Developing teaching practice


Stimulated by the isolation requirement of COVID-19 lockdown, online teaching method has been widely adopted by worldwide academic institutions and has been playing an essential role in accelerating education reform. While both traditional classroom teaching and pure online teaching have their drawbacks, an integrated online to offline (O2O) precision teaching model is considered to be the new trend. With the support of information technology, O2O precision teaching is capable of monitoring students’ behavior closely and tailoring the curriculum for each student. This study designed a detailed platform-based O2O precision teaching model and applied it to the Chinese Business Culture course teaching. Traditional offline teaching was also conducted as a control. Both test scores and student feedback were collected and analyzed. Results show that the technology-enhanced O2O precision teaching model can improve students’ test performance and various soft skills and has their high degree of satisfaction in the meantime, indicating that it can work as a promising new teaching model.

Practitioner Notes

  1. This study designs a platform based online to offline precision teaching model.
  2. Students' learning behavior and performance data throughout the entire teaching process is collected and analyzed, helping finetune the teaching method.