Science, Medicine and Health was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. Related series: Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health - Papers.


Papers from 2012

Characterizing the biological traits and life history of Acanthopagrus (Sparidae) hybrid complexes: Implications for conservation and management, F Ochwada-Doyle, David Gary Roberts, C Gray, L Barnes, J Haddy, and J Fearman

Local knowledge and the state: the 1990 floods in Cunnamulla, Queensland, Australia, Emily O'Gorman

Measuring, mapping and modelling:An integrated approach to the management of mangrove and saltmarsh in the Minnamurra River estuary, southeast Australia, Thomas S. N Oliver, Kerrylee Rogers, Chris J. Chafer, and Colin D. Woodroffe

Sex-specific SOD levels and DNA damage in painted dragon lizards (Ctenophorus pictus), Mats M. Olsson, Mo Healey, Cecile Perrin, Mark R. Wilson, and Michael Tobler

A significant component of ageing (dna damage) is reflected in fading breeding colors: an experimental test using innate antioxidant mimetics in painted dragon lizards, Mats M. Olsson, Michael Tobler, Mo Healey, Cecile Perrin, and Mark R. Wilson

New drugs under development for Alzheimer's disease, Lezanne Ooi, Kirubakaran Shanmugam, Mili Patel, Rachel Debono, and Gerald Munch


Seed bank persistence and climate change, Mark K. J Ooi

Projected soil temperature increase and seed dormancy response along an altitudinal gradient: Implications for seed bank persistence under climate change, Mark K. J Ooi, Tony D. Auld, and Andrew J. Denham


Effects of atmospheric light scattering on spectroscopic observations of greenhouse gases from space: Validation of PPDF-based CO 2 retrievals from GOSAT, Sergey Oshchepkov, Andrey Bril, Tatsuya Yokota, Isamu Morino, Yukio Yoshida, Tsuneo Matsunaga, Dmitry Belikov, Debra Wunch, Paul Wennberg, Geoffrey Toon, Christopher O'Dell, André Butz, Sandrine Guerlet, Austin Cogan, Hartmut Boesch, Nawo Eguchi, Nicholas Deutscher, David Griffith, Ronald Macatangay, Justus Notholt, Ralf Sussmann, Markus Rettinger, Vanessa Sherlock, John Robinson, Esko Kyro, Pauli Heikkinen, Dietrich G. Feist, Tomoo Nagahama, Nikolay Kadygrov, Shamil Maksyutov, Osamu Uchino, and Hiroshi Watanabe


High-yield cell-free protein synthesis for site-specific incorporation of unnatural amino acids at two sites, Kiyoshi Ozawa, Karin V. Loscha, Kekini V. Kuppan, Choy Theng Loh, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Gottfried Otting


Direct detection of additives and degradation products from polymers by liquid extraction surface analysis employing chip-based nanospray mass spectrometry, Martin Paine, Phillip Barker, Shane A. MacLaughlin, Todd W. Mitchell, and Stephen J. Blanksby

New insights into the biology and ecology of Cydia pomonella from apple orchards in Croatia, Ivana Pajac, Božena Baric, Katarina M. Mikac, and Ivan Pejic


Australia's Black Saturday fires - comparison of techniques for estimating emissions from vegetation fires, Clare Paton-Walsh, Louisa K. Emmons, and Christine Wiedinmyer


Activity and molecular dynamics relationship within the family of human cholinesterase, Judith Peters, Marie Trovaslet, Marcus Trapp, Florian Nachon, Flynn Hill, Etienne Royer, Frank Gabel, Lambert van Eijck, Patrick Masson, and Moeava Tehei


Hominin dispersal into the Nefud Desert and Middle Palaeolithic settlement along the Jubbah Palaeolake, Northern Arabia, M Petraglia, Abdullah M. Alsharekh, P Breeze, Christopher Clarkson, Remy Crassard, Nick A. Drake, Huw Groucutt, R Jennings, Adrian Parker, A Parton, Richard Roberts, C Shipton, Carney Matheson, A Al-Omari, and M Veall


