The University of Wollongong Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences.This series is followed by SMAH Papers: Part B. Related series: Faculty of Science - Papers (Archive); Graduate School of Medicine - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sicences - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2009


Crvena Stijena excavations 2004 - 2006, preliminary report, Mile Bakovic, Bojana Mihailovic, Dusan Mihailovic, Mike W. Morley, Zvezdana Vusovic-Lucic, Robert Whallon, and Jamie Woodward


Increases in peptide Y-Y levels following oat β-glucan ingestion are dose-dependent in overweight adults, Eleanor J. Beck, Linda C. Tapsell, Marijka J. Batterham, Susan M. Tosh, and Xu-Feng Huang

Oat β-glucan increases postprandial cholecystokinin levels, decreases insulin response and extends subjective satiety in overweight subjects, Eleanor J. Beck, Susan M. Tosh, Marijka J. Batterham, Linda C. Tapsell, and Xu-Feng Huang

Data collection in mixed methods research, Julia Brannen and Elizabeth J. Halcomb

Highly regioselective ring-opening of trisubstituted aziridines by sulfur-stabilised carbanions, Santiago Carballares, Donald Craig, Christopher J. T Hyland, Pengfei Lu, Tanya Mathie, and Andrew J. P White


Antarctic climate change and the environment, P C. Convey, R Bindschadler, G Di Prisco, E Fahrbach, J Gutt, D A. Hodgson, P Mayewski, C P. Summerhayes, J Turner, and Sharon A. Robinson


Optically stimulated luminescence dating of young quartz using the fast component, Alastair C. Cunningham and Jakob Wallinga

Endometriosis and in vitro fertilisation: a review, Hervé Déchaud, Clotilde Dechanet, Cecile Brunet, Lionel Reyftmann, Samir Hamamah, and Bernard Hédon


Serotonin 2A receptor and its association with the pathology of schizophrenia, Chao Deng, Kai Kang, and Qing Wang


Characterizing the litter in postfire environments: implications for seedling recruitment, Andrew J. Denham, Robert Whelan, and Tony D. Auld

Diagnosing asthma in adults in primary care: A qualitative study of Australian GPs' experiences, Sarah May Dennis, Nicholas Zwar, and Guy B. Marks

Confusion, Jan Dewing

Making it work: a model for research and development in care homes, Jan Dewing

Context, curation, and bias: an evaluation of the Middle Paleolithic collections of Combe-Grenal (France), Harold L. Dibble, Shannon P. McPherron, Dennis M. Sandgathe, Paul Goldberg, Alain Turq, and Michel Lenoir


Flux estimates of isoprene, methanol and acetone from airborne PTR-MS measurements over the tropical rainforest during the GABRIEL 2005 campaign, G Eerdekens, L Ganzeveld, J Vila-Guerau de Arellano, T Klupfel, V Sinha, N Yassaa, J Williams, H Harder, Dagmar Kubistin, M Martinez, and J Lelieveld

Single-molecule imaging of an in vitro-evolved RNA aptamer reveals homogeneous ligand binding kinetics, Mark P. Elenko, Jack W. Szostak, and Antoine M. van Oijen

The Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy: Editorial, Malcolm D. Farrier

Development of a health-related lifestyle self-management intervention for patients with coronary heart disease, Ritin Fernandez, Patricia M. Davidson, Rhonda Griffiths, Craig Juergens, and Yenna Salamonson

A pilot randomised controlled trial comparing a health-related lifestyle self-management intervention with standard cardiac rehabilitation following an acute cardiac event: implications for a larger clinical trial, Ritin Fernandez, Patricia M. Davidson, Rhonda Griffiths, Craig Juergens, Bruce Stafford, and Yenna Salamonson

The meta-analysis graph: clearing the haze, Ritin Fernandez and Duong Thuy Tran

Oocyte recovery post human follicular fluid centrifugation in modified natural cycle and achieving embryo, Alice Ferrières, Lionel Reyftmann, Franck Pellestor, Bernard Hédon, Hervé Déchaud, and Samir Hamamah


Intensive versus conventional glucose control in critically Ill patients, S Finfer, R Bellomi, D Blair, S Y-S Su, D Foster, V Dhingra, D Cook, P Dodek, W R. Henderson, P C. Hebert, D K. Heyland, C Mcarthur, E Mcdonald, I Mitchell, J A. Myburgh, R Nor-Ton, J Potte, and Blake Robinson


Method for measurement of viral fusion kinetics at the single particle level, Daniel L. Floyd, Stephen C. Harrison, and Antoine M. van Oijen


