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Submissions from 2020


The paradoxical decline and growth of trust as a function of borderline personality disorder trait count: Using discontinuous growth modelling to examine trust dynamics in response to violation and repair, Gamze Abramov, Sebastien R. Miellet, Jason Kautz, Brin F. S Grenyer, and Frank P. Deane


Compulsivity is measurable across distinct psychiatric symptom domains and is associated with familial risk and reward-related attentional capture, Lucy Albertella, Samuel Chamberlain, Mike Le Pelley, Lisa-Marie Greenwood, Rico Lee, Lauren Den Ouden, Rebecca A. Segrave, Jon Grant, and Murat Yucel

Extraversion in sport: a scoping review, Mark S. Allen, Erin Mison, Davina Robson, and Sylvain Laborde

Personality and Sexual Orientation: New Data and Meta-analysis, Mark S. Allen and Davina Robson


Food becoming compost: encountering and negotiating disgust in household sustainability, Elloise Ames and Nicole T. Cook


The Summary of an Urdu Version of Diabetes Self-Care Activities Measure: Psychometric Evaluation and Validation, Rashid Ansari, Mark Harris, Hassan Hosseinzadeh, and Nicholas Zwar


Challenges with Designing Online Assessment to Support Student Task Understanding, Tiffani L. Apps, Karley A. Beckman, and Sue Bennett

Determining what expert piano sight-readers have in common, P F. Arthur, Eleanor A. McPhee, and D Blom


Why regional universities and communities need targeted help to ride out the coronavirus storm, Mehmet Aslan

Greener neighbourhoods, better memory? A longitudinal study, Thomas E. Astell-Burt and Xiaoqi Feng

Differential exposure to, and potential impact of, unhealthy advertising to children by socio-economic and ethnic groups: A systematic review of the evidence, Kathryn Backholer, Adyya Gupta, Christina Zorbas, Rebecca Bennett, Oliver Huse, Alexandra Chung, Anna Isaacs, Gabby Golds, Bridget Kelly, and Anna Peeters

Intersectional identities, Katie Barclay and Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Introduction: a guide to sources for the history of emotions, Katie Barclay, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa, and Peter N. Stearns


Living with personality disorder and seeking mental health treatment: Patients and family members reflect on their experiences, Karlen Barr, Mahlie Jewell, Michelle L. Townsend, and Brin F. S Grenyer


Using peer workers with lived experience to support the treatment of borderline personality disorder: A qualitative study of consumer, carer and clinician perspectives, Karlen Barr, Michelle L. Townsend, and Brin F. S Grenyer

Development Banks: Washington Consensus, Beijing Consensus or Banking Consensus?, Adrian R. Bazbauers and Susan N. Engel

The impact of self-control training on neural responses following anger provocation, Joanne Beames, Gadi Gilam, Timothy Schofield, Mark M. Schira, and Thomas Denson

Design of Hand Grip System with Focus on Tripod Grip Strength, Soly Mathew Biju, Bertina Motti, Mohd Fareq Abdul Malek, Farhad Oroumchian, and Alison F. Bell

Digital swadeshi and 3D printing intellectual property in India: The multi-level perspective, causal layered analysis and backcasting, Thomas Birtchnell, Angela Daly, and Luke Heemsbergen

Employers’ perspectives of how well prepared early childhood teacher graduates are to work in early childhood education and care services, Wendy Boyd, Sandie Wong, Marianne Fenech, Linda Mahony, Jane D. Warren, In Lee, and Sandra Cheeseman


Being Perceived and Being "Seen": Interpersonal Affordances, Agency, and Selfhood, Nick Brancazio

Student and Staff Perspectives on the Use of Big Data in the Tertiary Education Sector: A Scoping Review and Reflection on the Ethical Issues, Annette J. Braunack-Mayer, Jacqueline M. Street, Rebecca Tooher, Xiaolin Feng, and Katrine Scharling-Gamba

