Science, Medicine and Health was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. Related series: Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health - Papers.


Papers from 2011

Acute oral toxicity of the organophosphorus pesticide fenitrothion to fat-tailed and stripe-faced dunnarts and its relevance for pesticide risk assessments in Australia, Paul Story, Michael J. Hooper, Lee B. Astheimer, and William A. Buttemer


The influence of sediment particle size and organic carbon on toxicity of copper to benthic invertebrates in oxic/suboxic surface sediments, David Strom, Stuart L. Simpson, Graeme E. Batley, and Dianne F. Jolley

Preclinical evaluation of novel, all-in-one formulations of 5-fluorouracil and folinic acid with reduced toxicity profiles, Tamantha Stutchbury, Kara Perrow, Julie Locke, Jeremy S. Chrisp, J. B. Bremner, P Clingan, and Marie Ranson


Understanding the α-crystallin cell membrane conjunction, Shih-Ping Su, Jason D. McArthur, Michael G. Friedrich, Roger J. W Truscott, and J. A. Aquilina


Stereoselective synthesis of two new trihydroxylated pyrrolidines using a meyer-schuster rearrangement, Nalivela K. Swamy and Stephen G. Pyne

Molluscs in a world of islands: The use of shellfish as a food resource in the tropical island Asia-Pacific region, Katherine A. Szabo and Judith R. Amesbury


Synthesis of novel sugar diamino acids, M Thillakan, A Katsifis, and D Skropeta


Digit ratio, color polymorphism and egg testosterone in the Australian painted dragon, Michael Tobler, Mo Healey, and Mats Olsson

Basal superoxide as a sexspecific immune constraint, Michael Tobler, Mo Healey, Mark R. Wilson, and Mats Olsson

Distinctiveness and diversity of arid zone river systems, Stephen Tooth and Gerald C. Nanson

Pyrolysis of fulvenallene (C7H6) and fulvenallenyl (C7H5): theoretical kinetics and experimental product detection, Adam J. Trevitt, G da Silva, M Steinbauer, and P Hemberger

Branching fractions of the CN + C3H6 reaction using synchrotron photoionization mass spectrometry: evidence for the 3-cyanopropene product, Adam J. Trevitt, Talitha M. Selby, Craig A. Taatjes, Satchin Soorkia, J D. Savee, D L Osborn, and S R Leone


Corrigendum to ‘‘The chaperone action of bovine milk aS1- and aS2-caseins and their associated form aS-casein’’ [Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 510 (2011) 42–52], Teresa M. Treweek, David C. Thorn, William E. Price, and John A. Carver

Truncation, cross-linking and interaction of crystallins and intermediate filament proteins in the aging human lens, Roger J. Truscott, Jason D. McArthur, Andrew Aquilina, and Shi-Ping (Jim) Su

Tight binding of proteins to membranes from older human cells, Roger J. W Truscott, S. Comte-Walters, Z. Ablonczy, J. Schwacke, Yoke Berry, Anastasia Korlimbinis, M. Friedrich, and K. Schev

Do natural antibodies compensate for humoral immunosenescence in tropical pythons?, Beata Ujvari and Thomas Madsen


Climate-induced reaction norms for life-history traits in pythons, Beata Ujvari, Richard Shine, L Luiselli, and Thomas R. Madsen

Detecting the impact of invasive species on native fauna: Cane toads (Bufo marinus), frillneck lizards (Chlamydosaurus kingii) and the importance of spatial replication, Beata Ujvari, Richard Shine, and Thomas R. Madsen


How well do predators adjust to climate-mediated shifts in prey distribution? A study on Australian water pythons, Beata Ujvari, Rick Shine, and Thomas Madsen

Synthesis of 2-acetyl-5-(1,2,3,4,5,6-hexahydroxyhexyl)thiazoles, Alison T. Ung, Stephen G. Pyne, Brian W. Skelton, A White, and G R. Jeoffreys

EX1 hydrogen-deuterium exchange in an all-helical protein and its cyclized derivative at neutral pH, Thitima Urathamakul, Neal K. Williams, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Jennifer L. Beck


