Science, Medicine and Health was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. Related series: Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health - Papers.


Papers from 2012


Roles of extracellular chaperones in amyloidosis, Amy R. Wyatt, Justin J. Yerbury, Rebecca A. Dabbs, and Mark R. Wilson

Quartz sandstone peak forest landforms of Zhangjiajie Geopark, northwest Hunan Province, China: pattern, constraints and comparison, Guifang Yang, Mingzhong Tian, Xujiao Zhang, Zhenghong Chen, Robert A.L Wray, Zhiliang Ge, Yamin Ping, Zhiyun Ni, and Zhen Yang

Electrochemically synthesized polypyrrole/graphene composite film for lithium batteries, Yang Yang, Caiyun Wang, Binbin Yue, Sanjeev Gambhir, Chee O. Too, and Gordon G. Wallace


Molecular mechanisms of K+ selectivity in Na/K pump, Haibo Yu, Ian Ratheal, Pablo Artigas, and Benoit Roux

Liquid crystallinity and dimensions of surfactant-stabilized sheets of reduced graphene oxide, Camilo Zamora-Ledezma, Nicolas Puech, Ceecile Zakri, Eric Grelet, Simon E. Moulton, Gordon G. Wallace, Sanjeev Gambhir, Christophe Blanc, Eric Anglaret, and Philippe Poulin


Trends and variations in CO, C2H6, and HCN in the Southern Hemisphere point to the declining anthropogenic emissions of CO and C2H6, G Zeng, S W. Wood, O Morgenstern, N B. Jones, J Robinson, and D Smale

Confining sulfur in double-shelled hollow carbon spheres for lithium-sulfur batteries, Chaofeng Zhang, Haobin Wu, Changzhou Yuan, Zaiping Guo, and Xiongwen Lou


Preparation of ordered TiO2 macroporous membrane using PBMA colloid crystal as template, Hongzhong Zhang, Feng Dong, Shengnan Zhai, Xuejing Kang, and Shaoming Fang


Structural insights into the dehydroascorbate reductase activity of human omega-class glutathione transferases, Huina Zhou, Joseph Brock, Dan Liu, Philip G. Board, and Aaron J. Oakley

4-(4,6-Dimethoxy-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl)-4-methylmorpholinium Chloride, Ana Zivanovic

Papers from 2011


Green fluorescent protein-based biosensor to detect and quantify stress responses induced by DNA-degrading colicins, Sam Abraham, James Chin, Huub J. M. Brouwers, Bernadette Turner, Ren Zhang, and Toni A. Chapman

A preliminary assessment of the impact of forest thinning on bat activity: Towards improved clutter-based hypotheses, Maria D. Adams and Bradley S. Law

Arctic to outback: Indigenous rights, conservation and tourism, Michael Adams


Preparation and characterisation of conducting biopolymer-carbon nanotube composite materials, Ali Aldalbahi and Marc in het Panhuis

Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of perenially frozen deposits in north-central Siberia: OSL characteristics of quartz grains and methodological considerations regarding their suitability for dating, Lee J. Arnold and Richard Roberts

Dirt, dates and DNA:OSL and radiocarbon chronologies of perenially frozen sediments in Siberia, and their implications for sedimentary ancient DNA studies, Lee J. Arnold, Richard G. Roberts, Ross D.E MacPhee, James S. Haile, Fiona Brock, Per Moller, Duane G. Froese, Alexei N. Tikhonov, Allan R. Chivas, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, and Eske Willerslev


An evaluation of environmental factors affecting species distributions, Michael B. Ashcroft, Kristine O. French, and Laurie A. Chisholm

The importance of pre-mating barriers and the local demographic context for contemporary mating patterns in hybrid zones of Eucalyptus aggregata and Eucalyptus rubida, David J. Ayre, Robert J. Whelan, A G Young, and D L Field

Attractors for the Entrance State of a Tidal Estuary in the Presence of a Multi-Harmonic Tide, S. Baldwin, J. Hinwood, and Errol McLean

Effects of solar ultraviolet radiation on terrestrial ecosystems. Patterns, mechanisms, and interactions with climate change, C. Ballare, M. Caldwell, S. Flint, Sharon A. Robinson, and J. Bornman

