The University of Wollongong Faculty of Social Sciences was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. Related series: Faculty of Education - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2020

The ethical, legal and social implications of using artificial intelligence systems in breast cancer care, Stacy M. Carter, Wendy Rogers, Khin Than Win, Helen Frazer, Bernadette Richards, and Nehmat Houssami

Papers from 2019

Health professionals' involvement of parents in decision-making in interprofessional practice at the hospital, Antje Aarthun, Knut Oymar, and Kristin Akerjordet


Parental involvement in decision-making about their child's health care at the hospital, Antje Aarthun, Knut Oymar, and Kristin Akerjordet

Physical activity as an adjunct treatment for erectile dysfunction, Mark S. Allen

The role of personality in sexual and reproductive health, Mark S. Allen

Happiness and counterfactual thinking at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, Mark S. Allen, Sarah Knipler, and Amy YC Chan

Anti-doping rule violations in sport: The attractive leniency effect and attributions of guilt and punishment, Mark S. Allen, Kirsty McRae, and Emma E. Walter

Erectile Dysfunction: An Umbrella Review of Meta-Analyses of Risk-Factors, Treatment, and Prevalence Outcomes, Mark S. Allen and Emma E. Walter

Sedentary behaviour and risk of anxiety: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Mark S. Allen, Emma E. Walter, and Christian F. Swann

The effectiveness of patient activation intervention on type 2 diabetes mellitus glycemic control and self-management behaviors: A systematic review of RCTs, Nasser Almutairi, Hassan Hosseinzadeh, and Vinodkumar Gopaldasani

Should we screen for frailty in primary care settings? A fresh perspective on the frailty evidence base: A narrative review, Rachel Ambagtsheer, Justin J. Beilby, Renuka Visvanathan, Elsa Dent, Solomon Yu, and Annette J. Braunack-Mayer

What is the impact of dementia on occupational competence, occupational participation and occupational identity for people who experience onset of symptoms while in paid employment? A scoping review, Catherine L. Andrew, Lyn Phillipson, and Lynnaire M. Sheridan

White noise facilitates new-word learning from context, Anthony Angwin, Wayne Wilson, Pablo Ripolles, Antoni Rodriguez-Fornells, Wendy Arnott, Robert J. Barry, Bonnie Cheng, Kimberley Garden, and David Copland

Does social capital and a healthier lifestyle increase mental health resilience to disability acquisition? Group-based discrete trajectory mixture models of pre-post longitudinal data, AHM Mehbub Anwar, Thomas E. Astell-Burt, and Xiaoqi Feng


Engaging with Bourdieu's theory of practice: an empirical tool for exploring school students' technology practice, Tiffani L. Apps, Karley A. Beckman, and Sue Bennett


The role of social cues in supporting students to overcome challenges in online multi-stage assignments, Tiffani L. Apps, Karley A. Beckman, Sue Bennett, Barney Dalgarno, Gregor Kennedy, and Lori Lockyer


Association of Urban Green Space with Mental Health and General Health among Adults in Australia, Thomas E. Astell-Burt and Xiaoqi Feng


Increasing tree cover may be like a 'superfood' for community mental health, Thomas E. Astell-Burt and Xiaoqi Feng


People living in rural areas may be at lower risk of Alzheimer's disease, Thomas E. Astell-Burt and Xiaoqi Feng

Between disgust and indifference: Affective and emotional relations with carp (Cyprinus carpio) in Australia, Jennifer M. Atchison


The value of movement content knowledge in the training of Australian PE teachers: perceptions of teacher educators, Erik R. Backman, Philip J. Pearson, and Gregory J. Forrest


A transdiagnostic perspective on social anhedonia, Emma Barkus and Johanna C. Badcock

Guidelines for the selection of physical literacy measures in physical education in Australia, Lisa M. Barnett, Dean Dudley, Richard Telford, David R. Lubans, Anna Bryant, William Roberts, Philip J. Morgan, Natasha K. Schranz, Juanita Weissensteiner, Stewart A. Vella, Jo Salmon, Jenny Ziviani, Anthony D. Okely, Nalda Wainwright, John Evans, and Richard J. Keegan

Understanding children's perspectives of classroom writing practices through drawings, Aspa Baroutsis, Lisa K. Kervin, Annette Woods, and Barbara Comber

Cycling Assemblages, Self-Tracking Digital Technologies and Negotiating Gendered Subjectivities of Road Cyclists On-the-Move, Lance R. Barrie, Gordon R. Waitt, and Christopher R. Brennan-Horley


Caffeine affects children's ERPs and performance in an equiprobable go/no-go task: Testing a processing schema, Robert J. Barry, Frances M. De Blasio, and Jack Fogarty


