The Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities was formed on 1 July 2020 with the amalgamation of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts. Two schools from the latter - Law and ANCORS - moved across to the new Faculty of Business and Law. Related series: Faculty of Social Sciences - Papers (Archive) and Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts - Papers (Archive).


Submissions from 2020


Factors associated with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in Bhutan: A nationwide case-control study, Chador Tenzin, Natkamol Chansatitporn, Tashi Dendup, Tandin Dorji, Karma Lhazeen, Dorji Tshering, and Thinley Pelzang

What factors are associated with early childhood dental caries? A longitudinal study of the Growing Up in New Zealand cohort, Simon Thornley, Katie Bach, Amy L. Bird, Rachel Farrar, Sarah Bronte, Bathsheba Turton, Polly Atatoa, Jacinta Faalili-Fidow, Susan Morton, and Cameron Grant

Neighborhood ethnic diversity and residential choice: how do mixed-ethnicity couples decide where to live?, Alexander Tindale and Natascha Klocker


Screen time and sleep of rural and urban South African preschool children, Simone Tomaz, Trina Hinkley, Rachel A. Jones, Estelle Watson, Rhian Twine, Kathleen Kahn, Shane Norris, and Catherine Draper

The South African 24-hour movement guidelines for birth to 5 years: Results from the stakeholder consultation, Simone Tomaz, Anthony D. Okely, Alastair Van Heerden, Khanya Vilakazi, Marie Samuels, and Catherine Draper


Repudiating the Fourth Industrial Revolution Discourse: A New Episteme of Technological Progress, Alexander Trauth-Goik

Elaborating children's constructions through story telling, Deborah Truneckova

Gender, class and ethnic relations: The domestic and work experiences of Italian migrant women in Australia, Ellie Vasta

Promoting physical activity and executive functions among children: A cluster randomized controlled trial of an after-school program in Australia, Sanne L.C Veldman, Rachel A. Jones, Rebecca M. Stanley, Dylan P. Cliff, Stewart A. Vella, Steven J. Howard, Anne-Maree Parrish, and Anthony D. Okely


An Intervention for Mental Health Literacy and Resilience in Organized Sports, Stewart A. Vella, Christian Swann, Marijka Batterham, Katherine Boydell, Simon Eckermann, Helen Ferguson, Andrea Fogarty, Diarmuid Hurley, Sarah Liddle, Chris Lonsdale, Andrew Miller, Michael Noetel, Anthony D. Okely, Taren Sanders, Matthew Schweickle, Joanne Telenta, and Frank P. Deane

Macleay’s Choice: Transacting the Natural History Trade in the Nineteenth Century, Simon Ville, Claire Wright, and Jude Philp


Developmental phenomenology: examples from social cognition, Stefano Vincini and Shaun Gallagher

The Impact of Challenge and Hindrance Demands on Burnout, Work Engagement, and Presenteeism. A Cross-Sectional Study Using the Job Demands-Resources Model, Anjali Vinod Nair, Alisha McGregor, and Peter Caputi


Theorising transdisciplinary research encounters: Energy and Illawarra, Australia, Gordon R. Waitt

Lively cities made in sound: A study of the sonic sensibilities of listening and hearing in Wollongong, New South Wales, Gordon R. Waitt, Ian M. Buchanan, and Michelle Duffy

Young men’s sports betting assemblages: masculinities, homosociality and risky places, Gordon R. Waitt, Hayden Cahill, and Ross Gordon

Recreational fishing and citizenship: a sensory ethnography of fishermen with Asian ancestry, Sydney, Australia, Gordon R. Waitt, Michelle A. Voyer, and Collette Fontaine

Civilian resistance and the failure of the indonesian counterinsurgency campaign in nduga, west papua, Hipolitus Wangge and Camellia B. Webb-Gannon


5 tips to help parents navigate the unique needs of children with autism learning from home, Amanda A. Webster


What does success mean for autistic men? A narrative exploration of self-determination, Amanda A. Webster and Susanne Garvis

