoulos, and S Krilis

Thymoma with immunodeficiency (Good's syndrome): Review of the literature apropos three cases, Spyridon Miyakis, Angelos Pefanis, Freda H. Passam, George R. Christodulakis, Paraskevi A. Roussou, and Theodoros D. Mountokalakis

Invasive acremonium strictum infection in a bone marrow transplant recipient, Spyridon Miyakis, Aristea Velegraki, Sophia Delikou, Agapi Parcharidou, Vassilios Papadakis, Vassiliki Kitra, Ioannis Papadatos, and Sophia Polychronopoulou

A molecular mousetrap determines polarity of termination of DNA replication in E. coli, Mark D. Mulcair, Patrick M. Schaeffer, Aaron J. Oakley, Hannah F. Cross, Cameron Neylon, Thomas M. Hill, and Nicholas E. Dixon

An introduction to the collaborative methodology and its potential use for the management of heart failure, Phillip J. Newton, Patricia M. Davidson, Elizabeth J. Halcomb, A Robert Denniss, and Fidye Westgarth

15N-Labelled proteins by cell-free protein synthesis. Strategies for high-throughput NMR studies of proteins and protein-ligand complexes, Kiyoshi Ozawa, Peter S.C Wu, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Gottfried Otting

Fast assignments of 15N-HSQC spectra of proteins by paramagnetic labeling, Guido Pintacuda, Thomas Huber, Max A Keniry, Ah-Young Park, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Gottfried Otting

Lanthanide labeling offers fast NMR approach to 3D structure determinations of protein-protein complexes, Guido Pintacuda, Ah-Young Park, Max A Keniry, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Gottfried Otting

Student Nurse Clinical Survival Guide, Kerry Reid-Searl, Trudy Dwyer, Jackie Ryan, and Lorna Moxham

Vegetation change and surface elevation dynamics in estuarine wetlands of southeast Australia, K Rogers, K M. Wilton, and N Saintilan


Coastal wetland elevation trends in Southeastern Australia, Neil Saintilan and K Rogers


Piezoresistive sensors on textiles by inkjet printing and electroless plating, Amit Sawhney, Animesh Agrawal, Prabir Patra, and Paul Calvert

Efficient χ-tensor determination and NH assignment of paramagnetic proteins, Christophe Schmitz, Michael John, Ah-Young Park, Nicholas E. Dixon, Gottfried Otting, Guido Pintacuda, and Thomas Huber

The vascular system, Bastian M. Seidel

Site-specific labelling of proteins with a rigid lanthanide-binding tag, Xun Cheng Su, Thomas Huber, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Gottfried Otting

Monomeric solution structure of the helicase binding domain of Escherichia coli DnaG primase, Xun-Cheng Su, Patrick M. Schaeffer, Karin V. Loscha, Pamela H.P Gan, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Gottfried Otting


Observation of nondegenerate cavity modes for a distorted cavity modes for a distorted polystyrene microsphere, Adam J. Trevitt, Philip J. Wearne, Evan J. Bieske, and Michael D. Schuder

Archaeology: Progress and pitfalls in radiocarbon dating, Christian S. Turney, Richard G. Roberts, and Zenobia Jacobs

Foxp3-transduced polyclonal regulatory T cells protect against chronic renal injury from adriamycin., Yuan Min Wang, Geoff Zhang, Yiping Wang, Min Hu, Huiling Wu, Debbie Watson, Shohoi Hori, Ian Alexander, David Harris, and Stephen I. Alexander


Nosocomial and community transmission of measles virus Genotype D8 imported by a returning traveller from Nepal, Kathryn M. Weston, Dominic Dwyer, Mala Ratnamohan, Kenneth McPhie, Sau-wan Chan, James Branley, Lisa Allchin, and Krishna Hort

The assessment of professionalism, Ian Wilson


Fatality after deliberate ingestion of sustained-release ibuprofen: A case report, David Wood, Jane Monaghan, Peter Streete, Alison L. Jones, and Paul Dargan

