Science, Medicine and Health was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. Related series: Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health - Papers.


Papers from 2011


Recruitment limitation of native species in invaded coastal dune communities, Kristine O. French, Natalie A. Sullivan, and Tanya J. Mason

Dunites from Isua, Greenland: a ca. 3720 Ma window into subcrustal metasomatism of depleted mantle, C R.L. Friend and Allen P. Nutman

NMR spectroscopy of 14-3-3zeta reveals a flexible C-terminal extension: differentiation of the chaperone and phosphoserine-binding activities of 14-3-3zeta, H Fu, Danielle M. Williams, Heath W. Ecroyd, John A. Carver, Lixin Zhang, Huanqin Dai, Joanna M. Woodcock, and K L. Goodwin

Unexpected post-settlement freshening and increase in charophytes in Bombah Broadwater (Myall Lakes, New South Wales, Australia), Adriana Garcia, John Tibby, Emily Leyden, and Atun Zawadzki

Zechstein saline brines in Poland, evidence of overturned anoxic ocean during the Late Permian mass extinction event, J. Garcia-Veigas, Dionisio Cendon, J. J. Pueyo, and T. M. Peryt

Attenuation of the lysosomal death pathway by lysosomal cholesterol accumulation, Brett Garner, A Brown, Hanna Appelqvist, C Nilsson, K Kagedal, and K Ollinger

Age-related lysosomal dysfunction: an unrecognized roadblock for cobalamin trafficking?, Brett Garner, Hua Zhao, and Ulf T. Brunk

Climate change and household dynamics: Beyond consumption, unbounding sustainability, Chris Gibson, Lesley M. Head, Nicholas J. Gill, and Gordon R. Waitt

Is green the new black? Exploring ethical fashion consumption, Chris Gibson and Elyse Stanes


Elvis in the Country: Transforming Place in Rural Australia, Christopher R. Gibson and John Connell

New dawn or new dusk? Beyond the binary of day and night, Christopher R. Gibson and Ben Gallan

The shifting spaces and practices of dance music DJs in Dunedin, Christopher R. Gibson and Andrew McGregor


Greening Rural Festivals: Ecology, Sustainability and Human-Nature Relations, Christopher R. Gibson and C Wong


Is It Easy Being Green? On the Dilemmas of Material Cultures of Household Sustainability, Chris Gibson, Gordon R. Waitt, Lesley M. Head, and Nicholas J. Gill


Is it easy being green? On the dilemmas of material cultures of household sustainability, Chris Gibson, Gordon R. Waitt, Lesley M. Head, and Nick Gill

Highly Stretchable Conducting SIBS-P3HT Fibers, Alberto J. Granero Rodriguez, Pawel W. Wagner, Klaudia K. Wagner, Joselito M. Razal, Gordon G. Wallace, and Marc in het Panhuis

Measured deuterium in water vapour concentration does not improve the constraint on the partitioning of evapotranspiration in a tall forest canopy, as estimated using a soil vegetation atmosphere transfer model, David W. Griffith, Vanessa E. Haverd, Matthias Cuntz, J Twining, C Keitel, and C Tadros

Absolute accuracy and sensitivity analysis of OP-FTIR retrievals of CO2, CH4 and CO over concentrations representative of "clean air" and "polluted plumes", David W. Griffith, T E L Smith, M Tattaris, and Martin Wooster

The total carbon column observing network, David W. Griffith, G C. Toon, J-F Blavier, Paul O. Wennberg, Justus Notholt, Brian Connor, V Sherlock, Rebecca A. Washenfelder, and Debra Wunch


Preliminary validation of column-averaged volume mixing ratios of carbon dioxide and methane retrieved from GOSAT short-wavelength infrared spectra, David W. Griffith, G C. Toon, B Connor, R Sussmann, Thorsten Warneke, Nicholas M. Deutscher, Paul O. Wennberg, Justus Notholt, V Sherlock, J Robinson, O Uchino, C M. Roehl, I Morino, Debra Wunch, Janina Messerschmidt, Y Yoshida, M Inoue, and M Rettinger