Implementing the school-wide autism competency model to improve outcomes for students on the autism spectrum: a multiple case study of three schools, Amanda A. Webster and Jacqueline Roberts


Nudging in education: from theory towards guidelines for successful implementation, Robert Weijers, Bjorn de Koning, and Fred Paas


Social Distancing and Lockdown - An Introvert's Paradise? An Empirical Investigation on the Association Between Introversion and the Psychological Impact of COVID19-Related Circumstantial Changes, Maryann Wei

Complex Scenes From the International Affective Picture System (IAPS), Maryann Wei, Steven J. Roodenrys, Leonie M. Miller, and Emma Barkus


Complex Scenes From the International Affective Picture System (IAPS), Maryann Wei, Steven J. Roodenrys, Leonie M. Miller, and Emma Barkus

Be alarmed. Some reflections about the COVID-19 risk communication in Germany, Peter M. Wiedemann and Wolfgang Dorl

Parenting and the vaccine refusal process: A new explanation of the relationship between lifestyle and vaccination trajectories, Kerrie Wiley, Julie Leask, Katie Attwell, Catherine Helps, Christopher J. Degeling, Paul Ward, and Stacy M. Carter


The questionnaire survey as more-than-human achievement, Carrie Wilkinson, Leah Maree Gibbs, and Gordon R. Waitt


Proximal and distal predictors of self-regulatory change in children aged 4 to 7 years, Kate Williams and Steven J. Howard

Aboriginal people find strength despite perpetual grief, Bhiamie Williamson, Jessica Weir, and Vanessa I. Cavanagh

Local Newspapers and a Regional Setting in New South Wales: Parochialism, mythmaking and identity., Ian Willis


Australian primary private schools should be fully funded by governments — but banned from charging fees, Rachel Wilson and Paul Andrew Kidson

Authentic Empathy: A Cultural Basis for the Development of Empathy in Children, Tracey J. Woolrych, Michelle J. Eady, and Corinne Green

Lemba/remba indigenous knowledge and practice's contribution to community health and wellbeing in Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa, Rabson Wuriga, Maxwell Musingafi, and Jacob Mugumbate


Earthquake risk assessment using an integrated Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process with Artificial Neural Networks based on GIS: A case study of Sanandaj in Iran, Peyman Yariyan, Hasan Zabihi, Isabelle D. Wolf, Mohammadreza Karami, and Sohrab Amiriyan

Korean webtoons and collective innovation: expanding Europe's creative industries through competitive localization, Brian Yecies, Jie Yang, and Yiming Lu

Associations between Apgar scores and children's educational outcomes at eight years of age, Engida Yisma, Ben Mol, John Lynch, Murthy Mittinty, and Lisa G. Smithers


A systematic review of interventions to improve the dietary intake, physical activity and weight status of children attending family day care services, Sze Yoong, Melanie Lum, Jannah Jones, Erin Kerr, Maryann Falkiner, Tessa Delaney, Sam McCrabb, Li Chai, Kirsty Seward, and Alice Grady

A GIS-based fuzzy-analytic hierarchy process (F-AHP) for ecotourism suitability decision making: A case study of Babol in Iran, Hasan Zabihi, Mohsen Alizadeh, Isabelle D. Wolf, Mohammadreza Karami, Anuar Ahmad, and Hasan Salamian


A GIS-based fuzzy-analytic hierarchy process (F-AHP) for ecotourism suitability decision making: A case study of Babol in Iran, Hasan Zabihi, Mohsen Alizadeh, Isabelle D. Wolf, Mohammadreza Karami, Anuar Ahmad, and Hasan Salamian

Associations Between the Child Care Environment and Children's In-Care Physical Activity and Sedentary Time, Zhiguang Zhang, Nicholas Kuzik, Kristi Adamo, Nancy Ogden, Gary Goldfield, Anthony D. Okely, Mitchell Crozier, Stephen Hunter, Madison Predy, and Valerie Carson

Correlates of Sleep Duration in Early Childhood: A Systematic Review, Zhiguang Zhang, Eduarda Sousa-Sa, Joao Rafael Rodrigues Pereira, Anthony D. Okely, Xiaoqi Feng, and Rute Santos

