Papers from 2017

Human interaction recognition using low-rank matrix approximation and super descriptor tensor decomposition, Muhammad Rizwan Khokher, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, and Son Lam Phung

An Efficient KP-ABE with Short Ciphertexts in Prime Order Groups under Standard Assumption, Jongkil Kim, Willy Susilo, Fuchun Guo, and Man Ho Au


System for creation and display of 3D maps of coal mines, Tomas Kot, Petr Novak, and Jan Babjak


Modelling inundation extents of the June 2016 storm surge in estuarine environments using static and dynamic approaches, Kristian Kumbier, Rafael Cabral Carvalho, Athanasios T. Vafeidis, and Colin D. Woodroffe

From political reforms to legal challenges: the changing strategies of the Sami movement in Sweden, Patrik Lantto

Automatic Weld Path Generation for Mesh Objects, Nathan P. Larkin, Andrew Short, Zengxi Stephen Pan, and Stephen van Duin


The Business Excellence Journey in UAE Organizations, Flevy Lasrado and Bostjan Gomiscek


On performance of analog least mean square loop for self-interference cancellation in in-band full-duplex OFDM systems, Anh Tuyen Le, Le Chung Tran, and Xiaojing Huang

Experimental and calculated THz spectra of analgesics, Lucia Lepodise, R A. Lewis, and Josip Horvat

Efficient leak resistant modular exponentiation in RNS, Andrea Lesavourey, Christophe Negre, and Thomas Plantard


Identifying the wheeling costs associated with solar sharing in LV distribution networks in Australia using power flow tracing and MW-Mile methodology, Bosui Li, Duane A. Robinson, and Ashish P. Agalgaonkar


Skeleton-based action recognition using LSTM and CNN, Chuankun Li, Pichao Wang, Shuangyin Wang, Yonghong Hou, and Wanqing Li


What have we GotS here? New ways for delivering Information Literacy at the University of Wollongong Library, Laura Lidden and Nick Zografos

Rayleigh scattering based distributed optical fiber sensing, Enbang Li

Fiber-optic dosimeters for radiation therapy, Enbang Li and James Archer


Railway Turnout Failure Mode Analysis, H. Li, M. Carkagis, Alan K. Hellier, H. Zhu, J. McLeod, and S. Pannila


Railway turnout failure mode analysis, Hui Jun Li, M Carkagis, Alan K. Hellier, Hongtao Zhu, J McLeod, and S Pannila

Computational Thinking (CT) and Rebel Game Design: CT in Health Games, H C. Lim


Fuzzy Extractors for Biometric Identification, Nan LI, Fuchun Guo, Yi Mu, Willy Susilo, and Sanjay K. Nepal

'Narratives from Taiwan: harnessing the strength and solidarity of indigenous communities, Tricia Lin and Fenmei Niahosa

Mining the statistical information of confidential data from noise-multiplied data, Yan-Xia Lin

A low loss of Y-doped BiFeO3 ceramics and its magnetic and dielectric properties, Qiang Li, Shengxiang Bao, Jie Li, Tao Hong, Libo Ai, Yongda Hu, and Yanhua Sun

Enhanced magnetic and dielectric properties of BiFeO3-BaFe12O19 solid solution, Qiang Li, Shengxiang Bao, Jie Li, Tao Hong, Libo Ai, Yanhua Sun, Chuan Luo, Yulan Jing, and Yongda Hu

Structural evolution of metals at high temperature: complementary investigations with neutron and synchrotron quantum beams, Klaus-Dieter Liss

An Inferential Metamorphic Testing Approach to Eliminating False Positives in SQLIV Penetration Test, Li Liu, Guoxin Su, Jinqi Xu, Biao Zhang, Jiehui Kang, Sihan Xu, Peng Li, and Guannan Si

Printed Yagi-Uda antenna array on CubeSat, Sining Liu, Raad Raad, and Faisel Em M Tubbal

Multiple kernel k-means with incomplete kermels, Xinwang Liu, Miaomiao Li, Lei Wang, Yong Dou, Jianping Yin, and En Zhu

Agent-based influence maintenance in social networks, Weihua Li, Quan Bai, Tung Nguyen, and Minjie Zhang

Agent-based influence propagation in social networks, Weihua Li, Quan Bai, and Minjie Zhang

Hierarchical based model predictive control for automatic vehicles brake, Wenfei Li, Haiping Du, and Weihua Li

Probabilistic model checking of perturbed MDPs with applications to cloud computing, Yamilet Llerena, Guoxin Su, and David Rosenblum

Safety management in healthcare by means of live working, Viktor Lovrencic, Bostjan Gomiscek, and Mario Perla

Study on the quality management and health and safety aspects on perceived live working implementation dimensions, Viktor Lovrencic, Milos Pantos, Damjan Maletic, Matjaz Maletic, Alenka Brezavscek, and Bostjan Gomiscek


Towards Automated Optimization of Web Interfaces and Application to E-commerce, Aoun Lutfi and Stefano Fasciani