'The exceptional circumstances under which we are working': railways and water in Australasia, 1870s to 1914, Andre Brett


What is a dingo? The phenotypic classification of dingoes by aboriginal and torres strait islander residents in northern australia, Victoria J. Brookes, Christopher J. Degeling, Lily van Eeden, and Michael Ward


One Health promotion and the politics of dog management in remote, northern Australian communities, Victoria J. Brookes, Michael Ward, Melanie Rock, and Christopher J. Degeling


Smoke-free environments: Current status and remaining challenges in Australia, Alecia Brooks, Tanya Buchanan, and Wendy Oakes

Exploring the Relations between Social Support and Social Identity in Adolescent Male Athletes, Mark Bruner, Colin McLaren, Christian Swann, Matthew Schweickle, Andrew Alexis Miller, Alex Benson, Lauren Gardner, Jordan T. Sutcliffe, and Stewart A. Vella

Assemblage Theory and Method An Introduction and Guide, Ian M. Buchanan

Stolen knowledge: Student knowing in workplace practice, Sally Burford, Lesley L. Cooper, and Faye Miller


Conducting Qualitative Longitudinal Research on Learning to Teach English Pronunciation: Challenges, Pitfalls…Coffee, and Bubbles!, Michael S. Burri


Prevalence, features and health impacts of eating disorders amongst First-Australian Yiramarang (adolescents) and in comparison with other Australian adolescents, Adam Burt, Deborah Mitchison, Elizabeth Dale, Kay Bussey, Nora Trompeter, Alexandra Lonergan, and Phillipa Hay

Unmanned Imaging of the Anthropocene, Aaron L. Burton


Exploring the knowledge translation of domestic violence research: A literature review, Jacqui J. Cameron, Cathy Humphreys, Anita Kothari, and Kelsey Hegarty


Risk factors for indicators of opioid-related harms amongst people living with chronic non-cancer pain: Findings from a 5-year prospective cohort study, Gabrielle Campbell, Firouzeh Noghrehchi, Suzanne Nielsen, Phillip Clare, Raimondo Bruno, Nicholas Lintzeris, Milton Cohen, Fiona Blyth, Wayne Hall, Briony K. Larance, Phillip Hungerford, Timothy Dobbins, Michael Farrell, and Louisa Degenhardt

Musculoskeletal disorders in aged care workers: a systematic review of contributing factors and interventions, Carlo Capponecchia, Robyn Coman, Vinodkumar Gopaldasani, Elizabeth C. Mayland, and Luka Campbell

What Universal Design for Learning principles, guidelines, and checkpoints are evident in educators’ descriptions of their practice when supporting students on the autism spectrum?, Suzanne Carrington, Beth Saggers, Amanda A. Webster, Keely Harper-Hill, and Julie Nickerson


GP awareness, practice, knowledge and confidence: evaluation of the first nation-wide dementia-focused continuing medical education program in Australia, Anne Casey, M Mofizul Islam, Heike Schutze, Anne Parkinson, Laurann Yen, Allan Shell, Margaret Winbolt, and Henry Brodaty


End-of-life cancer care resource utilisation in rural versus urban settings: A systematic review, Jessica Cerni, Joel J. Rhee, and Hassan Hosseinzadeh


Prevalence and credibility of nutrition and health claims: Policy implications from a case study of mongolian food labels, Nyamragchaa Chimedtseren, Bridget Kelly, Anne T. McMahon, and Heather Yeatman

Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Brain Morphology: A Review of the Evidence, Yann Chye, Rebecca Kirkham, Valentina Lorenzetti, Eugene McTavish, Nadia Solowij, and Murat Yucel

EEG Coherence in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Autistic Features, Adam R. Clarke, Robert J. Barry, Rory McCarthy, and Mark Selikowitz

Literacy beyond the home and the classroom: public environmental print and children’s literacy, Susannah Clement, Kiera Kent, and Elisabeth Duursma