Foraging-farming transitions at the Niah Caves, Sarawak, Borneo, Graeme Barker, Llindsay Lloyd-Smith, Huw Barton, Franca Cole, Chris Hunt, Philip J. Piper, Ryan Rabett, Victor Paz, and Katherine A. Szabo

The evolution of coastal barrier systems: a case study of the Middle-Late Pleistocene Wilderness barriers, South Africa, Mark Bateman, Andrew Carr, Adam Dunajko, Peter Holmes, David Roberts, Sue McLaren, Robert Bryant, Margaret Marker, and C. V. Murray-Wallace

Developments in electrospray ionization mass spectrometry of non-covalent DNA-ligand complexes, Jennifer L. Beck

Mass spectrometric studies of non-covalent binding interactions between metallointercalators and DNA, Jennifer L. Beck, Stephen F. Ralph, Thitima Urathamakul, and Jihan H. Talib

Enhanced molecular chaperone activity of the small heat-shock protein alphaB-cystallin following covalent immobilization onto a solid-phase support, V Bellotti, Heath W. Ecroyd, J A. Carver, H J Griesser, B Thierry, J G Shapter, S S Griesser, S Giorgetti, M R Nussio, J A Gerrard, and J Garvey


Speciation of dissolved inorganic arsenic by diffusive gradients in thin films: selective binding of AsIII by 3-mercaptopropyl-functionalized silica gel, William W. Bennett, Peter R. Teasdale, Jarad G. Panther, David T. Welsh, and Dianne F. Jolley

Bacillus sp. CDB3 isolated from cattle dip-sites possesses two ars gene clusters, S. Bhat, Xuan Luo, Zhi-Qiang Xu, Li-Mei Liu, and Ren Zhang

Mass spectrometric study of the dissociation of Group XI metal complexes with fatty acids and glycerolipids: Ag2H+ and Cu2H+ ion formation in the presence of a double bond, Voislav Blagojevic, Sopeia Samad, Laura Banu, Michael Thomas, Stephen J. Blanksby, and Diethard Bohme

Photoelectron spectroscopic study of the oxyallyl diradical, Stephen J. Blanksby, W C. Lineberger, Stephanie M. Villano, Takatoshi Ichino, Daniel J. Goebbert, Xin Zhou, Adam J. Gianola, Weston T. Borden, Andrei Sanov, Luis Velarde Velarde, and David A. Hrovat


NanoESI mass spectrometry of Rubisco and Rubisco activase structures and their interactions with nucleotides and sugar phosphates, Michelle Blayney, Spencer M. Whitney, and Jennifer L. Beck

Sequence TTKF ↓ QE defines the site of proteolytic cleavage in Mhp683 protein, a novel glycosaminoglycan and cilium adhesin of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, Daniel Bogema, Nichollas Scott, Matthew Padula, J. Tacchi, Benjamin Raymond, Cheryl Jenkins, Stuart Cordwell, F. Chris Minion, Mark J. Walker, and Steven P. Djordjevic

How do slow-growing, fire-sensitive conifers survive in flammable eucalypt woodlands?, Ross A. Bradstock, J S. Cohn, I D. Lunt, and K A. Ross

Integrating science into management of ecosystems in the Greater Blue Mountains, Ross A. Bradstock, Richard Kingsford, Tony Auld, R S. Chapple, J A. Merson, R C. Mulley, P J S Fleming, and Daniel Ramp