Social Perceptions of a Creative Person: Stereotypes and Prejudice of a Creative Student among German Adolescents, Zhitian Zhang, Manuel Hopp, Wilma Vialle, and Albert Ziegler

Submissions from 2019

Out from the shadows? Voluntary organisations and the assembled state, Tom Baker and Pauline M. McGuirk

Making Sense of Multi-Sensory Environments: A Scoping Review, Allison Cameron, Pippa Burns, Andrea R. Garner, S K. Lau, Roselyn M. Dixon, Carly Pascoe, and Michael Szafraniec

Missionaries and Chinese women: The representation and exploitation of vulnerability in British missionary writing, Tamara Cooper

Writers, Producers and Creative Entrepreneurship in Web Series Development, Steinar Ellingsen and Stayci Taylor

Bark painting of Arnhem Land, Australia: the Western reception 1960-1990, Marie Geissler


Cultural Tourism: Imagery of Arnhem Land Bark Paintings Informs Australian Messaging to the Post-War USA, Marie Geissler

Critical tourism studies: new directions for volatile times, Christopher R. Gibson


Dense, urban and walkable: The lived experience of apartment dwellers in post- suburban Sydney, Cole E. Hendrigan, Nicole T. Cook, Shanka Herath, and Sophie-May Kerr


Seeing the wood for the trees: Insights into the complexity of developing pre-service teachers’ digital competencies for future teaching, Sarah Katherine Howard, Jo Tondeur, Jun Ma, and Jie Yang

The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of flexible learning spaces: A complex adaptive systems analysis, Katharina Elisabeth Kariippanon, Dylan P. Cliff, Anthony D. Okely, and Anne-Maree Parrish

Extended Consciousness and Predictive Processing: a Third Wave View, Michael D. Kirchhoff and Julian Kiverstein

Together and apart: relational experiences of place, identity and belonging in the lives of mixed-ethnicity families, Natascha Klocker and Alexander Tindale

The family meals imperative and everyday family life: an analysis of children’s photos and videos, Jo Lindsay, Claire E. Tanner, Deana Leahy, Sian Supski, Jan Wright, and JaneMaree Maher


Integrating physical activity into the primary school curriculum: rationale and study protocol for the “Thinking while Moving in English” cluster randomized controlled trial, Myrto F. Mavilidi, David R. Lubans, Phillip J. Morgan, Andrew Miller, Narelle Eather, Frini Karayanidis, Chris Lonsdale, Michael Noetel, Kylie Shaw, and Nicholas Riley


Exploring the Development and Research Focus of Cognitive Load Theory, as Described by Its Founders: Interviewing John Sweller, Fred Paas, and Jeroen van Merriënboer, Myrto-Foteini Mavilidi and Lijia Zhong

Social Emotions: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Jordan J. McKenzie, Rebecca E. Olson, Roger Patulny, and Michelle A. Peterie

Will Martin, Catherine McKinnon

Reframing social work research for Africa's consumers of research products: A guiding tool, Jacob Mugumbate and Edmoss Mtetwa

University of Wollongong AAIA 2018 Artist-in-Residence, Terumi Narushima


The lived experience of recovery in borderline personality disorder: a qualitative study, Fiona Y. Ng, Michelle L. Townsend, Caitlin Miller, Mahlie Jewell, and Brin F. S Grenyer

Emotions in late modernity, Roger Patulny and Rebecca E. Olson

Introduction, Roger Patulny, Rebecca E. Olson, Sukhmani Khorana, Jordan J. McKenzie, Alberto Bellocchi, and Michelle A. Peterie

Indigenous relational understandings of the house-as-home: embodied co-becoming with Jerrinja Country, Hilton Penfold, Gordon R. Waitt, Pauline M. McGuirk, and Alfred Wellington

School leadership and Aboriginal student outcomes: systematic review, Karen Trimmer, Roselyn M. Dixon, and John Guenther


