Volume 6, Issue 1 (2009)

Welcome to the first issue of Volume Six of the Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice. This issue contains six papers exploring a range of issues relating to teaching and learning practice and marks my first issue as Senior Editor. I would like to extend our thanks to Associate Professor Helen Carter, who has been Senior Editor of JUTLP since its inception and contributed significantly to the establishment of the journal.

Many thanks to our reviewers for this issue, including: Tom Angelo; Chris Brewer; Jude Carroll; Karen Cimanec; Bob Corderoy; Brian Ferry; Andy Furco; Maree Gosper; Greg Hampton; Gordon Joughin; Terry Lovat; David McInnes; Kim McShane; Helen Mandl; Kay Maxwell; Chris Morgan; Rob Phillips; Ken Russell; Diane Salter; Simon Shurville; Ray Stace; Rosemary Thomson; Ruth Walker; Carolyn Webb; Paul Weekes; Jeremy Williams; Gail Wilson.



Editorial 6.1
Geraldine E. Lefoe


First year student expectations: Results from a university-wide student survey
Geoffrey Crisp, Edward Palmer, Deborah Turnbull, Ted Nettelbeck, Lynn Ward, Amanda LeCouteur, Aspa Sarris, Peter Strelan, and Luke Schneider