TRY: a global database of plant traits, Ross A. Bradstock, S Ma, J Fang, P M van Bodegom, M Reichstein, S Lavorel, C Blanco, N A Soudzilovskaia, I C Prentice, J H C Cornelissen, D Baldocchi, C Violle, M Bahn, E Garnier, O Atkin, P B Reich, M Westoby, D D Ackerly, P Leadley, W Bond, J Kattge, B Blonder, I J Wright, S Diaz, G Bonisch, M Anand, S P Harrison, S J Wright, A E Zanne, C Wirth, S White, B Yguel, E Weiher, S Zaehle, M White, T Baker, R Bekker, B Enquist, E Sosinski, J F Soussana, M Waldram, K Thompson, A Swenson, P Thornton, E Swaine, A T Moles, P Manning, S Naeem, B E Medlyn, T Massad, J Messier, S C Muller, K Nadrowski, M D Mahecha, R Ogaya, V G Onipchenko, W A Ozinga, J Oleksyn, Y Onoda, S Patino, S Nollert, J Ordonez, U Niimemets, A Nuske, G Overbeck, V Pillar, P Poschlod, S Paula, J Penuelas, O L Phillips, H Poorter, L Poorter, A Prinzing, J G Pausas, B Salgado-Negret, B Reu, S Reinsch, A Rammig, J Sardans, A Siefert, R Proulx, L Sack, B Shipley, S Shiodera, J Chambers, J Chave, F Chapin, F Casanoves, J Cavender-Bares, D Bunker, D Coomes, J M Craine, W K Cornwell, B H Dobrin, G Esser, W Durka, J Elser, M Estiarte, L Duarte, F Fernandez-Mendez, W F Fagan, H Ford, O Flores, B Finegan, A Fidelis, D Frank, R V Gallaghers, W A Green, G T Freschet, A G Gutierrez, N M Fyllas, A Jalili, J G Hodgson, S I Higgins, T Hickler, S Jansen, K Kramer, D Kirkup, J M H Knops, M Kleyer, S Klotz, C A Joly, K Kitajima, I Khun, A J Kerkhoff, H Kurokawa, J Llusia, D Laughlin, T Lenz, T D Lee, S L Lewis, J Lloyd, M Leishman, F Lens, and F Louault

Fire as an evolutionary pressure shaping plant traits, Ross A. Bradstock, Juli Pausas, J E. Keeley, W Bond, and Philip W. Rundel

Quantifying the influence of fuel age and weather on the annual extent of unplanned fires in the Sydney region of Australia, Ross A. Bradstock and Owen F. Price

Prescribed burning: how can it work to conserve the things we value?, Ross A. Bradstock, R J Williams, Owen F. Price, A Andersen, M K Henderson, Geoff Cary, A York, Trent D. Penman, C Tran, G M. Wardle, and F J. Christie

Synthesis of new benzo[b]thieno fused ring systems via transition metal-mediated cyclisations, John B. Bremner, Johana M. Mbere, Brian W. Skelton, and Allan White


Synthesis and structural characterization of 1-[2-(5-Nitro-1H-indol-2-yl)phenyl]methylpyridinium chloride, John B. Bremner, Siritron Samosorn, Brian W. Skelton, and Allan White


Reappraising the role of suburban workplaces in Darwin's creative economy, Chris Brennan-Horley

Analysis of unsaturated lipids by ozone-induced dissociation, Stephen M. Brown, Todd Mitchell, and Stephen J. Blanksby

Using a genetically encoded fluorescent amino acid as a site-specific probe to detect binding of low-molecular-weight compounds, Susan E. Brown, Gottfried Otting, Zhi-Qiang Xu, Kiyoshi Ozawa, John G. Oakeshott, Gerhard Schenk, Chris Coppin, Isaac N. Ugwumba, Anthony J. Herlt, Kieran S. Hadler, and L De La Cruz

Grapevine leaf pigment response to root infestation by phylloxera, R. J. Bruce, K. S. Powell, Sharon A. Robinson, and S. Norng

Scraper reduction and "imposed form" at the Lower Palaeolithic site of High Lodge, England, A Brumm and A. McLaren

Linking science and practice in ecological research and management: How can we do it better?, Allan Burbidge, Martine Maron, Michael Clarke, John Baker, D. L. Oliver, and Greg Ford


Airborne and ground-based measurements of the trace gases and particles emitted by prescribed fires in the United States, I R. Burling, R J. Yokelson, S K. Akagi, S P. Urbanski, C E. Wold, David W. Griffith, T J. Johnson, J Reardon, and D R. Weise

Adverse effects of fipronil on avian reproduction and development: maternal transfer of fipronil to eggs in zebra finch Taeniopygia guttata and in ovo exposure in chickens Gallus domesticus, William A. Buttemer, Lee Astheimer, and Malsha Kitulagodage


The long life of birds: the rat-pigeon comparison revisited, William A. Buttemer, Anthony J. Hulbert, and M K. Montgomery


Toward accurate CO2 and CH4 observations from GOSAT, A Butz, S Guerlet, O Hasekamp, D Schepers, A Galli, Ilse Aben, C Frankenberg, J-M Hartmann, H Tran, A Kuze, Gretchen Keppel-Aleks, G C. Toon, Debra Wunch, P Wennberg, Nicholas M. Deutscher, David W. Griffith, Ronald Macatangay, Janina Messerschmidt, Justus Notholt, and Thorsten Warneke

