Science, Medicine and Health was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. Related series: Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health - Papers.


Papers from 2013


A reagentless thermal post-synthetic rearrangement of an allyloxy-tagged metal-organic framework, Andrew D. Burrows, Sally O. Hunter, Mary F. Mahon, and Christopher Richardson


Ten trenches: a scienceart collaboration, Timothy J. Cohen, Martin Cohen, Stephanie Kermode, and Michael G. Leggett

An improved OSL chronology for the Still Bay layers at Blombos Cave, South Africa: further tests of single-grain dating procedures and a re-evaluation of the timing of the Still Bay industry across southern Africa, Zenobia Jacobs, Elspeth H. Hayes, Richard G. Roberts, Rex F. Galbraith, and Christopher S. Henshilwood


Induced pluripotent stem cells as tools for disease modelling and drug discovery in Alzheimer's disease, Lezanne Ooi, Kuldip Sidhu, Anne Poljak, Greg Sutherland, Michael D. O'Connor, Perminder Sachdev, and Gerald Munch

A new phase unwrapping algorithm based on Three Wavelength Phase Shift Profilometry method, Limei Song, Xiaoxiao Dong, Jiangtao Xi, Yanguang Yu, and Chaokui Yang

Isolation breeds naivety: island living robs australian varanid lizards of toad-toxin immunity via four-base-pair mutation, Beata Ujvari, Hee-Chang Mun, Arthur Conigrave, Jens Osterkamp, Alessandra Bray, Petter Halling, and Thomas Madsen

Papers from 2012


Molecular characterization of Escherichia coli strains that cause symptomatic and asymptomatic urinary tract infections, Sam Abraham, Toni A. Chapman, Ren Zhang, James Chin, Amanda N. Mabbett, Makrina Totsika, and Mark A. Schembri

Molecular serogrouping of porcine enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli from Australia, Sam Abraham, James Chin, Huub J. M Brouwers, Ren Zhang, and Toni A. Chapman


Molecular characterization of commensal Escherichia coli adapted to different compartments of the porcine gastrointestinal tract, Sam Abraham, David M. Gordon, James Chin, Huub J. M Brouwers, Peter Njuguna, Mitchell D. Groves, Ren Zhang, and Toni A. Chapman


Accordion vs. quantum tectonics: insights into continental growth processes from the Paleozoic of eastern Gondwanan, Jonathan C. Aitchison and Solomon Buckman


Conducting composite materials from the biopolymer kappa-carrageenan and carbon nanotubes, Ali Aldalbahi, Jin Chu, Peter Feng, and Marc in het Panhuis


Electrical and mechanical characteristics of buckypapers and evaporative cast films prepared using single and multi-walled carbon nanotubes and the biopolymer carrageenan, Ali Aldalbahi and Marc in het Panhuis

Engraved prehistoric Conus shell valuables from southeastern Papua New Guinea: their antiquity, motifs and distribution, Wal Ambrose, Fiona Petchey, Pamela Swadling, Harry Beran, Elizabeth Bonshek, Katherine Szabo, Simon Bickler, and Glenn Summerhayes


Gas-particle partitioning of atmospheric Hg(II) and its effect on global mercury deposition, H M. Amos, D J. Jacob, C D. Holmes, Jenny A. Fisher, Q Wang, R M. Yantosca, E S. Corbitt, E Galarneau, A P. Rutter, M S. Gustin, A Steffen, J J. Schauer, J A. Graydon, V L. St Louis, R W. Talbot, E S. Edgerton, Y Zhang, and E N. Sunderland

Late-magmatic mineral assemblages with siderite and zirconian pyroxene and amphibole in the anorogenic Mt Gibraltar microsyenite, New South Wales, Australia, and their petrological implications, Tom Andersen, Paul Carr, and Muriel Erambert

Photo-tautomerization of acetaldehyde to vinyl alcohol: A potential route to tropospheric acids, D Andrews, B Heazlewood, Alan T. Maccarone, T Conroy, R Payne, Meredith J. T Jordan, and Scott Kable


A simple post-hoc method to add spatial context to predictive species distribution models, Michael B. Ashcroft, Kristine O. French, and Laurie A. Chisholm

A review of rock art dating in the Kimberley, Western Australia, Maxime Aubert

Confirmation of a late middle Pleistocene age for the Omo Kibish 1 cranium by direct uranium-series dating, Maxime Aubert, Alistair W.G Pike, Chris Stringer, Antonis Bartsiokas, Les Kinsley, Stephen Eggins, Michael Day, and Rainer Grun