Towards space based verification of CO2 emissions from strong localized sources: fossil fuel power plant emissions as seen by a CarbonSat constellation, Voltaire A. Velazco, M Buchwitz, H Bovensmann, M Reuter, O Schneising, J P. Heymann, T Krings, K Gerilowski, and John P. Burrows


Validation of the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment by noncoincident MkIV balloon profiles, Voltaire A. Velazco, G. Toon, J.-F. Blavier, A. Kleinbohl, G. Manney, W. Daffer, P. Bernath, K. Walker, and C. Boone


1-(3-Chlorophenyl)-2-methyl-4-nitro-1H-imidazole-5-carboxamide, Pawel W. Wagner, Maciej Kubicki, and A Korzanski

Residential air-conditioning and climate change: voices of the vulnerable, Gordon R. Waitt and Carol Farbotko

The extent and significance of rural festivals, Gordon R. Waitt, Christopher R. Gibson, John Connell, and Jim Walmsley

"It's about time you came out": Sexualities, mobility and home, Gordon R. Waitt and Andrew W. Gorman-Murray

Journeys and returns: home, life narratives and remapping sexuality in a regional city, Gordon R. Waitt and Andrew W. Gorman-Murray

'The guys in there just expect to be laid': Embodied and gendered socio-spatial practices of a 'night out' in Wollongong, Australia, Gordon R. Waitt, Loretta Jessop, and Andrew W. Gorman-Murray

'Fornicating on floats'? The cultural politics of the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade beyond the metropolis, Gordon R. Waitt and Chris Stapel

Wireless ion-selective electrode autonomous sensing system, G G. Wallace, R L. Shepherd, D Diamond, N E. O'Connor, C Slater, B Corcoran, S Anastasova, C Fav, S T. Buda, and A Radu

A multiswitchable poly(terthiophene) bearing a spiropyran functionality: understanding photo- and electrochemical control, Gordon G. Wallace, Robert Breukers, David L. Officer, Lynn Dennany, Michael J. Higgins, Sanjeev Gambhir, Pawel W. Wagner, Klaudia K. Wagner, Dermot Diamond, Robert P. Byrne, and Michele Zanoni

Surfactant-controlled shape change of organic droplets using polypyrrole, Gordon G. Wallace, Hugh R. Brown, Yanzhe Wu, Geoffrey M. Spinks, and Jennifer A. Halldorsson

Reversible shape memory of nanoscale deformations in inherently conducting polymers without reprogramming, Gordon G. Wallace, Michael J. Higgins, Klaudia K. Wagner, Paul J. Molino, and Willo Grosse

Synthesis of polypyrrole-Nafion composite films by gas phase electroformation, Gordon G. Wallace and Abdulazeez T. Lawal

Determining the orientation and molecular packing of organic dyes on a TiO2 surface using X-ray reflectometry, Gordon G. Wallace, David L. Officer, Matthew Griffith, Pawel W. Wagner, G Triani, and M James

Buckled, stretchable polypyrrole electrodes for battery applications, Caiyun Wang, Wen Zheng, Zhilian Yue, Chee O. Too, and Gordon G. Wallace

Ethnobotanical authentication and identification of Khrog-sman (lower elevation medicinal plants) of Bhutan, Phurpa Wangchuk, Stephen G. Pyne, and Paul A. Keller

Bisresorcinol derivatives from Grevillea glauca, H. Wang, D. Leach, M. Thomas, Stephen J. Blanksby, Paul Forster, and Peter Waterman


Sources of carbonaceous aerosols and deposited black carbon in the Arctic in winter-spring: Implications for radiative forcing, Q Wang, D J. Jacob, J A. Fisher, J Mao, E M. Leibensperger, C C. Carouge, P Le Sager, Y Kondo, J L. Jimenez, M J. Cubison, and S J. Doherty


Integrated coastal zone management research in Australia and China, X H. Wang, X Xu, S G. Pearson, G Xue, Robert J. Morrison, D Liu, and P Shi


An assessment of three Harpacticoid Copepod species for use in ecotoxicological testing, Daniel J. Ward, Victor Perez-Landa, David A. Spadaro, Stuart L. Simpson, and Dianne F. Jolley

