Science, Medicine and Health was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. Related series: Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health - Papers; Faculty of Social Sciences - Papers.


Papers from 2012

LPC subcomponents in a long-ISI dishabituation task, G Z. Steiner, R J. Barry, and F M. De Blasio

Matching-stimulus intervals determine P3b amplitudes for both targets and nontargets, G Z. Steiner, R J. Barry, and C J. Gonsalvez

'Mind the Baby': managing cancer and pregnancy together, Moira Stephens


My time; your time; the time of living with myeloma, Moira Stephens, Christopher F. Jordens, Ian Kerridge, Stacy J. Carter, Heather McKenzie, and Tracy King

A fractionation of the physiological burden of the personal protective equipment worn by firefighters, Nigel A. S Taylor, Michael C. Lewis, Sean R. Notley, and Gregory E. Peoples

The distributions of thermal and psychological sweating: challenging some persistent teachings, Nigel A.S. Taylor and Christiano Machado-Moreira

Observations on saliva osmolality during progressive dehydration and partial rehydration, Nigel A. S Taylor, Anne M. J van den Heuvel, Pete Kerry, Sheena McGhee, Gregory E. Peoples, Marc A. Brown, and Mark J. Patterson

Construct validity of the quality of upper extremity skills test for children with cerebral palsy, Megan Thorley, Natasha Lannin, Anne Cusick, Iona Novak, and Roslyn Boyd

Personal construct psychology model of school counselling delivery, Deborah Truneckova and Linda L. Viney

Heavy episodic drinking among University students: Drinking status and perceived normative comparisons, Ranjani Utpala-Kumar and Frank P. Deane


Dissociation mediates the relationship between childhood trauma and hallucination-proneness., F Varese, E Barkus, and R P. Bentall


Validation of the differentiated transformational leadership inventory as a measure of coach leadership in youth soccer, Stewart A. Vella, Lindsay G. Oades, and Trevor P. Crowe

Complex network structure influences processing in long-term and short-term memory, Michael S. Vitevitch, Kit Ying Chan, and Steven Roodenrys

Discrepancies between parent-and adolescent-perceived problem severity and influences on help seeking from mental health services, Tim Wahlin and Frank P. Deane

Qualitative Vs quantitative research: a false dichotomy, Kenneth Walsh


Practice guidelines need to address the 'how' and the 'what' of implementation, Kenneth D. Walsh, Jackie Crisp, and Ann McKillop

A conversation about practice development and knowledge translation as mechanisms to align the academic and clinical contexts for the advancement of nursing practice, Kenneth Walsh, Alison Kitson, Wendy Cross, Debra Thoms, Anna Thornton, Cheryle Moss, Steve Campbell, and Iain Graham

Improving opportunities for food service and dietetics practice in hospitals and residential aged care facilities, Karen L. Walton


Measurung plate waste in hospitals, Karen L. Walton and Jacquie Krassie


Novel digital food photos resource enhances knowledge of nutrition and dietetics students, Karen Walton, Anne McMahon, Chris Brewer, Joanna Baker, Janaye Fish, Fiona Manning, Sara Grafenauer, Meredith Kennedy, and Yasmine Probst

Improving food services for elderly, long-stay patients in Australian hospitals: Adding food fortification, assistance with packaging and feeding assistance, Karen Walton, Peter Williams, and Linda Tapsell

CD8+ regulatory T cells induced by T cell vaccination protect against autoimmune nephritis, Yuan Min Wang, Geoff Yu Zhang, Min Hu, Tania Polhill, Andrew Sawyer, Jimmy Jianheng Zhou, Mitsuru Saito, Debbie Watson, Huiling Wu, Ya Wang, Xin Maggie Wang, Yiping Wang, David C. H Harris, and Stephen I. Alexander

Auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia and nonschizophrenia populations: A review and Integrated model of cognitive mechanisms, Flavie Waters, Paul Allen, Andre Aleman, Charles Fernyhough, Todd S. Woodward, Johanna C. Badcock, Emma Barkus, Louise Johns, Filippo Varese, Mahesh Menon, Ans Vercammen, and Frank Laroi