Data-driven derivation of natural EEG frequency components: An optimised example assessing resting EEG in healthy ageing, Robert J. Barry, Frances M. De Blasio, and Diana Karamacoska

Components in the P300: Don't forget the Novelty P3!, Robert J. Barry, Genevieve Z. Steiner, Frances M. De Blasio, Jack Fogarty, Diana Karamacoska, and Brett MacDonald

Self-regulation in open-ended online assignment tasks: the importance of initial task interpretation and goal setting, Karley A. Beckman, Tiffani L. Apps, Sue Bennett, Barney Dalgarno, Gregor Kennedy, and Lori Lockyer


Reproduction and transformation of students' technology practice: The tale of two distinctive secondary student cases, Karley A. Beckman, Sue Bennett, and Lori Lockyer

Will there be an Urryism? The dialectic of a plural thinker in singular times, Thomas Birtchnell

Association of flavonoids and flavonoid-rich foods with all-cause mortality: The Blue Mountains Eye Study, Nicola Bondonno, Joshua Lewis, Lauren Blekkenhorst, Catherine Bondonno, John Shin, Kevin D. Croft, Richard J. Woodman, Germaine Wong, Wai Lim, Bamini Gopinath, Victoria M. Flood, Joanna Russell, Paul Mitchell, and Jonathan Hodgson


Vascular effects on the BOLD response and the retinotopic mapping of hV4, H Boyd Taylor, Alexander M. Puckett, Zoey J. Isherwood, and Mark M. Schira

Maternal perinatal mental health: Associations with bonding, mindfulness, and self-criticism at 18 months' postpartum, Alexandra Brassel, Michelle L. Townsend, Judith A. Pickard, and Brin F. S Grenyer


International consensus statement on the psychosocial and policy-related approaches to mental health awareness programmes in sport, Gavin Breslin, Andy Smith, Brad Donohue, Paul Donnelly, Stephen Shannon, Tandy Haughey, Stewart A. Vella, Christian F. Swann, Stewart Cotterill, Tadhg MacIntyre, Tim Rogers, and Gerard Leavey

Health Star Ratings: What's on the labels of Australian beverages?, Aimee L. Brownbill, Annette J. Braunack-Mayer, and Caroline Miller


Moving to L2 Fluency: The Tai Ball Chi Technique, Michael S. Burri, William Acton, and Amanda Ann Baker


"I never imagined" pronunciation as "such an interesting thing": Student teacher perception of innovative practices, Michael S. Burri and Amanda Ann Baker


Proposing a Haptic Approach to Facilitating L2 Learners' Pragmatic Competence, Michael S. Burri, Amanda Ann Baker, and William Acton


Curious Kids: is it OK to listen to music while studying?, Timothy P. Byron

Regulatory and other responses to the pharmaceutical opioid problem, Gabrielle Campbell, Nicholas Lintzeris, Natasa Gisev, Briony K. Larance, Sallie-Anne Pearson, and Louisa Degenhardt

Geographies of energy transition: the case of high-performing commercial office space in the central business districts of Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, Chantel A. Carr, Pauline M. McGuirk, and Robyn Dowling

Grounded theory and empirical ethics, Stacy M. Carter

Gender Imbalance in Instructional Dynamic Versus Static Visualizations: a Meta-analysis, Juan Cristobal Castro-Alonso, Mona Wong, Olusola Adesope, Paul L. Ayres, and Fred Paas

Community views on factors affecting medicines resource allocation: Cross-sectional survey of 3080 adults in Australia, Lesley Chim, Glenn P. Salkeld, Patrick J. Kelly, Wendy Lipworth, Dyfrig A. Hughes, and Martin R. Stockler


Alteration to hippocampal volume and shape confined to cannabis dependence: A multi-site study, Yann Chye, Valentina Lorenzetti, Chao Suo, Albert Batalla, Janna Cousijn, Anna Goudriaan, M D. Jenkinson, Rocio Martin-Santos, Sarah Whittle, Murat Yucel, and Nadia Solowij

EEG development in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: From child to adult, Adam R. Clarke, Robert J. Barry, Stuart J. Johnstone, Rory McCarthy, and Mark Selikowitz

The EEG Theta/Beta Ratio: A marker of Arousal or Cognitive Processing Capacity?, Adam R. Clarke, Robert J. Barry, Diana Karamacoska, and Stuart J. Johnstone

Effects of steering locomotion and teleporting on cybersickness and presence in HMD-based virtual reality, Jeremy Clifton and Stephen Palmisano


Consumers' views on the importance of specific front-of-pack nutrition information: A latent profile analysis, Liyuwork Dana, Kathy Chapman, Zenobia Talati, Bridget Kelly, Helen Dixon, Caroline Miller, and Simone Pettigrew

