The University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Creative Arts. Related series: Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts - Papers.


Papers from 2013

Observations of the political and economic situation in China by the British Mercantile Community during the Civil War, 1945-1949, Jason Lim

Papers from 2012

Gender inequality, economic development, and globalization: a state level analysis of India, Rashmi U. Arora


Auch ich in Arkadien? The Allure of Italy for the German traveller in Goethe’s Italienische Reise, Eichendorff’s Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts and Heine’s Reise von München nach Genua, Lukas Bauer


Responsibility and intergenerational equity, Sharon Beder

Using Skype technology to enhance spoken language skills: preliminary results from a pilot study in French, Japanese and Spanish at the University of Wollongong, Lidia Bilbatua, Ritsuko Saito, and Anu Bissoonauth-Bedford

Book review: Phillip Vannini, The Cultures of Alternative Mobilities, Thomas Birtchnell

Book Review: "Tata Nano: The People's Car" (by P Thakur), Thomas Birtchnell


Elites, elements and events: practice theory and scale, Thomas Birtchnell

Shadow Elite: How the World’s New Power Brokers Undermine Democracy, Government, and the Free Market, by Janine R. Wedel, Thomas Birtchnell

Attitudes towards english in Mauritius: linguistic paradox or cultural pragmatism?, Anu Bissoonauth

'Strandentwining Cable': Joyce, Flaubert, and Intertextuality, John S. Bolin

February 13, 2008, or the baleful enchantments of an apology, Ian Buchanan

Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Ian Buchanan


Symptomatology and Racial Politics in Australia, Ian M. Buchanan


Book review of J. L. Collins and V. Mayer (2010) Both Hands Tied: Welfare Reform and the Race to the Bottom of the Low-Wage Labor Market, Scott Burrows


On darkened days and sleepless nights, Rowan Cahill

The safe haven visa policy: a compassionate intervention with cruel intentions, Robert Carr

The challenges of fieldwork: researchers, clothing manufacturers, and migrant workers, Vicki Crinis


Global commodity chains in crisis: the garment industry in Malaysia, Vicki D. Crinis


Citizen of Australia...citizen of the world: an Australian new woman's feminist and nationalist vision, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Quantification, risk, and the rhetoric of higher education management, Leigh Dale


“Tinned literature”? Literary discussion in "The Brisbane Courier" (1930)., Leigh Dale

Here there be no dragons: Maravilla in two fifteenth-century Spanish libros de viajes, Karen M. Daly

Remembering and misremembering television, Kate Darian-Smith and Sue Turnbull

Queer Commodities: Contemporary US Fiction, Consumer Capitalism, and Gay and Lesbian Subcultures, Guy R. Davidson

Analyzing gendered occupation power, Christine M. De Matos and Rowena G. Ward

Capitalizing a future unsustainable: finance, energy and the fate of market civilization, Timothy DiMuzio

The liberal renaissance and the end(s) of history, Timothy DiMuzio


A partial promise of voice: digital storytelling and the limit of listening, Tanja Dreher


Swings and roundabouts: changes in language offerings at Australian universities 2005-2011, Kerry S. Dunne and Marko Pavlyshyn

Racial Imperatives: Discipline, Performativity, and Struggles Against Subjection, Nadine Ehlers

Tekhne of reconstruction: breast cancer, norms, and fleshy rearrangements, Nadine Ehlers

The body in breast cancer, Nadine Ehlers and Shiloh Krupar

Social Semiotics, Nadine Ehlers and Shiloh Kruper


Separated fathers and the 'Fathers' Rights' Movement, Michael G. Flood


LOVEBiTES: An evaluation of the LOVEBiTES and respectful relationships programs in a Sydney school, Michael Flood and Vicki Kendrick

Special issue-illicit networks workshop Editors' introduction, Andrew Goldsmith and Georgia Lysaght


La enseñanza de la pronunciacion del castellano a aprendices irlandeses. Contrastes dialectales de interés, Alfredo Herrero de Haro and M Antonieta Andión Herrero


How academics can help people make better decisions concerning global poverty, Keith J. Horton

Non-violence versus US imperialism, Jorgen Johansen, Brian Martin, and Matt Meyer


The gender fault-line, Ayako Kano and Vera C. Mackie

To negotiate trade and avoid politics: the overseas Chinese trade missions to China and Taiwan, 1956-57, Jason Lim


The role of beyond zero emissions in the Australian climate debate, Adam Robert Lucas

History and Becoming: Deleuze's Philosophy of Creativity, Craig A. Lundy


Instructing, constructing, deconstructing: the embodied and disembodied performances of Yoko Ono, Vera Mackie


