Science, Medicine and Health was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. Related series: Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health - Papers; Faculty of Social Sciences - Papers.


Papers from 2013


Direct evidence for encoding of motion streaks in human visual cortex, Deborah M. Apthorp, D. Samuel Schwarzkopf, C. Kaul, B. Bahrami, David Alais, and G. Rees

Accessing packaged food and beverages in hospital. Exploring experiences of patients and staff, A F. Bell, K Walton, J S. Chevis, K Davies, C Manson, A Wypych, A Yoxall, J Kirkby, and N Alexander

Case study: the patient with inflammatory bowel disease, Sharon R. Bourgeois and Denise Blanchard


Transmembrane domain Nrg1 mutant mice show altered susceptibility to the neurobehavioural actions of repeated THC exposure in adolescence, Leonora E. Long, Rose Chesworth, Xu-Feng Huang, Iain S. McGregor, Jonathon C. Arnold, and Tim Karl


Musculoskeletal and estrogen changes during the adolescent growth spurt in girls, Catherine Y. Wild, Julie R. Steele, and Bridget J. Munro

Papers from 2012

Fatty acid composition of membrane bilayers: Importance of diet polyunsaturated fat balance, Sarah K. Abbott, Paul L. Else, Taleitha A. Atkins, and Anthony J. Hulbert

Clinical nurses' attitudes towards research, management and organisational resources in a university hospital: part 1, Kristin Akerjordet, Kirsten Lode, and Elisabeth Severinsson

Clinical nurses' research capacity in a Norwegian university hospital: part 2, Kristin Akerjordet, Kirsten Lode, and Elisabeth Severinsson

Perception of smooth and perturbed vection in short-duration microgravity, Robert S. Allison, James E. Zacher, Ramy Kirollos, P Guterman, and Stephen A. Palmisano


Publication bias, the File Drawer Problem, and how innovative publication models can help, D Apthorp


Perceived display speed helps account for the 'jitter advantage' in vection, D Apthorp and S Palmisano


Vection during conflicting multisensory information about the axis, magnitude and direction of self-motion, April Ash and Stephen Palmisano


Physical activity and energy expenditure in haemodialysis patients: an international survey, Carla Maria Avesani, Stanislas Trolonge, Patrik Deleaval, Flavia Baria, Denise Mafra, Gerd Faxen-Irving, Phillipe Chauveau, Daniel Teta, Maria Ayako Kamimura, Maria Chan, Lilian Cuppari, Olof Heimburger, and Denis Fouque

Poor knowledge and dietary practices related to iodine in breastfeeding mothers a year after introduction of mandatory fortification, Samantha Axford, Karen E. Charlton, Heather Yeatman, and G Ma

'Do more, smoke less!' Harm reduction in action for smokers with mental health/substance use problems who cannot or will not quit, Amanda Baker, Robin Callister, Peter Kelly, and Kypros Kypri


If a picture tells a thousand words, how useful are they as a teaching tool? Evaluating a digital food photo resource within a first year tertiary nutrition subject, Joanna Baker, Janaye Fish, Karen L. Walton, Anne Therese McMahon, Christine J. Brewer, Fiona Manning, Sara Grafenauer, Meredith A. Kennedy, and Yasmine Probst

Resting state EEG and symptoms of ADHD, R J. Barry and A R. Clarke

Caffeine effects on resting-state electrodermal levels in AD/HD suggest an anomalous arousal mechanism, Robert J. Barry, Adam R. Clarke, Rory McCarthy, Mark Selikowitz, Brett MacDonald, and Franca Dupuy

EEG-ERP phase dynamics of children in the auditory Go/NoGo task, Robert J. Barry and Frances M. De Blasio

Event-related EEG time-frequency analysis and the Orienting Reflex to auditory stimuli, Robert J. Barry, Genevieve Z. Steiner, and Frances De Blasio

Risk of musculoskeletal injury among cleaners during vacuuming, Alison F. Bell and Julie R. Steele

It's not the contents, it's the container: Australian parents' awareness and acceptance of infant and young child feeding recommendations, Nina J. Berry, Sandra C. Jones, and Don Iverson


Circumventing the WHO Code? An observational study, Nina J. Berry, Sandra C. Jones, and Donald C. Iverson

Toddler Milk Advertising in Australia: infant formula advertising in disguise?, Nina J. Berry, Sandra C. Jones, and Donald C. Iverson

Preliminary development and content validity of a measure of Australian Aboriginal cultural engagement, Stacey Berry, Trevor P. Crowe, and Frank P. Deane

Clinically signficant change to establish benchmarks in residential drug and alcohol treatment services, Daniel Billingham, Peter J. Kelly, Frank P. Deane, Trevor P. Crowe, Mark S. Buckingham, and Fiona L. Craig