In situ oxygen isotope micro-analysis of faunal material and human teeth using a SHRIMP II: a new tool for palaeo-ecology and archaeology, Maxime Aubert, Ian S. Williams, Katarina Bolijkovac, Ian Moffat, Marie-Helene Moncel, Elise Dufour, and Rainer Grun


Translocation of the Eastern Bristlebird 1: radio-tracking of post-release movements, David Bain, Kris French, Jack Baker, and Jean Clarke

Recovery from applied strain in interpenetrating polymer network hydrogels with ionic and covalent cross-links, Shannon E. Bakarich, Geoffrey C. Pidcock, Paul Balding, Leo Stevens, Paul Calvert, and Marc in het Panhuis

Predictors of telomere content in dragon lizards, Cissy Ballen, Mo Healey, Mark Wilson, Michael Tobler, and Mats Olsson

Net superoxide levels: steeper increase with activity in cooler female and hotter male lizards, Cissy Ballen, Mo Healey, Mark Wilson, Michael Tobler, Erik Wapstra, and Mats Olsson

Cephalosporin-3'-diazeniumdiolates:Targeted NO-donor prodrugs for dispersing bacterial biofilms, Nicolas Barraud, Bharat G. Kardak, Nageshwar R. Yepuri, Robert p. Howlin, Jeremy S. Webb, Saul N. Faust, Staffan Kjelleberg, Scott A. Rice, and Michael J. Kelso

Cell patterning via linker-free protein functionalization of an organic conducting polymer (polypyrrole) electrode, Daniel V. Bax, Roxana S. Tipa, Alexey Kondyurin, Michael J. Higgins, Kostadinos Tsoutas, Amy Gelmi, Gordon G. Wallace, David R. McKenzie, Anthony S. Weiss, and Marcela M.M Bilek


Inorganic arsenic and iron(II) distributions in sediment porewaters investigated by a combined DGT - colourimetric DET technique, William Bennett, Peter R. Teasdale, David T. Welsh, Jarad Panther, Ryan R. Stewart, Helen L. Price, and Dianne F. Jolley


Investigating arsenic speciation and mobilization in sediments with DGT and DET: a mesocosm evaluation of oxic-anoxic transitions, William W. Bennett, Peter R. Teasdale, Jarad G. Panther, David T. Welsh, Huijun Zhao, and Dianne F. Jolley


Optimization of colorimetric DET technique for the in situ, two-dimensional measurement of iron(II) distributions in sediment porewaters, William W. Bennett, Peter R. Teasdale, David T. Welsh, Jarad G. Panther, and Dianne F. Jolley

Arsenic mobilization in sediments: An investigation using in situ sampling techniques, W W. Bennett, P R. Teasdale, J G. Panther, D T. Welsh, H Zhao, and D F. Jolley


Beeswax as dental filling on a Neolithic human tooth, Federico Bernardini, Claudio Tuniz, Alfredo Coppa, Lucia Mancini, Diego Dreossi, Diane Eichert, Gianluca Turco, Matteo Biasotto, Filippo Terrasi, Nicola De Cesare, Quan Hua, and Vladimir Levchenko


Selective reduction of hydroperoxyeicosatetraenoic acids to their hydroxy derivatives by apolipoprotein D: implications for lipid antioxidant activity and Alzheimer's disease, Surabhi Bhatia, Bianca Knoch, Jenny Wong, Woojin Scott Kim, Paul Else, Aaron J. Oakley, and Brett Garner

Wind v water: glacial maximum records from the Willandra Lakes, James Bowler, Richard Gillespie, Harvey Johnston, and Katarina Boljkovac

Modelling the potential for prescribed burning to mitigate carbon emissions from wildfires in fire-prone forests of Australia, R A. Bradstock, M M. Boer, G J. Cary, O F. Price, R J. Williams, D J. Barrett, G Cook, A M. Gill, L B. W Hutley, H Keith, S W. Maier, M Meyer, S H. Roxburgh, and J Russell-Smith

Wildfires, fuel treatment and risk mitigation in Australian eucalypt forests: Insights from landscape-scale simulation, R A. Bradstock, G J. Cary, I Davies, D Lindenmayer, O F. Price, and R J. Williams

Did historical tree removal promote woody plant encroachment in Australian woodlands?, Ross A. Bradstock, Michael Bedward, Murray Ellis, I D. Lunt, and K A. Ross


Binaphthyl-anchored antibacterial tripeptide derivatives with hydrophobic C-terminal amino acid variations, John Bremner, Paul A. Keller, Stephen Pyne, Mark Robertson, Kandasamy Sakthivel, Kittiya Somphol, Dean Baylis, Jonathon A Coates, John Deadman, Dharshini Jeevarajah, and David I. Rhodes

