The University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Creative Arts. Related series: Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts - Papers.


Papers from 2009

Bank Credit and Development: A Study of Uttar Pradesh, India, Rashmi U. Arora

Bank credit and economic development: an empirical analysis of Indian states, Rashmi U. Arora

Globalization and stages of development: an exploratory analysis, Rashmi U. Arora


A Market Model of Education?, Anthony Ashbolt


Book Review - George Irvin, Super rich: the rise of inequality in Britain and the United States, Anthony Ashbolt


Peer assessment of oral presentations using clickers: the student experience, Graham Barwell and Ruth Walker


Neoliberalism and the global financial crisis, Sharon Beder


The corporate agenda for environmental property rights, Sharon Beder

This Little Kiddy Went to Market: The Corporate Capture of Childhood, Sharon Beder

From 'Hindolence' to 'Spirinomics': discourse, practice and the myth of Indian enterprise, Thomas Birtchnell

Resentment and reluctance: working with everyday diversity and everyday racism in southern Sydney, Barbara Bloch and Tanja Dreher

'Preserving the integrity of incoherence'?: Dostoevsky, Gide and the novel in Beckett's 1930 Lectures and Dream of Fair to Middling Women, John S. Bolin


Governing Pets and Their Humans: Dogs and Companion Animals in NSW, 1966-98, Fiona Borthwick


Academia 1.0: Slow Food in a Fast Food Culture? (A Reply to John Hartley), Katherine Bowles

Limit of maps? Locality and cinema-going in Australia, Katherine Bowles

What's new about New Cinema History?, Katherine Bowles and Richard G. Maltby

Mapping the movies: reflections on the use of geospatial technologies for historical cinema audience research, Katherine Bowles, Deb Verhoeven, and Colin Arrowsmith


The Modernist roman à clef and Cultural Secrets, or I Know That You Know That I Know That You Know, Melissa Boyde


The poet and the ghosts are walking the streets: Hope Mirrlees – life and poetry, Melissa Boyde


An interview with Dr. Hsu-Ming Teo, Alison E. Broinowski


The social shaping of technology: Lessons for eco-innovators, Robert B. Brown and David W. Mercer

The Iraqi "Other": Iraqi Nationalism and the American Occupation, Stephen M. Brown

Deleuze and his sources: response to Anneleen Masschlein, Ian Buchanan

Is Anti-Oedipus a May '68 book?, Ian Buchanan

The spectacle of war: security, legitimacy, and profit post-9/11, Ian Buchanan and Laura Guillaume

'Of the things I know I sing': The 'lost' working class poet Ernest Antony (1894-1960), Rowan Cahill

An Object of Interest: Observing Elizabeth in Andrew Davies' Pride and Prejudice, Narelle Campbell

Medieval reimaginings: female knights in children¿s television, Narelle Campbell

Multi-semiotic communication in an Australian broadsheet: a new news story genre, Helen Caple

Safeguarding masculinity, protecting our borders: the banality of sexual violence in the public sphere in Australia, Sharon Chalmers and Tanja Dreher

Being Played: Games Culture and Asian American Dis/identifications, Dean Chan

Beyond the 'Great Firewall': The Case of In-Game Protests in China, Dean Chan


Challenges of the large survey subject: teaching and learning how to read history, Georgine W. Clarsen

Gender and mobility: historicizing the terms, Georgine W. Clarsen

Mobility in Australia: unsettling the settled, Georgine W. Clarsen

Identifying patterns in linguistic behaviour, Carmel B. Cloran


Opening the body: reading Ten Canoes with critical intimacy, Kim Clothier and Debra L. Dudek

Of Sages and Sybils: Alec Hope and Judith Wright, Anne A. Collett

Pink icing and the sticky question of popular culture, Anne A. Collett

Ritual masking and performed intimacy: the complex 'I' of Edward Kamau Brathwaite's life poem, Anne A. Collett

Sex and the city: Eliot and Woolf's vision of post-WWI London, Anne A. Collett

Testimony to the Truth: Charlotte Bronte and Alexander Harris, Anne A. Collett

The significance of the littoral in Beverley Farmer's novel, The Seal Woman, Anne A. Collett