Remote sensing of CO2 and CH4 using solar absorption spectrometry with a low resolution spectrometer, C Petri, T Warneke, N Jones, T Ridder, J Messerschmidt, T Weinzierl, M Geibel, and J Notholt

Differentiation of complex lipid isomers by radical-directed dissociation mass spectrometry, Huong T. Pham, Tony Ly, Adam J. Trevitt, Todd W. Mitchell, and Stephen J. Blanksby

Extrusion printing of flexible electrically conducting carbon nanotube networks, Geoffrey C. Pidcock and Marc in het Panhuis


Properties of the B+-H2 and B+-D2 complexes: a theoretical and spectroscopic study, B L. J Poad, V Dryza, A A. Buchachenko, J Kos, and E J. Bieske


The influence of prescribed fire on the extent of wildfire in savanna landscapes of western Arnhem Land, Australia, Owen F. Price, Jeremy Russell-Smith, and Felicity Watt


The relationship between particulate pollution levels in Australian cities, meteorology, and landscape fire activity detected from MODIS hotspots, Owen F. Price, Grant J. Williamson, Sarah B. Henderson, Fay Johnston, and David M. J. S Bowman


Using rigorous selection criteria to investigate marine range shifts, Rachel Przeslawski, Inke Falkner, Michael B. Ashcroft, and Pat Hutchings


Isolation of tuberospironine A, a novel croomine derivative from Stemona tuberosa Lour., Pratiwi Pudjiastuti, Stephen G. Pyne, S Sugiyanto, and Wilford Lie

Phylogeography of the medically important mosquito Aedes (Ochlerotatus) vigilax (Diptera:Culicidae) in Australasia, Louise Puslednik, R C. Russell, and J W. O Ballard

Protein-protein interactions of the cytochrome c oxidase DNA barcoding region, Louise Puslednik, David K. Yeates, Daniel P. Faith, and J William O Ballard


Fatty and volatile oils of the gypsywort lycopus europaeus L. and the gaussian-like distribution of its wax alkanes, Niko Radulovic, Marija Denic, Zorica Stojanovic-Radic, and Danielle Skropeta


Different radiolabelling methods alter the pharmacokinetic and biodistribution properties of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor Type 2 (PAI-2) forms, Marie Ranson, Paula Berghofer, Kara L. Vine, Ivan Greguric, Rachael Shepherd, and Andrew Katsifis


Lime muds and their genesis off-Northwestern India during the late Quaternary, V P. Rao, A Anil Kumar, S W A Naqvi, Allan R. Chivas, B Sekar, and Pratima M. Kessarkar

Extrusion printed polymer structures: a facile and versatile approach to tailored drug delivery platforms, Parawee Rattanakit, Simon E. Moulton, Karen S. Santiago, Saisunee Liawruangrath, and Gordon G. Wallace

In vivo biocompatibility and in vitro characterization of poly-lactide-co-glycolide structures containing levetiracetam, for the treatment of epilepsy, Joselito M. Razal, Toni E. Campbell, Gordon G. Wallace, Amy J. Halliday, Timothy S. Nelson, Karen J. McLean, and Mark J. Cook

Dipyridyl β-diketonate complexes and their use as metalloligands in the formation of mixed-metal coordination networks, Christopher Richardson, Catherine Renouf, Mary F. Mahon, Andrew D. Burrows, Anna J. Warren, and John E. Warren


Process-evaluation of tropospheric humidity simulated by general circulation models using water vapor isotopologues: 1. comparison between models and observations, Camille Risi, David Noone, John Worden, Christian Frankenberg, Gabriele Stiller, Michael Kiefer, Bernd Funke, Kaley Walker, Peter Bernath, Matthias Schneider, Debra Wunch, Vanessa Sherlock, Nicholas M. Deutscher, David W. Griffith, Paul O. Wennberg, Kimberly Strong, Dan Smale, Emmanuel Mahieu, Sabine Barthlott, Frank Hase, Omar Garcia, Justus Notholt, Thorsten Warneke, Geoffrey Toon, David Sayres, Sandrine Bony, Jeonghoon Lee, Derek Brown, Ryu Uemura, and Christophe Sturm