Unshelled abalone and corrupted urchins: development of marine calcifiers in a changing ocean, Maria Byrne, Melanie Ho, Eunice Wong, Natalie Soars, Paulina Selvakumaraswamy, Hannah Shepard-Brennand, Symon Dworjanyn, and Andrew R. Davis

Effects of simultaneous polyandry on offspring fitness in an African tree frog, Phillip Byrne and M. J. Whiting

Assessing the sensitivity of MODIS to monitor drought in high biomass ecosystems, Gabriele Caccamo, Laurie Chisholm, Ross A. Bradstock, and Marjetta Puotinen

Sub-micron scale mechanical properties of polypropylene fibers exposed to ultraviolet and thermal degradation, Paul D. Calvert, Vijaya Chalivendra, and Nandula Wanasekara


Assessing the potential for tropical cyclone induced sea surface cooling to reduce thermal stress on the world's coral reefs, Adam D. Carrigan and Marjetta L. Puotinen


Multiple incursions and putative species revealed using a mitochondrial and nuclear phylogenetic approach to the Trogoderma variabile (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) trapping program in Australia, M. A. Castalanelli, Katarina Maryann Mikac, A. M. Baker, K. Munyard, M. Grimm, and D. M. Groth

Dyeing of cotton yarn with the aqueous extract of the leaves of Eupatorium odoratum L. in Thailand and associated extract toxicity studies, Montra Chairat, U. Darumas, John B. Bremner, and P. Bangrak


Lipid pathway alterations in Parkinson's Disease primary visual cortex, Danni Cheng, Andrew M. Jenner, Guanghou Shui, Wei Fun Cheong, Todd W. Mitchell, Jessica Nealon, Woojin Scott Kim, H McCann, Markus R. Wenk, Glenda Halliday, and Brett Garner

Multiple signal pathways in obesity-associated cancer, J Chen

Compositional effects of PEDOT-PSS/single walled carbon nanotube films on, Jun Chen, Syed A. Ashraf, Gordon G. Wallace, Andrew I. Minett, P A. Folkes, Peter Sherrell, Dennis Antiohos, Phillip Aitchison, and Andrew T. Harris

MWNT/C/Mg1.03Mn0.97SiO4 hierarchical nanostructure for superior reversible magnesium ion storage, Jun Chen, Andrew I. Minett, Jiazhao Wang, Jun Yang, Yanna Nuli, Fangtian Wang, and Yupei Zheng

Integrated high-efficiency Pt/carbon nanotube arrays for PEM fuel cells, Jun Chen, Joselito M. Razal, Gordon G. Wallace, Andrew I. Minett, Jie Zhao, Mei Gao, Anthony C. Romeo, and Weimin Zhang

Nanoporous graphitic-C(3)N(4)@Carbon metal-free electrocatalysts for highly efficient oxygen reduction, Jun Chen, Sean Smith, Shizhang Qiao, Zhonghua Zhu, Weimin Zhang, J Liu, Yan Jiao, Aijun Du, Ji Liang, Yao Zheng, Mietek Jaroniec, and Gao Qing Lu

Photocatalytic oxygen evolution from non-potable water by a bioinspired molecular water oxidation catalyst, Jun Chen, Leone Spiccia, Gerhard F. Swiegers, Pawel W. Wagner, Robin Brimblecombe, G Charles Dismukes, and T Buchhorn


A novel bath lily-like graphene sheet-wrapped nano-Si composite as a high performance anode material for Li-ion batteries, Jun Chen, Jun Yang, Zi-Feng Ma, Pengfei Gao, Yu-Shi He, Xiao Zhen Liao, and Xiaowei Yang

Three-dimensional porous silicon-MWNT heterostructure with superior lithium storage performance, Jun Chen, Jun Yang, Yanna Nuli, Jiulin Wang, Pengfei Gao, and Haiping Jia