The Tempest, The Caribbean and the Development of a Black Aesthetic, Anne A. Collett

Jean Batten and the 'Accident of Sex', Anne A. Collett and Clive Gilson

Gendered tree-scapes in the art of Emily Carr and Judith Wright, Anne A. Collett and Dorothy L. Jones

Portrait of the artist as a young colonial girl: Emily Carr and Judith Wright, Anne A. Collett and Dorothy L. Jones

Engaging hard-to-reach families and children: Stronger Families and Communities Strategy 2004-2009, Natasha Cortis, Ilan Katz, and Roger Patulny

Labour- intensive manufacturing and flexible workers in the global garment industry, Vicki D. Crinis

Social transformations in Southeast Asia: The case of the garment industry and labour migration in Malaysia, Vicki D. Crinis

Vietnamese foreign workers in the garment industry in Malaysia, Vicki D. Crinis

Vietnamese migrant labour in Malaysia: Harsh realities and transnational solidarity building between nations and generations, Vicki D. Crinis and Angie Ngoc Tran


Marie Corelli's British new woman: A threat to empire?, Sharon M. Crozier-De Rosa

Did reading change? postcolonial criticism in Australia, Leigh Dale

Books in selected Australian newspapers, December 1930, Leigh Dale and Robert Thomson


Iraq, the prequel(s): historicising military occupation and withdrawal in Kingdom of Heaven and 300, Louise D'Arcens

"Most gentle, indeed, but most virile": the medievalist Pacifism of George Arnold Wood, Louise D'Arcens


Screening early Europe: premodern projections, Louise D'Arcens


"She ensample was by good techynge": Hermiene Ulrich and Chaucer Under Capricorn, Louise D'Arcens

Gender, nation and power in occupied Japan, Christine M. De Matos

Ideology, orientalism and conflict: Australian and US policies in occupied Japan, Christine M. De Matos

Living the colonial lifestyle: Australian women and domestic labour in occupied Japan 1945-1952, Christine M. De Matos

Introduction, Christine M. De Matos and Robin Gerster

Avoiding empty rhetoric: engaging publics in debates about nanotechnologies, Susan M. Dodds and Renee L. Kyle


Men, migration and hegemonic masculinity, Mike Donaldson and R. Howson

Indonesian Muslim Masculinities in Australia, Mike Donaldson, Richard Howson, and Pam Nilan


Working in the Space Between, Stephanie Hemelryk Donald and Vera C. Mackie


Eavesdropping with permission: the politics of listening for safer speaking spaces, Tanja Dreher

Listening across difference: media and multiculturalism beyond the politics of voice, Tanja Dreher

Beyond the Hijab Debates: New conversations on gender, race and religion, Tanja Dreher and Christina Ho


New conversations on gender, race and religion, Tanja Dreher and Christina Ho


Norms and irony in the biosciences: Ameliorating critique in synthetic biology, Gary Edmond and David W. Mercer

Stronger Families in Australia study: the impact of Communities for Children, Ben Edwards, Sarah Wise, Matthew Gray, Alan Hayes, Ilan Katz, Sebastian Misson, Roger Patulny, and Kristy Muir

Australia, Solomon Islands and Sovereignty, Joakim Eidenfalk

The World Bank and the Post-Washington Consensus in Vietnam and Indonesia: Inheritance of Loss, Susan N. Engel

Possession and the Sexes, Sarah Ferber

The Harms of Pornography Exposure Among Children and Young People, Michael G. Flood

Violence Prevention with Men: Strategies and challenges, Michael G. Flood

Youth, Sex and the Internet, Michael G. Flood

Factors influencing Attitudes to violence Against Women, Michael Flood and Bob Pease

African drumming in Australia: white men can't drum?, Annalise Friend

Sejong Park's 'Birthday Boy' and Korean-Australian Encounters, Ben Goldsmith and Brian M. Yecies

Electrical wonders of the present age: cinema-going on the Far South Coast of NSW and rural discourses of modernity, Stephanie Hanson

Australian interventions and occupations: Post-cold war state-building in the Global empire, Charles M. Hawksley

Australia's aid diplomacy and the Pacific Islands: change and continuity in middle power foreign policy, Charles M. Hawksley