A randomized controlled trial of an exercise intervention targeting cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors for prostate cancer patients from the RADAR trial, Daniel A. Galvão, Nigel Spry, Dennis R. Taaffe, James W. Denham, David Joseph, David S. Lamb, Gregory Levin, Gillian Duchesne, and Robert U. Newton

Cardiovascular and metabolic complications during androgen deprivation: exercise as a potential countermeasure, Daniel A. Galvao, Dennis R. Taaffe, Nigel Spry, David Joseph, and Robert U. Newton

Frequent users of the Royal Flying Doctor Service primary clinic and aeromedical services in remote New South Wales: a quality study, David L. Garne, David A. Perkins, Frances T. Boreland, and David Lyle

Comment on "DNA from pre-clovis human coprolites in Oregon, North America", Paul Goldberg, Francesco Berna, and Richard I. M Macphail


Testing common habitat-based surrogates of invertebrate diversity in a semi-arid rangeland, John R. Gollan, Michael B. Ashcroft, Gerasimos Cassis, Andrew P. Donnelly, and Scott A. Lassau

Feasibility and sustainability of a model of multidisciplinary case conferencing in residential aged care, Elizabeth J. Halcomb

Managing mixed methods projects, Elizabeth J. Halcomb and Sharon Andrew

Practical considerations for higher degree research students undertaking mixed methods projects, Elizabeth J. Halcomb and Sharon Andrew

Introduction to mixed methods research for nursing and the health sciences, Elizabeth J. Halcomb, Sharon Andrew, and Julia Brannen

Nursing student feedback on undergraduate research education: implications for teaching and learning, Elizabeth J. Halcomb and Kathleen Peters

Perceptions of multidisciplinary case conferencing in residential aged care facilities, Elizabeth J. Halcomb, Bernadette M. Shepherd, and Rhonda Griffiths


Professional development needs of general practice nurses, Elizabeth Halcomb, Elizabeth Meadley, and Sherryn Streeter

Dynamics of DNA replication loops reveal temporal control of lagging-strand synthesis, Samir M. Hamdan, Joseph J. Loparo, Masateru Takahashi, Charles C. Richardson, and Antoine M. van Oijen

Single molecule studies of nucleic acid enzymes, Samir M. Hamdan and Antoine M. van Oijen


Faces of the Teouma Lapita People: art, accuracy and facial approximation, Susan Hayes, Frederique Valentin, Hallie Buckley, Matthew Spriggs, and Stuart Bedford


Are patients willing participants in the new wave of community-based medical education in regional and rural Australia?, Judith Hudson, Kathryn M. Weston, Elizabeth Farmer, Rowena Ivers, and Russell W. Pearson

Human history written in stone and blood, Zenobia Jacobs and Richard G. Roberts


A community outbreak of meningococcal serogroup B disease in western Sydney: the challenges of identification and significance, Andrew Jardine, George Truman, Vicky Sheppeard, Denise Gibbons, Jane Thomas, and Kathryn M. Weston


Transforming higher education through learning-oriented assessment, Mike Keppell and Dominique Parrish

Proliferating cell nuclear antigen uses two distinct modes to move along DNA, Anna B. Kochaniak, Satoshi Habuchi, Joseph J. Loparo, Debbie J. Chang, Karlene A. Cimprich, Johannes C. Walter, and Antoine M. van Oijen

Pulmonary aspergillosis in an immunosuppressed patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and failure of monotherapy, V Kourkoumbas, L Gamvrili, S Vogiatzis, Ch Trakatelli, Spiros Miyakis, and M Sion

Single-molecule enzymology, Joseph J. Loparo and Antoine M. van Oijen

Phylum Brachiopoda: lamp shells, Donald MacFarlan, Margaret Bradshaw, Hamish Campbell, Roger Cooper, Daphne Lee, David MacKinnon, J Waterhouse, Anthony J. Wright, and Jeffrey Robinson

Scientific and technical challenges in remote sensing of plant canopy reflectance and fluorescence, Zbynek Malenovsky, Kumud Bandhu Mishra, Frantiek Zemek, Uwe Rascher, and Ladislav Nedbal

Practice development: realising active learning for sustainable change, Brendan McCormack, Jan Dewing, Liz Breslin, Ann Coyne-Nevin, Kate Kennedy, Mary Manning, Lorna Peelo-Kilroe, and Catherine Tobin

Telehealth interventions for the secondary prevention of coronary heart disease: a systematic review, Lis Neubeck, Julie Redfern, Ritin Fernandez, Tom Briffa, Adrian Bauman, and Saul Freedman