The challenge of dating Early Pleistocene fossil teeth by the combined series-electron spin resonance method: the Venta Micena palaeontological site (Orce, Spain), R. Grun, John C. Hellstrom, Maxime Aubert, J-M Dolo, Q Shao, P Palmqvist, C Falgueres, J-J Bahain, J Agusti, B Martinez-Navarro, I Toro-Moyano, and M Duval

High resolution LA-ICP-MS mapping of U and Th isotopes in an early Pleistocene equid tooth from Fuente Nueva-3 (Orce, Andalusia, Spain), R. Grun, John C. Hellstrom, Maxime Aubert, and M Duval

A diverse Pleistocene marsupial trackway assemblage from the Victorian Volcanic Plains, Australia, R. Grun, John C. Hellstrom, Matthew L. Cupper, Maxime Aubert, S P. Carey, P Trusler, D A. Pickering, I McLennan, S W. McKnight, and A B. Camens


Membrane Biological Reactors, F I. Hai and K Yamamoto

An evaluation of waveband pairs for water column correction using band ratio methods for seabed mapping in the Seychelles, Sarah Hamylton

Estimating the coverage of coral reef benthic communities from airborne hyperspectral remote sensing data: Multiple discriminant function analysis and linear spectral unmixing, Sarah Hamylton

The use of remote sensing and linear wave theory to model local wave energy around Alphonse Atoll, Seychelles, Sarah Hamylton

Geomorphological modelling of tropical marine landscapes: optical remote sensing, patches and spatial statistics, Sarah Hamylton and Tom Spencer


The Later Stone Age calvaria from Iwo Eleru, Nigeria: morphology and chronology, Katerina Harvati, Chris Stringer, Rainer Grun, Maxime Aubert, Philip Allsworth-Jones, and Caleb Adebayo Folorunso

Late Acheulean hominins at the Marine Isotope Stage 6/5e transition in north-central India, Michael Haslam, Richard G. Roberts, Ceri Shipton, J N. Pal, Jacqueline L. Fenwick, Peter Ditchfield, Nicole Boivin, A K. Dubey, M C. Gupta, and Michael Petraglia

A fine-grained study of the experience of drought, risk and climate change among Australian wheat farming households, Lesley M. Head, Jennifer Atchison, Alison Gates, and Pat Muir

Collisional accretion of a Late Ordovician oceanic island arc, Northern Tasman Orogenic Zone, Australia, R. A. Henderson, B. M. Innes, Christopher L. Fergusson, A. J. Crawford, and I. W. Withnall

Archaean fluid-assisted crustal cannibalism recorded by low δ18O and negative εHf(T) isotopic signatures of West Greenland granite zircon, Joe Hiess, Vickie Bennett, Allen Phillip Nutman, and I. Williams

the role of atomic force microscopy in advancing diatom research into the nanothechnology era, Michael J. Higgins and Richard Wetherbee


Gellan gum doped polypyrrole neural prosthetic electrode coatings, Thomas M. Higgins, Simon E. Moulton, Kerry J. Gilmore, Gordon G. Wallace, and Marc in het Panhuis


Films, buckypapers and fibers from clay, chitosan and carbon nanotubes, Thomas M. Higgins, Holly Warren, and Marc in het Panhuis

The influence of molecular adjuvants in the cutaneous response to antigen after topical vaccination, Roy Himes, S. S Lee, Kim McMenigall, and Greg Russell-Jones

Paternal leakage of mitochondrial DNA in experimental crosses of populations of the potato cyst nematode Globodera pallida, Angelique H. Hoolahan, Vivian C. Blok, Tracey Gibson, and Mark Dowton


Inexplicable inefficiency of avian molt? Insights from an opportunistically breeding arid-zone species, Lichenostomus penicillatus, Bethany J. Hoye and William A. Buttemer

Textile-Based Flexible Electroluminescent Devices, Bin Hu, Dapeng Li, Paul D. Calvert, Prakash Manandharm, Dayalan Kasilingam, Qinguo Fan, and Okan Ala

