Papers from 2019


Leveraging BERT to Improve the FEARS Index for Stock Forecasting, Linyi Yang, Yang Xu, Tin L. Ng, and Ruihai Dong


Metamorphic exploration of an unsupervised clustering program, Sen Yang, Dave Towey, and Zhi Q. Zhou


A review of energy sources of coal burst in Australian coal mines, Xiaohan Yang, Ting Ren, Xuequi He, and Lihai Tan

Fractal characteristics of temporal-spatial distribution of acoustic emission during coal bursts, Xiaohan Yang, Ting X. Ren, Alex M. Remennikov, Xueqiu He, and Lihai Tan

Multi-agent-based System to Model and Simulate the Emergency Response in Metropolis, Weicheng Yin, Fenghui Ren, and Minjie Zhang


Ensemble Neural Network Method for Wind Speed Forecasting, Binbin Yong, Fei Qiao, Chen Wang, Jun Shen, Yongqiang Wei, and Qingguo Zhou

Behavior of double-shear high strength steel bolted connections at elevated temperatures, Ben Young, Yong Cho, and Lip H. Teh

Pattern recognition for prosthetic hand user's intentions using EMG data and machine learning techniques, Sam Young, Benjamin Stephens-Fripp, Andrew Gillett, Hao Zhou, and Gursel Alici

Assessment of protective device sensitivity with increasing penetration of distributed energy resources, Muhammad Yousaf, Kashem M. Muttaqi, and Danny Sutanto

The Strategy for Fabricating Wire-Structure Parts Using Robotic Skeleton Arc Additive Manufacturing, Ziping Yu, Lei Yuan, Fengyang He, Donghong Ding, Joseph W. Polden, and Zengxi Stephen Pan

A Consecutive Energy Management Approach for a VPP Comprising Commercial Loads and Electric Vehicle Parking Lots Integrated with Solar PV Units and Energy Storage Systems, Arian Zahedmanesh, Kashem M. Muttaqi, and Danny Sutanto

Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy-based Kalman Filter Observer for Vehicle Side-slip Angle Estimation and Lateral Stability Control, Liqin Zhang, Boyuan Li, Haiping Du, and Bangji Zhang

Co-prime Circular Microphone Arrays and Their Application to Direction of Arrival Estimation of Speech Sources, Jiahong Zhao and Christian H. Ritz

Semi-coprime microphone arrays for estimating direction of arrival of speech sources, Jiahong Zhao and Christian H. Ritz

Modelling diffusion process by deep neural networks for image retrieval, Yan Zhao, Lei Wang, Luping Zhou, Yinghuan Shi, and Yang Gao

Download Traffic Scheduling for CubeSats Swarms with Inter-Satellite Links, Yawen Zheng, Kwan-Wu Chin, and Luyao Wang

Game-theoretic Approach to Fleet Management for Vehicle to Grid Services, Choucair Ziad, Haile-Selassie Rajamani, and Ioannis Manikas


Digital twin based method to monitor and optimize belt conveyor maintenance and operation, Manfred Ziegler

Papers from 2018

Two layered 2 x 1 Koch curve patch array antenna with suspended air gap effect for wireless LAN applications, MohamedFareq AbdulMalek, H Nornikman, Obada Al Khatib, Badrul Ahmad, Nidhal Abdulaziz, Mohamad Zoinol Abi Aziz, Hasliza Rahim, N Ann, J Shen, N Salman, N M. Razak, and Hamizan Abu Bakar

Dual-band co-planar waveguide (CPW) hexagonal patch antenna with hexagonal slot, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, H Nornikman, Badrul Ahmad, Mohamad Zoinol Abi Aziz, Hamizan Abu Bakar, Obada Al Khatib, A Copiaco, Nidhal Abdulaziz, N Gen, A Adha, M. Y Ibrahim, A Radzi, and A Zainee

Co-planar waveguide (CPW) slotted bow-tie antenna with band-notch using polygon-shaped branches structure, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, H Nornikman, Obada Al Khatib, Nidhal Abdulaziz, Mohamad Zoinol Abi Aziz, Badrul Ahmad, Hasliza Rahim, M Mustapha, M Muslihat, Sarah York, S Yusof, and N Nazim