Melting ice sheets 400,000 yr ago raised sea level by 13 m: past analogue for future trends, David L. Roberts, Panagiotis Karkanas, Zenobia Jacobs, Curtis W. Marean, and Richard Roberts

A southern Indian middle palaeolithic occupation surface sealed by the 74 ka Toba eruption: Further evidence from Jwalapuram Locality 22, Richard Roberts, Allan Chivas, Christopher Clarkson, Ravi Korisettar, Nicole Boivin, Michael Petraglia, Peter Ditchfield, Michael Haslam, Janardhana Bora, Sanjay Eksambekar, Victoria Smith, Anna Oh, and Clair Harris

Evolutionary anthropology - Homo 'incendius', Richard G. Roberts and Michael I. Bird


Architecture and conservation of the bacterial DNA replication machinery, an underexploited drug target, Andrew Robinson, Rebecca J. Causer, and Nicholas E. Dixon


The use of representative species as surrogates for wetland inundation, Kerrylee Rogers, Timothy J. Ralph, and Neil Saintilan

Modelling wetland surface elevation dynamics and its application to forecasting the effects of sea-level rise on estuarine wetlands, Kerrylee Rogers, Neil Saintilan, and Craig Copeland

Simplifying the savanna: the trajectory of fire-sensitive vegetation mosaics in northern Australia, Jeremy Russell-Smith, Andrew C. Edwards, and Owen F. Price


Technical Note: Latitude-time variations of atmospheric column-average dry air mole fractions of CO2, CH4 and N2O, R Saito, P K. Patra, N Deutscher, D Wunch, K Ishijima, V Sherlock, T Blumenstock, S Dohe, D Griffith, F Hase, P Heikkinen, E Kyro, R Macatangay, J Mendonca, J Messerschmidt, I Morino, J Notholt, M Rettinger, K Strong, R Sussmann, and T Warneke


Bacterial plasminogen receptors: mediators of a multifaceted relationship, Martina L. Sanderson-Smith, David M. P De Oliveira, Marie Ranson, and Jason D. McArthur


Comparison of chemical constituents and antibacterial activities and antioxidant activities of the essential oil from leaves and fruits of Bridelia retusa (L.) A. Juss, D Sanseera, W Niwatananun, Saisunee Liawruangrath, Apiwat Baramee, Banyong Khantawa, Stephen G. Pyne, and Boonsom Liawruangrath


Synthesis of stemofoline analogues as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, Kwankamol Sastraruji, Thanapat Sastraruji, Alison T. Ung, Renate Griffith, Araya Jatisatienr, and Stephen G. Pyne

Oxidation of acyclic alkenes and allyl and benzyl ethers with DIB/t-BuOOH/Mg(OAc)2, Thanapat Sastraruji, Stephen G. Pyne, and Alison T. Ung


Methane retrievals from Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite (GOSAT) shortwave infrared measurements: Performance comparison of proxy and physics retrieval algorithms, D Schepers, S Guerlet, A Butz, J Landgraf, C Frankenberg, O Hasekamp, J-F Blavier, N M. Deutscher, D W. T Griffith, F Hase, E Kyro, I Morino, V Sherlock, R Sussmann, and I Aben


Atmospheric greenhouse gases retrieved from SCIAMACHY: comparison to ground-based FTS measurements and model results, O Schneising, p Bergamaschi, H Bovensmann, M Buchwitz, J P. Burrows, N M. Deutscher, D W. T Griffith, J Heymann, R Macatangay, J Messerschmidt, J Notholt, M Rettinger, M Reuter, R Sussmann, Voltaire A. Velazco, T Warneke, P O. Wennberg, and D Wunch