Blue-collar creativity: reframing custom-car culture in the imperilled industrial city, Andrew Warren and Chris Gibson


The geoheritage and geomorphology of the sandstone pagodas of the North-western Blue Mountains Region (NSW), Haydn G. Washington and Robert A. Wray

Impacts of recreational boating activities on the seagrass Posidonia in SE Australia, Ronald J. West

Using otolith increment widths to infer spatial, temporal and gender variation in the growth of sand whiting Sillago ciliata, Ronald J. West, Charles A. Gray, John Stewart, and Jerom Stocks


Preliminary assessment of the handline (banca) fisheries in the Philippines (FIS/2009/033). Final Report, Ronald J. West, Mary Ann Palma, Noel Barut, Elaine Garvilles, and Desiderio Ayanan


An automated land subdivision tool for urban and regional planning: concepts, implementation and testing, Rohan Wickramasuriya, Laurie A. Chisholm, Marjetta Puotinen, Nicholas Gill, and Peter Klepeis

Binding inhibitors of the bacterial sliding clamp by design, Gene Wijffels, Wynona M. Johnson, Aaron J. Oakley, Kathleen Turner, V. Chandana Epa, Susan J. Briscoe, Mitchell Polley, Andris J. Liepa, Albert Hofmann, Jens Buchardt, Caspar Christensen, Pavel Prosselkov, Brian P. Dalrymple, Paul F. Alewood, Philip A. Jennings, Nicholas E. Dixon, and David A. Winkler

Changes in air quality and tropospheric composition due to depletion of stratospheric ozone and interactions with climate, Stephen R. Wilson, Keith R. Solomon, Xiaoyan Tang, M Shao, and S Madronich

The Australian margin: ocean and coastal processes, Colin D. Woodroffe


Atolls, Colin D. Woodroffe and Naomi Biribo

River-Dominated Coasts, Colin D. Woodroffe and Yoshiki Saito


Wild type and Tangier disease ABCA1 mutants modulate cellular amyloid-beta production independent of cholesterol efflux activity, Kim S. Woojin, Andrew F. Hill, Michael L. Fitzgerald, Mason W. Freeman, Genevieve Evin, and Brett Garner


Alunite formation within silica stalactites from the Sydney Region, South-eastern Australia, Robert A. Wray


Phylum arthropoda, subphylum trilobitomorpha: trilobites, Anthony J. Wright and Roger A. Cooper


Clusterin facilitates in vivo clearance of extracellular misfolded proteins, Amy R. Wyatt, Justin J. Yerbury, Paula Berghofer, I Greguric, Andrew Katsifis, Christopher Dobson, and Mark R. Wilson

Multistage late Neoarchaean crustal evolution of the North China Craton, eastern Hebei, H Xie, Wei Wang, Allen P. Nutman, C Friend, L Du, Y Wan, C Dong, H Sun, and D Liu


On the growth of national geoparks in China: distribution, interpretation, and regional comparison, Guifang Yang, Zhenghong Chen, Mingzhong Tian, Fadong Wu, Robert A. L Wray, and Yamin Ping


Synthesis of 3-halo-2,5-disubstituted furans via CuX mediated cyclization-halogenation reactions, Arife Yazici and Stephen G. Pyne


Emission ratios of the Tropospheric Ozone precursors Nitrogen Dioxide and Formaldehyde from Australia's Black Saturday fires, Emma Young and Clare Paton-Walsh

Case study on the pattern change in arabidopsis thaliana intron sequence, Ren Zhang, Rachel Caldwell, Yan-Xia Lin, Jinda Kongcharoen, and Yiren Yang

Identification and characterization of a novel spermidine/spermine acetyltransferase encoded by gene ste26 from Streptomyces sp. 139, Ren Zhang, Rong Jiang, Jun-Jie Shan, Yuan Li, Yang Zhang, L Bai, and M Chang


Novel folding and stability defects cause a deficiency of human glutathione transferase omega 1, Huina Zhou, Joseph Brock, Marco G. Casarotto, Aaron J. Oakley, and Philip G. Board


