Developing teaching practice


Many university lecturers have integrated feature films and television series (FF/TV) into their lessons to improve student engagement. Although film in teaching might seem like a well-established practice, it is reliant on a range of fast-changing technologies to effectively integrate FF/TV into instruction, learning activities and assessments. This study utilises the Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) model to analyse survey and interview data regarding (1) lecturers’ familiarity with a range of concepts and skills related to film production, delivery and integration technologies; (2) their methods of learning about technologies that help optimise their FF/TV use; and (3) their institution’s provision and support in implementing various technologies integral to teaching with FF/TV. A modified framework is proposed to add to the pedagogical benefits of effective teaching with FF/TV at universities.

Practitioner Notes

  1. This study categorises technologies required for using feature films and television series (FF/TV) into three types: film production technologies, film delivery technologies and film integration technologies
  2. This study integrates the TPACK framework to analyse lecturers' current levels of access, knowledge and skills about the three technology types in relation to their pedagogical use of FF/TV
  3. This study proposes an extension to TPACK to illustrate how lecturers’ technological knowledge/skills regarding these three technology types interact with their content and pedagogical knowledge/practice
  4. This study summarises useful resources proposed by participants
  5. This study provides recommendations towards raising awareness, encouraging institutional provision and support in assisting the improvement of technological knowledge of lecturers who teach with FF/TV.

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