Finding creativity in a small city:How qualitative mapping methods can reveal new geographies of creativity, Chris Brennan-Horley

Energy from photosystem II: Manganese water oxidation catalysts, Robin Brimblecombe, G Charles Dismukes, Gerhard F. Swiegers, and Leone Spiccia

An early and enduring advanced technology originating 71,000 years ago in South Africa, Kyle S. Brown, Curtis W. Marean, Zenobia Jacobs, Benjamin J. Schoville, Simen Oestmo, Erich C. Fisher, Jocelyn Bernatchez, Panagiotis Karkanas, and T Matthews


Biface distributions and the Movius Line: A Southeast Asian perspective, Adam Brumm and Mark W. Moore


The synthesis, structures and reactions of zinc and cobalt metal-organic frameworks incorporating an alkyne-based dicarboxylate linker, Andrew D. Burrows, L C. Fisher, David M. Hodgson, Mary F. Mahon, Naomi Cessford, Tina Duren, Christopher Richardson, and S P. Rigby

Evolutionary causes and consequences of sequential polyandry in anuran amphibians, Phillip G. Byrne and J Dale Roberts


Using remotely-sensed fuel connectivity patterns as a tool for fire danger monitoring, Gabriele Caccamo, Laurie A. Chisholm, Ross A. Bradstock, and Marjetta L. Puotinen

Monitoring live fuel moisture content of heathland, shrubland and sclerophyll forest in south-eastern Australia using MODIS data, G Caccamo, L A. Chisholm, R A. Bradstock, Marjetta L. Puotinen, and B G. Pippen


Self-assembled gels from biological and synthetic polyelectrolytes, Paul Calvert, Skander Limem, Don McCallum, Gordon G. Wallace, and Marc in het Panhuis


Comment on the Ionization Energy of B2F4, Bun Chan, Adam J. Trevitt, Stephen J. Blanksby, and Leo Radom

Peraluminous I-type granites, Bruce W. Chappell, Colleen J. Bryant, and Doone Wyborn


Slip rate of the Aksay segment of Altyn Tagh Fault revealed by OSL dating of river terraces, Yiwei Chen, Sheng-Hua Li, and Bo Li


Fragment-based screening by protein crystallography: successes and pitfalls, Zorik Chilingaryan, Zhou Yin, and Aaron J. Oakley


A simple route to carbon micro- and nanorod hybrid structures by physical vapour deposition, Jin Chu, Xiaoyan Peng, Ali Aldalbahi, Marc in het Panhuis, Rafael Velazquez, and Peter X. Feng


Radiocarbon bomb spike reveals biological effects of Antarctic climate change, Laurence J Clarke, Sharon A. Robinson, Quan Hua, David J. Ayre, and David Fink


Atmospheric carbon dioxide retrieved from the Greenhouse gases Observing SATellite (GOSAT): Comparison with ground-based TCCON observations and GEOS-Chem model calculations, A Cogan, H Boesch, R Parker, L Feng, Paul Palmer, J-F Blavier, Nicholas M. Deutscher, Ronald Macatangay, Justus Notholt, C M. Roehl, Thorsten Warneke, and Debra Wunch


A pluvial episode identified in arid Australia during the Medieval Climatic Anomaly, T J. Cohen, G C. Nanson, J D. Jansen, L A. Gliganic, J.-H May, J R. Larsen, I D. Goodwin, S Browning, and D M. Price

Late Quaternary mega-lakes fed by the northern and southern river systems of central Australia: varying moisture sources and increased continental aridity, T J. Cohen, G C. Nanson, John D. Jansen, B G. Jones, Z Jacobs, J R. Larsen, J.-H May, P Treble, D M. Price, and A M. Smith

Interactions between dense Callitris regeneration and Eucalyptus and Callitris canopy trees in semiarid woodlands, Janet S. Cohn, Ian D. Lunt, Ross A. Bradstock, and Terry Koen

Can gullies preserve complex forest structure in frequently burnt landscapes?, Luke Collins, Ross A. Bradstock, Elizabeth M. Tasker, and Robert J. Whelan

Impact of fire regimes, logging and topography on hollows in fallen logs in eucalypt forest of south eastern Australia, Luke Collins, Ross A. Bradstock, Elizabeth M. Tasker, and Robert J. Whelan

Proteomic analysis of colon tissue from interleukin-10 gene-deficient mice fed polyunsaturated fatty acids with comparison to transcriptomic analysis, Janine M. Cooney, Matthew P. G Barnett, Diane Brewster, Bianca Knoch, Warren C. McNabb, William A. Laing, and Nicole C. Roy