Kinase inhibitory, haemolytic and cytotoxic activity of three deep-water sponges from North Western Australia and their fatty acid composition, Ana Zivanovic, Natalie J. Pastro, Jane Fromont, Murray Thomson, and Danielle Skropeta

Papers from 2010

Assessing vulnerability to sea-level rise using a coastal sensitivity index: A case study from southeast Australia, Pamela A. O. Abuodha and Colin Woodroffe

Vulnerability assessment, Pamela A. O. Abuodha and Colin Woodroffe

Transport of metal ions across an electrically switchable cation exchange membrane based on polypyrrole doped with a sulfonated calix[6]arene, Marceline N. Akieh, Stephen F. Ralph, Johan Bobacka, and Ari Ivaska


Inkjet printed conducting gel-carbon nanotube materials, A Aldalbahi and Marc in het Panhuis

Environmental effects of ozone depletion and its interactions with climate change: progress report, 2009, A. Andrady, P. Aucamp, A. Bais, C. Ballare, L. Bjorn, J. Bornman, M. Caldwell, A. Cullen, D. Erickson, F. Gruijl, D. Hader, Mohammad Ilyas, G. Kulandaivelu, H. Kumar, J. Longstreth, Richard McKenzie, M. Norval, Nigel Paul, H. Redhwi, R. Smith, Keith Solomon, B. Sulzberger, Y. Takizawa, Xiaoyan Tang, A. Teramura, A. Torikai, J. van der Leun, Stephen Wilson, R. Worrest, and R. Zepp

Distribution and abundance of the introduced gastropod Zeacumantus subcarinatus in the Sydney Region, V. Andrews, P. Middlefart, R. G. Creese, Alison Broad, and Andrew R. Davis


Spatial variability of cadmium, copper, manganese, nickel and zinc in the Port Curtis Estuary, Queensland, Australia, Brad M. Angel, Leigh T. Hales, Stuart L. Simpson, Simon C. Apte, Anthony A. Chariton, Damon A. Shearer, and Dianne F. Jolley


Toxicity to Melita plumulosa from intermittent and continuous exposures to dissolved copper, Brad M. Angel, Stuart L. Simpson, and Dianne F. Jolley

A Reply to Trueman's "A new cladistic analysis of Homo floresiensis.", Debbie Argue, M J. Morwood, T. Sutikna, _ Jatmiko, and E. W. Saptomo


Ionic liquid electrolyte porphyrin dye sensitised solar cells, Vanessa Armel, Jennifer Pringle, Maria Forsyth, Douglas MacFarlane, David L. Officer, and Pawel W. Wagner

Wheat as food, wheat as industrial substance; comparative geographies of transformation and mobility, Jennifer Atchison, Lesley M. Head, and Alison Gates

The ROQUIN family of proteins localizes to stress granules via the ROQ domain and binds target mRNAs, Vicki Athanasopoulos, Andrew Barker, Di Yu, Andy H-M. Tan, Monika Srivastava, Nelida Contreras, Jianbin Wang, Kong-Peng Lam, Simon H. J Brown, Christopher C. Goodnow, Nicholas E. Dixon, Peter J. Leedman, Robert Saint, and Carola G. Vinuesa


Synthesis of hyacinthacine B-3 and purported hyacinthacine B-7, Christopher W.G. Au, Robert J. Nash, and Stephen G. Pyne


Disruption of recruitment in two endemic palms on Lord Howe Island by invasive rats, Tony D. Auld, Ian Hutton, Mark Ooi, and Andrew J. Denham

The accumulation of genetic diversity within a canopy-stored seed bank, David Ayre, Eleanor O'Brien, Kym Ottewell, and Robert Whelan


Microevolution of group A streptococci in vivo: capturing regulatory networks engaged in sociomicrobiology, niche adaptation, and hypervirulence, Ramy K. Aziz, Rita G. Kansal, Bruce A. Aronow, William L. Taylor, Sarah L. Rowe, Michael Kubal, Gursharan S Chhatwal, Mark J. Walker, and Malak Kotb