Features of sports bras that deter their use by Australian women, Kelly-Ann Bowles, Julie R. Steele, and Bridget J. Munro

Consumer response to healthy eating, physical activity and weight-related recommendations: a systematic review, S Boylan, Jimmy Chun Yu Louie, and T P. Gill

Understanding the lived experience of alcohol-related dementia, Renee M. Brighton, Janette Curtis, and Victoria Traynor

Whose problem? Care and services for people living with alcohol-related brain injury, Renee M. Brighton, L Moxham, and V Traynor


Support and services for people with alcohol-related brain injury, Renee Brighton, Lorna Moxham, and Victoria Traynor

Mother-Daughter communication about mammography in an Australian sample, Jessica L. Browne and Amy Y. C Chan


Using the theory of planned behaviour and implementation intentions to predict and facilitate upward family communication about mammography, J L. Browne and A Y. C Chan

Clinical simulation in Australia and New Zealand: through the lens of an advisory group, Roy A. Brown, Stepehen Guinea, Patrick A. Crookes, Margaret McAllister, Tracey Levett-Jones, Michelle Kelly, Kerry Reid-Searl, Christopher Churchouse, Patrea Anderson, Nigel Chong, and Andrew Smith

Time to face the fats: What can mass spectrometry reveal about the structure of lipids and their interactions with proteins?, Simon H. J Brown, Todd W. Mitchell, Aaron J. Oakley, Huong T. Pham, and Stephen J. Blanksby


The impact of complex survey design on prevalence estimates of intakes of food groups in the Australian National Children's Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey, Sandy Burden, Yasmine Probst, David G. Steel, and Linda C. Tapsell

AsthmaWise: helping older adults manage their asthma, Phillippa Burns


Riding the wave or paddling in the shallows? Understanding older Australians' use of the internet, Pippa Burns, Sandra C. Jones, Don Iverson, and Peter Caputi

Changing the way we think: Real consumer perspective in the nursing classroom, L. Byrne, B. Happell, T. Welch, and L. Moxham

Exertional thermal strain, protective clothing and auxiliary cooling in dry heat: evidence for physiological but not cognitive impairment, Joanne N. Caldwell, Mark J. Patterson, and Nigel A. S Taylor

Dementia and driving: An approach for general practice, John Carmody, Victoria Traynor, and Donald C. Iverson


An empirical case for introductory psychology tutorials in a large-class format, Amy Y. C Chan, Chris Brewer, and Jessica L. Browne


Malnutrition (Subjective Global Assessment) scores and serum albumin levels, but not body mass Index values, at initiation of dialysis are independent predictors of mortality: A 10-year clinical cohort study, Maria Chan, J Kelly, Marijka Batterham, and Linda Tapsell


Poor knowledge and practices related to iodine nutrition during pregnancy and lactation in Australian women: pre-and post-iodine fortification, Karen Charlton, Heather Yeatman, Catherine Lucas, Samantha Axford, Luke Gemming, Fiona Houweling, Alison Goodfellow, and Gary Ma

Poor nutritional status of older subacute patients predicts clinical outcomes and mortality at 18 months of follow-up, K Charlton, C Nichols, S Bowden, Marianna Milosavljevic, K Lambert, L Barone, M Mason, and M Batterham

Estrogen in obesity-associated colon cancer: friend or foe? Protecting postmenopausal women but promoting late-stage colon cancer, Jiezhong Chen and Don Iverson

Cognitive ability and health-related behaviors during adolescence: A prospective study across five years, Joseph Ciarrochi, Patrick C. L. Heaven, and Timothy Skinner


Recovery in mental health: A movement towards well-being and meaning in contrast to an avoidance of symptoms, Samantha Clarke, Lindsay G. Oades, and Trevor Patrick Crowe


Dietary intake after treatment in child cancer survivors, Jennifer Cohen, Claire E. Wakefield, Catharine A.K Fleming, Rebecca Gawthorne, Linda C. Tapsell, and Richard J. Cohn

Parents' subjective sense of calling in childrearing: Measurement, development and initial findings, Justin Christopher Coulson, Lindsay G. Oades, and Gerard J. Stoyles


A comparison of treatment outcomes for individuals with substance use disorder alone and individuals with probable dual diagnosis, Elizabeth K. Cridland, Frank P. Deane, Ching-I Hsu, and Peter J. Kelly

Does coffee enriched with chlorogenic acids improve mood and cognition after acute administration in healthy elderly? A pilot study, Vanessa Cropley, Rodney Croft, Beata Silber, Chris Neale, Andrew Scholey, Con Stough, and Jeroen Schmitt