Characteristics and circumstances of death related to new psychoactive stimulants and hallucinogens in Australia, Shane Darke, Johan Duflou, Amy Peacock, Michael P. Farrell, and Julia Lappin

Circumstances of death of opioid users being treated with naltrexone, Shane Darke, Michael P. Farrell, Johan Duflou, Briony K. Larance, and Julia Lappin

An acceptance and commitment therapy self-help intervention for carers of patients in palliative care: Protocol of a feasibility randomised controlled trial, Esther L. Davis, Frank P. Deane, and Geoffrey C. B Lyons

Health literacy in people living with mental illness: A latent profile analysis, Tayla Degan, Peter James Kelly, Laura Robinson, Frank P. Deane, Keren Wolstencroft, Serhat Turut, and Rebecca Meldrum

The ethics of One Health, Christopher J. Degeling, Angus Dawson, and Gwendolyn L. Gilbert


Perspectives of Australian policy-makers on the potential benefits and risks of technologically enhanced communicable disease surveillance - a modified Delphi survey, Christopher J. Degeling, Jane Johnson, and Gwendolyn L. Gilbert


Citizens' juries can bring public voices on overdiagnosis into policy making, Christopher J. Degeling, Rae Thomas, and Lucie Rychetnik

Residential self-selection, perceived built environment and type 2 diabetes incidence: A longitudinal analysis of 36,224 middle to older age adults, Tashi Dendup, Thomas E. Astell-Burt, and Xiaoqi Feng


Factors supporting retention of aboriginal health and wellbeing staff in Aboriginal health services: a comprehensive review of the literature, Sara Deroy and Heike Schutze


Association between breaks in sitting time and adiposity in Australian toddlers: Results from the GET-UP! study, Eduarda Manuela De Sousa Rodrigues de Sa, Joao Rafael Rodrigues Pereira, Zhiguang Zhang, Sanne L.C Veldman, Anthony D. Okely, and Rute Santos

A psychophysiological and behavioural study of slot machine near-misses using immersive virtual reality, Louisa Detez, Lisa-Marie Greenwood, Rebecca A. Segrave, Elliott Wilson, Thomas Chandler, Teresa Ries, Mitchell Stevenson, Rico Lee, and Murat Yucel


An unmitigated disaster: shifting from response and recovery to mitigation for an insurable future, Eliza R. De Vet, Christine Eriksen, Kate Booth, and Shaun French

Value creation: What matters most in Communities of Learning Practice in higher education, Filitsa Dingyloudi, Jan-Willem Strijbos, and Maarten F. de Laat

Marketing graduate employability: understanding the tensions between institutional practice and external messaging, Aysha Divan, Elizabeth Knight, Dawn Bennett, and Kenton Bell


Energy expenditure associated with posture transitions in preschool children, Katherine Downing, Xanne Janssen, Dylan P. Cliff, Anthony D. Okely, and John J. Reilly

Feasibility and acceptability of a home-based intervention to promote nurturing interactions and healthy behaviours in early childhood: The Amagugu Asakhula pilot study, Catherine E. Draper, Steven J. Howard, and Tamsen Rochat


Cross-sectional associations of physical activity and gross motor proficiency with adiposity in South African children of pre-school age, Catherine E. Draper, Simone Tomaz, Rachel A. Jones, Trina Hinkley, Rhian Twine, Kathleen Kahn, and Shane A. Norris

Antenatal determinants of early childhood talking delay and behavioural difficulties, Stephanie D'Souza, Caitlin N. Crawford, Jude Buckley, Lisa Underwood, Elizabeth R. Peterson, Amy L. Bird, Susan Morton, and Karen E. Waldie


Teachers' multicultural attitudes and perceptions of school policy and school climate in relation to burnout, Anneke Dubbeld, Natascha De Hoog, Perry Den Brok, and Maarten F. de Laat

Emotional and affective geographies of sustainable community leadership: A visceral approach, Michelle Duffy, Michael Gallagher, and Gordon R. Waitt

Addressing community diversity: the role of the festival encounter, Michelle Duffy, Judith Mair, and Gordon R. Waitt


Process trumps potential public good: better vaccine safety through linked cross-jurisdictional immunisation data in Australia, Katherine M. Duszynski, Nicole Pratt, John Lynch, Annette J. Braunack-Mayer, Lee K. Taylor, Jesia G. Berry, Vicki Xafis, Jim Buttery, and M S. Gold

Supporting Writing Collaborations through Synchronous Technologies: Singing Our SSONG about Working Together at a Distance, Michelle J. Eady, Corinne Green, Ashley B. Akenson, Briony Supple, Marian McCarthy, James Cronin, and Jacinta C. McKeon