Histories from the Asylum: 'The Unknown Patient', Jennifer Hawksley

'In the Shadow of War': Australian parents and the legacy of loss, 1915-1935, Jennifer Hawksley

Policy, men and transnationalism, Jeff Hearn and Richard Howson

Locating the Game: Gaming Cultures in/and the Asia-Pacific, Larissa Hjorth and Dean Chan

Not Another Hijab Row: New Conversations on Gender, Race, Religion and the Making of Communities, Christina Ho and Tanja Dreher

The hidden dangers of an emissions trading scheme, Patrick Hodder

Danish cartoon controversy in the Chinese context: transnational Islam and public visibility of Hong Kong Muslims, Wai-Yip Ho

Deconstructing hegemonic masculinity, Richard Howson

Deconstructing hegemonic masculinity: contradiction, hegemony and dislocation, Richard Howson

Theorising hegemonic masculinity: contradiction, hegemony and dislocation, Richard Howson


Chinese culture cures: Ouyang Yu's representation and resolution of the immigrant syndrome in The Eastern Slope Chronicle, Dan Huang

The barrister's bedmate, Rochelle Hurst


Multicultural literature in Australia and the AustLit database, Michael Jacklin


Not here, not there (Review: Culture is.. Australian Stories Across Cultures: An Anthology by Anne-Marie Smith (ed), Michael Jacklin


The Stolen Generations, Michael Jacklin


'The transnational turn in Australian literary studies, Michael Jacklin


Buddhist visions of transculturalism: picturing Miyazawa Kenji's 'Yamanashi' (Wild Pear), Helen Kilpatrick

Transcending gender in pictorial representations of Miyazawa Kenji's "Marivuron and the girl", Helen Kilpatrick

Material agency: a theoretical framework for ascribing agency to material culture, Michael Kirchhoff


The legendary overseas Chinese anti-Japanese Army in the defence of Singapore during the Japanese invasion of February 1942, Jung Kwok

Making a bigger deal of the smaller words: function words and other key items in research writing by Chinese learners, David Y. W Lee and Sylvia Xiao Chen


The Korean government’s electronic record management reform : the promise and perils of digital democratization, K. R. Lee and Kwang-Suk Lee


A final flowering of the developmental state : the IT policy experiment of the Korean information infrastructure, 1995-2005, Kwang-Suk Lee


The electronic fabric of resistance : a constructive network of online users and activists challenging a rigid copyright regime, Kwang-Suk Lee

Creating listening spaces for intergenerational communication - Tiffany Lee-Shoy in conversation with Tanja Dreher, Tiffany Lee-Shoy and Tanja Dreher

The Question Concerning (Internet) Time, S. Leong, Teodor E. Mitew, E Pearson, and M Celetti

Perceptions of China for the overseas Chinese tea traders in colonial Singapore, 1928-58, Jason Lim

The overseas Chinese tea merchants in Singapore, 1920-1960: issues and responses, Jason Lim

The Islandman: The Hidden Life of Tomas O'Crohan, Irene M. Lucchitti


A best practice approach to cultural competence training, Bronwyn L. Lumby and Terri Farrelly

Family violence, help-seeking and the close-knit Aboriginal community: Lessons for mainstream service provision, Bronwyn L. Lumby and Terri Farrelly

Deleuze's untimely: uses and abuses in the appropriation of Nietzsche, Craig A. Lundy

Transcending the border: Transnational imperatives in Singapore's migrant worker rights movement, Lenore T. Lyons

Fluid boundaries: modernity, nation and identity in the Riau Islands, Lenore T. Lyons and Michele T. Ford

Singaporean First: challenging the concept of transnational malay masculinity, Lenore T. Lyons and Michele T. Ford

Family Law and its Others, Vera C. Mackie

Gender and the Rhetoric of Occupation, Vera C. Mackie

Representing Sexual Labour in Imperial Japan: toward a "Proletarian" Reading Strategy, Vera C. Mackie

The Family, the Nation-State and the Others: Policing the Boundaries of Sex, Gender and Nationality in Contemporary Japan, Vera C. Mackie