The 'Afghan Girls': media representations and frames of war, Vera Mackie

The modern girl: icon of modernity, Vera C. Mackie

Cyborg stem cells in public: deconstructing and taking responsibility for categorizations, Nicola J. Marks


Backfire Manual: Tactics Against Injustice, Brian Martin

Book Review: "The Tyranny of Science ", Brian Martin

Controversies, Brian Martin

Kahneman in practice, Brian Martin


Online onslaught: internet-based methods for attacking and defending citizens' organisations, Brian Martin

Reform - when is it worthwhile?, Brian Martin


Suppression of dissent: what it is and what to do about it, Brian Martin

When you're criticized, Brian Martin


Mobbing and suppression: footprints of their relationships, Brian Martin and F P.S Martin


Mobbing, suppression of dissent/discontent, whistleblowing, and social medicine, Brian Martin and Florencia Pena Sanit Martin

Indonesians challenging White Australia, Julia T. Martinez


Transcolonial influences on everyday American imperialism: the politics of Chinese domestic servants in the Philippines, Julia T. Martinez and Claire Lowrie


Indonesians overseas - deep histories and the view from below, Julia T. Martinez and Adrian Vickers


Encourage. Support. Act! Bystander Approaches to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Paula McDonald and Michael G. Flood

Levels of reality and scales of application, Patrick McGivern

Reviving Eva in Tim Winton's Breath, Colleen McGloin


Death of the “Legendary Okama" Togo Ken: challenging commonsense lifestyles in postwar Japan, Mark J. McLelland

Love, Sex and Democracy in Japan during the American Occupation, Mark J. McLelland


Sex and censorship during the occupation of Japan, Mark J. McLelland

Book Review: Ross Mcmullin, Farewell Dear People: Biographies of Australia's Lost Generation, John Mcquilton

Francis Fukuyama and the origins of political order and the state: a historical critique, Gregory Melleuish

Is the West Special? World History and Western Civilisation, Gregory Melleuish

Europe, Rome and Empire: individualism, social solidarity and decline, Gregory C. Melleuish

Perspectives on global warming, David W. Mercer

The question concerning (internet) time, Teodor E. Mitew, Marta Celletti, Susan Leong, and Erika Pearson

Is social mixing of tenures a solution for public housing estates?, Alan Morris, Michelle Jameison, and Roger Patulny

"Cultural criticism and change: new directions in Asian Canadian writing", Robyn Morris

From listening... to the dialogic realities of participatory democracy, Robyn Penman and Sue Turnbull

Socially inclusive processes: new opportunities with new media?, Robyn Penman and Sue Turnbull


Diverging paths: occupational sex segregation, Australia, and the OECD, Kirsti Rawstron

The bombing of Afghanistan: the convergence of media and political power to reduce outrage, Brendan Riddick

Frailty and feeling: literature for our times, Paul Sharrad


Interpodes: Poland, Tom Keneally and Australian literary history, Paul Sharrad


More (colonial) hauntings in The Turn of the Screw, Paul Sharrad


Power of the Korean film producer: Dictator Park Chung Hee's forgotten film cartel of the 1960s golden decade and its legacy, Ae-Gyung Shim and Brian Yecies

Embodied genealogies and gendered violence in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's writing, Antonio J. Simoes da Silva

Under new management: whiteness in post-apartheid South African life writing, Antonio J. Simoes da Silva


Truth, perspectivism, and philosophy, David I. Simpson

Nonviolent resistance and culture, Majken Jul Sorensen and Stellan Vinthagen

Arab-Jewish Activism in Israel-Palestine, Marcelo Svirsky

Interculturalism and the pendulum of identity, Marcelo G. Svirsky and Aura Mor-Sommerfeld

Agamben and Colonialism, Marcelo G. Svirsky and Bignall S

As good as it gets? National research evaluations, Gerry Turcotte and Robyn Morris

A gap in the records: television audiences and the history of "us", Sue Turnbull

Consciousness-raising in a child abuse flame war over fan fiction, Rebecca Walker

Debating intimate partner violence in lesbian fan communities, Rebecca Walker


Digital media: the cultural politics of information, Andrew M. Whelan


Academic snobbery: local historians need more support [4 April], Ian C. Willis

Babies helped homefront warriors war effort, Ian C. Willis

Blacksmithing was a Camden Heritage Trade, Ian C. Willis

Camden History, Journal of the Camden Historical Society, Ian C. Willis

Camden History, Journal of the Camden Historical Society, Ian C. Willis

Camden's carpenters, a traditional trade, Ian C. Willis

Camden 'War Chest' Patriotic Day 1917, Ian C. Willis

Camden women go to war, Ian C. Willis

Francis Warner, Ian C. Willis

Imagings on Sydney's edge, myth, mourning and memory in a fringe community, Ian C. Willis

