Style Guidelines for Manuscripts for the Journal

The Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice is an open access journal and asks authors to comply with the style guide upon submission to the Journal. The Editors will return to authors and ask for compliance if it meets the initial Editor-in-Chief review for quality, and prior to it being distributed to reviewers. The Journal believes that reviewers should be able to focus on the quality and content of the manuscript, rather than the style, and seek to provide reviewers with correctly styled manuscripts to enable this aspiration

The Journal provides authors with guidance to support quality manuscript development, which authors are required to use:

  • Guideline for Manuscripts (Authors). This Guideline provides a list of formatting requirements that are closely aligned, but have some variation, to APA 7 expectations.
  • Guidance on Using the JUTLP Template. This Guidance provides advice to authors on how to format a manuscript effectively and in alignment with the manuscript template.
  • JUTLP Manuscript Template. This Word document template provides an easy to complete template for the style expected by the journal including considerations to transparency of information and consistency.