The ACOS CO2 retrieval algorithm - Part II: Global XCO2 data characterization, D Crisp, B Fisher, C O'Dell, C Frankenberg, R Basilio, H Bosch, L R. Brown, R Castano, B Connor, N M. Deutscher, A Eldering, D Griffith, M Gunson, A Kuze, L Mandrake, J Mcduffie, J Messerschmidt, C E. Miller, I Morino, V Natraj, J Notholt, D M. O'Brien, F Oyafuso, I Polonsky, J Robinson, R Salawitch, V Sherlock, M Smyth, H Suto, T E. Taylor, D R. Thompson, P O. Wennberg, D Wunch, and Y L. Yung

The contribution of proteomics to understanding epididymal maturation of mammalian spermatozoa, Jean-Louis Dacheux, Clemence Belleannee, Benoit Guyonnet, Valerie Labas, Ana-Paula Teixeira-Gomes, Heath Ecroyd, Xavier Druart, Jean-Luc Gatti, and Francoise Dacheux


Dye regeneration and charge recombination in dye-sensitized solar cells with ferrocene derivatives as redox mediators, Torben Daeneke, Attila J. Mozer, Tae-Hyuk Kwon, Noel W. Duffy, Andrew B. Holmes, Udo Bach, and Leone Spiccia

Concerted HO2 elimination from alpha-aminoalkylperoxyl free radicals: experimental and theoretical evidence from the gas-phase NH2 CHCO2 - + O2 reaction, Gabriel da Silva, Benjamin B. Kirk, Celli Lloyd, Adam J. Trevitt, and Stephen J. Blanksby


Does cytotoxicity of metallointercalators correlate with cellular uptake or DNA affinity?, Kimberley J. Davis, Judith A. Carrall, Barry Lai, Janice R. Aldrich-Wright, Stephen F. Ralph, and Carolyn T. Dillon


Molecular characterization of a 21.4 kilobase antibiotic resistance plasmid from an hemolytic Escherichia coli O108:H-human clinical isolate, Fay E. Dawes, Dieter M. Bulach, Alexander Kuzevski, Karl A. Bettelheim, Carola Venturini, Steven P. Djordjevic, and Mark J. Walker

Sponges as sentinels: patterns of spatial and intra-individual variation in trace metal concentration, C De Mestre, W Maher, D Roberts, Allison Broad, F Krikowa, and Andrew R. Davis

Single-grain OSL dating of glaciofluvial quartz constrains Reid glaciation in NW Canada to MIS 6, Martina Demuro, D G. Froese, Lee J. Arnold, and Richard Roberts

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae surface proteins Mhp385 and Mhp384 bind host cilia and glycosaminoglycans and are endoproteolytically processed by proteases that recognize different cleavage motifs, Ania T. Deutscher, Jessica L. Tacchi, F Chris Minion, Matthew P. Padula, Ben Crossett, Daniel R. Bogema, Cheryl Jenkins, Tracey A. Kuit, Mark J. Walker, and Steven P. Djordjevic

New excavations at the site of Contrebandiers Cave, Morocco, Harold L. Dibble, V Aldeias, Esteban Alvarez-Fernandez, Bonnie Blackwell, Emily Hallett-Desguez, Zenobia Jacobs, Paul Goldberg, Sam C. Lin, Andre Morala, Michael C. Meyer, Deborah Olszewski, Kaye Reed, Zeljko Rezek, Daniel Richter, Richard Roberts, Dennis Sandgathe, Utsav Schurmans, Anne Skinner, Teresa Steele, and Mohamed El-Hajraoui


Synchrotron radiation spectroscopic techniques as tools for the medicinal chemist: microprobe X-Ray fluorescence imaging, X-Ray absorption spectroscopy, and infrared microspectroscopy, Carolyn Therese Dillon

Sea level and storm control on the evolution of a chenier plain, Firth of Thames, New Zealand, A J. Dougherty and M E. Dickson

Attaching molecular hydrogen to metal cations: Perspectives from gas-phase infrared spectroscopy, Viktoras Dryza, Berwyck L. J Poad, and Evan J. Bieske

On the limits of using combined U-series/ESR method to date fossil teeth from two Early Pleistocene archaeological sites of the Orce area (Guadix-Baza basin, Spain), Mathieu Duval, Christophe Falgueres, Jean-Jacques Bahain, Rainer Grun, Qingfeng Shao, Maxime Aubert, Jean-Michel Dolo, Jordi Agusti, Bienvenido Martinez-Navarro, Paul Palmqvist, and Isidro Toro-Moyano

