The University of Wollongong Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences.This series is followed by SMAH Papers: Part B. Related series: Faculty of Science - Papers (Archive); Graduate School of Medicine - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sicences - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2001

Time matters, Richard G. Roberts and M F Smith

Archaeology and Australian megafauna, Richard G. Roberts, Hiroyuki Yoshida, T F. Flannery, Linda K. Ayliffe, Jon M Olley, Gavin Prideaux, G M. Laslett, A Baynes, M A. Smith, Richard Jones, and B L. Smith


Characterization of the domain of fibronectin-binding protein of I of Streptococcus pyogenes responsible for elicitation of a protective immune response, Kai Schulze, Eva Medina, Susanne R. Talay, Rebecca J. Towers, Gursharan S. Chhatwal, and Carlos A. Guzman

Secretory IgA, free secretory component and IgD in saliva of newborn infants, Bastian Manfred Seidel, Simone Schubert, Birgit Schulze, and Michael Borte


Modelling fire weather and fire spread rates for two bushfires near Sydney, M S. Speer, L M. Leslie, R Morison, W Catchpole, Ross Bradstock, and R Bunker

Spectral reflectance characteristics of eucalypt foliage damaged by insects, Christine Stone, Laurie Chisholm, and Nicholas C. Coops

Early human occupation at Devil's Lair, south-western Australia, Christian Turney, M Bird, L K Fifield, Richard G. Roberts, Michael Smith, C E. Dortch, R. Grun, E Lawson, Linda K. Ayliffe, G H. Miller, J Dortch, and R G. Creswell

Elemental delta C-13 at Allen's Cave, Nullarbor Plain, Australia: assessing post-depositional disturbance and reconstructing past environments, C S.M Turney, M Bird, and Richard G. Roberts

Nutrition and aging in Africa: transitional changes, Alexander RP Walker and Karen E. Charlton

Rugose coral diversifications and migrations in the Devonian of Australasia, Yong Yi Zhen, Anthony J. Wright, and John S. Jell

Papers from 2000


Nutrition, health and old age: the case of urban South African elderly, Karen E. Charlton


Structured, Holistic Approach for Research Planning (SHARP), Karen E. Charlton and Marjanka Schmidt

Nutrition in medical practice: diet and blood pressure: to salt or not to salt?, K E. Charlton

Hypertension and dietary electrolyte intake, K E. Charlton and F C. Luft

Nutrition in medical practice: a need for nutrition education for medical practitioners, K E. Charlton and M E. Visser

On the reliability of age estimates for human remains at Lake Mungo, Richard Gillespie and Richard G. Roberts

Anatomy of a floodout in semi-arid eastern Australia, Damian B. Gore, Gary J. Brierley, John Pickard, and John Jansen


Vertical profiles of nitrous oxide isotopomer fractionation measured in the stratosphere, D W. T Griffith, Geoffrey Toon, Bhaswar Sen, Jean-Francois Blavier, and Robert A. Toth


Conference report: Dietary guidelines for a new millennium, Peter R.C Howe and Paul Nestel

The risk profile for chronic diseases of lifestyle in older black persons of the Cape Peninsula: the BRISK study, M Patel, K Steyn, L T. Bourne, K E. Charlton, P Jooste, and R Laubscher

Tight Entrance Cave, southwestern Australia: a late Pleistocene vertebrate deposit spanning more than 180 ka, Gavin Prideaux, G A. Gully, Linda K. Ayliffe, M Bird, and Richard G. Roberts

Luminescence dating of Kimberley rock art, Richard G. Roberts

Distinguishing dose populations in sediment mixtures: a test of single-grain optical dating procedures using mixtures of laboratory-dosed quartz, Richard G. Roberts, R F. Galbraith, Hiroyuki Yoshida, G M. Laslett, and Jon M Olley

Rock-picture chronologies and palaeoenvironmental records from fossil mud-wasp nests: preliminary investigations using optical dating., Richard G. Roberts, Grahame L. Walsh, Jon M Olley, A S. Murray, M K. Macphail, I D. Naumann, Richard Jones, and Michael J. Morwood

Determination of secretory IgA and albumin in saliva of newborn infants, Bastian manfred Seidel, Birgit Schulze, Wieland Kiess, Christoph Vogtmann, and Michael Borte

Oral mucosal immunocompetence in preterm infants in the first 9 months of life, Bastian M. Seidel, Birgit Schulze, Simone Schubert, and Michael Borte


Sweating in extreme environments: heat loss, heat adaptation, body-fluid distribution and thermal strain, Nigel Taylor

Luminescence dating, S O. Troja and Richard G. Roberts


Positionally dependent 15N fractionation factors in the UV photolysis of N2O determined by high resolution FTIR spectroscopy, Fred Turatti, D W. T Griffith, Stephen Wilson, Michael Esler, T Rahn, H Zang, and G A. Blake