Excess Pore Water Pressure Generation and Mud Pumping in Railways under Cyclic Loading, Aruni Lakmali Abeywickrama Bamunusing Kankanamge, Buddhima Indraratna, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn

Preliminary analytical formulation of ice-floater interactions including the effect of wave load, Aziz Ahmed, M. Abdullah Al Maruf, Arun Dev, and Mohammed Abdul Hannan

Thread effect on the initial stiffness of bolted connections, Aziz Ahmed and Lip H. Teh

Developing a Block-chained knowledge management model (BCKMM): Beyond traditional knowledge management, Peyman Akhavan, Maryam Philsoophian, Lila Rajabion, and Morteza Namvar


Dynamic Service Analytics Capabilities for Service Systems in the Global Big Data Economy - A Systematic Review and Agenda for Future Research, Shahriar Akter, Saradhi Motamarri, Mujahid M. Babu, Mario Fernando, Samuel Fosso Wamba, and Kathy Ning Shen

Assessing the performance of ROCOF relay for anti-islanding protection of distributed generation under subcritical region of power imbalance, Mollah R. Alam, Most Begum, and Kashem M. Muttaqi


Assessing the Determinants of Business Value Related to IT Projects: A Strategic Alignment Perspective of Public-Sector Organisations in Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz Alghazi, Tingru Cui, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Mengxiang Li, and Jun Shen

Misalignment between business and IT strategic objectives in Saudi Arabia public sector organisations, Abdulaziz Alghazi, Mengxiang Li, Tingru Cui, Samuel Fosso Wamba, and Jun Shen

Generating pseudo-code from source code using deep learning, Abdulaziz Alhefdhi, Hoa K. Dam, Hideaki Hata, and Aditya K. Ghose

Gender differences in the value of using Facebook: A pilot study, Omar Al-Hujran, Rasmiah Hamzah, and Kholoud Alkayid

Using Arabic Social Media Feeds for Incident and Emergency Management in Smart Cities, Manar Alkhatibl, May El Barachi, and Khaled Shaalan

Traffic load-based spectrum sharing for multi-tenant cellular networks for IoT services, Obada Al-Khatib, Wibowo Hardjawana, and Branka Vucetic

The Bias Voltage and Photon Frequency Effects on the Negative Optical Conductance of a Gapped Single Layer Graphene p-n Junction (GGPNJ) in THz to Infrared Regime, Shareef F. Al-Tikrity

Multi-Objective Iteration Planning in Agile Development, Wisam Al-Zubaidi, Hoa K. Dam, Morakot Choetkiertikul, and Aditya K. Ghose

Human Brain Tissue Segmentation in fMRI using Deep Long-Term Recurrent Convolutional Network, Sui Paul Ang, Son Lam Phung, Mark M. Schira, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, and Soan Duong

Fast switching and oscillatory behavior of nonlinear transistors in terahertz regime, Yee Ang, L Ang, C Zhang, and Zhongshui Ma

Fast Switching and Double Resonance of Nonlinear Transistors in Terahertz Regime, Yee Sin Ang, Lawrence K. Ang, C Zhang, and Zhongshui Ma

Investigating the Impacts of Cyber-Attacks on Pricing Data of Home Energy Management Systems in Demand Response Programs, Ugonna R. Anuebunwa, Haile-Selassie Rajamani, Raed Abd-Alhameed, and Prashant Pillai


Improvements in Longwall Technology and Performance in Kuzbass Mines of Suek, Vladimir Artemyev and Peter McInally


Is the privacy paradox a matter of psychological distance? An exploratory study of the privacy paradox from a construal level theory perspective, Heenkenda Mudiyanselage Ruwan Jayawickrama Bandara, Mario Fernando, and Md Shahriar Akter

An Elastic Visco-Plastic Model for Soft Soil with Reference to Radial Consolidation, Pankaj Baral, Buddhima Indraratna, and Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn

N28EH Permanent Magnet Based Linear Generator to Prevent Demagnetization during Oceanic Wave Energy Conversion, Md Bashir, Omar Farrok, Md Rabiul Islam, and Jianguo Zhu


Implementation of Interactive Spontaneous Combustion Hazard Assessment and Management at Meandu Mine, Basil Beamish, Dave Edwards, and Jan Theiler


Usability of Food and Beverage Packs in Hospital - Experiences from the Renal Ward, Alison F. Bell, Karen L. Walton, and Kelly Lambert