The taxonomic Gaze: Looking at Whiteness from East to West, Vera C. Mackie

Transnational Bricolage: Gothic Lolita and the Political Economy of Fashion, Vera C. Mackie

Globalisation and Body Politics, Vera Mackie and Carolyn Stevens

New NGO-elite relations in business development for the poor in rural Bangladesh, Rie Makita

New Media as Transformed Media Industry, Philip D. Marshall

Screens: television's dispersed 'broadcast', Philip D. Marshall


Academic patronage, Brian Martin

Corruption, outrage and whistleblowing, Brian Martin

Making accompaniment effective, Brian Martin

Managing outrage over genocide: case study Rwanda, Brian Martin

Nonviolent strategy against capitalism, Brian Martin


Research productivity: some paths less travelled, Brian Martin

Statist language, Brian Martin

Climate crisis? the politics of emergency framing, Brian Martin and Patrick Hodder

Colonial constructions of masculinity: transforming Aboriginal Australian men into 'houseboys', Julia Martinez and Claire Lowrie


The evolution of 'Malay' labour activism, 1870-1947: protest among pearling crews in Dutch East Indies-Australian waters, Julia T. Martinez


Sizing up culture: the spirit, the flesh and the body mass index, George Matheson

Review of Lindley Darden "Reasoning in Biological Discoveries: Essays on Mechanisms, Interfield Relations and Anomaly Resolution", Patrick H. McGivern


Considering the work of Martin Nakata's "Cultural Interface": a reflection on Theory and Practice by a Non-Indigenous Academic, Colleen McGloin


Re-presenting urban Aboriginal identities: self-representation in "Children of the Sun", Colleen McGloin and Bronwyn Lumby


Leading the Way: Indigenous Knowledge and Collaboration at the Woolyungah Indigenous Centre, Colleen McGloin, Anne L. Marshall, and Michael J. Adams

(A)cute confusion: the unpredictable journey of Japanese popular culture, Mark J. McLelland


The role of the 'tojisha' in current debates about sexual minority rights in Japan, Mark J. McLelland

Internationalizing Internet Studies: Beyond Anglophone Paradigms, Mark J. McLelland and Gerard Goggin

The internationalization of the internet and its implications for media studies, Mark J. McLelland and Gerard Goggin

Sexual minorities and human rights in Japan: an historical perspective, Mark J. McLelland and Katsuhiko Suganuma

"Lost" children: crossing indigenous cultural borders in the Canadian Arctic, Kimberley McMahon-Coleman


Utopias of violence: Pierce's knights of Tortall and the contemporary heroic, Anne L. Melano

Bruce Smith, Edward Shann, W K Hancock: the economic critique of democracy in Australia, Gregory C. Melleuish

David Syme, Charles H Pearson and the democratic ideal in Australia, Gregory C. Melleuish

Rewriting History - Australian History Under Howard, Gregory C. Melleuish

The Significance of Lepanto, Gregory C. Melleuish

The West, the Anglo-Sphere and the Ideal of Commonwealth, Gregory C. Melleuish

Understanding Australian conservatism, Gregory C. Melleuish

Democracy and Asabiya, Gregory C. Melleuish

Pseudo history/weird history: nationalism and the Internet, Greg Melleuish, Konstantin Sheiko, and Stephen Brown

Intentionality and Consciousness, Richard Menary

Intentionality, Cognitive Integration and the Continuity Thesis, Richard A. Menary

Defining Health, Policy and Science: Legitimating Vertically Integrated Expertise in the WHO EMF Project, David W. Mercer

An analysis of technology use in first-year language teaching at three Australian universities, Martina Mollering, Kerry S. Dunne, and Mike Levy


Digital games distribution: The presence of the past and the future of obsolescence, Christopher L. Moore

Consumption, commodification and choice in writing by Lillian Ng and Evelyn Lau, Robyn L. Morris

National evaluation (2004-2008) of the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy 2004-2009, Kristy Muir, Ilan Katz, Christiane Purcal, Roger Patulny, Saul Flaxman, David Abello, Natasha Cortis, Cathy Thomson, Ioana Oprea, Sarah Wise, Ben Edwards, Mathew Gray, and Alan Hayes