Mhp182 (P102) binds fibronectin and contributes to the recruitment of plasmin(ogen) to the Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae cell surface, Lisa M. Seymour, Cheryl Jenkins, Ania T. Deutscher, Benjamin B. A Raymond, Matthew P. Padula, Jessica L. Tacchi, Daniel R. Bogema, Graeme J. Eamens, Lauren K. Woolley, Nicholas E. Dixon, Mark J. Walker, and Steven P. Djordjevic


Inhomogeneities in YBa 2Cu 3O 7 thin films with reduced thickness, O V. Shcherbakova, A V. Pan, S K. Gorman, S A. Fedoseev, I A. Golovchanskiy, and S. X. Dou

Highly diastereoselective N-acyliminium ion cyclization reactions of a tethered furan, Sudhir R. Shengule, G Ryder, Anthony C. Willis, and Stephen G. Pyne

Lithic technology and social transformations in the South Indian Neolithic:The evidence from Sanganakallu-Kupgal, Ceri Shipton, Michael Petraglia, Jinu Koshy, Janardhana Bora, Adam Brumm, Nicole Boivin, Ravi Korisettar, Roberto Risch, and Dorian Fuller


Oxidation of acid-volatile sulfide in surface sediments increases the release and toxicity of copper to the benthic amphipod Melita plumulosa, Stuart L. Simpson, Daniel Ward, David Strom, and Dianne F. Jolley


DGT-induced copper flux predicts bioaccumulation and toxicity to bivalves in sediments with varying properties, Stuart L. Simpson, Heloise Yverneau, Anne Cremazy, Chad V. Jarolimek, Helen Price, and Dianne F. Jolley

Quaternary fluvial systems of tropics: major issues and status of research, Rajiv Sinha, Edgardo M. Latrubesse, and Gerald C. Nanson

Novel indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase-1 inhibitors from a multistep in silico screen, Jason R. Smith, Krystal J. Evans, Adam Wright, Robert D. Willows, Joanne F. Jamie, and Renate Griffith

Geology, tectonics, and the 2002-2003 eruption of the Semeru volcano, Indonesia: interpreted from high-spatial resolution satellite imagery, Akhmad Solikhin, Jean-Claude Thouret, Avijit Gupta, Andrew J L Harris, and Soo Chin Liew


Clinical dyslipidaemia is associated with changes in the lipid composition and inflammatory properties of apolipoprotein-B-containing lipoproteins from women with type 2 diabetes, M Ståhlman, T H. Pham, M Adiels, Todd Mitchell, Stephen J. Blanksby, B Fagerberg, K Ekross, and J Boren

Development of a high-performance liquid chromatography method for the simultaneous quantitation of glutathione and related thiols, Megan L. Steele, Lezanne Ooi, and Gerald Munch

Afromontane foragers of the Late Pleistocene: site formation, chronology and occupational pulsing at Melikane Rockshelter, Lesotho, Brian A. Stewart, Genevieve I. Dewar, Mike W. Morley, Robyn H. Inglis, Mark Wheeler, Zenobia Jacobs, and Richard G. Roberts

Astronomically calibrated 40Ar/39Ar age for the Toba supereruption and global synchronization of late Quaternary records, Michael Storey, Richard G. Roberts, and Mokhtar Saidin

Indigo carmine (IC) doped polypyrrole (PPy) as a free-standing polymer electrode for lithium secondary battery application, Irin Sultana, M M. Rahman, Jiazhao Wang, Caiyun Wang, Gordon G. Wallace, and Hua-Kun Liu

Niche models tell half the story: Spatial context and life-history traits influence species responses to global change, Rebecca M. Swab, Helen M. Regan, David A. Keith, Tracey J. Regan, and Mark K. J Ooi


Synthesis, properties and water permeability of SWNT buckypapers, L J. Sweetman, L Nghiem, I Chironi, G Triani, Marc in het Panhuis, and St F. Ralph


Terrestrial hermit crabs (Anomura: Coenobitidae) as taphonomic agents in circum-tropical coastal sites, Katherine Szabo