Evaluation of Gravimetric Samplers and Proposal for the Use of a Harmonised Performance Based Dust Sampler for Exposure Assessment, Bharath Belle


Constructing careers and negotiating barriers: success factors of skilled immigrants in western countries, Santina Bertone, Marian Crowley-Henry, and Shamika Almeida


Analysis of Bulli Seam Benchmark and DRI to Determine Outburst Threshold Limits, Dennis J. Black


Control and Management of Outburst in Australian Underground Coal Mines, Dennis J. Black


Determination of Gas Emission in the Mining Life Cycle, Patrick Booth, Heidi Brown, Jan Nemcik, and Ting Ren


Metamorphic testing of navigation software: A pilot study with Google Maps, Joshua Brown, Zhiquan Zhou, and Yang-Wai Chow


A Continuing Roof and Floor Monitoring Systems for Tailgate Roadways, Paul Buddery, Clare Morton, Duncan Scott, and Nathan Owen


Cloud Computing and E-commerce Adoption in Indonesia: Mind the Gaps, Fahrizal Budiono, S K. Lau, and William J. Tibben

Investigating electrode sites for intention detection during robot based hand movement using EEG-BCI system, Maryam Butt, Golshah Naghdy, Fazel Naghdy, Geoffrey R. Murray, and Haiping Du

The Influence Factors of Online Review Quality and Their Mechanism on Trust Intention, Cong Cao, Jun Yan, and Mengxiang Li


Lessons from the Aboriginal Riverkeeper Team Project, Georges River, Sydney, Vanessa I. Cavanagh

Stub column tests of FRP-confined rubber concrete with various replacement ratios, Chun Wa Chan, Shi Zhang, and Tao Yu

Open data policy and open data services, Akemi T. Chatfield and Christopher Reddick


Comparison of 8Li and 9Li spin relaxation in SrTiO3 and Pt: A means to distinguish magnetic and electric quadrupolar sources of relaxation, Aris Chatzichristos, Ryan M. L McFadden, Victoria L. Karner, David L. Cortie, C D. P Levy, W A. MacFarlane, Gerald D. Morris, Matthew R. Pearson, Zaher Salman, and Robert F. Kiefl


Towards Biological Sequence Data Service with Insights, Huaming Chen, Jun Shen, Lei Wang, and Chi-Hung Chi

Effects of micro/nano-structures on the photoelectric properties of silicon solar cell: A pump-probe study, Tianyu Chen, Xinke Wang, Peng Han, Jung Lee, C Zhang, and Yan Zhang

Poster: Predicting components for issue reports using deep learning with information retrieval, Morakot Choetkiertikul, Hoa K. Dam, Truyen Tran, Trang Pham, and Aditya K. Ghose

Analytical Modelling of Indian-made Biodegradable Jute Drains for soft soil Stabilization: Progress and Challenges, Kirti Choudhary, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, Buddhima Indraratna, and P Choudhury

The majority of palliative care patients are not in pain at end of life, Sabina P. Clapham and Samuel F. Allingham

A comparison of symptom outcomes between hospital and home, Sabina P. Clapham, Samuel F. Allingham, and Kathy Eagar

The relationship between efficiency and power take-off damping in pivoted-cylinder vortex-induced vibration marine current energy extraction, Samantha Clark, Andrew D. Johnstone, and Brad Stappenbelt


Transparency and Vision, Tommy Cleary


Improving Respirable Coal Dust Exposure Monitoring and Control, David Cliff, Nikky LaBranche, Mark Shepherd, and Fritz Djukic


Are Urban Development and Densification Patterns Aligned with Infrastructure Funding Allocation? Examining Data from Melbourne 1999-2015, Nicole T. Cook, Ilan Wiesel, and Fanqi Liu

Constructing Time: Reading and writing time in short-short fiction, Shady E. Cosgrove


The Abutment Angle Model and Its Appropriate Use for Longwall Tailgate Design, Mark Cowell


Consumers’ perspectives of the meaning of safety in acute mental health inpatient services, Natalie A. Cutler, Lorna Moxham, and Moira Stephens


Explainable software analytics, Hoa K. Dam, Truyen Tran, and Aditya K. Ghose

Investigation of high frequency emissions (supraharmonics) from small, grid-tied, photovoltaic inverters of different topologies, Dilini Darmawardana, Sarath Perera, Duane A. Robinson, Phil Ciufo, Jan Meyer, Matthias Klatt, and Jayatunga V. Jayatunga