Global CO(2) fluxes inferred from surface air-sample measurements and from TCCON retrievals of the CO(2) total column, Frederic Chevallier, Nicholas M. Deutscher, T J. Conway, P Ciais, L Ciattaglia, S Dohe, M Frohlich, A J. Gomez-Pelaez, David W. Griffith, F Hase, L Haszpra, Paul Krummel, E Kyro, C Labuschagne, R Lagenfelds, T Machidda, F Maignan, H Matsueda, I Morino, Justus Notholt, M Ramonet, Y Sawa, M Schmidt, V Sherlock, P Steele, K Strong, R Sussmann, Paul O. Wennberg, Steven C. Wofsy, D Worthy, Debra Wunch, and M Zimnoch


Influence of Salicylic Acid on Alkaloid Production by Root Cultures of Stemona curtisii Hook. F., K. Chotikadachanarong, S. Dheeranupattana, Chaiwat Jatisatienr, S. Wangkarn, Pitchaya Mungkornasawakul, Stephen G. Pyne, Alison T. Ung, and Thanapat Sastraruji

Oxygen exchange during the reaction of POCl3 and water, Robert Graham Clark, Robert John Morrison, Andrew Thomas, Rebeca Alvarez, and Paul J. Milham

Synthesis and antibacterial activity of some binaphthyl-supported macrocycles containing a cationic amino acid, Daniel R. Coghlan, John B. Bremner, Paul A. Keller, Stephen G. Pyne, Dorothy M. David, Kittiya Somphol, Dean Baylis, Jonathon Coates, John Deadman, David I. Rhodes, and A D Robertson


Continental aridification and the vanishing of Australia's megalakes, Timothy J. Cohen, Gerald C. Nanson, John D. Jansen, B. G. Jones, Zenobia Jacobs, P Treble, David M. Price, Jan-Hendrik May, A Smith, Linda K. Ayliffe, and John C. Hellstrom

Can limited dispersal or biotic interaction explain the declining abundance of the whelk, Morula marginalba, at the edge of its range?, Laura A. Coulson, Cecile Perrin, David Gary Roberts, Todd E. Minchinton, and David J. Ayre


Effects of aging on organic aerosol from open biomass burning smoke in aircraft and laboratory studies, M J. Cubison, A M. Ortega, P L. Hayes, D K. Farmer, D Day, M J. Lechner, W H. Brune, E Apel, G S. Diskin, J A. Fisher, H E. Fuelberg, A Hecobian, D J. Knapp, T Mikoviny, D Riemer, G W. Sachse, W Sessions, R Weber, A J. Weinheimer, A Wisthaler, and J L. Jimenez


Chemically activated reactions on the C7H5 energy surface: Propargyl + diacetylene, i-C5H3 + acetylene, and n-C5H3 + acetylene, Gabriel da Silva and Adam J. Trevitt

Binding of low molecular weight inhibitors promotes large conformational changes in the dengue virus NS2B-NS3 protease: fold analysis by pseudocontact shifts, L. De La Cruz, Thi Hoang Duong Nguyen, Kiyoshi Ozawa, J. Shin, Bim Graham, Thomas Huber, and Gottfried Otting

The coupling of recruitment and disturbance by fire in two resprouting Proteaceae species, Andrew J. Denham, Robert J. Whelan, Tony D. Auld, and Robert J. Denham


Electronic interactions within composites of polyanilines formed under acidic and alkaline conditions. Conductivity, ESR, Raman, UV-vis and fluorescence studies, L Dennany, P C. Innis, S T. McGovern, Gordon G. Wallace, and Robert J. Forster

The optimisation of a paired emitter-detector diode optical pH sensing device, Dermot Diamond, Brian Corcoran, Stephen T. Beirne, Cormac Fay, K T Lau, and D Orpen

A history of aquatic plants in the Coorong, a Ramsar-listed coastal wetland, South Australia, J Dick, D Haynes, J Tibby, A Garcia, and P Gell

Detecting pest and prey responses to fox control across the landscape using remote cameras, C Dickman, R Kavanagh, A L. Towerton, and Trent D. Penman

Synchrotron radiation x-ray spectroscopy for investigations of intracellular metallointercalators: x-ray fluorescence imaging and x-ray absorption spectroscopy, Carolyn T. Dillon