Feasibility, acceptability, and potential efficacy of a childcare-based intervention to reduce sitting time among pre-schoolers: A pilot randomised controlled trial, Yvonne Ellis, Dylan P. Cliff, Steven J. Howard, and Anthony D. Okely


Understanding the office: Using ecological momentary assessment to measure activities, posture, social interactions, mood, and work performance at the workplace, Lina Engelen and Fabian Held


Negotiating adversity with humour: A case study of wildland firefighter women, Christine Eriksen

Frequency-dependent and montage-based differences in phosphene perception thresholds via transcranial alternating current stimulation, Ian Evans, Stephen Palmisano, Sarah P. Loughran, Alexandre Legros, and Rodney J. Croft

Getting on the K.A.D. The impacts of kava, alcohol and other drug consumption across Pacific communities, Moses Ma'alo Faleolo and Jioji Ravulo

Friendships Among Young South African Women, Sexual Behaviours and Connections to Sexual Partners (HPTN 068), Elizabeth Fearon, Richard Wiggins, Audrey Pettifor, Catherine L. Mac Phail, Kathleen Kahn, Amanda Selin, Francesc Xavier Gomez-Olive, and James Hargreaves

Can green space quantity and quality help prevent postpartum weight gain? A longitudinal study, Xiaoqi Feng and Thomas E. Astell-Burt


Does dissatisfaction with, or accurate perception of overweight status help people reduce weight? Longitudinal study of Australian adults, Xiaoqi Feng and Andrew Wilson

Introduction: mapping the emergence of #MeToo, Bianca Fileborn and Rachel E. Loney-Howes


#MeToo has changed the media landscape, but in Australia there is still much to be done, Bianca Fileborn, Rachel E. Loney-Howes, and Sophie Hindes

Sequential processing in the classic oddball task: ERP components, probability, and behavior, Jack Fogarty, Robert J. Barry, and Genevieve Z. Steiner


A sound track to ecological crisis: Tracing guitars all the way back to the tree, Christopher R. Gibson

Economic geography, to what ends? From privilege to progressive performances of expertise, Christopher R. Gibson

Challenge-led interdisciplinary research in practice: Program design, early career research, and a dialogic approach to building unlikely collaborations, Christopher R. Gibson, Tamantha Stutchbury, Victoria Ikutegbe, and Nicole L. Michielin


Communicable Disease Surveillance Ethics in the Age of Big Data and New Technology, Gwendolyn L. Gilbert, Christopher J. Degeling, and Jane Johnson

Coastal homemaking: Navigating housing ideals, home realities, and more-than-human processes, Charles Gillon and Leah Maree Gibbs


Assessing risk for HIV infection among adolescent girls in South Africa: an evaluation of the VOICE risk score (HPTN 068), Danielle Giovenco, Audrey Pettifor, Catherine L. Mac Phail, Kathleen Kahn, Ryan Wagner, Estelle Piwowar-Manning, Jing Wang, and James Hughes


Opportunities for better use of collective action theory in research and governance for invasive species management, Sonia Graham, Alexander Metcalf, Nicholas J. Gill, Rebecca Niemiec, Carlo Moreno, Thomas Bach, Victoria Ikutegbe, Lars Hallstrom, Zhao Ma, and Alice Lubeck


School-university partnerships in Australia: a systematic literature review, Corinne Green, Sharon K. Tindall-Ford, and Michelle J. Eady

Advancing Manufacturing?: Blinkered Visions in U.S. and Australian Urban Policy, Carl Grodach and Christopher R. Gibson

Does contextual diversity affect serial recall?, Dominic Guitard, Leonie M. Miller, Ian Neath, and Steven J. Roodenrys


Australia's sugar tale, Adyya Gupta, Caroline Miller, Jane Harford, Lisa Smithers, and Annette J. Braunack-Mayer


Financing the Low-Carbon City: Can Local Government Leverage Public Finance to Facilitate Equitable Decarbonisation?, Paris Hadfield and Nicole T. Cook


Investigating the mediators and moderators of child body mass index change in the Time2bHealthy childhood obesity prevention program for parents of preschool-aged children, Megan L. Hammersley, Anthony D. Okely, Marijka Batterham, and Rachel A. Jones


An Internet-Based Childhood Obesity Prevention Program (Time2bHealthy) for Parents of Preschool-Aged Children: Randomized Controlled Trial, Megan Hammersley, Anthony D. Okely, Marijka Batterham, and Rachel A. Jones

Well-being among hotel managers: A study on the influence of job stressors and cognitive reappraisal, Annie I. Haver, Espen Olsen, and Kristin Akerjordet


Online tools can help people in disasters, but do they represent everyone?, Billy Tusker Haworth, Christine Eriksen, and Scott J. McKinnon