Because educator licensure is gained by passing licensure examinations in most states, scores on high stakes tests are determining factors as to who will be teaching in America’s classrooms. Due to a focus on program graduation rates, state funding cuts, and production of quality teachers, it is vital that teacher preparation programs produce the quality and quantity of teachers needed to fill the educator deficit. The purpose of the study was to analyze various performance variables of pre-service teachers enrolled in a teacher preparation to identify predictors of performance on required licensure examinations. Findings of the study revealed there is a relationship between Praxis I: Reading scores and Praxis II scores, Praxis I: Writing scores and Praxis II scores, Praxis I: Mathematics scores and Praxis II scores, GPA and Praxis II scores, and CBASE scores and Praxis II scores. The strongest relationships that exist between variables and Praxis II scores are initial Praxis I: Reading scores and overall CBASE scores.

Practitioner Notes

1. An extensive body of research on teacher shortages, their intensity, and scope, along with individual state and university analyses of local shortages are the foundation for educator preparation programs recruitment and retention goals and plans. 2. This quantitative, correlational study provides an in-depth look at one institution's analysis of test data and other variables to determine if there are determining factors for success on final licensure examinations. 3. Findings show specific variables with high correlations to the Praxis II licensure examination, thus enabling programs to quickly remediate and support candidates through successful program completion and full licensure. 4. Implications for institutions include expanding analyses of other variables as indicators for successful completion of programs that lead to teacher certification, as well as to utilize findings of this study to provide support and remediation to existing teacher candidates who do not may have low performance on variables strongly correlated with performance on licensure examinations.