Performance analysis of modulation techniques in multilevel inverters for direct grid connected photovoltaic arrays, A M. Mahfuz-Ur-Rahman, Md Mazharul Islam, and Md Rabiul Islam

Power frequency transformer-less grid connected photovoltaic arrays with reduced DC sources and electronic components, A M. Mahfuz-Ur-Rahman and Md Rabiul Islam

The impact of online social games on E-learning usage among female students, Alaa Mahmood, Shafiz Affendi Mohd Yusof, and Muhammad Jambak


Strength properties of grout for strata reinforcement, Dean Majoor, Ali Mirzaghorbanali, and Naj Aziz


Using complex fuzzy sets for strategic cost evaluation in supply chain downstream, Jun Ma, Lipeng Feng, and Jie Yang

Learning temporal ambiguity in web search queries, Behrouz Mansouri, Mohammad Zahedi, Masoud Rahgozar, Farhad Oroumchian, and Ricardo Campos

Introducing Knowledge Management to the Marketing Mix, Peter R. Massingham and Alan A. Pomering


Distributed strain measurement using fibre optics in a high performance composite hydrofoil, Phyo Maung, Gangadhara B. Prusty, Ginu Rajan, Enbang Li, Andrew W. Phillips, and Nigel St John

The Knowledge Enhancement Process of Knowledge Workers, Carol McGowan, Kate L. P Reid, and Lee Styger


Mechanical direct shear tests of cables – combined stress relationships, Kent McTyer and David William Evans


Roof support and roadway serviceability assessment using beam-column principles, Terry Medhurst and Peter De Roma


The antecedents and outcomes of identifiability in online brand communities, Stephanie Meek and Kathy Ning Shen


Shorter south coast train transit times, Max Michell and Philip G. Laird


Development of the ANZI strain cell for three dimensional in situ stress determinations in deep exploration boreholes, Ken Mills and Jesse Puller


Insights into the mechanics of multi-seam subsidence from Ashton underground mine, Ken Mills and Stephen Wilson

Swarm networks and the design process of a distributed meme warfare campaign, Teodor E. Mitew and Travis Wall

Timely trust: The use of IoT and cultural effects on swift trust formation within global virtual teams, Shafiz Affendi Mohd Yusof, Norhayati Zakaria, and Nursakirah Muton


A new indirect method for evaluation of the swelling potential of argillaceous rocks, Mahdi Moosavi and Hasan Samani


Does Frontline Employees' Empowerment Make A Difference In Data Driven Services?, Saradhi Motamarri, Shahriar Akter, and Venkata K. Yanamandram


A case study illustration of the layout and support in an Indian coal mine with difficult roof condition where continuous miner is in operation, Sudipta Mukhopadhyay and Satish Sharma

Leveraging the Propagation Model to Make Greedy Routing Decisions in Urban Environments, Abhinay Mukunthan, Craig Cooper, Farzad Safaei, Daniel R. Franklin, and Mehran Abolhasan


Review of oxygen deficiency requirements for graham’s ratio, Sean Muller, Larry Ryan, Jeremy Hollyer, and Snezana Bajic


Alcohol-related incidents in Residence; what are the demographics?, Rebekah A. Murray-Smith


A 3D printed monolithic soft gripper with adjustable stiffness, Rahim Mutlu, Charbel Tawk, Gursel Alici, and Emre Sariyildiz

A synchronization control technique for soft connection of doubly-fed induction generator based wind turbines to the power grid, Kashem M. Muttaqi and Mehrdad Tarafdar Hagh

'Indigenous response to global predicaments: do we have a right?, Martin Nakata


Performance Assessment of Geocell-Reinforced Subballast: Modeling and Design Implications, Ngoc Trung Ngo, Buddhima Indraratna, and Michael Biabani


Coupled DEM-FEM analysis for simulating ballasted rail tracks, Ngoc Trung Ngo, Buddhima Indraratna, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn

DEM modelling of geocells reinforced subballast in rail tracks, Ngoc Trung Ngo, Buddhima Indraratna, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, and Tim Neville


Small and Medium Enterprise Productivity and its Determinants: Evidence from Vietnamese manufacturing SMEs, Cong Nguyen, Charles Harvie, and Amir Arjomandi

Enhanced pixel-wise voting for image vanishing point detection in road scenes, Linh Nguyen, Son Lam Phung, and Abdesselam Bouzerdoum

A numerical investigation into the transverse permeability of fibrous geomaterials, Thanh Trung Nguyen, Buddhima Indraratna, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn


Finite element modelling of biodegradable jute drains, Thanh Trung Nguyen, Buddhima Indraratna, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, and John Philip Carter


Exploring Student Interest of Online Peer Assisted Learning Using Mixed-Reality Technology, Sasha Nikolic and Benjamin Nicholls


Designing and Using Self-Paced Tutorials: Lessons from the Pilot, Sasha Nikolic and Raad Raad