The financialisation of housing and the rise of the investor-activist, Nicole T. Cook and Kristian J. Ruming


Incidence, Severity and Responses to Reportable Student Self-Harm and Suicidal Behaviours in Schools: A One-Year Population-Based Study, Ruby Crowe, Michelle L. Townsend, Caitlin Miller, and Brin F. S Grenyer

Emotions of protest, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa


Novel team-based approach to quality improvement effectively engages staff and reduces adverse events in healthcare settings, Annie Curtin, Vitas Anderson, Fran Brockhus, and Donna Cohen

A case study on the challenges of learning and teaching English spelling: Insights from eight Australian students and their teachers, Tessa Daffern and Noella M. Mackenzie

“Have you ever had an intention?”: The Postmodern Condition and the Failure of Epiphany in Michael John LaChiusa’s Little Fish, Mara Lazzarotto Davis


Living with pathological narcissism: a qualitative study, Nicholas Day, Michelle L. Townsend, and Brin F. S Grenyer

Understanding the needs of local youth to inform drug and alcohol prevention and harm reduction services: a qualitative study, Emily Deans, Jioji Ravulo, Ilse Blignault, and Elizabeth Conroy

Prestimulus alpha and beta contributions to equiprobable Go/NoGo processing in healthy ageing, Frances M. De Blasio and Robert J. Barry


Perspectives of Vietnamese, Sudanese and South Sudanese immigrants on targeting migrant communities for latent tuberculosis screening and treatment in low-incidence settings: A report on two Victorian community panels, Christopher J. Degeling, Stacy M. Carter, Katie Dale, Kasha Singh, Krista Watts, Julie Hall, and Justin Denholm


Qualitative Research for One Health: From Methodological Principles to Impactful Applications, Christopher J. Degeling and Melanie Rock

Deafness and Theory of Mind Performance: Associations among Filipino Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults, Ma de Gracia, Marc de Rosnay, David Hawes, and Maria Perez

Framing Atmospheres: Goffman, Space, and Music in Everyday Life, Eduardo de la Fuente and Michael Walsh


Role for Positive Schizotypy and Hallucination Proneness in Semantic Processing, Saskia de Leede-Smith, Steven J. Roodenrys, Lauren Horsley, Shannen Matrini, Erin Mison, and Emma Barkus


In pursuit of visual attention: SSVEP frequency-tagging moving targets, Peter de Lissa, Roberto Caldara, Victoria Nicholls, and Sebastien R. Miellet

Correlates of sedentary behaviour among Bhutanese adolescents: Findings from the 2016 Global School-based health survey, Tashi Dendup, I Gusti Ngurah Edi Putra, Tandin Dorji, Tashi Tobgay, Gampo Dorji, Sonam Phuntsho, and Pandup Tshering


PPE unmasked: why health-care workers in Australia are inadequately protected against coronavirus, Alicia Dennis and Jane L. Whitelaw

Belonging and segregation – the oxymoron of the special school, Shoshana J. Dreyfus


How a growth mindset can change the climate: The power of implicit beliefs in influencing people's view and action, Lorenzo Duchi, Doug Lombardi, Fred Paas, and Sofie Loyens

Sweden, Joakim Eidenfalk


Rethinking the interplay between affluence and vulnerability to aid climate change adaptive capacity, Christine Eriksen, Gregory Simon, Florian Roth, Shefali Lakhina, Ben Wisner, Carolina Adler, Frank Thomalla, Anna Scolobig, Kate Brady, Michael Brundl, Florian Neisser, Maree Grenfell, Linda Maduz, and Timothy Prior

Educational theories and computer game design: lessons from an experiment in elementary mathematics education, Abdelghani Es-Sajjade and Fred Paas