Star shots: Stigma, self disclosure and celebrity in bipolar disorder, Wendy Cross and Ken Walsh

Potential health benefits of whole grain wheat components, Sayne Mam Ceesay Dalton, Linda Clare Tapsell, and Yasmine Probst


Group cohesion and homework adherence in multi-family group therapy for schizophrenia, Frank P. Deane, Joanne Mercer, Anahita Talyarkhan, Gordon Lambert, and Judy Pickard


Predicting dropout in the first 3 months of 12-step residential drug and alcohol treatment in an Australian sample, Frank P. Deane, David J. Wootton, Ching-I Hsu, and Peter J. Kelly

Whole body kinematics and knee moments that occur during an overhead catch and landing task in sport, Alasdair R. Dempsey, Bruce C. Elliott, Bridget J. Munro, Julie R. Steele, and David G. Lloyd


The challenges and opportunities for professional societies in higher education in Australasia: A PEST analysis, Iain Doherty, Caroline Steel, and Dominique Parrish


An indoor localisation and motion monitoring system to determine behavioural activity in dementia afflicted patients in aged care, Matthew D'Souza, Montserrat Ros, and Mohanraj Karunanithi


Perinatal phencyclidine treatment alters neuregulin 1/erbB4 expression and activation in later life, Teresa M. Du Bois, Kelly Anne Newell, and Xu-Feng Huang

Lower limb movement symmetry cannot be assumed when investigating the stop-jump landing, Suzi Edwards, Julie R. Steele, Jil L. Cook, Craig R. Purdam, and Deirdre McGhee

Critical social marketing: investigating alcohol marketing in the developing world, Tom Farrell and Ross Gordon


The face inversion effect following pitch and yaw rotations: investigating the boundaries of holistic processing., Simone K. Favelle


Wip1 phosphatase positively modulates dendritic spine morphology and memory processes through the p38MAPK signaling pathway, Francesca Fernandez, Irene Soon, Zeng Li, Tan Chee Kuan, Deng Hong Min, Esther Sook-Miin Wong, Oleg N. Demidov, Malcolm C. Paterson, Gavin Dawe, Dmitry V. Bulavin, and Zhi-Cheng Xiao


Water for wound cleansing, Ritin Fernandez and Rhonda Griffiths

Emotional intelligence as a predictor of academic performance in first-year accelerated graduate entry nursing students, Ritin Fernandez, Yenna Salamonson, and Rhonda Griffiths

The 15N isotope effect as a means for correlating phenotypic alterations and affected pathways in a trait anxiety mouse model, Michaela D. Filiou, Christian Webhofer, Philipp Gormanns, Yaoyang Zhang, Stefan Reckow, Brigit Bisle, Larysa Teplytska, Elisabeth Frank, Melanie S. Kessler, Giuseppina Maccarrone, Rainer Landgraf, and Christoph W. Turck

Digital food photograph resource enhances perceived understanding of food composition in nutrition and dietetics students, Janaye Fish, Joanna Baker, Karen L. Walton, Anne Therese McMahon, Christine J. Brewer, Fiona Manning, Sara Grafenauer, Meredith A. Kennedy, and Yasmine Probst

Managing undernutrition in the elderly: Prevention is better than cure, Damian Flanagan, Therese Fisher, Micheal Murray, Renuka Visvanathan, Karen Charlton, Cathy Thesing, Gerald Quigley, and Kerstin Walther


Nutrition status of primary care patients with depression and anxiety, Adrienne K. Forsyth, Peter G. Williams, and Frank P. Deane


Metabolic parameters and emotionality are little affected in G-protein coupled receptor 12 (Gpr12) mutant mice, Elisabeth Frank, Yizhen Wu, Naomi Piyaratna, William James Body, P Snikeris, Timothy South, Anna-Karin Gerdin, Mikael Bjursell, Mohammad Bohlooly-Y, Leonard H. Storlien, and Xu-Feng Huang


A hangover and a one-night stand: Alcohol and risky sexual behaviour among female students at an Australian University, Heidi Gilchrist, Kylie Smith, Christopher A. Magee, and Sandra Jones


Predicting clinically signficant change in an inpatient program for people with severe mental illness, Talia Gonda, Frank P. Deane, and Ganapathi A. Murugesan


The vignette-matching procedure: An innovative approach to assess competencies in psychology and clinical practicum. Final Report., Craig J. Gonsalvez


Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of humor therapy in residential care: the Sydney Multisite Intervention of LaughterBosses and ElderClowns (SMILE), Belinda Goodenough, Lee-Fay Low, Anne-Nicole Casey, Lynn Chenoweth, Richard Fleming, Peter Spitzer, Jean-Paul Bell, and Henry Brodaty