The impact of PV inverters on audio frequency injection load control signals, Jason R. David, Sean T. Elphick, Phil Ciufo, and Sarath Perera


Let's reflect on the fall, Vanathy David, Joanne McLoughlin, Miriam Nonu, Denise A. Edgar, Vanessa Wallin, Valerie J. Wilson, and Victoria Traynor


Ethnography in work integrated learning research, Bonnie Amelia Dean, Christopher S. Sykes, and Jan Turbill


Modeling supply network configuration problems with varying demand profiles, Subodha Dharmapriya, Senevi Kiridena, and Nagesh Shukla


Modelling sustainable supply networks with adaptive agents, Subodha Dharmapriya, Senevi Kiridena, and Nagesh Shukla

An Improved 3D Surface Reconstruction Method Based on Three Wavelength Phase Shift Profilometry, Mingjun Ding, Jiangtao Xi, Guangxu Li, Limei Song, and Philip O. Ogunbona

Simulation study on improving the spatial resolution of absolute phase map recovered by fringe projection profilometry with the images of different resolutions, Yi Ding, Qiong Liu, Zhenwei Yuan, Lei Lu, and Jiangtao Xi

On the Comparison of Two Room Compensation / Dereverberation Methods Employing Active Acoustic Boundary Absorption, Jacob Donley, Christian H. Ritz, and Bastiaan (Willem) Kleijn

Wastewater Management: An IoT Approach, Adam Drenoyanis, Raad Raad, Ivan Wady, and Carmel Krogh

Anatomy-Guided Inverse-Gradient Susceptibility Artifact Correction Method for High-Resolution FMRI, Soan Duong, Mark M. Schira, Son Lam Phung, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, and Harriet G. Taylor

Exploring Approaches for Teaching and Learning Engineering Asset Management Courses, Khaled O. El-Akruti, Tieling Zhang, and Richard Dwight

High Gain Patch Antenna Array with Parasitic Elements for CubeSat Applications, Mohamed El Bakkali, Gurjot Gaba, Faisel Tubbal, and Najiba El Amrani El Idrissi

Laboratory investigation of the impact of PQ on induction motor performance, Sean T. Elphick, Matthew Crawford, Sarath Perera, and Phil Ciufo


Gas Desorption Rate of Coal Seams in Zonguldak Coal Basic as an Indicator of Outburst Proneness, Olgun Esen, Abdullah Fisne, Gündüz Ökten, and Dennis J. Black


An Investigation of the Coal Seam Gas Content and Compositon in Soma Coal Basin, Turkey, Olgun Esen, Samet Can Ozer, Anil Soylu, Ata Ramazani Rend, and Abdullah Fisne


Spectral Granular Synthesis, Stefano Fasciani


Tangible Virtual Patch Cords, Stefano Fasciani and Habibur Rahman


Imagining a better future: the outcomes of the Wellness Wednesday self-care program for healthcare staff, Alison Franklin, Marie Tobin, Shamika Almeida, Jackie Donsante, Padmini Pai, Alera Riley-Henderson, and Valerie J. Wilson


Coal Pillar Design When Considered a Reinforcement Problem Rather Than a Suspension Problem, Russell Frith and Guy Reed

Location-based social media use in families : Qualitative outcomes from participant observations, Sarah J. Fusco, Katina Michael, M G. Michael, and Roba Abbas

Automated evaluation of correctness and quality of database conceptual schemas, Janusz R. Getta

Event based forecasting of database workloads, Janusz R. Getta

Assessing the Risk of Fall in Older People through Turning Test, Maryam Ghahramani, Fazel Naghdy, David Stirling, Golshah Naghdy, Jan M. Potter, and Melissa Roach

Human behavior in online social networks, Joshua Gillen, Mark Freeman, and Holly Tootell

CO2Safe-Arrest: A full-scale burst test research program for carbon dioxide pipelines - Part 3: Dispersion modelling, Ajit R. Godbole, Xiong Liu, Guillaume Michal, Cheng Lu, and Clara Medina


Numerical Simulation of Unsaturated Infilled Joints in Shear, Libin Gong, Jan Nemcik, and Ting Ren