The Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities was formed on 1 July 2020 with the amalgamation of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts. Two schools from the latter - Law and ANCORS - moved across to the new Faculty of Business and Law. Related series: Faculty of Social Sciences - Papers (Archive) and Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts - Papers (Archive).


Submissions from 2019


Respiratory Protection: Do PAPRs adequately protect workers against DPM?, Jane L. Whitelaw, Kerrie Burton, Brian Davies, and Alison L. Jones

Submissions from 2018

Feeling good? Pride, shame, and being Australian, Mara Lazzarotto Davis

Consciousness and action, Shaun Gallagher

Embodied rationality, Shaun Gallagher

Mindfulness and mindlessness in performance, Shaun Gallagher


The therapeutic reconstruction of affordances, Shaun Gallagher

He Awa Whiria: Weaving indigenous and western perspectives and creating inclusion in Australasian engineering education, Matthew Hughes, Juliana K. Prpic, Thomas Goldfinch, and Jade E. Kennedy


Making epilepsy a national priority in African countries, Ann Little, Mary Secco, and Jacob Mugumbate


Preliminary Efficacy and Feasibility of “Thinking While Moving in English”: A Program with Physical Activity Integrated into Primary School English Lessons, Myrto F. Mavilidi, David R. Lubans, Narelle Eather, Phillip J. Morgan, and Nicholas Riley


Epilepsy in Africa: Past, present, and future, Jacob Mugumbate and Anthony M. Zimba


Can your community cope with rising tides?, Timothy Ramm, Christopher White, Christopher Watson, and Sonia Graham

Energy, households, gender and science: a feminist retrofit framework for transdisciplinary research, Gordon R. Waitt

Georges Riverkeeper Aboriginal Riverkeeper Team: a model for successful engagement of Aboriginal communities in natural resource management of urban areas, A C. Wales and Vanessa I. Cavanagh

Submissions from 2017


Justice approaches: methods and methodology in environmental justice research, Sonia Graham, Claudia Baldwin, Jennifer McKay, and Sue Jackson


Accounting for justice in local government responses to sea-level rise: evidence from two local councils in Victoria, Australia, Sonia Graham and Jon Barnett


Current status and future prospects for justice research in environmental management, Anna Lukasiewicz, Stephen Dovers, Libby Robin, Jennifer McKay, Steven Schilizzi, and Sonia Graham

Submissions from 2016


Transdisciplinary weed research: new leverage on challenging weed problems?, N Jordan, M Schut, Sonia Graham, Jacob Barney, D Childs, S Christensen, R Cousens, A Davis, H Eizenberg, D Ervin, C Fernandez-Quintanilla, L Harrison, M Harsch, S Heijting, M Liebman, D Loddo, S Mirsky, M Riemens, P Neve, D Peltzer, M Renton, M Williams, J Recasens, and M Sonderskov

Teaching and learning practice development with transnational teaching teams, Lynne M. Keevers, Geraldine Lefoe, Betty Leask, Fauziah Kp Dawood-Sultan, Sumitha Ganesharatnam, Vin Cent Loh, and Jane See Yin Lim


A beginners guide to incorporating Aboriginal perspectives into engineering curricula, Jade E. Kennedy, Thomas Goldfinch, Elizabeth E. Leigh, Timothy J. McCarthy, Juliana K. Prpic, and Les Dawes


(En)visioning place-based adaptation to sea-level rise, Saffron O'Neill and Sonia Graham


Balancing opposing forces - A nested process evaluation study protocol for a stepped wedge designed cluster randomized controlled trial of an experience based codesign intervention: The core study, Victoria Palmer, Donella Piper, Lauralie Richard, John Furler, Helen Herrman, Jacqui J. Cameron, Kali Godbee, David Pierce, Rosemary Callander, Wayne Weavel, Jane Gunn, and Rick Iedema

Submissions from 2015


The relevance of a coproductive capacity framework to climate change adaptation: Investigating the health and water sectors in Cambodia, Kathryn Bowen, Fiona Miller, Va Dany, and Sonia Graham

Submissions from 2014


Workplace risk factors for anxiety and depression in male-dominated industries: a systematic review, Samantha Battams, Ann Roche, Jane Fisher, Nicole Lee, Nicole K. Lee, Jacqui J. Cameron, and Victoria Kostadinov

Seismic Shifts: Platforms, Content Creators and Spreadable Media, Steinar Ellingsen

Submissions from 2012

Web series, independent media and emerging online markets: Then and now, Steinar Ellingsen

Submissions from 2010

Guidelines for the Use of the Digital Acknowledgement of Dharawal Country: And Other Appropriate Ways to Recognise Country, Jade E. Kennedy, Theresa Hoynes, and Susanne H. Pratt