John Carlyle Southwell OAM, RFD, ED, Ian C. Willis

St John's Mothers' Union, Ian C. Willis

The foundation of the Camden Red Cross, Ian C. Willis

The inter-war image of Camden, Ian C. Willis

Townies, ex-urbanites and aesthetics; Issues of identity on Sydney's rural-urban fringe, Ian C. Willis

Townies, ex-urbanites and aesthetics: issues of identity on Sydney's rural-urban fringe, Ian C. Willis

Women's Land Army filled farming labour shortage, Ian C. Willis

Yearning, longing and the remaking of Camden's identity: the myths and reality of 'a country town idyll', Ian C. Willis

Editorial: GSTF, Edward P. Wolfers

Papers from 2011

Kotuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online

New Zealand Sociology

Postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies (Special Issue - The Medievalism of Nostalgia)

A 'Double Whammy': two cyclones in 5 years - how a Queensland community mobilized social capital in response to natural disasters, Matthew Allen

Dancing with the dead: Memory, performance and everyday life in postwar Okinawa, Matthew Allen


Sushi reverses course: Consuming American sushi in Tokyo, Matthew Allen and Rumi Sakamoto

North Korea's representation of gender relations in the magazine Woman of Korea, Amanda Anderson


Is a US Marine base in Darwin really a good idea?, Anthony Ashbolt


Occupying Wall Street and Remembering the 1960s, Anthony Ashbolt


Public Education and the Public Good, Anthony Ashbolt


Participation: the happiness connection, Christopher J. Barker and Brian Martin

Marking machinima: a case study in assessing student use of a Web 2.0 technology, Graham C. Barwell, Ruth G. Walker, and Christopher L. Moore


Corporate discourse on climate change, Sharon Beder


Environmental economics and ecological economics: the contribution of interdisciplinarity to understanding, influence and effectiveness, Sharon Beder


Market Mechanisms, Ecological Sustainability and Equity, Sharon Beder


Bilingual identity: language and cultural shift in the experience of a Basque-Spanish immigrant to Australia, Lidia Bilbatua and Elizabeth Ellis


Jugaad as systemic risk and disruptive innovation in India, Thomas Birtchnell

Stranded: an eruption of disruption, Thomas Birtchnell and Monika Buscher

Language shift and maintenance in multilingual Mauritius: the case of Indian ancestral languages, Anu Bissoonauth-Bedford

A demented form of the particular: surrealism, Suite and Eleutheria, John S. Bolin

Beckett's Murphy, Gide's Les Caves du Vatican, and the "Modern" Novel, John S. Bolin

Brigitte Le Juez, Beckett before Beckett (book reviews), John S. Bolin

Patrick Hayes, J.M. Coetzee and the Novel: Writing and Politics after Beckett, John S. Bolin

Commanding and controlling protest crowds, Kylie Bourne

Shock tactics threaten police authority: The use and misuse of tasers in Australia, Kylie Bourne

Lost Horizon: the social history of the cinema audience, Katherine Bowles

'Society with Spectacles': Cultural memory, business risk and the revival of 3D, Katherine Bowles

The Last Bemboka Picture Show: 16mm Cinema as Rural Community Fundraiser in the 1950s, Katherine Bowles

Narrative therapy and critical reflection on practice: a conversation with Jan Fook, Katherine Bowles, Jan Fook, and Laura Beres


Contesting civilizations: Literature of Australia in Japan and Singapore, Alison E. Broinowski

Julian meets Julia: WikiLeaks and Australian Diplomacy, Alison E. Broinowski

Gilles Deleuze, Ian Buchanan

The "everyday" is an "other", Ian Buchanan


Desire and ethics, Ian M. Buchanan

The clutter assemblage, Ian M. Buchanan

The Age Newspaper, Rowan Cahill


The flip side: women in the Redex Around Australia Reliability Trials of the 1950s, Georgine W. Clarsen

Writing freedom: Nadine Gordimer and The New Yorker, Anne A. Collett

Transnational labour: Vietnamese workers in Malaysia, Vicki D. Crinis


'Not Just Ned: A true history of the Irish in Australia'. Safeguarding against 'a shallower and a poorer play', Sharon Crozier-De Rosa


America, the forbidden fruit: anti-American sentiment in "Robbery Under Arms", James Dahlstrom

