With the increasing number of students enrolled in fully online programs and subjects across different Australian universities, online education has become a popular higher education alternative. The University of Melbourne has responded to this challenge by establishing the Melbourne School of Professional and Continuing Education (MSPACE), where the learning designers (LDs), project managers, educational technologists, graphic designers and video producers work collaboratively with subject matter experts (SMEs) from across the university to create high-quality fully online graduate subjects. The case study presented in this article examines how MSPACE used this team-based approach to design and develop Psychodynamic Psychiatry, a six-week elective in the Master of Psychiatry. This paper examines a number of pedagogical challenges that arise when converting a pre-existing face-to-face subject to a fully online subject, as well as some relatively unique aspects in the design and development process utilised by MSPACE. While the approach provided by MSPACE currently focuses on supporting SMEs by providing access to third-space professionals, it is hoped that this will act as a conduit through which the SMEs are enculturated into the ways of design thinking for effective online teaching and learning practice.