Special issue


Digital storytelling (DS) is a multimedia storytelling technique that has become an efficacious educational tool in tertiary environments. Individual students, supported by other students in a facilitated “Story Circle”, create short videos using digital devices, still images, and a cloud-based video editor in response to a targeted story prompt. The DS process aligns closely with an emerging trend in universities to instil in their students both critical reflection skills and strong digital, media, and visual literacies to enable them to thrive in their professional and personal lives. This paper proposes the adoption of DS as an additional and innovative pedagogical strategy by Learning Developers (LDs) within discipline-specific embedded teaching. Embedded teaching is a well-established method of developing student literacies, and LDs already employ this approach to support academics across disciplines. The integration of DS into this practice would further strengthen the capacity of LDs to enhance students’ capabilities as they move into post-Covid, 21st-century ‘graduateness’.

Practitioner Notes

  1. Student creation of short digital videos through digital storytelling model
  2. Use of scriptwriting and multimedia tools to enhance critical reflection skills
  3. Development of multimodal literacies, including digital, media, visual, and copyright
  4. Adoption of Story Circle/group learning as a means of promoting collaboration
  5. Utilisation of Learning Developers/Advisors within embedded teaching to implement this strategy and make it sustainable