Rereading Barbara Baynton's "Bush Studies", Leigh Dale

Mapping medieval space in the Embajada a Tamorlán, Karen M. Daly

Laughing in the face of the past: Satire and nostalgia in medieval heritage tourism, Louise D'Arcens

Meta-medievalism and the future of the past in the 'Australian Girl' Novel, Louise D'Arcens

Old Songs in the Timeless Land: Medievalism in Australian Literature 1840-1910, Louise D'Arcens

Medievalism, Nationalism, Colonialism: Introduction, Louise D'Arcens, Andrew Lynch, and Stephanie Trigg


"Almost a Sense of Property": Henry James's The Turn of the Screw, modernism, and commodity culture, Guy R. Davidson


'The closet of the third person'; Susan Sontag, sexual dissidence, and celebrity, Guy R. Davidson

The Fair Work Act: Saviour for Unions?, Doug Davies and Mark Hilder


The crisis of petro-market civilization: the past as prologue?, Timothy DiMuzio

Disturbing thoughts: representations of compassion in two picture books entitled The Island, Debra L. Dudek

Multicultural, Debra L. Dudek

Early impacts of Communities for Children on children and families: findings from a quasi-experimental cohort study, Ben Edwards, Mathew Gray, Sarah Wise, Allan Hays, Ilan Katz, Kristy Muir, and Roger Patulny

Onerous passions: colonial anti-miscegenation rhetoric and the history of sexuality, Nadine Ehlers

How to avoid life writing: lessons from David Lynch, Nicola J. Evans


Towards cultural competence in the justice sector, Terri Farrelly and Bronwyn Carlson

The body divided: human beings and human 'material' in modern medical history, Sarah Ferber and Sally Wilde

The body divided in time and place: an introductory essay, Sarah Ferber and Sally Wilde

Are we reaching them now? Service access patterns amongst users of headspace youth mental health services, Saul Flaxman, Ioana Oprea, Roger Patulny, Kristy Muir, Abigail Powell, and Shannon McDermott

Building men's commitment to ending sexual violence against women, Michael G. Flood

Involving men in efforts to end violence against women, Michael G. Flood

Men as Students and Teachers of Feminist Scholarship, Michael G. Flood

Review of Tarrant's 'Men and Feminism', Michael G. Flood


Source s of inter-learner variation in the ba construction, Xiaoping Gao

The Impact of Neoliberalism and New Managerialism on Development Volunteering: An Australian Case Study, Nichole C. Georgeou and Susan N. Engel


Asymptotic normality and valid inference for Gaussian variational approximation, Peter Hall, Tung Pham, M P. Wand, and S S.J Wang

Indian Jute in Australian Museum Collections: Forgetting and recollecting transnational networks, Andrew Hassam

The wreck of the barque James Service from Calcutta to Melbourne, July 1878: commercial and cultural trade between India and Australia, Andrew Hassam

Drug trafficking in the Pacific, Charles M. Hawksley

Tino Rangatiratanga and Mana Motuhake: nation state and self determination in Aotearoa New Zealand, Charles M. Hawksley and Richard Howson

Public and private collections in AS Byatt's The Children's Book, Elizabeth Hicks


The bush and the garden in the writing of Drusilla Modjeska and Kate Llewellyn, Elizabeth Hicks

Aid agencies: the epistemic question, Keith J. Horton


Fairness and fair shares, Keith J. Horton

From Ethico-Political Hegemony to Post-Marxism, Richard Howson


Detention, displacement and dissent in recent Australian life writing, Michael R. Jacklin

Return of the hacker as hero: fictions and realities of teenage technological experts, Nicola F. Johnson and Debra L. Dudek


The effect of Point of Sale Promotions on the alcohol purchasing behaviour of young people in metropolitan, regional and rural Australia, Sandra C. Jones and Kylie M. Smith


Anti-representationalism: Not a Well-founded Theory of Cognition, Michael Kirchhoff

The dynamics of trans-regional business and national politics: The impact of events in China on Fujian-Singapore tea trading networks, 1920-1960, Jason Lim

The other side of the curtain, Irene M. Lucchitti


Halliday's model of register revisited and explored, Annabelle Lukin, Alison R. Moore, Maria Herke, Rebekah Wegener, and Canzhong Wu


Merleau-Ponty and the Affective Maternal-Foetal Relation, Jane M. Lymer


Embodied memories, emotional geographies: Nakamoto Takako's diary of the Anpo struggle, Vera Mackie

Japan, Australia and a Somatic Reading of Globalisation, Vera C. Mackie


Tales of the City, Vera C. Mackie


Science fiction, cultural knowledge and rationality: How stem cell researchers talk about reproductive cloning, Nicola J. Marks