Fatty acid uptake and incorporation into phospholipids in the rat lens., Jessica Hughes, Stephen J. Blanksby, Paul J. Donaldson, Roger J. W Truscott, and Todd Mitchell


The age of the 20 meter Solo River Terrace, Java, Indonesia and the survival of Homo erectus in Asia, Etty Indriati, Carl C. Swisher, Christopher Lepre, Rhonda L. Quinn, Rusyad A. Suriyanto, Agus T. Hascaryo, Rainer Grun, Craig S. Feibel, Briana L. Pobiner, Maxime Aubert, Wendy Lees, and Susan C. Anton

Biocompatibility of immobilized aligned carbon nanotubes, Peter C. Innis, Jun Chen, Graeme M. Clark, Gordon G. Wallace, Richard A. Williams, Sue Finch, Ronald T. Leung, David Nayagam, Kylie Magee, Justin Tan, Chris E. Williams, and Jennifer Irwin

One-step wet-spinning process of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): poly(styrenesulfonate) fibers and the origin of higher electrical conductivity, Peter C. Innis, Joselito M. Razal, Gordon G. Wallace, and Rouhollah Jalili

Aggression, but not testosterone, is associated to oxidative status in a free-living vertebrate, Caroline Isaksson, Geoffrey While, Jo McEvoy, Janske Van De Crommenacker, Mats Olsson, Ton Groothuis, Jan Komdeur, and Erik Wapstra

A 100,000-year-old ochre-processing workshop at Blombos Cave, South Africa, Zenobia Jacobs, Christopher S. Henshilwood, Francesco d'Errico, Karen Van Niekerk, S-E Lauritzen, Y Coquinot, R Garcia-Moreno, and M Menu

Development of the SAR TT-OSL procedure for dating Middle Pleistocene dune and shallow marine deposits along the southern Cape coast of South Africa, Zenobia Jacobs, Richard G. Roberts, Terry J. Lachlan, Panagiotis Karkanas, Curtis W. Marean, and David Roberts

The origin and development of the Nyl River floodplain wetland, Limpopo Province, South Africa: trunk-tributary river interactions in a dryland setting, Zenobia Jacobs, Stephen Tooth, M Thompson, T.S. McCarthy, D Brandt, M D. Rowberry, P M. Marren, S Woodborne, W N. Ellery, and P J. Hancox


Electron affinities, well depths, and vibrational spectroscopy of cis- and trans-HOCO, Christopher J. Johnson, Michael E. Harding, Berwyck L. J Poad, John F. Stanton, and Robert E. Continetti


Communication: New insight into the barrier governing CO2 formation from OH + CO, Christopher J. Johnson, Berwyck L. Poad, Ben B. Shen, and Robert E. Continetti


Photoelectron-photofragment coincidence spectroscopy in a cryogenically cooled linear electrostatic ion beam trap, Christopher J. Johnson, Ben B. Shen, Berwyck L. J Poad, and Robert E. Continetti

Reconstructing recent sedimentation in two urbanised coastal lagoons (NSW, Australia) using radioisotopes and geochemistry, Brian G. Jones, H Heijnis, J. Harrison, Suzanne E. Hollins, S Hankin, and Atun Zawadzki

On the possible origins of an unusual (mid to late holocene) coastal deposit, Old Punt Bay, South-East Australia, Brian G. Jones, Adam D. Switzer, S K. Haslett, Dale Dominey-Howes, D M. Everett, C Courtney, B L. Mamo, and L C. Strotz

Methane emissions from grazing Angus beef cows selected for divergent residual feed intake, Fiona Jones, Frances Phillips, Travis Naylor, and N. Mercer

Strategy for high-accuracy-and-precision retrieval of atmospheric methane from the mid-infrared FTIR network, Nicholas B. Jones, R Sussmann, M Rettinger, and F Forster

