In early 2020, with the breakout of COVID-19, almost all the world institutions shifted to online learning and teaching. Besides the shortcomings, new learning and teaching method was introduced globally. 48 Omani participants of this study were the first batch of learners who have experienced online learning and teaching for the first time in their life. Therefore, this study tried to understand their levels of motivation and perceptions of online learning. The study also tried to find out the gender difference and the motivational level among the participants. Participants were sent two questionnaires through the Google form, and their responses were analyzed accordingly. The study revealed that Omani students were motivated to exchange learning and teaching materials through online platforms, and the female ones showed slightly more interest in online classes. In addition, the students showed positive perceptions toward and willingness to continue using online platforms for the learning process. Since they are the first group of students with online learning experiences, the study can motivate the teachers to focus on more digital contexts of their study, help them to focus on the design and preparation of materials for the digital community, and curriculum developers can introduce more practical learning and teaching techniques suitable for online education.

Practitioner Notes

1. Most tertiary students in this study found pandemic learning with eLearning motivating. 2. Female students showed slightly higher motivation than male learners towards eLearning. 3. Most Omani learners showed a generally positive orientation towards online learning during the pandemic.