Sharing the spirit? Sociospatial polarization and expressed enthusiasm for the Olympic Games, Gordon R. Waitt and Philippe Furrer

Sequence and diversity of the rat delta T-cell receptor, Debbie Watson, Takashi Ando, and John F. Knight


Single Nucleotide Primer Extension (SNuPE) analysis of the G6PD gene in somatic cells and oocytes of a kangaroo (Macropus robustus), Debbie Watson, Anita S. Jacombs, David A. Loebel, Edward S. Robinson, and Peter G. Johnston


Role of phosphoglucomutase of Bordetella bronchiseptica in lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis and virulence, Nicholas P. West, Heidrun Jungnitz, John Fitter, Jason D. McArthur, Carlos Guzman, and Mark J. Walker


Thermal sweating following spinal cord injury, Bradley Wilsmore, J D. Cotter, Andrea MacDonald, A. Zeyl, Guy M. Bashford, and Nigel Taylor


Clusterin protein diversity in the primate eye, Paul Wong, Bruce A. Pfeffer, Steven L. Bernstein, Michelle L. Chambers, Gerald J. Chader, Zahra F. Zakeri, Yan-Q Wu, Mark Wilson, and S Patricia Becerra


Coral microatolls from the central Pacific record Late Holocene El Nino, Colin Woodroffe and Michael K. Gagan


A new Early Devonian operculate tetracoral genus from eastern Australia, Anthony J. Wright

Extending the range of optical dating using single 'supergrains' of quartz, Hiroyuki Yoshida, Richard G. Roberts, Jon M Olley, G M. Laslett, and R F. Galbraith

Papers from 1999


Nutrition and ageing in Africa, Karen E. Charlton


Validation of a food frequency questionnaire in older South Africans, Karen E. Charlton and Estelle V. Lambert

Elderly men living alone: are they at high nutritional risk?, K E. Charlton

Effect of mild pleuropneumonia on individual feed intake, growth and cortisol in growing pigs, Caroline A. Kerr, Graeme Eamens, E. L. Altman, P. A. Sheehy, L. R. Giles, D. Collins, and M. R. Jones

Effectiveness of a low intensity, community based exercise program for older South Africans from previously-disadvantaged communities, T L. Kolbe-Alexander, E V. Lambert, K E. Charlton, and T D. Noakes


Systematics, biostratigraphy and evolution of the Late Ludlow and Pridoli (Late Silurian) graptolites of the Yass district, New South Wales, Australia, R B. Rickards and Anthony J. Wright

Evaluating changes in life expectancy and survival in the elderly, Alexander RP Walker and Karen E. Charlton

Papers from 1998

Health, health care and ageing in Africa: challenges and opportunities, Karen E. Charlton

Ensuring optimal nutrition for the elderly patient, K E. Charlton

Vitamin C and zinc status of elderly women in residential care in Cape Town, K E. Charlton, F Hoosen, and S Jaffer


Micronutrient status of older coloured South Africans, K E. Charlton, Petro Wolmarans, Marita Kruger, Demetre L. Labadarios, Ingrid Aronson, and Carl J. Lombard

Evidence of nutrient dilution with high sugar intakes in older South Africans, K E. Charlton, P Wolmarans, and C J. Lombard


A giant new trimerellide brachiopod from the Wenlock (Early Silurian) of New South Wales, Australia, Des L. Strusz, Ian G. Percival, Anthony J. Wright, J W. Pickett, and A Byrnes


Southern Africa is good place to research role of fetal malnutrition in chronic diseases, A RP Walker and K E. Charlton

Papers from 1997


Randomised, placebo-controlled trial of carvedilol in patients with congestive heart failure due to ischaemic heart disease, - Australia/New Zealand Heart Failure Research Collaborative Group

Overview of factors leading to dryland salinity and its potential hazard in New South Wales, Australia, John M. Bradd, William A. Milne-Home, and George Gates


Physical activity, change in blood pressure and predictors of mortality in older South Africans - a 2-year follow-up study, Karen E. Charlton, Estelle V. Lambert, and Judith Kreft


The prevalence of diabetes mellitus and associated risk factors in elderly coloured South Africans, Karen E. Charlton, Naomi S. Levitt, and Carl J. Lombard

The nutrient intake of elderly men living alone and their attitudes towards nutrition education, K E. Charlton

Food and health beliefs of an urban sample of coloured older persons, K E. Charlton and M Ferreira

Prevalence of hypertension among the elderly coloured population of the Cape Peninsula, K E. Charlton, J Fourie, K Steyn, and C J. Lombard