Craniofacial morphology of Homo floresiensis: description, taxonomic affinities, and evolutionary implication, Yousuke Kaifu, Hiso Baba, Thomas Sutikna, Michael J. Morwood, Daisuke Kubo, E Wahyu Saptomo, - Jatmiko, Rokhus Due Awe, and Tony Djubiantono

Are long-unburnt eucalypt forest patches important for the conservation of plant species diversity?, R Kavanagh, Trent D. Penman, M Doherty, and M Beukers

Investigation into the extension of the non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase binding pocket, Paul A. Keller, R Griffith, and T B. Dupree


Revealing indigenous Indonesian traditional medicine: anti-infective agents, Paul A. Keller and Ari Satia Nugraha

Evaluation of an ethnopharmacologically selected Bhutanese medicinal plants for their major classes of Phytochemicals and biological activities, Paul A. Keller, Stephen G. Pyne, Phurpa Wangchuk, Roonglawan Rattanajak, Sumalee Kamchonwongpaisan, Aunchalee Tonsomboon, and M Taweechotipatr

The geomorphology of the flanks of the Lord Howe Island volcano, Tasman Sea, Australia, D. Kennedy, B. Brooke, Colin Woodroffe, Brian G. Jones, C. Waikari, and S. Nichol

Increased expression of acyl-coenzyme A: cholesterol acyltransferase-1 and elevated cholesteryl esters in the hippocampus after excitotoxic injury, J.-H Kim, S.-M Ee, J Jittiwat, E.-S Ong, A A. Farooqui, A M. Jenner, and W. -Y Ong

Fipronil toxicity in northern bobwhite quail Colinus virginianus: reduced feeding behaviour and sulfone metabolite formation, Malsha Kitulagodage, J. Isanhart, William Buttemer, Michael Hooper, and Lee Astheimer


Negotiating change: working with children and their employers to transform child domestic work in Iringa, Tanzania, Natascha Klocker

The analysis of pattern change in intron sequences, Jinda Kongcharoen, Yan-Xia Lin, Rachel Caldwell, Yiren Yang, and Ren Zhang

Advances in cell-free protein synthesis for NMR sample preperation, Andrew V. Kralicek and Kiyoshi Ozawa


Conclusion: Tackling the 'missing scale' in environmental policy, Ruth Lane and Andrew W. Gorman-Murray

Introduction, Ruth Lane and Andrew W. Gorman-Murray


Rocky intertidal temperature variability along the southeast coast of Australia: comparing data from in situ loggers, satellite-derived SST and terrestrial weather stations, Justin Adam Lathlean, David J. Ayre Prof, and Todd E. Minchinton

Ecological processes in urban landscapes: mechanisms influencing the distribution and activity of insectivorous bats, B.S. Law, Trent D. Penman, P B. Banks, and C Threlfall

Do young eucalypt plantations benefit bats in an intensive agricultural landscape?, B.S. Law, Trent D. Penman, and M Chidel

Improving the synoptic mapping of coral reef geomorphology using object-based image analysis, Javier Leon and Colin Woodroffe


The effect of field-collected biofilms on the toxicity of copper to a marine microalga (Tetraselmis sp.) in laboratory bioassays, Jacqueline L. Levy, Jenny L. Stauber, Steven A. Wakelin, and Dianne F. Jolley


Analysis of macrobenthic assemblages of Lake Illawarra, New South Wales, B Li and Robert John Morrison


Identification and characterization of a Ross River virus variant that grows persistently in macrophages, shows altered disease kinetics in a mouse model, and exhibits resistance to type I interferon, Brett A. Lidbury, Nestor Rulli, Cristina M. Musso, Susan B. Cossetto, Ali Zaid, Andreas Suhrbier, Harald S. Rothenfluh, Michael S. Rolph, and Suresh Mahalingam


Inkjet printing of self-assembling polyelectrolyte hydrogels, Skander Limen, Donald McCallum, Gordon G. Wallace, Marc in het Panhuis, and Paul Calvert

PAHs in soils and estimated air-soil exchange in the Pearl River Delta, South China, G. Liu, Lili Yu, J. Li, X. Liu, and Gan Zhang


Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remote sensing for hyperspatial terrain mapping of Antarctic moss beds based on structure from motion (SfM) point clouds, A Lucieer, Sharon A. Robinson, and D Turner


Reactions of simple and peptidic alpha-carboxylate radical anions with dioxygen in the gas phase, Tony Ly, Benjamin B. Kirk, Pramesh I. Hettiarachchi, Berwyck L. Poad, Adam J. Trevitt, Gabriel da Silva, and Stephen J. Blanksby

Gaseous nitrogen losses from coastal acid sulfate soils: a short-term study, B. C. T. Macdonald, O. T. Denmead, I. White, and G. Bryant

Application of sedimentary and chronological analyses to refine the depositional context of a Late Pleistocene vertebrate deposit, Naracoorte, South Australia, Amy C. Macken, Nathan R. Jankowski, Gilbert J. Price, Erick A. Bestland, Elizabeth H. Reed, Gavin Prideaux, and Richard G. Roberts

Body condition and head size in snakes, Thomas R. Madsen

Cost of multiple matings in female adders (Vipera berus), Thomas R. Madsen


The potential demise of a population of adders (Vipera berus) in Smygehuk, Sweden, Thomas Madsen and Beata Ujvari

Form and Functioning of Micro Size Intermittent Closed Open Lake Lagoons (ICOLLs) in NSW, Australia, W Maher, Katarina Maryann Mikac, S Foster, D Spooner, and D Williams


Oxidation of 4-substituted TEMPO derivatives reveals modifications at the 1- and 4-positions, David Marshall, M L. Christian, G Gryn'ova, M L. Coote, Philip J. Barker, and Stephen J. Blanksby

Foraging distances and habitat preferences of a recent urban coloniser: the Australian white ibis, John Martin, Kristine French, G. Ross, and R. Major

Holocene dust deposition rates in Australia's Murray-Darling Basin record the interplay between aridity and the position of the mid-latitude westerlies, Samuel K. Marx, Balz Kamber, Hamish McGowan, and John Denholm

Polyelectrolyte complex materials from chitosan and gellan gum, Khairul Mat Amin and Marc in het Panhuis

Synthesis and hydrolytic evaluation of acid-labile imine-linked cytoxic isatin model systems, Lidia Matesic, Julie Locke, Kara L. Perrow, Marie Ranson, John B. Bremner, and Danielle Skropeta


Synthesis and preliminary evaluation of amiloride analogs as inhibitors of the urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA), Hayden Matthews, Marie Ranson, Joel Tyndall, and Michael J. Kelso

Environmental implications of micromammals accumulated close to the MIS 6 to MIS 5 transition at Pinnacle Point Cave 9 (Mossel Bay, Western Cape Province, South Africa), T. Matthews, A. Rector, Zenobia Jacobs, A. I. R. Herries, and Curtis Marean

The Rio Parapeti - Holocene megafan formation in the southernmost Amazon basin, Jan-Hendrik May

Reconstruction of a complex late Quaternary glacial landscape in the Cordillera de Cochabamba (Bolivia) based on a morphostratigraphic and multiple dating approach, Jan-Hendrik May, Jana Zech, Roland Zech, F. Preusser, J. Argollo, Peter Kubik, and Heinz Veit


Paleoclimate from corals, Helen V. McGregor

Rapid U-series dating of young fossil corals by laser ablation MC-ICPMS, Helen V. McGregor, John Hellstrom, David Fink, Q. Hua, and Colin Woodroffe

Environmental control of the oxygen isotope composition of Porites coral microatolls, H V. McGregor, M J. Fischer, M K. Gagan, David Fink, and C D. Woodroffe

Snowy River Recovery - Snowy flow response monitoring and modelling: Physical response to the spring 2010 environmental flow release to the Snowy River estuary, Errol McLean and Jon Hinwood

Spring Tidal Pumping, Errol J. McLean and J B. Hinwood


Envisioning the Archipelago, Elizabeth McMahon, Carol Farbotko, Godfrey Baldacchino, Andrew Harwood, and Elaine Stratford