Independent evaluation of headspace: the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, interim evaluation report, Kristy Muir, Shannon McDermott, Sandra Gendera, Saul Flaxman, Roger Patulny, Tomasz Sitek, David Abello, Ioana Oprea, and Ilan Katz

Increasing the social participation of young people with mental health problems, Kristy Muir and Roger Patulny

The relationship between mental health and perceived wellbeing for people with mental illness, Kristy Muir and Roger Patulny


Listening: a new way of engaging media and culture, Continuum, Penny O'Donnell, Justine Lloyd, and Tanja Dreher

Listening, pathbuilding and continuations: a research agenda for the analysis of listening, Penny O'Donnell, Justine Lloyd, and Tanja Dreher


Brave new world: Myth and migration in recent Asian-Australian picture books, Wenche Ommundsen

Literary Festivals and Cultural Consumption, Wenche Ommundsen

Looking Australia in the face: politics and contemporary literary practice, Wenche Ommundsen

Multicultural literature, Wenche Ommundsen

Salman Rushdie: The postcolonial writer as global brand, Wenche Ommundsen

Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature - Australian Literature in a Global World, Wenche Ommundsen and Tony Simoes da Silva


Special issue: Australian Literature in a Global World - Introduction, Wenche Ommundsen and Tony Simoes da Silva


Pathways into bullying, Deborah Osborne


Acting sovereign: interventions in a politics of gendered protectionsim, Borderlands E - Journal, Goldie Osuri, Tanja Dreher, and Elaine Laforteza


'Acting Sovereign' in the face of gendered protectionism, Goldie Osuri, Tanja Dreher, and Elaine Laforteza


Developing an Online Community of Learners for Second Language Students Using Design-Based Research, Mariolina Pais Marden, Janice A. Herrington, and Anthony J. Herrington

Feminist international relations and women militants: case studies from Sri Lanka and Kashmir, Swati Parashar

Ex-household social contact amongst retired men and women in Australia, Roger Patulny

If women are poorer and men are lonelier, who's happier?, Roger Patulny

The golden years?: social isolation among retired men and women in Australia, Roger Patulny

The Metropolis and Mental Strife - measuring the effect of urban living and conformity to emotion norms in urbanised societies upon emotionality, using the European Social Survey, Roger Patulny

The sociability of nations: international comparisons in bonding, bridging and linking social capital, Roger Patulny


Closure through mock-disclosure in Bret Easton Ellis's Lunar Park, Jennifer Phillips

Unreliable narration in Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho: Interaction between narrative form and thematic content., Jennifer Phillips

Cultural identities in a globalising world: He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata, Evan S. Poata-Smith

Ethnicity and class, Evan S. Poata-Smith

Italian Australian literature: a CALD perspective of migration and life down under, Gaetano Rando


A matter of conscience? The democratic significance of 'conscience votes' in legislating bioethics in Australia, Kerry Ross, Susan M. Dodds, and Rachel A. Ankeny

Ethical obligations to cetaceans: a case study for Singer's animal ethics, Denise Russell

"All Quiet on the Second Front": Australia and the US Occupation in Mindanao, Peter M. Sales

State terror in the Philippines: The Alston Report, human rights and counter-insurgency under the Arroyo administration, Peter M. Sales

Bridging the gap?, Colin Salter

Contested grounds: incommensurability and the paradigms of whiteness, Colin Salter

From Marginalized Worker to Impoverished Entrepreneur: The Globalization of the Trade in Crafts and Its Impact on Indian Artisans, Timothy J. Scrase

Alienation, self-realisation, and community in K. S. Maniam, Paul Sharrad

Australians, Orientals and Indians, Paul Sharrad

Beyond Capricornia: Ambiguous Promise in Alexis Wright, Paul Sharrad

Convicts, call centres and cochin Kangaroos: South Asian globalising of the Australian imagination, Paul Sharrad


The River is Three-quarters Empty: Some Literary Takes on Rivers and Landscapes in India and Australia, Paul Sharrad

Nationalist imaginings of the Russian past, Konstantin Sheiko and Stephen Brown


Women and war: impacts of the Vietnam War - Narratives of wives of Australian and South Vietnamese Veterans, John Shoebridge