Teacher education students' use of concept maps as cognitive tools within assessment, Victoria Neville, Sue Bennett, and Lori Lockyer


A phase III clinical trial of exercise modalities on treatment side-effects in men receiving therapy for prostate cancer, Robert U. Newton, Dennis R. Taaffe, Nigel Spry, Robert A. Gardiner, Gregory Levin, Bradley A. Wall, David Joseph, Suzanne K. Chambers, and Daniel A. Galvao

Short-term outcomes of mothers and newborn infants with comorbid psychiatric disorders and drug dependency, Ju Lee Oei, Mohamed E. Abdel-Latif, Fiona Craig, Aivy Kee, Marie-Paule Austin, Kei Lui, and Ian M. R Wright

Nudging through a nucleosome, Jason J. Otterstrom and Antoine M. van Oijen

Can emotional intelligence enhance the student experience?, Dominique Parrish

Caring for children with complex emotional and psychological disorders: experiences of nurses in a rural paediatric unit, Kerry Reid-Searl, Trudy Dwyer, Brenda Happell, Lorna Moxham, Julie Kahl, Jodie Morris, and Narelle Wheatland

The Clinical Practicum. A Guide for Clinical Educators: Facilitators, Preceptors and Mentors, Kerry Reid-Searl, Trudy Dwyer, Lorna J. Moxham, and Tracy Levett-Jones

Student nurse maths and medications: survival guide, Kerry Reid-Searl, Trudy Dwyer, Lorna Moxham, Jo Reid-Speirs, and Ann Richards

Student nurse. Clinical skills survival guide, Kerry Reid-Searl, Trudy Dwyer, Jackie Ryan, Ann Richards, and Lorna Moxham

Internal conflict: undergraduate nursing students' response to inadequate supervision during the administration of medication, Kerry Reid-Searl, Lorna Moxham, Sandra Walker, and Brenda Happell

Impact of feedwater salinity on energy requirements of a small-scale membrane filtration system, B S. Richards, L Masson, and A I. Schäfer


Predicting the response of coastal wetlands of Southeastern Australia to sea-level rise, Kerrylee Rogers and Neil Saintilan

Review of nursing care for patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention: a patient journey approach, John X. Rolley, Patricia M. Davidson, Yenna Salamonson, Ritin Fernandez, and Cheryl R. Dennison


Coastal saltmarsh vulnerability to climate change in SE Australia, Neil Saintilan and Kerrylee Rogers

Geomorphology and habitat dynamics, Neil Saintilan, Kerrylee Rogers, and Alice Howe

Salt marsh-mangrove interactions in Australasia and the Americas, Neil Saintilan, Kerrylee Rogers, and Karen Mckee


Technical note: Formal blind intercomparison of OH measurements: results from the international campaign HOxComp, E Schlosser, T Brauers, H -P Dorn, H Fuchs, R Haseler, A Hofzumahaus, F Holland, A Wahner, Yugo Kanaya, Y Kajii, K Miyamoto, S Nishida, K Watanabe, A Yoshino, Dagmar Kubistin, M Martinez, M Rudolf, H Harder, H Berresheim, T Elste, C Plass-Dulmer, G Stange, and U Schurath

Carbon monoxide is a significant mediator of cardiovascular status following preterm birth, Michael J. Stark, Vicki L. Clifton, and Ian M. R Wright

Neonates born to mothers with preeclampsia exhibit sex-specific alterations in microvascular function, Michael J. Stark, Vicki L. Clifton, and Ian M. R Wright

Sex-specific alterations in placental 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 2 activity and early postnatal clinical course following antenatal betamethasone, Michael J. Stark, Ian M. R Wright, and Vicki L. Clifton


Visualizing single-molecule DNA replication with fluorescence microscopy, Nathan Tanner, Joseph J. Loparo, and Antoine M. van Oijen

Single-molecule observation of prokaryotic DNA replication, Nathan Tanner and Antoine M. van Oijen

Mapping protein dynamics conformational changes in replisomal macromolecular assemblies, Moeava Tehei, Flynn Hill, Charikleia Ioannou, M M Koza, Lambert van Eijck, and Nicholas E. Dixon

Blood culture in the initial work-up of community-acquired pneumonia, Evaggelos Thalassinos, Charalampos Lydakis, S Apostolakis, M Zidianakis, E Athousakis, A Papagiannaki, and Spiros Miyakis

Changes in general nurses' knowledge of alcohol and substance use and misuse after education, Duong Thuy Tran, Andrea M. Stone, Ritin Fernandez, Rhonda Griffiths, and Maree Johnson