Higher education policy and cultural change in universities, Rodney Nillsen


Telerescuer - reconnaissance mobile robot for underground coal mines, Petr Novak, Jan Babjak, Tomas Kot, Zdenko Bobovský, Petr Olivka, Wojciech Moczulski, Anna Timofiejczuk, Marek Adamczyk, Borja Genoves Guzman, Ana Gaecia Armada, and Angel Rodriguez


Cyber Security Incidents on Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Networks, Robert Ighodaro Ogie


Investigating the accuracy of georeferenced social media data for flood mapping: The case study, Robert Ighodaro Ogie and Hugh I. Forehead


The influence of consolidation force on the performance of AFP manufactured laminates, Ebrahim Oromiehie, Gangadhara B. Prusty, Paul P. Compston, and Ginu Rajan

Machine learning based process monitoring and characterisation of automated composites, Ebrahim Oromiehie, Gangadhara B. Prusty, Ginu Rajan, Chathura Wanigasekara, and Akshya Swain

Blind speaker counting in highly reverberant environments by clustering coherence features, Shahab Pasha, Jacob Donley, and Christian H. Ritz

Towards real-time source counting by estimation of coherent-to-diffuse ratios from ad-hoc microphone array recordings, Shahab Pasha, Jacob Donley, Christian H. Ritz, and Yue-Xian Zou

Spatial multi-channel linear prediction for dereverberation of ad-hoc microphones, Shahab Pasha, Christian H. Ritz, and Yue-Xian Zou


Coping with social complexity of infrastructure projects, Ricardo Peculis


Infrastructure system of systems integrity, Ricardo Peculis and Farid Shirvani


Assessing Infrastructure System of Systems Integrity, Ricardo Peculis, Farid Shirvani, and Pascal Perez

Evaluating 360-Virtual Reality for Mining Industry's Safety Training, Shiva Pedram, Pascal Perez, Stephen Palmisano, and Matthew Farrelly

Compression tests on square hybird FRP-concrete-steel tubular columns with a rib-stiffened steel inner tube, Kaidi Peng, Tao Yu, and Muhammad N. S Hadi

An efficient local method for stereo matching using daisy features, Xiaoming Peng, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, and Son Lam Phung


Monitoring and management of a landslide on the main motorway between Sydney and Wollongong, NSW Australia, Cameron Pierce, Phillip N. Flentje, Alex Dunstan, Andrew Monk, Milan Sladakovic, and Dakshina Silva


Precision of EMR Data: The Case For a Drug and Alcohol Service, Siyu Qian, Esther Munyisia, Ping Yu, David M. Hailey, and David Reid


Experimental and numerical investigation of injection of coal washery waste into longwall goaf, Zongyi Qin and Baotang Shen

Cooperative recovery of coverage holes in WSNs via disjoint spanning trees, Ali Rafiei, Mehran Abolhasan, Daniel R. Franklin, Farzad Safaei, Stephen Smith, and Wei Ni

Effect of the number of participating nodes on recovery of WSN coverage holes, Ali Rafiei, Mehran Abolhasan, Daniel R. Franklin, Farzad Safaei, Stephen Smith, and Wei Ni

Performance evaluation of carrier-based modulation strategies for modular cascaded H-bridge multilevel converters, Md Ashib Rahman and Md Rabiul Islam

Modified carrier-based over-modulation technique for improved switching performance of multilevel converters, Md Ashib Rahman, Md Rabiul Islam, Youguang Guo, Jianguo Zhu, and Gang Lei

High Frequency Fibre Bragg Grating Interrogator for Monitoring Rock Cracking Events for Mining Applications, Ginu Rajan and Shivakumar Karekal

Deliberate practice and entrepreneurial decision-making among micro-entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, Nadeera Ranabahu Mudiyanselage, Mary Barrett, and Lee C. Moerman


Double shear testing of cable bolts with no concrete face contacts, Haleh Rasekh, Naj Aziz, Ali Mirzaghorbanali, Jan Nemcik, Xuwei Li, Guanyu Yang, and Saman Khaleghparast

Increasing policy success through the use of social media cross-channels for citizen political engagement, Christopher Reddick, Akemi T. Chatfield, and Uuf Brajawidagda

Online budget transparency innovation in government: A case study of the U.S. state governments, Christopher Reddick, Akemi T. Chatfield, and G Puron-Cid


An assessment of coal pillar system stability criteria based on a mechanistic evaluation of the interaction between coal pillars and the overburden, Guy Reed and Russell Frith

Impact performance of concrete beams externally bonded with carbon FRP sheets, Alex M. Remennikov, Matthew Goldston, and M Neaz Sheikh

A concurrent multiple negotiation strategy for service level agreement negotiations in web-based service environments, Fenghui Ren, Minjie Zhang, Lei Niu, and Xishun Wang

Access control policy combination from similarity analysis for secure privacy-preserved EHR systems, Fatemeh Rezaeibagha and Yi Mu