Uranium-series age estimates for rock art in southwest China, Paul S.C Tacon, Maxime Aubert, Li Gang, Yang Decong, Liu Hong, Sally K. May, Stewart Fallon, Ji Xueping, Darren Curnoe, and Andy I.R Herries


Meteorological modes of variability for fine particulate matter (PM2.5) air quality in the United States: implications for PM2.5 sensitivity to climate change, A. P K. Tai, L J. Mickley, D J. Jacob, E M. Leibensperger, L Zhang, J A. Fisher, and H. O T. Pye

Does the United States Pharmacopeia Throat Introduce De-agglomeration of Carrier-Free Powder from Inhalers?, P Tang, Philip C.L. Kwok, Zhenbo Tong, Runyu Yang, Judy A. Raper, and Hak-Kim Chan


Characterization of gellan gum by capillary electrophoresis, Danielle L. Taylor, Cameron J. Ferris, Alison R. Maniego, Patrice Castignolles, Marc in het Panhuis, and Marianne Gaborieau

Water in extremophiles [L'eau dans les extremophiles], Moeava Tehei

Predictive modeling of dominant macroalgae abundance on temperate island shelves (Azores, Northeast Atlantic), Fernando Tempera, Monique MacKenzie, Igor Bashmachnikov, Marjetta L. Puotinen, Ricardo S. Santos, and Richard Bates

Remote sensing helps to assess natural hazards and environmental changes in Asia-Pacific region, Jean-Claude Thouret, Soo Chin Liew, and Avijit Gupta

Digit ratio, polychromatism and associations with endurance and antipredator behaviour in male painted dragon lizards, Michael Tobler, Mo Healey, and Mats Olsson


Sustained solar hydrogen generation using a dye-sensitised NiO photocathode/BiVO4 tandem photo-electrochemical device, Lei Tong, Akihide Iwase, Andrew Nattestad, Udo Bach, Martin Weidelener, Gunther Gotz, Amaresh Mishra, Peter Bauerle, Rose Amal, Gordon G. Wallace, and Attila J. Mozer

BIOPHYSCHEM2011: A joint meeting of the Australian Society for Biophysics and the RACI Physical Chemistry Division foreword, Adam J. Trevitt, Jeffrey R. Reimers, Ronald J. Clarke, and Jamie I. Vandenberg

Did neanderthals play music? X-ray computed micro-tomography of the divje babe 'flute', C Tuniz, F Bernardini, I Turk, L Dimkaroski, L Mancini, and D Dreossi


Telomere dynamics and homeostasis in a transmissible cancer, Beata Ujvari, Anne-Maree Pearse, Robyn Taylor, Stephen Pyecroft, Cassandra Flanagan, Sara Gombert, Anthony T. Papenfuss, Thomas R. Madsen, and Katherine Belov

Laser-initiated iodine radical chemistry in single microdroplets, Bartholomew S. Vaughn, Phillip J. Tracey, and Adam J. Trevitt

Strategies to potentiate antimicrobial photoinactivation by overcoming resistant phenotypes, Domingo Mariano Adolfo Vera, Mark H. Haynes, Anthony R. Ball, Tianhong Dai, Christos Astrakas, Michael J. Kelso, Michael R. Hamblin, and George P. Tegos


Emulsion-coaxial electrospinning: designing novel architectures for sustained release of highly soluble low molecular weight drugs, Lucie Viry, Simon E. Moulton, Tony Romeo, Courtney Suhr, Damia Mawad, Mark Cook, and Gordon G. Wallace

The teleconference and its implications for geographical knowledge-sharing, Gordon R. Waitt, Michael Adams, Jennifer Atchison, Lesley Head, Michael Jones, Pat Macquarie, Katarina Saltzman, Gunhild Setten, and Marie Stenseke

Sustainable household capability: which households are doing the work of environmental sustainability?, Gordon R. Waitt, Peter Caputi, Chris Gibson, Carol Farbotko, Lesley Head, Nick Gill, and Elyse Stanes