Stem Cell Researchers Trust, Ambivalence and Reflexivity: Opportunities for Improved Science-Public Relations?, Nicola J. Marks


Debating vaccination: understanding the attack on the Australian Vaccination Network, Brian Martin

Defending dissent, Brian Martin


Doing Good Things Better, Brian Martin


ERA: adverse consequences, Brian Martin


On being a happy academic, Brian Martin


Mobbing y anulación de la disidencia/descontento: tras las huellas de sus interrelaciones, Brian Martin and Florencia Peña

Patriotic Chinese women: Followers of Sun Yat-sen in Darwin, Australia, Julia Martinez


Indigenous Australian-Indonesian intermarriage: Negotiating citizenship rights in twentieth-century Australia, Julia T. Martinez


A political monopoly held by one race: The politicisation of ethnicity in Colonial Rwanda, Deborah Mayersen

Current and potential capacity for the prevention of genocide and mass atrocities within the United Nations System, Deborah Mayersen

Operationalising the preventive component of the responsibility to protect: Strategies and implementation, Deborah Mayersen

The United Nations and mass atrocity prevention: A review of current and potential capacity, Deborah Mayersen, Marissa Dooris, and Briony Lipton


Legacies and prevention of genocide and mass atrocities in the Asia-Pacific: A workshop report, Deborah Mayersen, Julia Mangelsdorf, and Aishath Latheef

Risk and resilience to mass atrocities in Africa: A comparison of Rwanda and Botswana, Deborah Mayersen and Stephen Mcloughlin


Australia's "child abuse material' legislation, internet regulation and the juridification of the imagination, Mark J. McLelland


Japan's Queer Cultures, Mark J. McLelland


Thought policing or the protection of youth? Debate in Japan over the "Non-existent youth bill", Mark J. McLelland

Education 1: More spending, less choice and more state control, Gregory C. Melleuish

Expertise in Time and Place: Rembering History and Context, David W. Mercer


Tiny leaf men and other tales from outer suburbia: Re-presenting the suburb in Australian children's literature, Kelly E. Oliver

Disappearing race: normative whiteness and cultural appropriation in Australian refugee narratives, Wenche Ommundsen

Sex and the global city: chick lit with a difference, Wenche Ommundsen

‘This story does not begin on a boat’: What is Australian about Asian Australian writing?, Wenche Ommundsen


Transnational (Il)literacies: Reading the "New Chinese Literature in Australia" in China, Wenche Ommundsen


A century of Oz lit in China: A critical overview (1906-2008), Yu Ouyang


Supporting interaction and collaboration in the language classroom through computer mediated communication, Mariolina Pais Marden and Jan Herrington

Embodied 'Otherness' and Negotiations of Difference, Swati Parashar

Gender, Jihad, and Jingoism: Women as perpetrators, planners, and patrons of militancy in Kashmir, Swati Parashar

Opening Address, Roger Patulny

Opening address: Emotions in social life: new advance in sociological and policy research, Roger Patulny

Social Trust, Social Partner Time and Television Time, Roger Patulny

Subjective wellbeing, time and emotions amongst American men and women, Roger Patulny

The social penalty of work/family balance. Comparing Australian men and women's social contact with ex-household friends and family, Roger Patulny

Understanding the role of social contact in wellbeing, time and emotions research, Roger Patulny

What can statistics tell us about the social disconnection of Australian men?, Roger Patulny

Advancing wellbeing research: would Americans be happier if they lived like Australians?, Roger Patulny and Kimberly Fisher

The contribution of co-presence to 'unpleasant' time (Or who do I like spending time with?), Roger Patulny and Kimberly Fisher

Friendship diversity amongst public housing tenants and private dwellers, and the implications for 'social mix' policy, Roger Patulny and Alan Morris

Do girls mostly like girls and boys most like boys? The heterogeneity of male/female friendship networks in Australia, Roger Patulny and Ioana Oprea

Maori Identities, Evan S. Poata-Smith

Does partnership funding improve coordination and collaboration among early childhood services? Experiences from the Communities for Children Program, Christiane Purcal, Kristy Muir, Roger Patulny, Cathy Thomson, Saul Flaxman, and Catherine Spooner

Celluloid immigrant: Italian Australian filmmaker, Giorgio Mangiamele, Gaetano Rando and Gino Moliterno


Changing media understandings of gender relations: Japan's equal employment opportunity Law in 1985 and 1997, Kirsti Rawstron


Evaluating women’s labour in 1990s Japan: The changing labour standards Law, Kirsti Rawstron

Outrage in Fallujah: strategies in the communication of political violence, Brendan Riddick