Amino-acid type identification in 15N-HSQC spectra by combinatorial selective 15N-labelling, Peter S.C Wu, Kiyoshi Ozawa, Slobodan Jergic, Xun Cheng Su, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Gottfried Otting


The Chronic Heart-failure Assistance by Telephone (CHAT) Study: assessment of telephone support for vulnerable patients with chronic disease, Julie Yallop, Bianca Chan, Leon Piterman, Andrew Tonkin, Andrew Forbes, Patricia M. Davidson, Robyn Clark, Elizabeth Halcomb, Andrea Nangle, Simon Stewart, Joanne Croucher, and Henry Krum

DNA vaccination with CCL2 DNA modified by the addition of an adjuvant epitope protects against "nonimmune" toxic renal injury, Guoping Zheng, Yiping Wang, Shi-Hua Xiang, Yuet-Ching Tay, Huiling Wu, Debbie Watson, Jason Coombes, Gopala K. Rangan, Stephen I. Alexander, and David C. H Harris

Papers from 2005


The burden of the rheumatic diseases in the general adult population of Greece: the ESORDIG study, A A. Andrianakos, Spyridon Miyakis, P Trontzas, G Kaziolas, F Christoyannis, D Karamitsos, G Karanikolas, and P Dantis

Ribosomal proteins in eukaryotes, Ulrich-Axel Bommer and Joachim Stahl

Towards better prediction of water quality in Ungauged Basins, John M. Bradd


'The Psychiatric Consumer': the use of student stories to inform course development, Julie Bradshaw and Lorna Moxham


Development of a novel nutrition screening tool for use in elderly South Africans, Karen E. Charlton, Tracy Kolbe-Alexander, and Johanna Nel

Micronutrient dilution intake associated with added sugar intake in elderly black South African women., Karen E. Charlton, Tracy Kolbe-Alexander, and Johanna Nel

Diet and blood pressure in South Africa: the intake of foods containing sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium in three ethnic groups, Karen E. Charlton, Krisela Steyn, Naomi Levitt, Jabuliswe Zulu, Deborah Jonathan, Frederick Veldman, and Johanna Nel

Ethnic differences in intake and excretion of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium in South Africans, Karen E. Charlton, Krisela Steyn, Naomi Levitt, Jabuliswe Zulu, Deborah Jonathan, Frederick Veldman, and Johanna Nel

Predictors of food variety and dietary diversity among older persons in Botswana, Thomas Clausen, Karen E. Charlton, KSM Gobotswang, and G Holmboe-Ottesen

A complex mechanism controls polarity of DNA replication fork arrest by the replication terminator complex of Bacillus subtilis, Iain G. Duggin, Jacqueline M. Matthews, Nicholas E. Dixon, R Gerry Wake, and Joel P. Mackay

Synthesis and properties of crosslinked recombinant pro-resilin, Christopher M. Elvin, Andrew G. Carr, Mickey G. Huson, Jane M. Maxwell, Roger D. Pearson, Tony Vuocolo, Nancy E. Liyou, Darren C.C Wong, David J. Merritt, and Nicholas E. Dixon


A practical guide to assessing clinical decision-making skills using the key features approach, Elizabeth Farmer and Gordon Page

The 'cultural turn' in Australian regional economic development discourse: neoliberalising creativity?, Chris Gibson and Natascha Klocker

Political natures: re-appropriation of home and water rights in Toronto, Liette Gilbert and Catherine Phillips

Treatment of an infant with X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID-X1) by gene therapy in Australia, Samantha Ginn, Julie A. Curtin, Belinda Kramer, Christine M. Smyth, Melanie Wong, Alyson Kakakios, Geoffrey B. McCowage, Debbie Watson, Stephen I. Alexander, Margot Latham, Sharon C. Cunningham, Maolin Zheng, Linda Hobson, Peter B. Rowe, Alain Fischer, Marina Cavazzana-Calvo, Salima Hacein-Bey-Abina, and Ian E. Alexander