Book review of Moutinho, The Colonial Wars in contemporary Portuguese fiction, Antonia J. Simoes da Silva

Narrating redemption: life writing and whiteness in the new South Africa: Gillian Slovo's Every Secret Thing, Antonio J. Simoes da Silva


We're one and many: remembering auto/biographically: the year's work in non-fiction 2008-2009, Antonio J. Simoes da Silva


Beyond celebration: Australian Indigenous festivals, politics and ethics, Lisa Slater


A stirring alphabet of thought: review essay, Marcelo Svirsky

Gaza is still the issue: A public meeting on Gaza, Marcelo Svirsky

The Meaning of the Jewish State: Turning the Back on the Refugees, Marcelo G. Svirsky

This regime which is not one: a Deleuzian approach, Marcelo G. Svirsky

The images of film and the categories of signs: Peirce and Deleuze on media, Geoffrey L. Sykes

The Contemporary Mahabharata and the Many Draupadis: Bringing Gender to Critical Terrorism Studies, Christine Sylvester and Swati Parashar

Reshaping attitudes toward violence against women, Natalie Taylor, Michael G. Flood, Bob Pease, and Kim Webster

New Literatures: Australia 2007, Chris Tiffin and Leigh Dale


‘Re-mediating’ the ruptures of migration: the use of internet and mobile phones in migrant women’s organizations in Ireland, Carla De Tona and Andrew Whelan


Integrating key work skills in language modules, Laetitia Vedrenne and Sally Wagstaffe


'By diggers defended, by Victorians mended': Australian soldiers and the reconstruction of Villers Bretonneux, Linda Wade

Imagining the future of lesbian community: The case of online lesbian communities and the issue of trans, Rebecca Walker


Leeching Bataille: peer-to-peer Potlatch and the Acephalic Response, Andrew Whelan


The "Amen" Breakbeat as Fratriarchal Totem, Andrew M. Whelan

Pre-occupation, occupation, and peace: international peace missions in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, 1997-2005, Edward P. Wolfers

Foreign policy making, Edward P. Wolfers and Bill Dihm


What the boomerang misses: pursuing international film co-production treaties and strategies, Brian M. Yecies

Papers from 2008

Neoliberalism and New South Wales prisons: re-regulation through value for money reporting, Jane L. Andrew and Damien Cahill


Hearing community voices: public engagement in Australian human embryo research policy, 2005 - 2007, Rachel Ankeny and Susan M. Dodds


Private funding has been taken to extremes, Anthony Ashbolt


Rescue public schools not corporate profiteers, Anthony Ashbolt


Save public schools, not corporate fat cats, Anthony Ashbolt

Narrative identity and embodied continuity, Kim M. Atkins

Narrative Identity and Moral Identity: a practical perspective, Kim M. Atkins


Men, Buddhism and the discontents of western modernity, Chris Barker

Emotional Self-Management for Activists, Christopher J. Barker, Brian Martin, and Mary Zournazi


Market mechanisms, ecological sustainability and social equity, Sharon Beder


The corporate assault on democracy, Sharon Beder


Beyond the supermarket: lost opportunities in summer study abroad for Singapore sojourners in Australia, Maureen Bell


Internationalising the Australian higher education curriculum through global learning, Maureen Bell

Speakin' Out Blak, Ernest Blackmore


Rural cultural research: notes from a small country town, Katherine Bowles


Making it Accessible: Mary Alice Evatt and Australian Modernist Art, Melissa Boyde


Developing a vision of a sustainable community, Christine A. Brown and Rebecca M. Albury

Lenin, Stalin and the Failure of the Red Army in the Soviet-Polish War of 1920, Stephen M. Brown

Deleuze and Guattari's Anti-Oedipus: A Reader's Guide, Ian Buchanan

Deleuze and the Internet, Ian Buchanan

Introduction: five theses of actually existing Schizoanalysis, Ian Buchanan

Power, theory and praxis, Ian Buchanan

Deleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Cinema, Ian M. Buchanan and Patricia MacCormack (ed.)

Deleuze and Politics, Ian M. Buchanan and Nicholas Thoburn (ed.)