Alternative parasite development in transmission strategies: How time flies!, M. Badets, C. Morrison, and Olivier Verneau


Managing the Ground Parrot in its fiery habitat in south-eastern Australia, Jack Baker, Robert J. Whelan, Lyn Evans, Stephen Moore, and Melinda Norton

Effects of solar UV radiation on terrestrial ecosystems. Patterns, mechanisms, and interactions with climate change. in Environmental Effects of Ozone Depletion and its Interactions with Climate Change: 2010 Assessment, C L. Ballare, M M. Caldwell, S D. Flint, Sharon A. Robinson, and J F. Bornman


Age and origin of alluvial sediments within and flanking the Mt Lofty Ranges, southern South Australia: a late quaternary archive of climate and environmental change, D Banerjee, N F. Alley, R P. Bourman, S Buckman, and J R. Prescott

A high resolution and continuous isotopic speleothem record of paleoclimate and paleoenvironment from 90 to 53 ka from Pinnacle Point on the south coast of South Africa, Miryam Bar-Matthews, Curtis Marean, Zenobia Jacobs, Panagiotis Karkanas, Erich Fisher, Andy Herries, Kyle Brown, Hope Williams, Jocelyn Bernatchez, Avner Ayalon, and Peter Nilssen

Contribution of SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology to unravelling the evolution of Brazilian Neoproterozoic fold belts, Miguel Basei, Benjamin Neves, Oswaldo Junior, Marly Babinski, Marcio Pimentel, Colombo Tassinari, Maria Hollanda, Allen Phillip Nutman, and Umberto Cordani

Chemical composition and tissue energy density of the cuttlefish (Sepia apama) and its assimilation efficiency by Diomedea albatrosses, Henry Battam, Matthew Richardson, Alexander Watson, and W. A. Buttemer


Autonomous greenhouse gas measurement system for analysis of gas migration on landfill sites, Stephen Beirne, Breda M. Kierman, Cormac Fay, Colum Foley, Brian Corcoran, Alan F. Smeaton, and Dermot Diamond


The quaternary organization and dynamics of the molecular chaperone HSP26 are thermally regulated, J. L. Benesch, Andrew Aquilina, Andrew Baldwin, Agata Rekas, Florian Stengel, Robyn Lindner, Eman Basha, G. Devlin, J. Horwitz, Elizabeth Vierling, John Carver, and C. V. Robinson

New diffusive gradients in a thin film technique for measuring inorganic arsenic and selenium (IV) using a titanium dioxide based adsorbent, William Bennett, Peter Teasdale, Jarad Panther, David Welsh, and Dianne F. Jolley


Casey: the Daintree of Antarctica, Dana Bergstrom and Sharon A. Robinson

Advances in mass spectrometry for lipidomics, Stephen J. Blanksby and Todd Mitchell

ANS binding reveals common features of cytotoxic amyloid species, Benedetta Bolognesi, Janet R. Kumita, Teresa P. Barros, Elin K. Esbjorner, Leila M. Luheshi, Damian C. Crowther, Mark R. Wilson, Christopher M. Dobson, Giorgio Favrin, and Justin J. Yerbury

Inhibition of experimental colorectal cancer and reduction in renal and gastrointestinal toxicities by copper-indomethacin in rats, Antonio M. Bonin, Jaime A. Yanez, Chie Fukuda, Xiao Wei Teng, Carolyn T. Dillon, Trevor W. Hambley, Peter A. Lay, and Neal M. Davies


Catchments and Waterways, Bob Bourman, Nick Harvey, and Simon Bryars


The nature of flooding, Robert P. Bourman

Traces from the past: the Cenozoic regolith and intraplate neotectonic history of the Gun Emplacement, a ferricreted bench on the western margin of the Mt Lofty Ranges, South Australia, Robert P. Bourman, Solomon Buckman Dr., Brad Pillans, Martin Williams, and Frances Williams

Mount Augustus geology and geomorphology, Robert P. Bourman, Cliff Ollier, and Solomon Buckman Dr.

A biogeographic model of fire regimes in Australia: current and future implications, Ross A. Bradstock