Life beyond severe traumatic injury: an integrative review of the literature, Elizabeth Halcomb, John Daly, Patricia Davidson, Doug Elliott, and Rhonda Griffiths

Using the illness trajectory framework to describe recovery from traumatic injury, Elizabeth Halcomb and Patricia Davidson

Triangulation as a method for contemporary nursing research, Elizabeth J. Halcomb and Sharon Andrew

Nursing in Australian general practice: directions and perspectives, Elizabeth J. Halcomb, Patricia Davidson, John P. Daly, Rhonda Griffiths, Julie Yallop, and Geoffrey Tofler


Forensic facial approximation: an overview of current methods used at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine/Victoria Police Criminal Identification Squad, S Hayes, R Taylor, and A Patterson


Spring tidal pumping, Jon Hinwood, Errol McLean, and Mark Trevethan


Bovine feces from animals with gastrointestinal infections are a source of serologically diverse atypical enteropathogenic Escherichia coli and Shiga toxin-producing E. coli strains that commonly possess intimin, Michael A Hornitzky, Kim Mercieca, Karl A Bettelheim, and Steven P. Djordjevic

Weak alignment of paramagnetic proteins warrants correction for residual CSA effects in measurements of pseudocontact shifts, Michael John, Ah-Young Park, Guido Pintacuda, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Gottfried Otting


Knowledge of iodine nutrition in the South African adult population, Pieter Jooste, Nicola Upson, and Karen E. Charlton

Stress gene expression in growing pigs following respiratory disease challenge, Caroline A. Kerr, S. J. Briscoe, Graeme Eamens, and L. R. Giles


Enzyme activity and flexibility at very low hydration, V Kurkal, R M. Daniel, John L. Finney, Moeava Tehei, R V. Dunn, and Jeremy C. Smith


Development and validation of instruments measuring body image and body weight dissatisfaction in South African mothers and their daughters, Zandile Mciza, Julia Goedecke, Nelia P. Steyn, Karen E. Charlton, Thandi Puoane, Shelly Meltzer, Naomi Levitt, and Estelle V. Lambert


New informatics-based work flow paradigms in radiation oncology: the potential impact on epidemiological cancer research, Andrew Alexis Miller


A contemporary case study illustrating the integration of health information technologies into the organisation and clinical practice of radiation oncology, Andrew Alexis Miller and Aaron Phillips

Orang kedil dari dunia yang hilung, Michael J. Morwood, T. Sutikna, and Richard G. Roberts

Clinical nurses' knowledge of evidence-based practice: constructing a framework to evaluate a multifaceted intervention for implementing EBP, Bernice Mott, Joanne Nolan, Nadia Zarb, Vanessa Arnison, Roxan Chan, Tracey Codner, Therese Casey, Bronwyn Jenkins, Georgiana Ulrych, Christine Blackburn, Linda Glanfield, Elizabeth Halcomb, and Patricia M. Davidson


Time-dependent mobility and recombination of the photoinducted charge carriers in conjugated polymer/fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells, Attila J. Mozer, D Dennler, N S. Sariciftci, M Westerling, A Pivrikas, R Österbacka, and J Juška


Replication termination in Escherichia coli: Structure and anti-helicase activity of the Tus-Ter complex, Cameron Neylon, Andrew V. Kralicek, Thomas M. Hill, and Nicholas E. Dixon

Crystal and solution structures of the helicase-binding domain of Escherichia coli primase, Aaron J. Oakley, Karin V. Loscha, Patrick M. Schaeffer, Edvards Liepinsh, Guido Pintacuda, Matthew C.J Wilce, Gottfried Otting, and Nicholas E. Dixon

Cell-free synthesis of 15N-labeled proteins for NMR studies, Kiyoshi Ozawa, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Gottfried Otting