Influence of high glycemic index and glycemic load diets on blood pressure during adolescence, Bamini Gopinath, Victoria M. Flood, Elena Rochtchina, Louise A. Baur, Wayne Smith, and Paul Mitchell

Carbohydrate nutrition is associated with changes in the retinal vascular structure and branching pattern in children, Bamini Gopinath, Victoria M. Flood, Jie Jin Wang, Wayne Smith, Elena Rochtchina, Jimmy Chun Yu Louie, Tien Y. Wong, Jennie Brand-Miller, and Paul Mitchell


Relationship between breast-feeding and adiposity in infants and pre-school children, Bamini Gopinath, Indhu Subramanian, Victoria M. Flood, Louise A. Baur, Natalie Pfund, George Burlutsky, and Paul Mitchell

Re-thinking and re-tooling the social marketing mix, Ross Gordon

Rethinking drinking cultures: a review of drinking cultures and a reconstructed dimensional approach, Ross Gordon, S MacAskill, and D Heim

The clinician's dilemma: Core confictual relationship themes in personality disorders, B. F. S. Grenyer

Prevalence, prediction, and prevention of psychologist misconduct, Brin F. S Grenyer and Kate Lewis


Noise , Beno Groothoff and Faioh Coh


Influence of head orientation and viewpoint oscillation on linear vection, Pearl S. Guterman, Robert s. Allison, Stephen Palmisano, and James E. Zacher


Poor food and nutrient intake among Indigenous and non-Indigenous rural Australian children, Josephine D. Gwynn, Victoria M. Flood, Catherine A. D'Este, John R. Attia, Nicole Turner, Janine Cochrane, Jimmy Chun Yu Louie, and John H. Wiggers


The comparison of the effect of oat and Shiitake mushroom powder to prevent body weight gain in rats fed high fat diet, Dian Handayani, Barbara J. Meyer, Jiezhong Chen, Patricia Tang, Philip Chi Lip Kwok, Hak-Kim Chan, and Xu-Feng Huang


Functional connectivity in brain networks underlying cognitive control in chronic cannabis users, Ian H. Harding, Nadia Solowij, Ben J. Harrison, Michael Takagi, Valentina Lorenzetti, Dan I. Lubman, Marc L. Seal, Christos Pantelis, and Murat Yucel

Olanzapine treatment and time-dependent changes of hypothalamic AMPK-ACC-CPT1 signalling, food intake and body weight in rats, Meng He, Q Zhang, H Q. Wang, Jiamei Lian, C Deng, and Xu-Feng Huang

Change in working alliance and recovery in severe mental illness: An exploratory study, Alyson L. Hicks, Frank P. Deane, and Trevor P. Crowe

Age-dependent deamidation of glutamine residues in human crystallin: deamidation and unstructured regions, Michelle Yu Song Hooi, Mark J. Raftery, and Roger John Willis Truscott

The dopamine b-hydroxylase 19 bp insertion/deletion polymorphism was associated with first-episode but not medicated chronic schizophrenia, Li Hui, Xuan Zhang, Xu-Feng Huang, Mei Han, Francesca Fernandez, Yaqin Yu, ShiLong Sun, Wenjun Li, Da Chun Chen, Mei Hong Xiu, Thomas R. Kosten, and Xiang Yang Zhang

Supporting WIL: A faculty-wide mapping tool at the University of Canberra, C Hungerford and Sharon R. Bourgeois

Relative energy balance, chronic kidney disease and risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality, S Iff, G Wong, A C. Webster, V Flood, J J. Wang, P Mitchell, and J Craig

Structural contributions of antipsychotic drugs to their therapeutic profiles and metabolic side effects, Somayeh Jafari, Francesca Fernandez-Enright, and Xu-Feng Huang

Neurocognitive training for children with and without AD/HD, Stuart J. Johnstone, Steven Roodenrys, Russell Blackman, Ellie Johnston, Kylie Loveday, Sharlene Mantz, and Michelle F. Barratt


Why (not) alcohol energy drinks? A qualitative study with Australian university students, Sandra C. Jones, Lance R. Barrie, and Nina J. Berry


Branded food references in children's magazines: 'advertisements' are the tip of the iceberg, Sandra C. Jones, Parri Gregory, and Lisa K. Kervin


Equal discussion of significant findings? Not confirmation bias, but a focus on the most significant findings, Sandra C. Jones and Christopher A. Magee


What influences Australian women to not drink during pregnancy?, Sandra C. Jones and Joanne Telenta


A patient experiencing pseudoseizures: A case report, F Joseph and J Quinlan