Representations of gendered violence in Manga: the case of enforced military prostitution, Erik Ropers

There's something fishy about that sushi: How Japan interprets the global sushi boom, Rumi Sakamoto and Matthew Allen

White people can't sell sushi: Unpacking Korean influence over sushi production in New Zealand, Rumi Sakamoto and Matthew Allen


Review of Hasan, Ruqaiya [J. Webster, Ed.], Semantic Variation: Meaning in Society and Sociolinguistics (The Collected Works of Ruqaiya Hasan, Vol. 2), Claire Scott


Review of Weizmann, Elda. (2008), Positioning in Media Dialogue: Negotiating roles in the news interview, Claire Emily Scott

Filling in the blanks: Mariquita, a hybrid biography from Guam, Paul Sharrad


Les Murray in a Dhoti: Transnationalizing Australian literature, Paul Sharrad

The river is three-quarters empty: Some literary takes on rivers and landscape in India and Australia, Paul Sharrad

Anticommunist war films of the 1960s and the Korean cinema's early genre-bending traditions, Ae-Gyung Shim

Longing, belonging and self-making in white Zimbabwean life writing: Peter Godwin's When a Crocodile Eats the Sun , Antonio J. Simoes da Silva


Laž i liberalna demokracija (Lies and liberal democracy), David I. Simpson


Don't let the Sport and Rec Officer get hold of it: Indigenous festivals, big aspirations and local knowledge, Lisa Slater

Our spirit rises from the ashes: Mapoon festival and history's shadow, Lisa Slater

Habermas, feminism, and law: beyond equality and difference?, Sarah Sorial

Politics of violence, Sarah Sorial

The limits of the public sphere: The advocacy of violence, Sarah Sorial and Catriona A. Mackenzie

Oceania under steam: sea transport and the cultures of colonialism, c.1870-1914, Frances M. Steel

Uncharted waters? Cultures of sea transport and mobility in New Zealand colonial history, Frances M. Steel

Captives of dentity: the betrayal of intercultural cooperation, Marcelo G. Svirsky


Cyber taman mini indonesia indah: Ethnicity and imagi-nation in blogging culture, Endah Triastuti and Inaya Rakhmani

Performing Veronica Mars, Sue Turnbull

Introduction. Canonical Veronica: Veronica Mars and vintage television, Sue Turnbull and Rhonda V. Wilcox


Delaying repatriation: Japanese technicians in early post war China, Rowena G. Ward

National sovereignty, Papua New Guinean ways, and political parties, Edward P. Wolfers

Security, good governance, and the organic law on the integrity of political parties and candidates: some reflections, Edward P. Wolfers

Somewhere Between Anti-Heroism and Pantomime: Song Kang-ho and the Uncanny Face of the Korean Cinema, Brian Yecies

In search of the Korean digital wave, Brian Yecies, Ben Goldsmith, and Kwang-Suk Lee

Digital intermediary: Korean transnational cinema, Brian Yecies, Ben Goldsmith, and Ae-Gyung Shim

Korea's Occupied Cinemas, 1893-1948, Brian M. Yecies and Ae-Gyung Shim


Contemporary Korean Cinema: Challenges and the Transformation of ‘Planet Hallyuwood’, Brian Yecies and Ae-Gyung Shim

Papers from 2010

Law, gender and print culture in the lifewriting of Eliza Frances Robertson, Sarah Ailwood

Crossing international borders: Okinawans, festivals, and representation in Hawaii, Matthew Allen


Undermining the occupation: women coalminers in 1940s Japan, Matthew Allen

Re-evaluating the links between social trust, institutional trust and civic association, Nick Allum, Roger Patulny, Sanna Read, and Patrick Sturgis


Sui generis protection for plant varieties and traditional knowledge in biodiversity and agriculture: the international framework and national approaches in the Philippines and India, Christoph Antons


Public education for our future, Anthony Ashbolt


Time for a real education revolution, Anthony Ashbolt


Uses of the albatross: threatened species and sustainability, Graham Barwell


Business-managed democracy : the trade agenda, Sharon Beder


Globalisation: before and after the crisis, Sharon Beder

Love and torment in the Spanish language class: using short films to enhance speaking, listening and writing skills, Lidia Bilbatua

Program explanation and higher-order properties, Suzanne C. Bliss and Jordi Fernandez

Representation and textual analysis, Katherine Bowles

Introduction, Melissa J. Boyde

'You for Whom I Wrote': Renee Vivien, H.D. and the Roman a Clef, Melissa J. Boyde


The RAAT Project: Alternatives to using animals in research, Melissa J. Boyde and Denise Russell