Introduction: Deleuze and politics, Ian Buchanan and Nicholas Thoburn

Could a Zygote be a Human Being?, John Burgess

When is circularity in definitions benign?, John A. Burgess

The rise and fall of the Australian Greens: the 2002 Cunningham By-election and its implications, Damien Cahill and Stephen M. Brown

Introduction, Rowan Cahill


On the technique of working-class journalism, Rowan Cahill

Convergence, connectivity, and the case of Japanese mobile gaming, Dean Chan

Negotiating online computer games in East Asia: manufacturing Asian MMORPGs and marketing 'Asianness', Dean Chan

Understanding the extent and impact of Indigenous road trauma, Kathleen F. Clapham, Mark Stevenson, Marilyn Lyford, Rebecca Ivers, and Teresa Senserrick


Power, Vanishing Acts and Silent Watchers in Janette Turner Hospital's The Last Magician, Maureen Clark

Eat My Dust: Early Women Motorists, Georgine W. Clarsen

Machines as the measure of women: colonial irony in a Cape to Cairo automobile journey, 1930, Georgine W. Clarsen


Ambitious Angel: Jean Batten and the performance of gender in a man's country, Anne A. Collett

Editorial, Anne A. Collett

Pauline Johnson-Tekahionwake: trafficking woman, Anne A. Collett


The Extraordinary in the Ordinary: Kate Llewellyn's Self Portrait of a Lemon, Anne A. Collett


Book Review: "Assembling Women: The Feminization of Global Manufacturing". By Teri L. Caraway, Vicki D. Crinis

Female foreign workers in the garment industry in Malaysia, Vicki D. Crinis


Malaysia: Women, labour activism and unions, Vicki D. Crinis

Sweat or no sweat: workers in the garment industry in Malaysia, Vicki D. Crinis

Vietnamese foreign workers in the garment industry in Malaysia, Vicki D. Crinis and Angie Ngoc Tran

Children in State Care Commission of Inquiry. Allegations of Sexual Abuse and Death from Criminal Conduct [Sections 3.1-3.6 inclusive], Sharon M. Crozier-De Rosa and Karen George


Beyond silence: giving voice to kure mothers of Japanese-Australian children, Kathleen Cusack

A Masculinised Party Culture: Obstacles Facing Women in Japan's Liberal Democratic Party, Emma Dalton


The utilization of discourses of femininity by Japanese politicians: Tanaka Makiko case study, Emma Dalton


Deconstruction and the Medieval Indefinite Article: The Undecidable Medievalism of Brian Helgeland's A Knight's Tale, Louise D'Arcens

'Nee en Ytale': Christine de Pizan's migrant didactic voice, Louise D'Arcens


'The last thing one might expect': The Mediaeval Court at the 1866 Melbourne Intercolonial Exhibition, Louise D'Arcens


The Past is a Foreign Country: The Australian Middle Ages, Louise D'Arcens


Review of Celia Marshik, British Modernism and Censorship, Guy R. Davidson


Sexuality and the Statistical Imaginary in Samuel R. Delany's Trouble on Triton, Guy R. Davidson

Utopia and Apocalypse in Samuel Delany's The Mad Man, Guy R. Davidson

Imposing Peace and Prosperity: Australia, Social Justice and Labour Reform in Occupied Japan, Christine M. De Matos


Governing global slums: the biopolitics of Target 11, Timothy DiMuzio

Silencing the Sovereignty of the Poor in Haiti, Timothy DiMuzio


Inclusion and Exclusion in Women's Access to Health and Medicine, Susan M. Dodds


Gramsci, Class and Post-Marxism, Mike Donaldson


Media, multiculturalism and the politics of listening, Tanja Dreher


Making sense of place: Further descriptions of Circumstance of location, Shoshana Dreyfus and P. Jones

Prairie as flat as the sea: realizing Robert Kroetsch’s Spending the morning on the beach, Debra Dudek

Daubert and the exclusionary ethos: the convergence of corporate and judicial attitudes towards the admissibility of expert evidence in Tort litigation, Gary Edmond and David Mercer

Retroactive phantasies: discourse, discipline, and the production of race, Nadine Ehlers

