Educational technology


Over the past twenty years, using learning management systems in higher education has attracted increasing interest from researchers around the globe. In this context, the current study aimed to explore the volume, growth trajectory, and geographic distribution of learning management systems in higher education literature, along with identifying impactful authors, sources, and publications, and highlight emerging research issues. The authors conducted bibliometric analysis on 1334 documents, related to the use of learning management systems in the context of higher education, extracted from Scopus database. The findings show a rapidly growing knowledge base on learning management systems in higher education, especially intensely in the years 2015-2020 and primarily from research in developed societies. This flourishing is consistent with the development trend of international education and the strong development of technology. In addition, the core literature was identified based on the volume of publications and citations. The results also reveal the emerging intellectual structure of the field and provide points of reference for scholars studying the discipline. This paper offers a knowledge map for future research assessments of learning management systems in higher education.

Practitioner Notes

  1. To promote internationalization in education and to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, learning management systems are required in the higher education context.
  2. This paper represents an example of conducting bibliometric analysis to provide an overview and development of research literature.
  3. The intellectual structure in research on Learning management systems includes earning engagement and motivation, technology acceptance, educational data mining, web-supported course, and engineering education.
  4. Research keywords in the topic received significant interest in the field are "learning analytic", "unified theory of acceptance and use of technology", "flipped classroom", and "gamification".
  5. Learning management systems need to be researched and developed to meet the diverse needs of education, instructors and students, rather than being limited as a management tool.