Papers from 2022


Creativity and cross-institutional collaboration in the DigiDex Community of Practice, Kat Cain, Karen Miller, and Kristy Newton

Papers from 2020


Learning outside the classroom: A distinctive approach to co-curricular recognition in the australian context, Kylie S. Austin, Amy P. Thompson, Julia A. Coyle, and Joe F. Chicharo


University of Wollongong Library - Embedding Learning and Development as Part of Our Organisational DNA, Donna Dee, Keith Brophy, and Kristy Newton


‘Don’t let anyone bring me down again’: applying ‘possible selves’ to understanding persistence of mature-age first-in-family students, Janine Delahunty and Sarah Elizabeth O'Shea

Military adaptation and organisational convergence in war: Insurgents and international forces in Afghanistan, Theo G. Farrell

Cross-generational Physical Activity: Surveys of Children and Parents, Kate Freire, Rod Pope, and Julia A. Coyle


Digital Journeys @ UOW Australia: From Digital Dexterities to Digital Humanities and Beyond, Renée C. Grant and Michael Organ


Meeting Students Where They Are: Just in Time Embedded Delivery of Information and Digital Literacy Skills, Amy Hardy and Clare McKenzie

Readiness and Rapid Transitions to Remote Delivery, Clare B. McKenzie and Keith P. Brophy

Reconfiguring a Library Service Model to Reduce Exposure, Clare B. McKenzie and Georgina Konstanta


Really real and virtually real: celebrating the works of Bert Flugelman, Michael K. Organ, Grant C. White, Karen L. Illesca, Nathan L. Riggir, and Phillippa J. Webb

Big ideas & sharp focus: Researching and developing students' academic writing across the disciplines, Emily R. Purser, Shoshana J. Dreyfus, and Pauline T. Jones

Papers from 2019

Library digital strategy and informal learning spaces: presented at the WATTLE Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Hot Topic Group Showcase, James C. Conroy and Amy T. Hardy

'Oh, the places you'll go': The importance of relationships on postgraduate research students' experiences of academia, Janine Delahunty and Kathryn Harden-Thew

Teachers' Attitudes Toward Multiculturalism in Relation to General and Diversity-Related Burnout, Anneke Dubbeld, Natascha De Hoog, Perry Den Brok, and Maarten F. de Laat

Exploring cross-generational physical activity: who are the gate-keepers?, K Freire, Julia A. Coyle, and Rodney Pope


Journey to the new frontier: staff experience in a professional development program for digital dexterity, Renée C. Grant and Courtney A. Shalavin

Leveraging established relationships to embed digital literacies in the curriculum: presented at the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Lab Showcase, Samantha L. Hutchinson and Kristy Newton

CAUL Libraries transforming lives – Mapping the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Margie H. Jantti

Research data integrity and management: capability development, Margie H. Jantti

An Aboriginal way towards curriculum reconciliation, Jade E. Kennedy, Lisa K. Thomas, Alisa J. Percy, Bonnie Amelia Dean, Janine Delahunty, Kathryn Harden-Thew, and Maarten F. de Laat

Disruptions and bridges in rural Australia: higher education aspiration to expectation of participation, Sue Kilpatrick, Robin Katersky Barnes, Jennifer A. Heath, Alex Lovat, Wee Kong, Nicholas Flittner, and Samantha Avitaia

Digital dexterity – A sustainable model for developing skills to meet the new digital reality, Clare B. McKenzie

"That working class ethic … where there's a will there's a way": A strengths-based approach to developing employable scholars, Sarah Elizabeth O'Shea and Janine Delahunty

Digital Dexterity: A Sustainable Model for Building Essential Skills for the Future Workforce, Carmel O'Sullivan, Alison Slocome, Clare B. McKenzie, and Fiona Salisbury

“Welcome to country” and “acknowledgment of Country”: (Re)conciliatory protest, Alessandro Pelizzon and Jade E. Kennedy


Institutional Technology Adoption and Integration: A Holistic Grass Roots Approach to Inform Institutional Transformation, David Bruce Porter, Kristy Newton, Susan R. Downie, and Dave Rigter

Internationalizing Interpersonal Organizational Communication, Ann M. Rogerson and Louise C. Rossetto


Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Learning Design in UOW Online, a Unified Approach to Fully Online Learning, Rory L. Sie, Janine Delahunty, Kenton Bell, Alisa J. Percy, Bart Rienties, Trinh Cao, and Maarten F. de Laat


Beyond Time and Space: using AI to Solve Client Service Challenges Now and Into the Future, Rory L.L. Sie and Debra Nolan

Seamless integration of Library resources into Moodle using LTI integration tool: presented at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Lab Sharing Session, Bernadette M. Stephens and Nickolas Zografos