Iron, folate and vitamin B12 status of an elderly South African population, K E. Charlton, M Kruger, D Labadarios, P Wolmarans, and I Aronson

Nutritional status of older coloured South Africans: macronutrient intake, food habits and cardiovascular risk profiles, K E. Charlton, P Wolmarans, and C J. Lombard

Immunological output and cytokine profile in pigs exposed to high ambient temperatures, A. G. Knowles, N. M. Kingsford, A. M. Seccombe, Julie Keys, Caroline A. Kerr, M. R. Jones, and A. J. Husband


Graptolite zonation in the late Wenlock (Early Silurian), with a new graptolite-brachiopod fauna from New South Wales, R B. Rickards and Anthony J. Wright

Graptolite evidence for the ages of the Sofala Volcanics and Willow Glen Formation, northern Capertee High, N.S.W., R B. Rickards, Anthony J. Wright, and John W. Pemberton

Papers from 1996

Geriatric nutrition services: whose responsibilty?, K E. Charlton


Vitamin D status of older South Africans, K E. Charlton, D Labadarios, C J. Lombard, and M E. J Louw

Body composition assessment of older coloured South Africans: no association between obesity and conventional cardiovascular risk factors, K E. Charlton, A D. Marais, A E. Bunn, and C J. Lombard

Some issues in the management of Australia's marine and coastal fisheries resources, R E. Kearney, Neil L. Andrew, and Ronald J. West

Comparative protection from photocarcinogenesis by two UVB-absorbers matched for SPF in Hairless mice, V E. Reeve and Caroline A. Kerr

Papers from 1995

Ageing inequitably in South Africa, M Ferreira and K E. Charlton

Evaluation of Sunscreens' ability to protect against UVR-induced immunosuppression, Caroline A. Kerr, M Bosnic, R B. Cope, C Boehm-Wilcox, and V E. Reeve

Rosponse, B Pai, N Janakiramaiah, B M. Gangadhar, and Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath

Papers from 1994

Dietary intake of older persons attending luncheon clubs in the Cape Peninsula: a pilot study, K E. Charlton and M G. Arries

Evaluation of sunscreens' ability to protect against UVR-induced immunosuppression, Caroline A. Kerr, M Bosnic, R B. Cope, C Boehm-Wilcox, and V E. Reeve

Cell membrane changes induced by the cytolytic peptie, melittin, are detectable by 90 degree laser scatter, Kathryn M. Weston, Mohammed Alsalami, and Robert L. Raison

Papers from 1992

Isolation of the bioactive terpene 7-deacetoxy-olepupuane from the temperate marine sponge Dysidea sp., Mary J. Garson, Annette F. Dexter, Lynette K. Lambert, and Vicky Wallace


A genetic classification of floodplains, G C. Nanson and J C. Croke

Papers from 1991


Scruttonia (Rugosa, Cnidaria) from the Devonian of Western Australia, Anthony J. Wright

Papers from 1990

Structural and stereochemical studies on brominated meroterpenoids From the dictyoceratid sponge Cacospongia sp., Doreen K. L Bali, Vicky Wallace, Mary J. Garson, and D. John Faulkner


A new Early Devonian spinose phacopid trilobite from Limekilns, New South Wales: morphology, affinities, taphonomy and palaeoenvironment, Anthony J. Wright and W Haas

Papers from 1989

Metabolite levels in specific cells and subcellular compartments of plant leaves, M Stitt, R Lilley, R Gerhardt, and H W. Heldt

A new furanosesterpene from the marine sponge Psammocinia rugosa, Vicky Wallace, Mary J. Garson, and John A. Carver

Papers from 1987

Silurian evaporitic strata from New South Wales, Australia, Brian Jones, Bryan Chenhall, Anthony J. Wright, John W. Pemberton, and C Campbell


The archaeology of social complexity in South-east Queensland, Michael Morwood

Papers from 1986

Silicified early devonian trilobites from Mudgee, New South Wales, Brian D. E Chatterton and Anthony J. Wright

Papers from 1981

A new phillipsastraeinid tetracoral from the Devonian of New South Wales, Anthony J. Wright


A new species of the brachiopod Notanoplia (Notanopliidae) from the Early Devonian of New South Wales, Anthony J. Wright

Papers from 1980

Review of occurrences of halysitid corals in Devonian strata, Anthony J. Wright and J G. Byrnes

Papers from 1979

A new Early Devonian solitary 'cystimorph' tetracoral from New South Wales, Anthony J. Wright


Evaluation of a New Zealand Tremadocian trilobite, Anthony J. Wright

Papers from 1976


Microbial water stress, A D. Brown

Papers from 1970

The trilobites Incaia Whittard 1955 and Anebolithus gen. nov, C P. Hughes and Anthony J. Wright