Improving a natural enzyme activity through incorporation of unnatural amino acids, Nicholas E. Dixon, David L. Ollis, Gottfried Otting, Zhi-Qiang Xu, Colin J. Jackson, Lewis N. Mander, Kiyoshi Ozawa, John G. Oakeshott, Gerhard Schenk, Chris Coppin, Sue Brown, Fernanda Ely, Isaac N. Ugwumba, Jee-Loon Foo, Anthony J. Herlt, and Matthew C. Taylor

E. coli DNA replication in the absence of free beta clamps, Nicholas E. Dixon, Antoine M. van Oijen, Nathan A. Tanner, Slobodan Jergic, Joseph J. Loparo, G Tolun, and J D Griffith

The delicate balance between soil production and erosion, and its role on landscape evolution, A Dosseto, Heather Buss, and P O. Suresh

The mitochondrial genome of the soybean cyst nematode, Heterodera glycines, Mark P. Dowton, Tracey A. Gibson, Jeffrey Barrett, Sergei Subbotin, David J. Chitwood, Janet Rowe, and Daniel Farrugia

Bodily rhythms: corporeal capacities to engage with festival spaces, Michelle Duffy, Gordon R. Waitt, Andrew W. Gorman-Murray, and Chris Gibson


Spectroscopic and computational study of β-ethynylphenylene substituted zinc and free-base porphyrins, John C. Earles, Keith C. Gordon, Adam W. I Stephenson, Ashton C. Partridge, and David L. Officer


Trial by fire: natural hazards, mixed-methods and cultural research, Christine Eriksen, Nicholas J. Gill, and Ross A. Bradstock


The art of learning: wildfire, amenity migration and local environmental knowledge, Christine Eriksen and T Prior


Indigenous -Government Co-Management of Protected Areas: Booderee National Park and the National Framework in Australia, David Farrier and Michael Adams


Remote real-time monitoring of subsurface landfill gas migration, Cormac Fay, Aiden R. Doherty, Stephen T. Beirne, F Collins, C Foley, John Healy, Breda M. Kiernan, Hyowon Lee, Damien Maher, D Orpen, Thomas Phelan, Zhengwei Qiu, Kirk Zhang, Cathal Gurrin, Brian Corcoran, Noel E. O'Connor, A F Smeaton, and D Diamond

Cenozoic development of the lapstone structural complex, Sydney Basin, New South Wales, Christopher L. Fergusson, A. Bray, and Peter Hatherly

Patterns of hybridization and asymmetrical gene flow in hybrid zones of the rare Eucalyptus aggregata and common E. rubida, David Field, David Ayre, Robert Whelan, and A. Young


The moral terrains of ecotourism and the ethics of consumption, Robert Melchior Figueroa and Gordon R. Waitt


Sources, distribution, and acidity of sulfate-ammonium aerosol in the Arctic in winter-spring, Jenny A. Fisher, Daniel J. Jacob, Q Wang, Roya Bahreini, C C. Carouge, M J. Cubison, Jack E. Dibb, Thomas Diehl, J L. Jimenez, E M. Leibensperger, Zifeng Lu, Marcel B.J Meinders, H. O T. Pye, Patricia K. Quinn, Sangeeta Sharma, David G. Streets, Aaron Van Donkelaar, and R M. Yantosca

Tests for inbreeding and outbreeding depression and estimation of population differentiation in the bird-pollinated shrub Grevillea mucronulata, Cairo N. Forrest, Kym M. Ottewell, Robert J. Whelan, and David J. Ayre


Lutein from de-epoxidation of lutein epoxide replaces zeaxanthin to sustain an enhanced capacity for non-photochemical chlorophyll fluorescence quenching in avocado shade leaves in the dark, Britta Forster, Barry James Pogson, and Charles Barry Osmond

Porphyrin dye-sensitised solar cells utilising a solid-state electrolyte, Maria Forsyth, J Pringle, D.R. McFarlane, David L. Officer, Pawel W. Wagner, and Vanessa Armel


The Australian methane budget: interpreting surface and train-borne measurements using a chemistry transport model, A Fraser, C C. Miller, Paul Palmer, Nicholas M. Deutscher, Nicholas B. Jones, and David W. Griffith

Population decline of the White-fronted Chat (Epthianura albifrons) in New South Wales, Australia, Kristine O. French, Richard Major, Benjamin Jenner, and Katherine Oxenham

The abundance and distribution of two species of fairy-wren in suburban and natural habitats, Kristine O. French, Christopher McLean, and R A. Crates