Facilitating social learning in teacher education: a case study, Emmy Vrieling, A Van Den Beemt, and Maarten F. de Laat

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Online: Investigating the impact of an online format across different first year university subjects, Tracey J. Woolrych, Melissa A. Zaccagnini, Moira Stephens, Murray J. Stace, Rebekkah Middleton, Melissa L. Bergner, Sian M. O'Sullivan, Reetu Verma, and Andrea Kornhoff

Papers from 2018

First-in-family students, university experience and family life, Bonnie Amelia Dean

The Interpretivist and The Learner, Bonnie Amelia Dean

Flexible Spaces and Sustainable Opportunities: Designing Online Professional Learning for Sessional Teachers, Bonnie Amelia Dean, Kathryn Harden-Thew, Janine Delahunty, and Lisa K. Thomas

Transforming accounting curricula to enhance integrative learning, Bonnie Amelia Dean, Stephanie Perkiss, Milica Simic Misic, and Karina Luzia


Ethnography in work integrated learning research, Bonnie Amelia Dean, Christopher S. Sykes, and Jan Turbill


Connecting to learn, learning to connect: Thinking together in asynchronous forum discussion, Janine Delahunty


A problem of Berry and knotted zeros in the eigenfunctions of the harmonic oscillator, Alberto Enciso, David James Hartley, and Daniel Peralta-Salas


Dislocations of arbitrary topology in Coulomb eigenfunctions, Alberto Enciso, David James Hartley, and Daniel Peralta-Salas

What are the drivers of cross-generational physical activity? Exploring the experiences of children and parents, K Freire, Rodney Pope, and Julia A. Coyle


Surveying the digital literacy landscape for academic and professional staff in higher education, Elaine Huber and Courtney A. Shalavin


Jindaola: An Aboriginal Way of Embedding Knowledges and Perspectives, Jade E. Kennedy, Lisa K. Thomas, Alisa J. Percy, Janine Delahunty, Kathryn Harden-Thew, Brondalie Martin, Maarten F. de Laat, and Bonnie Amelia Dean


Meet them where they are: bringing the Learning Co-Op into the digital space, Kristy Newton and Courtney A. Shalavin

Stimulating Teachers' Learning in Networks: Awareness, Ability, and Appreciation, Femke Nijland, Daniel L. van Amersfoort, Bieke Schreurs, and Maarten F. de Laat

Transforming assessment feedback design: Students' responses to adaptively-released assessment feedback (ARAF) strategies, Maria Northcote, Lindsay Morton, Anthony Williams, Peter Kilgour, and Sherene Hattingh


Confrontational continuum: modernism and the psychedelic art of Martin Sharp, Michael K. Organ


Tolkien's surrealistic pillow: Leaf by Niggle, Michael K. Organ


Catching 'tears in the rain': Blade Runner and the archiving of memory and identity, Michael K. Organ, Susan Jones, Anthony M. Rice, and Grant C. White


Implementing a student focused Makerspace at University of Wollongong Library, Nathan Riggir

Exploration of older people's perceptions of behavioural factors associated with falls, Kristy Robson, Julia A. Coyle, and Rodney Pope


Embedding external referencing of standards in higher education: collaborative relationships are the key, Lesley Sefcik, Simon Bernard Bedford, Peter Czech, Judith Smith, and John Yorke


Don't Just Stay in Your Lane: Developing Digital Literacies Freestyle, Courtney A. Shalavin


The Importance of Impact, Tish Wagner and Michael Organ

Papers from 2017

Is there anyone out there?, Lucila Carvalho and Maarten F. de Laat

Place-based Spaces for Networked Learning, Lucila Carvalho, Peter Goodyear, and Maarten F. de Laat

Doctoral writing advisors navigating the supervision terrain, Meeta Chatterjee and Louise C. Rossetto

Acceptance of primary practitioner physiotherapists in an emergency department: A qualitative study of interprofessional collaboration within workforce reform, Julia A. Coyle and Stephen D. Gill

Building an online community to support the professional development of casual teachers, Bonnie Amelia Dean, Kathryn Harden-Thew, and Lisa K. Thomas

The undergraduate experience: focusing institutions on what matters most, Bonnie Amelia Dean and Lisa K. Thomas

The effect of algorithmic trading on market liquidity: Evidence around earnings announcements on Borsa Italiana, Alessandro Frino, Vito Mollica, Eleonora Monaco, and Riccardo Palumbo

Doctoral supervisor development in Australian universities: Preparing research supervisors to teach writing, Cally Guerin, Ruth Walker, C Aitchison, Madeleine Mattarozzi Laming, Meeta Chatterjee Padmanabhane, and Bronwyn James