Is this a contest over civilisations? Multual literary perceptions of Japan and Australia, Alison E. Broinowski


The honbako is bare: what's become of Japan/Australia fiction?, Alison E. Broinowski

A literary fortune: Mary Fortune's life in the colonial periodical press, Megan Brown

A Dictionary of Critical Theory, Ian Buchanan

Is a schizoanalysis of cinema possible?, Ian Buchanan

Potential and foetal value, John A. Burgess


Youth unemployment in the Illawarra region, Scott Burrows

Radical Sydney: Places, Portraits and Unruly Episodes, Rowan Cahill and Terence H. Irving

Broadening the scope of historical enquiry into Australian Refugee Policy, Robert A. Carr

Shared care parenting arrangements since the 2006 family law reforms: Report for: Australian Government, Attorney-General's Department, Judy Cashmore, Patrick Parkinson, Ruth Weston, Roger Patulny, Gerry Redmond, Lixia Qu, Jennifer Baxter, Marianne Rajkovic, Tomasz Sitek, and Ilan Katz

The sexual lives of Muslim girls in the bustees of Kolkata, India, Kabita Chakraborty

Dead-in-Iraq: The Spatial Politics of Game Art Activism and the In-Game Protest, Dean Chan


E-mail and portfolio assessment as ways for language and culture learning - exchange between Australia and Taiwan, Yu-Ju Chang and Su-Lien Chen

The Black-White Man in Mudrooroo's The Kwinkan, Maureen Clark

Automobiles and Australian modernisation: the redex around-Australia trials of the 1950s, Georgine W. Clarsen

Automobility ‘south of the west’: toward a global conversation, Georgine W. Clarsen

Rhetorical unit analysis and Bakhtin's chronotype, Carmel B. Cloran

Establishing an Australian/Caribbean Alliance: stories passed on by Penny van Toorn and Olive Senior, Anne Collett


A simple lust: Dennis Brutus and the anti-apartheid campaign, Anne A. Collett

Emily Carr and Judith Wright: bearing witness through art, autobiography and friendship, Anne A. Collett

Playing with water: elements of the sublime in the domestic domain, Anne A. Collett

Size matters: the oppositional self-portraiture of Emily Carr, Anne A. Collett

Sweat or no sweat: foreign workers in the garment industry in Malaysia, Vicki Crinis

"The challenges for unions: sportswear companies, round table' discussions and absent workers", Vicki D. Crinis


A "wet blanket of intolerable routine and deadly domesticity": The feelings, freedoms and frustrations of Hilda Lessways, Arnold Bennett's 'ordinary' new woman, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa


Marie Corelli (1855-1924), Sharon Crozier-De Rosa


Popular fiction and the 'emotional turn': the case of women in late Victorian Britain, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa


The Middle Class Novels of Arnold Bennett and Marie Corelli: Realising the Ideals and Emotions of Late Victorian Women, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa


The new woman at home and abroad: Fiction, female identity and the British Empire, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Virtual reality in the humanities, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa and Carol Matthews

From "eccentric affiliation" to "corrective medievalism: Bruce Holsinger's the premodern condition, Louise D'Arcens

'Je, Christine': Christine de Pizan's Autobiographical Topoi, Louise D'Arcens

'Femmes a part': unsociable sociability, women, lifewriting, Louise D'Arcens and Anne A. Collett

Bar and dog collar: commodity, narrative and desire in Jane DeLynn, Guy R. Davidson


Displaying the monster: Patrick White, sexuality, celebrity, Guy R. Davidson

Love under occupation: A personal journey through war, marriage and White Australia, Christine M. De Matos and Noel Huggett


Introduction: Currents, Cross-Currents, Undercurrents, Frances Devlin-Glass and Tony Simoes da Silva


The real resource curse and the imperialism of development, Timothy DiMuzio

Explorations in the working class at a time of crisis, Mike Donaldson


Community media intervention, Tanja Dreher

Cultural diversity and the media, Tanja Dreher

Media interventions in racialized communities, Tanja Dreher

Speaking up or being heard? Community media interventions and the politics of listening, Tanja Dreher

Saying yes with an outreached hand: homelessness and hospitality in Canadian and Australian literature for young people, Debra L. Dudek


Development economics: from classical to critical analysis, Susan N. Engel


The international development institutions and regionalism: the case of South-East Asia, Susan N. Engel

Undoing the magic? DVD extras and the pleasure behind the scenes, Nicola J. Evans

‘Fathers’ rights’ and the defense of paternal authority in Australia, Michael Flood