Scalar politics of climate change: regions, emissions and responsibility, Gordon R. Waitt, Carol Farbotko, and Barbara Criddle

"The vibe" and "the glide": surfing through the voices of longboarders, Gordon R. Waitt and Ryan Frazer


Driving, cities and changing climates, Gordon R. Waitt and Theresa Harada

The effect of habitat degradation on the long term survival of the critically endangered Madagascar spider tortoise (Pyxis arachnoides), Ryan C J Walker, Nathan Whitmore, Tsilavo H. Rafeliarisoa, and Sarah Hamylton

Distribution and movement of catadromous fish: design and implementation of a freshwater-estuarine acoustic telemetry array, Christopher T. Walsh, Ivars V. Reinfelds, Ronald J. West, Charles A. Gray, and Dylan E. van der Meulen


Phytochemical and biological activity studies of the Bhutanese medicinal plant corydalis crispa, Phurpa Wangchuk, Paul A. Keller, Stephen G. Pyne, Thanapat Sastraruji, Malai Taweechotipatr, Roonglawan Rattanajak, Aunchalee Tonsomboon, and Sumalee Kamchonwongpaisan


Antimalarial alkaloids from a Bhutanese traditional medicinal plant Corydalis dubia, Phurpa Wangchuk, Paul A. Keller, Stephen G. Pyne, Anthony C. Willis, and Sumalee Kamchonwongpaisan

Multiple 3.8-3.1Ga tectono-magmatic events in a newly discovered area of ancient rocks (the Shengousi Complex), Anshan, North China Craton, Yusheng Wan, Dunyi Liu, Allen Nutman, Hongying Zhou, Chunyan Dong, Xiaoyan Yin, and Mingzhu Ma


Manufacturing on the move? Beyond the high dollar in the debate about making things in Australia - the case of the Australian surfboard industry - AUSCCER Discussion Paper No. 2012/2, Andrew Warren and Chris Gibson


Bryophyte species composition over moisture gradients in the Windmill Islands, East Antarctica: development of a baseline for monitoring climate change impacts, J Wasley, S A. Robinson, J D. Turnbull, D H. King, W Wanek, and M Popp


A comparison of bushfire fuel hazard assessors and assessment methods in dry sclerophyll forest near Sydney, Australia, Penny J. Watson, Sandra H. Penman, and Ross A. Bradstock

Inkjet printed polypyrrole/collagen scaffold: a combination of spatial control and electrical stimulation of PC12 cells, Bo Weng, Xiao Liu, Roderick Shepherd, and Gordon G. Wallace


Changes in forest structure over 60 years: tree densities continue to increase in the Pilliga forests, New South Wales, Australia, Robyn K. Whipp, I D. Lunt, Peter G. Spooner, and Ross A. Bradstock

Paradigms in estuarine ecology - A review of the Remane diagram with a suggested revised model for estuaries, A K. Whitfield, M Elliott, A Basset, S J. M Blaber, and R J. West

Effects of passive ankle dorsiflexion stiffness on ankle mechanics during drop landings, J W. Whitting, J R. Steele, D E. McGhee, and B J. Munro

A quick, convenient and economical method for the reliable determination of methylglyoxal in millimolar concentrations: the N-acetyl-L-cysteine assay, Rebekka Wild, Lezanne Ooi, Velandai Srikanth, and Gerald Munch

Johann Carl Vogel (7 September 1932-30 January 2012), Ann Wintle, Zenobia Jacobs, and Siep Talma

Mid-Pacific microatolls record sea-level stability over the past 5000 yr, Colin D. Woodroffe, Helen V. McGregor, Kurt Lambeck, Scott Smithers, and David Fink

Sea-level rise and coastal change: the past as a guide to the future, Colin D. Woodroffe and Colin V. Murray-Wallace

Differences in anti-predator traits of a native bivalve following invasion by a habitat-forming seaweed, Jeffrey T. Wright, James E. Byers, Loni P. Koukoumaftsis, and Paul E. Gribben