Respiratory Protection: Do PAPRs adequately protect workers against DPM?, Jane L. Whitelaw, Kerrie Burton, Brian Davies, and Alison L. Jones

Submissions from 2018

Feeling good? Pride, shame, and being Australian, Mara Lazzarotto Davis

He Awa Whiria: Weaving indigenous and western perspectives and creating inclusion in Australasian engineering education, Matthew Hughes, Juliana K. Prpic, Thomas Goldfinch, and Jade E. Kennedy


Preliminary Efficacy and Feasibility of “Thinking While Moving in English”: A Program with Physical Activity Integrated into Primary School English Lessons, Myrto F. Mavilidi, David R. Lubans, Narelle Eather, Phillip J. Morgan, and Nicholas Riley


Can your community cope with rising tides?, Timothy Ramm, Christopher White, Christopher Watson, and Sonia Graham

Energy, households, gender and science: a feminist retrofit framework for transdisciplinary research, Gordon R. Waitt

Georges Riverkeeper Aboriginal Riverkeeper Team: a model for successful engagement of Aboriginal communities in natural resource management of urban areas, A C. Wales and Vanessa I. Cavanagh

Submissions from 2017


Justice approaches: methods and methodology in environmental justice research, Sonia Graham, Claudia Baldwin, Jennifer McKay, and Sue Jackson


Accounting for justice in local government responses to sea-level rise: evidence from two local councils in Victoria, Australia, Sonia Graham and Jon Barnett


Current status and future prospects for justice research in environmental management, Anna Lukasiewicz, Stephen Dovers, Libby Robin, Jennifer McKay, Steven Schilizzi, and Sonia Graham

Submissions from 2016


Transdisciplinary weed research: new leverage on challenging weed problems?, N Jordan, M Schut, Sonia Graham, Jacob Barney, D Childs, S Christensen, R Cousens, A Davis, H Eizenberg, D Ervin, C Fernandez-Quintanilla, L Harrison, M Harsch, S Heijting, M Liebman, D Loddo, S Mirsky, M Riemens, P Neve, D Peltzer, M Renton, M Williams, J Recasens, and M Sonderskov

Teaching and learning practice development with transnational teaching teams, Lynne M. Keevers, Geraldine Lefoe, Betty Leask, Fauziah Kp Dawood-Sultan, Sumitha Ganesharatnam, Vin Cent Loh, and Jane See Yin Lim


A beginners guide to incorporating Aboriginal perspectives into engineering curricula, Jade E. Kennedy, Thomas Goldfinch, Elizabeth E. Leigh, Timothy J. McCarthy, Juliana K. Prpic, and Les Dawes


(En)visioning place-based adaptation to sea-level rise, Saffron O'Neill and Sonia Graham


Balancing opposing forces - A nested process evaluation study protocol for a stepped wedge designed cluster randomized controlled trial of an experience based codesign intervention: The core study, Victoria Palmer, Donella Piper, Lauralie Richard, John Furler, Helen Herrman, Jacqui J. Cameron, Kali Godbee, David Pierce, Rosemary Callander, Wayne Weavel, Jane Gunn, and Rick Iedema

Submissions from 2015


The relevance of a coproductive capacity framework to climate change adaptation: Investigating the health and water sectors in Cambodia, Kathryn Bowen, Fiona Miller, Va Dany, and Sonia Graham

Submissions from 2014


Workplace risk factors for anxiety and depression in male-dominated industries: a systematic review, Samantha Battams, Ann Roche, Jane Fisher, Nicole Lee, Nicole K. Lee, Jacqui J. Cameron, and Victoria Kostadinov

Seismic Shifts: Platforms, Content Creators and Spreadable Media, Steinar Ellingsen

Submissions from 2012

Web series, independent media and emerging online markets: Then and now, Steinar Ellingsen

Submissions from 2010

Guidelines for the Use of the Digital Acknowledgement of Dharawal Country: And Other Appropriate Ways to Recognise Country, Jade E. Kennedy, Theresa Hoynes, and Susanne H. Pratt