Young men using pornography, Michael G. Flood

Does L1 make a difference? A case of the acquisition of the Chinese ba construction, Xiaoping Gao

From Hoshi to Borantia: transformations of volunteering in Japan and implications for foreign policy, Nichole Georgeou


Cultural Flows Beneath Death Note: Catching the Wave of Popular Japanese Culture in China, Peter Goderie and Brian M. Yecies


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Afterword, Keith J. Horton and Chris Roche

Introduction, Keith J. Horton and Chris Roche

Less seen art, made by Vietnamese-Australian artists, Boitran Huynh-Beattie


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Are we enjoying our time? a gender perspective, Roger Patulny


Are we having a good time, boys and girls? The need for time and affect methodologies in understanding gendered wellbeing, Roger Patulny

Society Building - Welfare, Time and Social Capital, Roger Patulny

The Blase Urbanite? Testing Simmel's Legacy Using Multi-level Models, Roger Patulny

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The law of the sea and international conflict over undersea mining: which way is up?, Denise Russell

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Peace and cohesive harmony: A diachronic investigation of structure and texture in ‘end of war’ news reports in the Sydney Morning Herald, Claire Scott


Literature and social innovation, Paul Sharrad

'Rainforest narratives: The Work of Janette Turner Hospital' Review, Paul Sharrad


Reconfiguring "Asian Australian" writing: Australia, India and Inez Baranay, Paul Sharrad

Sang Kanchil meets Sime Darby: drawing new postcolonial boundaries, Paul Sharrad


Seen through other eyes: Reconstructing Australian literature in India, Paul Sharrad

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New literatures: the Carribbean, Paul Sharrad and Elizabeth Hicks

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Language and know-how, David I. Simpson

University of Wollongong, David I. Simpson


Calling our Spirits Home: Indigenous cultural festivals and the making of a good life, Lisa Slater

Enchantment and disenchantment: Australian Indigenous cultural festivals and an ethics of uncertainty, Lisa Slater

They were so unbearably fragile and foolish: apple trees, intimacy and the strangeness of possession, Lisa Slater

Can saying something make it so? The nature of seditious harm, Sarah Sorial

Free speech, autonomy, and the marketplace of ideas, Sarah Sorial


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Via New Zealand around the world: The Union Steam Ship Company and the Trans-Pacific Mail Lines, 1880s-1910s, Frances M. Steel

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Defining activism, Marcelo G. Svirsky


Introduction: beyond the royal science of politics, Marcelo G. Svirsky


The empty square of the occupation, Marcelo G. Svirsky

The production of Terra Nullius and the Zionist-Palestinian Conflict, Marcelo G. Svirsky

Shame, scientist! Degradation rituals in science, Sandrine Therese and Brian Martin

New Literatures: Australia, Chris Tiffin and Leigh Dale

A gap in the records: television audiences and the construction of history, Sue Turnbull

Crime as entertainment: the case of the TV crime drama, Sue Turnbull

Imagining the audience, Sue Turnbull

Missing in action: on the invisibility of (most) Australian television, Sue Turnbull

The Long Tail of Mother and Son: The Transnational Career of an Australian Situation Comedy, Sue Turnbull

Veronica Mars, Sue Turnbull

Wagon Train to the Stars: the Past, Present and Future of Communication Research in Australia, Sue Turnbull

The reconstruction of Villers Bretonneux 1918-22, Linda Wade


The L word fan fiction reimagining intimate partner violence, Rebecca Walker

Researching and writing history with Jim Hagan, Andrew D. Wells


'Extreme' music and graphic representation online, Andrew M. Whelan


Free music and trash culture: The reconfiguration of musical value online, Andrew M. Whelan


Oran Park, Ian C. Willis

Citizen consultation from above and below: the Australian perspective, Jason A. Wilson and Axel Bruns

Journalism as social networking: The Australian youdecide project and the 2007 federal election, Jason A. Wilson and Terry Flew

Constitution-making and constitutional development, Edward P. Wolfers

Political parties and electoral politics, Edward P. Wolfers

Provincial and local-level Government - past present and prospective, Edward P. Wolfers

Women in Parliament, Edward P. Wolfers

Inroads for cultural traffic: breeding Korea’s cinematiger, Brian M. Yecies


Cinematic hooks for Korean studies: using the ‘Apache’ framework for inspiring students about Korea in and through film, Brian M. Yecies and Ben Goldsmith


Disarming Japan’s cannons with Hollywood’s cameras: cinema in Korea under U.S. occupation, 1945-1948, Brian M. Yecies and Ae-Gyung Shim

Papers from 2009

Okinawa, ambivalence, identity, and Japan, Matthew Allen