Direct lipid profiling of single cells from inkjet printed microarrays, Shane Ellis, Cameron Ferris, Kerry J. Gilmore, Todd W. Mitchell, Stephen J. Blanksby, and Marc in het Panhuis


Book Review - Women in leadership: contextual dynamics and boundaries, Christine Eriksen


The atlas of women in the world [book review], Christine Eriksen

Polymeric material with metal-like conductivity for next generation organic electronic devices, Manrico V. Fabretto, Drew R. Evans, Michael Mueller, Kamil Zuber, Pejman Hojati-Talemi, Rob D. Short, Gordon G. Wallace, and Peter J. Murphy


The first climate refugees? Contesting global narratives of climate change in Tuvalu, Carol Farbotko and Heather Lazrus

Synthesis and electrochemical properties of TiO2/C nano-fiber composite, Chuanqi Feng, Jinghua Tang, Chao Feng Zhang, and Rong Zeng

Oxygen control on Holocene cold-water coral development in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, Hiske G. Fink, Claudia Wienberg, Dierk Hebbeln, Helen V. McGregor, Gerhard Schmiedl, Marco Taviani, and Andre Freiwald


Riverine source of Arctic Ocean mercury inferred from atmospheric observations, Jenny A. Fisher, Daniel J. Jacob, Anne L. Soerensen, Helen M. Amos, Alexandra Steffen, and Elsie M. Sunderland


Competition strength of two significant invasive species in coastal dunes, K French

Parasite-bird interactions in urban areas: current evidence and emerging questions, Kristine O. French and Carlos Delgado-Velez


Testing a multi-step post-IR IRSL dating method using polymineral fine grains from Chinese loess, Xiao Fu, Bo Li, and Sheng-Hua Li


P2X7 receptor activation mediates organic cation uptake into human myeloid leukaemic KG-1 cells, Safina Gadeock, Aleta Pupovac, Vanessa Sluyter, Mari Spildrejorde, and Ronald Sluyter

Gatekeeping night spaces: the role of booking agents in creating 'local' live music venues and scenes, Ben Gallan


The awkward spaces of fathering [book review], Ben Gallan


CH4, CO, and H2O spectroscopy for the Sentinel-5 Precursor mission: an assessment with the Total Carbon Column Observing Network measurements, A Galli, A Butz, R A. Scheepmaker, O Hasekamp, J Landgraf, P Tol, D Wunch, N M. Deutscher, G C. Toon, P O. Wennberg, D W. T Griffith, and I Aben

Evidence that truncated TrkB isoform, TrkB-Shc can regulate phosphorylated TrkB protein levels, Brett Garner and Jenny Wong

Attractive and repulsive interactions originating from lateral nanometer variations in surface charge/energy of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate doped polypyrrole observed using atomic force microscopy, Amy Gelmi, Michael J. Higgins, and Gordon G. Wallace


Land management practices associated with house loss in wildfires, Philip Gibbons, Linda van Bommel, A Malcolm Gill, Geoffrey J. Cary, Don A. Driscoll, Ross A. Bradstock, Emma Knight, Max A. Moritz, Scott L. Stephens, and David B. Lindenmayer

Cultural economy: achievements, divergences, future prospects, Chris Gibson

Cool places, creative places? Community perceptions of cultural vitality in the suburbs, Chris Gibson, Chris Brennan-Horley, Beth Laurenson, Naomi Riggs, Andrew Warren, Ben Gallan, and Heidi Brown


Engaging creative communities in an industrial city setting, Chris Gibson, Ben Gallan, and Andrew Warren

(Putting) mobile technologies in their place: a geographical perspective, Chris Gibson, Susan Luckman, and Chris Brennan-Horley

A country that makes things?, Christopher R. Gibson, Chantel Carr, and Andrew Warren

Music Festivals and Regional Development in Australia, Christopher R. Gibson and John Connell

Man and megafauna in Tasmania: Closing the gap, Richard Gillespie, Aaron B. Camens, Trevor H. Worthy, Nicholas J. Rawlence, Craig Reid, Fiona Bertuch, Vladimir Levchenko, and Alan Cooper

Engaging with the (un)familiar: field teaching in a multi-campus teaching environment, Nicholas Gill, Michael Adams, and Christine Eriksen

Natural variations in the properties of TL and IRSL emissions from metamorphic and volcanic K-feldspars from East Africa: assessing their reliability for dating, L A. Gliganic, Richard G. Roberts, and Z Jacobs