Becoming Reading Group: reflections on assembling a collegiate, caring collective, Melina Ey, Kathleen Mee, Jai Allison, Susan Caves, Eliza Crosbie, Ainsley Hughes, Faith Curtis, Rupert Doney, Penny Dunstan, Ryan Jones, Adam Tyndall, Tom Baker, Jenny Cameron, Michelle Duffy, Rae Dufty-Jones, Kevin Dunn, Paul Hodge, Matthew Kearnes, Pauline M. McGuirk, Phillip O¿Neill, Kristian Ruming, Meg Sherval, Miriam Williams, and Sarah Wright


Impact of Residential Green Space on Sleep Quality and Sufficiency in Children and Adolescents Residing in Australia and Germany, Xiaoqi Feng, Claudia Flexeder, Iana Markevych, Marie Standl, Joachim Heinrich, Tamara Schikowski, Sibylle Koletzko, Gunda Herberth, Carl-Peter Bauer, Andrea von Berg, Dietrich Berdel, and Thomas E. Astell-Burt

Early pathways to bullying: A prospective longitudinal study examining the influences of theory of mind and social preference on bullying behaviour during the first 3 years of school, Elian Fink, Marc de Rosnay, Praveetha Patalay, and Caroline Hunt


Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations are taking a leading role in COVID‐19 health communication, Summer M. Finlay and Mark Wenitong

Indigenous People's Experiences and Expectations of Health Care Professionals When Accessing Care for Family Violence: A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis, Renee Fiolet, Jacqui Cameron, Laura Tarzia, David Gallant, Mohajer Hameed, Leesa Hooker, Jane Koziol-Mclain, Karen Glover, Jo Spangaro, and Kelsey Hegarty

Framing effects in risk communication messages - Hazard identification vs. risk assessment, Frederik Freudenstein, Rodney J. Croft, Peter M. Wiedemann, Adam M. Verrender, C Bohmert, and Sarah P. Loughran


Meshed Architecture of Performance as a Model of Situated Cognition, Shaun Gallagher and Somogy Varga

Australian students’ perceptions of the challenges and strategies for learning Chinese characters in emergency online teaching, Xiaoping Gao


Characterising communication of scientific concepts in student-generated digital products, Helen Georgiou

Animal geographies II: Killing and caring (in times of crisis), Leah Maree Gibbs

Depression and Incident HIV in Adolescent Girls and Young Women in HIV Prevention Trials Network 068: Targets for Prevention and Mediating Factors, Dana Goin, Rebecca Pearson, Michelle Craske, Alan Stein, Audrey Pettifor, Sheri Lippman, Kathleen Kahn, Torsten Neilands, Erica Hamilton, Amanda Selin, Catherine L. Mac Phail, Ryan Wagner, Francesc Gomez-Olive, Rhian Twine, James Hughes, Yaw Agyei, Oliver Laeyendecker, Stephen Tollman, and Jennifer Ahern

Anatomy of psychology practitioner competence: Clustering approach reveals the hierarchical organization of competencies, Craig Gonsalvez, Frank P. Deane, Josephine Terry, and Chien Hoong

Promoting healthy movement behaviours among children during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hongyan Guan, Anthony D. Okely, Nicolas Aguilar-Farias, Borja del Pozo Cruz, Catherine Draper, Asmaa El Hamdouchi, Alex Florindo, Alejandra Jauregui, Peter Katzmarzyk, Anna Kontsevaya, Marie Lof, Wonsoon Park, John J. Reilly, Deepika Sharma, Mark Tremblay, and Sanne Veldman


Insights into culturally appropriate latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) screening in NSW: perspectives of Indian and Pakistani migrants, Julie Hall, Tajmmal Kabir, Patti T. Shih, and Christopher J. Degeling


Can Parental Engagement in Social Media Enhance Outcomes of an Online Healthy Lifestyle Program for Preschool-Aged Children?, Megan L. Hammersley, Anthony D. Okely, Marijka Batterham, and Rachel A. Jones