Stability of geodesic spheres in S(n+1) under constrained curvature flows, David James Hartley


What have we GotS here? New ways for delivering Information Literacy at the University of Wollongong Library, Laura Lidden and Nick Zografos

Teaching little Professors: Autism Spectrum on TV and in the Classroom, Kimberley McMahon-Coleman

Self-reported load carriage injuries of military soldiers, Robin M. Orr, Julia A. Coyle, Venerina Johnston, and Rodney Pope


The Guide to Fostering Asynchronous Online Discussion in Higher Education, Irina Verenikina, Pauline T. Jones, and Janine Delahunty

Papers from 2016


Online gamification for science undergraduates, Simon Bernard Bedford, Roza Dimeska, and Michelle Wakelam

I am Looking for My Truth: a Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study Focusing on Undergraduate Nursing Students' Journeys in Indigenous Australian Cultural Competence, Jessica Biles, Julia A. Coyle, Maree Bernoth, and Barbara Hill


Transforming practice: Designing rubrics for cumulative and integrative assessment of disciplinary learning and development of students' language communication, Honglin Chen, Emily Rose Purser, and Alisa J. Percy

How Libraries Should Manage Data: Practical Guidance on How, With Minimum Resources, to Get the Best From Your Data, Brian L. Cox


With energy, ideas and cheek to spare, Richard Neville was the boy of OZ, Rebecca Daly and Michael K. Organ


Book Review: Fostering Self-Efficacy in Higher Education Students, Janine Delahunty

Laplace operators with eigenfunctions whose nodal set is a knot, Alberto Enciso, David James Hartley, and Daniel Peralta-Salas


The Learning Co-op: a showcase of cooperative leadership to provide a coherent model of student academic support, Rebecca M. Goodway, Fiona B. Macdonald, Alisa J. Percy, Sally G. Rogan, Melissa L. Stephen, and Heather Thomas

Stability of near cylindrical stationary solutions to weighted-volume preserving curvature flows, David James Hartley

Social network analytic perspective on e-learning, Caroline Haythornthwaite, Maarten F. de Laat, and Bieke Schreurs

Libraries and big data: a new view on impact and affect, Margie Jantti

Getting 'big' with library data, Margie H. Jantti

What role for libraries in learning analytics?, Margie H. Jantti and Jennifer A. Heath

Networked Learning, C Jones and Maarten F. de Laat

Innovating processes to determine quality alongside increased inclusivity in higher education, Nick Kelly, Rory L. Sie, and Robert Schuwer

Closing the loop: A model for inter-institutional collaboration through delivering formative assessment in large, first-year STEM classes, Gwen Lawrie, A R. Wright, Madeleine Schultz, Timothy Dargaville, Roy Tasker, Mark Williams, Simon Bernard Bedford, Glennys A. O'Brien, and Christopher Thompson


Making an impact: an innovative solution to strengthen strategic publishing decisions, Jennifer M. Lyons and Cecile Perrin

Future trends for student-generated digital media in science education, Alyce R. Mason

Narrative-based evaluation demonstrates the value of a higher education professional learning network, Coralie McCormack, Trudy Ambler, Brondalie Martin, Katrina Waite, and Ann Wilson


Makerspaces and the remaking of higher education, Fiona McDonald, Marcus O'Donnell, Teodor E. Mitew, and Neil R. Cairns


What's going on over there? Ventures into digital humanities at the University of Wollongong Library, Clare B. McKenzie and Kerrylee M. Ross

"The battle-scarred, the insane, the ones even you can't control": Disability and the female bodies of the Doctor's companions, Kimberley McMahon-Coleman

What Elena did: dis/ability in The Vampire Diaries, Kimberley McMahon-Coleman

Teaching University Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Guide to Developing Academic Capacity and Proficiency, Kimberley McMahon-Coleman and Kim Draisma

Evaluation of the functional status of learning networks based on the dimensions defining communities of practice, Celeste Meijs, Fleur Prinsen, and Maarten F. de Laat

Social learning as approach for teacher professional development; how well does it suit them?, Celeste Meijs, Fleur Prinsen, and Maarten F. de Laat


Re-imagining Sandon Point, Glenn Mitchell and Michael Organ


Everybody's talking but who's listening? Hearing the user's voice above the noise, with content strategy and design thinking, Kristy Newton and Michelle J. Riggs


Sustaining a library digitisation program: the UOW experience, Michael K. Organ


The Yellow House revisited, Michael K. Organ


Appin Massacre and Governor Macquarie's War 1816, Michael K. Organ


3D immersive collection and teaching environments: the Yellow House project at UOW, Michael K. Organ, Christopher L. Moore, Rebecca Daly, and Neil R. Cairns