Does implementation of clinical practice guidelines change nurses' screening for alcohol and other substance use?, Duong Thuy Tran, Andrea M. Stone, Ritin Fernandez, Rhonda Griffiths, and Maree Johnson

The bone readers: atoms, genes and the politics of Australia's deep past, Claudio Tuniz, Richard Gillespie, and Cheryl Jones

The Bone Readers: Science and Politics in Human Origins Research, Claudio Tuniz, Richard Gillespie, and Cheryl Jones

Changes in human placental 5α-reductase isoenzyme expression with advancing gestation: effects of fetal sex and glucocorticoid exposure, Thi T. Vu, Jonathan J. Hirst, Michael J. Stark, Ian M. R Wright, Hannah K. Palliser, Nicolette A. Hodyl, and Vicki L. Clifton

CCL2 DNA vaccine to treat renal disease, Debbie Watson, Guoping Zheng, Huiling Wu, Yuan Min Wang, Yiping Wang, David C. H Harris, and S I. Alexander

An investigation of the hydrological requirements of River Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis)Forest,using Classification and Regression Tree modelling, Li Wen, Joanne Ling, Neil Saintilan, and Kerrylee Rogers

Scratching the surface of the history of military medicine, Ian Wilson

Lack of biases in the MMI, Ian G. Wilson, David Harding, Neville Yeomans, and Barbara Griffin


Assessment of the multidisciplinary education for a major change in clinical practice; a prospective cohort study, Ian M. R Wright, Chris H. Wake, Helene Anderson, and Shirley Graham

Papers from 2008


Towards remote sensing of vegetation processes, Alexander Ac, Julie Olejnickova, Kumud Bandhu Mishra, Zbynek Malenovky, Jan Hanus, Martin Trtilek, Ladislav Nedbal, and Michal Marek

Spectral analysis of coniferous foliage and possible links to soil chemistry: are spectral chlorophyll indices related to forest floor dissolved organic C and N?, Jana Albrechtova, Zdenek Seidl, Jacqueline Aitkenhead-Peterson, Zuzana Lhotakova, Barrett N. Rock, Jess E. Alexander, Zbynek Malenovsky, and William H. Mcdowell

Cautionary tales from the neonatal intensive care unit: diapers may mislead urinary output estimation in extremely low birthweight infants, Mark Amey, Natalie Butchard, Lynne Hanson, Denise Kinross, Marie Mannion, Justine Parsons, and Ian M. R Wright

Integrating mixed methods data analysis using NVivo: an example examining attrition and persistence of nursing students, Sharon Andrew, Yenna Salamonson, and Elizabeth J. Halcomb


Art nurses - Making an impact, Judith Applegarth, Trudy Dwyer, and Lorna Moxham


Cell-free protein synthesis for analysis by NMR spectroscopy, Margit A. Apponyi, Kiyoshi Ozawa, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Gottfried Otting

Medical students are from Mars - educators are from Pluto?, Elfi Ashcroft and Helen K. Simpson


Real simulation, Andrew Bland, Angela Hope, Stephen Prescott, A Sutton, and Julie Williams

Overcoming challenges in teaching and learning: the use of a virtual health assessment for nursing students, Sharon Bourgeois and Cathy Dickson


Rural Cultural Studies: Introduction, David Carter, Kate Darian-Smith, and Andrew W. Gorman-Murray


Nitric oxide, a survival factor for lens epithelial cells, Coral G. Chamberlain, Kylie Mansfield, and Anna Cerra

Characterization of gibberellin receptor mutants of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.), Peter M. Chandler, Carol A. Harding, Anthony R. Ashton, Mark D. Mulcair, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Lewis N. Mander


Development and validation of a short questionnaire to assess sodium intake, Karen E. Charlton, Krisela Steyn, Naomi Levitt, Deborah Jonathan, Jabuliswe Zulu, and Johanna Nel

Single-grain cosmogenic 21Ne concentrations in fluvial sediments reveal spatially variable erosion rates, Alexandru T. Codilean, Paul Bishop, Finlay M. Stuart, Trevor B. Hoey, Derek Fabel, and Stewart P.H.T Freeman

High prevalence of Human Herpes Virus 8 (HHV-8) in patients with Warthin's tumors of the salivary gland, Efterpi Dalpa, Viktoras Gourvas, Stavroula Baritaki, Spiros Miyakis, Vasilios Samaras, Calypso Barbatis, George Sourvinos, and Demetrios A. Spandidos

Becoming and being active learners and creating active learning workplaces: the value of active learning in practice development, Jan Dewing

Guest Editorial: the right to walk - an older person's human right, Jan Dewing