Translation of two healthy eating and active living support programs for parents of 2-6 year old children: a parallel partially randomised preference trial protocol (the 'time for healthy habits' trial), Megan L. Hammersley, Rebecca Wyse, Rachel A. Jones, Luke Wolfenden, Serene Yoong, Fiona Stacey, Simon Eckermann, Anthony D. Okely, Christine Innes-Hughes, Vincy Li, Amanda Green, Christine May, Joe Xu, and Chris Rissel

A case study of bilingual and monolingual educators in two Australian early childhood settings, Larissa Hayes, Cathrine Marguerite Neilsen-Hewett, and Elisabeth Duursma

Midwifery care of non-vaccinating families — Insights from the Byron Shire, Catherine Helps, Lesley Barclay, Stacy M. Carter, and Julie Leask


‘It’s hard to grow when you’re stuck on your own’: enhancing teaching through a peer observation and review of teaching program, Graham Hendry, Helen Georgiou, Hilary Lloyd, Vicky Tzioumis, Sharon Herkes, and Manjula Sharma

Tummy Time and Infant Health Outcomes: A Systematic Review, Lyndel Hewitt, Erin Kerr, Rebecca M. Stanley, and Anthony D. Okely


Differences in Encoding Strategy as a Potential Explanation for Age-Related Decline in Place Recognition Ability, Christopher Hilton, Veronica Muffato, Timothy Slattery, Sebastien R. Miellet, and Jan Wiener

Ten research priorities related to youth sport, physical activity, and health, Erin Howie, Justin Guagliano, Karen Milton, Stewart A. Vella, Sjaan Gomersall, Tracy Kolbe-Alexander, Justin Richards, and Russell Pate


Capitalism in Australia: New histories for a reimagined future, Ben Huf, Yves Rees, Michael Beggs, Nicholas Brown, Frances Flanagan, Shannyn Palmer, and Simon Ville


Perceptions of loneliness among people accessing treatment for substance use disorders, Isabella Ingram, Peter James Kelly, Frank P. Deane, Amanda Baker, and Genevieve Dingle


Reducing loneliness among people with substance use disorders: Feasibility of ‘Groups for Belonging’, Isabella Ingram, Peter James Kelly, Catherine Haslam, Owen O'Neil, Frank P. Deane, Amanda Baker, and Genevieve Dingle

Ethnicity, multiculturalism and neo-conservatism, Andrew Jakubowicz


Evidence Regarding Automatic Processing Computerized Tasks Designed For Health Interventions in Real-World Settings Among Adults: Systematic Scoping Review, Harshani Jayasinghe, Camille Short, Annette J. Braunack-Mayer, Ashley Merkin, and Clare Hume

The Role of Health Literacy on the Self-Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Systematic Review, Cynthia Jeganathan and Hassan Hosseinzadeh

Sexual Citizenship in Comparative Perspective, Carol Johnson and Vera Mackie

More philosophical work needed in One Health on ethical frameworks and theory, Jane Johnson and Christopher J. Degeling


Development of Frontal EEG Differences Between Eyes-Closed and Eyes-Open Resting Conditions in Children: Data From a Single-Channel Dry-Sensor Portable Device, Stuart J. Johnstone, Han Jiang, Li Sun, Jeffrey Rogers, Joaquin Valderrama, and Dawei Zhang

Play, protest and pride: Un/happy queers of Proud to Play in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand, Lynda Johnston and Gordon R. Waitt

Multiculturalism and education policy, Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope

From Environmental Case Study to Environmental Kin Study, Anja M. Kanngieser and Zoe Todd

Mobilising control and dissent: navigating the digital landscape in a remote Aboriginal community, Kishan A. Kariippanon and Glen Gurruwiwi

Practices effective for assisting young people avoid or exit homelessness: young service recipients' perspectives, Lynne M. Keevers and Delia C. Rambaldini-Gooding