The World Bank and Neoliberal hegemony in Vietnam, Susan N. Engel


Aboriginal ageing and disability issues in South West and Inner West Sydney, Terri Farrelly and Bronwyn Lumby

The Abuse of History? Identity Politics, Disordered Identity and the "Really Real" in French Cases of Demonic Possession, Sarah Ferber

Bent Straights: Diversity and flux among heterosexual men, Michael G. Flood

Engaging Men: Strategies and dilemmas in violence prevention education among men, Michael G. Flood

Mapping Homophobia in Australia, Michael G. Flood and Clive Hamilton

Rethinking the significance of 'attitudes' in challenging men's violence against women, Michael G. Flood and Bob Pease

Violence Against Women: A key determinant of health and wellbeing, Michael G. Flood, L Walker, and K Webster

Making the best of what you've got: Sex Work and Class Mobility in the Riau Islands, Michele T. Ford and Lenore T. Lyons

Survival in the Era of the Post-Multifiber Arrangement: Experiences of Garment Workers in India, Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase


Minority Women and Forced Migrations: A comparative study of flight and settlement experiences of women Refugees in India and Australia, Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase and Roberta Julian

Globalisation and the Middle Classes in India: The Social and Cultural Impact of Neoliberal Reforms, Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase and Timothy J. Scrase

Hegemony, Globalisation, and Neoliberalism: The case of West Bengal, India, Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase and Timothy J. Scrase

Ethnographies of gendered displacement: women's experiences in South Asia under neo-liberal globalisation, Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase and G. Vogl

Experimental evidence for the iconicity of the Chinese ba construction , Xiaoping Gao

The iconicity of the function of the Chinese ba construction, Xiaoping Gao

Variability in the Chinese ba construction - A pilot study with native speakers of Chinese, Xiaoping Gao

Xinxilan xuesheng ba ziju xide diaocha, Xiaoping Gao

Comparing wars, Truda Gray and Brian Martin

China: migrant workers want 'decent work', Katherine C. Hannan

Hegemony, Japan, and the victor's Memory of War, Yoko Harada

Hegemony, Education, and Subalternity in Colonial Papua New Guinea, Charles M. Hawksley


Rudd's Way: The ALP in government and its policies toward the South Pacific, Charles M. Hawksley

Science, technology, and social movements, David Hess, Steve Breyman, Nancy Campbell, and Brian Martin

Privatisation and labour relations in Asian ports: the case of Port Klang, Malaysia, Douglas P. Hill, Timothy J. Scrase, and Andrew Wells


Carbon pollution: Reduction scheme or soft option?, Patrick Hodder

Corpus Linguistics with BNCweb: A Practical Guide, Sebastian Hoffmann, Stefan Evert, Nicholas Smith, David Lee, and Ylva Berglund Prytz

Hegemonic masculinity in the theory of hegemony, Richard Howson

Hegemony in the Preprison Context, Richard Howson

Hegemony and the Operation of consensus and Coercion, Richard Howson and Kylie M. Smith

Adaptation as an Undecidable: Fidelity and Binarity from Bluestone to Derrida, Rochelle Hurst

Injury prevention in Australian indigenous communities, Rebecca Ivers, Kathleen F. Clapham, Teresa Senserrick, Marilyn Lyford, and Mark Stevenson


Consultation and critique: implementing cultural protocols in the reading of collaborative indigenous life writing, Michael Jacklin


Making paper talk: Writing Indigenous oral life narratives, Michael Jacklin


Review Caring Cultures: Sharing Imaginations: Australia and India, Michael Jacklin

Bottling the Forbidden Fruit: Marion Halligan's Fiction, Dorothy L. Jones


The 2007 Federal election in Australia: Framing Industrial Relations, Diana J. Kelly


Review Keyes, Roger S. 2006. Ehon: The artist and the book in Japan., Helen Kilpatrick

Civil society and the media in Indonesia, Philip Kitley

In court with the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission: old battles and new identities in the context of reform, Philip Kitley


Out There: Citizens, audiences and the mediatization of the 2004 Indonesian election, Philip Kitley


Playboy Indonesia and the media: commerce and the Islamic public sphere on trial in Indonesia, Philip Kitley

Winning an 'information war': an Indonesian case study, Philip Kitley

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