Cell-free protein synthesis in an autoinduction system for NMR studies of protein-protein interactions, Kiyoshi Ozawa, Slobodan Jergic, Jeffrey A. Crowther, Philip R. Thompson, Gene Wijffels, Gottfried Otting, and Nicholas E. Dixon

CCR2-64I and CXCL12 3'A alleles confer a favorable prognosis to AIDS patients undergoing HAART therapy, Andreas M. Passam, Alexandros Zafiropoulos, Spyridon Miyakis, Ioannis Zagoreos, Nikolaos G. Stavrianeas, Elias Krambovitis, and Demetrios A. Spandidos


A new Early Silurian species of Trimerella (Brachiopoda: Craniata) from the Orange district, New South Wales, Ian G. Percival and Anthony J. Wright


Bimolecular recombination coefficient as a sensitive testing parameter for low-mobility solar-cell materials, A Pivrikas, G Juska, Attila J. Mozer, M Scharber, A Arlauskas, N S. Sariciftci, H Stubb, and R Osterbacka

Supportive care following transplant: a European survey, B Quinn, Moira Stephens, M Jansen, M Ni Chonghaile, M Fliedner, R Labardo, E Gris, and K Champion


Promoting the students practicum: a CD ROM for nursing preceptors, Kerry Reid-Searl and Lorna Moxham


Silurian graptolites from the Barnby Hills Shale and the Hanover Formation, New South Wales, R B. Rickards, J R. Farrell, Anthony J. Wright, and E J. Morgan


Llandovery (Early Silurian) graptolites from the Quidong Basin, NSW, R B. Rickards, R A. Parkes, and Anthony J. Wright

The people time forgot, Richard G. Roberts, Michael J. Morwood, and T. Sutikna

Integron-associated mobile gene cassettes code for folded proteins: the structure of Bal32a, a new member of the adaptable α+β barrel family, Andrew Robinson, Peter S.C Wu, Stephen J. Harrop, Patrick M. Schaeffer, Zsuzsanna Dosztanyi, Michael R. Gillings, Andrew J. Holmes, K.M Helena Nevalainen, Hatch W. Stokes, Gottfried Otting, Nicholas E. Dixon, Paul M.G Curmi, and Bridget C. Mabbutt

Mangrove encroachment of salt marsh in Western Port Bay, Victoria: The role of sedimentation, subsidence, and sea level rise, K Rogers, N Saintilan, and H Heijnis

Recent storm boulder deposits on the Beecroft Peninsula, New South Wales, Australia, N Saintilan and K Rogers

Protein-protein interactions in the eubacterial replisome, Patrick M. Schaeffer, Madeleine J. Headlam, and Nicholas E. Dixon

Medical Classifications Pocket, Bastian M. Seidel, Stefan Gruene, and Michael Borte


Systemic levels of interleukin-6 and matrix metalloproteinase-9 in patients with multiple myeloma may be useful as prognostic indexes of bone disease, Aikaterini Sfiridaki, Spyridon Miyakis, George Tsirakis, Athanasios Alegakis, Andreas M. Passam, Ermioni Kandidaki, Andrerw N. Margioris, and Michael Alexandrakis


Fire retardancy and morphology of nylon 6-clay nanocomposite compositions, Kadhirava Shanmuganathan, Sandeep Razdan, Nicholas Dembsey, Qinguo Fan, Yong K. Kim, Paul D. Calvert, Steven B. Warner, and Prabir Patra

Flame retardancy and microstructure of nylon6/layered silicate nanocomposites, K Shanmuganathan, S Deodhar, S Razdan, Q Fan, P D. Calvert, S B. Warner, and P K. Patra

Beliefs, attitudes, and practices of breastfeeding mothers from a peri-urban community in South Africa, Lindi Sibeko, MA Dhansay, Karen E. Charlton, Timothy Johns, and Katherine Gray-Donald