Healthy beginnings trial phase 2 study: follow-up and cost-effectiveness analysis, Li Ming Wen, Louise A. Baur, Chris Rissel, Vicki Flood, Judy M. Simpson, Alison Hayes, Louise L. Hardy, and Karen Wardle


Effectiveness of home based early intervention on children's BMI at age 2: randomised controlled trial, Li Ming Wen, Louise A. Baur, Judy M. Simpson, Chris Rissel, Karen Wardle, and Victoria M. Flood


Alterations to melanocortinergic, GABAergic and cannabinoid neurotransmission associated with olanzapine-induced weight gain, Katrina Weston-Green, Xu-Feng Huang, and Chao Deng

Effects of olanzapine on muscarinic M3 receptor binding density in the brain relates to weight gain, plasma insulin and metabolic hormone levels, Katrina Weston-Green, Xu-Feng Huang, Jiamei Lian, and Chao Deng

The role of cognitive assessment in determining fitness to stand trial, Amanda J. White, Jennifer Batchelor, Susan Pulman, and Daniel M. Howard SC

Assessing the feasibility of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in promoting psychological adjustment after severe traumatic brain injury, Diane Whiting, Grahame Simpson, Joseph Ciarrochi, and Hamish McLeod


Australian adolescents' compliance with sun protection behaviours during summer: the importance of the school context, Melinda Williams, Sandra C. Jones, Peter Caputi, and Donald Iverson


Deviance and diversity in dietetics, Peter Williams


Food toxicity and safety, Peter Williams


Simulation in dietetic education in Australia, Peter Williams and Eleanor Beck


Evaluation of the evidence between consumption of refined grains and health outcomes, Peter G. Williams

Cancer risks for relatives of patients with serrated polyposis, Aung Ko Win, Rhiannon Walters, Daniel Buchanan, Mark Jenkins, Kevin Sweet, Wendy Frankel, Albert De La Chapelle, Diane Mckeone, Michael Walsh, Mak Clendenning, Sally-Ann Pearson, Erica Pavluk, Belinda Nagler, John Hopper, Michael Gattas, Jack Goldblatt, Jill George, Graeme Suthers, Kerry D. Phillips, Sonia Woodall, Julie Arnold, Kathy Tucker, Michael Field, Sian Greening, Steve Gallinger, Melyssa Aronson, Renee Perrier, Michael Woods, Jane Green, Neal Walker, Christophe Rosty, Susan Parry, and Joanne P. Young

The relationships between eating habits, smoking and alcohol consumption, and body mass index among baby boomers, Anthony Worsley, Wei C. Wang, and Wendy Hunter

SARS and Kiribati: eyes wide open, Heather Yeatman, Michael L. Jones, Peta-Anne Zimmerman, and H Murdoch


The impact of cannabis use on cognitive functioning in patients with schizophrenia: a meta-analysis of existing findings and new data in a first-episode sample, Murat Yücel, Emre Bora, Daniel I. Lubman, Nadia Solowij, Warrick J. Brewer, Sue M. Cotton, Phillipe Conus, Michael J. Takagi, Alex Fornito, Stephen J. Wood, Patrick D. McGorry, and Christos Pantelis

Serum levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids are low in Chinese men with metabolic syndrome, whereas serum levels of saturated fatty acids, zinc and magnesium are high, Yinghua Yu, Z. Cai, Jusheng Zheng, J-Z Chen, Xu Zhang, Xu-Feng Huang, and Duo Li

Effect of long-term cannabis use on axonal fibre connectivity, Andrew Zalesky, Nadia Solowij, Murat Yucel, Dan I. Lubman, Michael J. Takagi, Ian H. Harding, Valentina Lorenzetti, Ruopeng Wang, Karissa Searle, Christos Pantelis, and Marc Seal


Fish consumption and CHD mortality: an updated meta-analysis of seventeen cohort studies, Jusheng Zheng, Tao Huang, Yinghua Yu, Xiaojie Hu, Bin Yang, and Duo Li

Ganoderma lucidum Polysaccharides Exert Anti-Hyperglycemic Effect on Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats Through Affecting beta-Cells, Jusheng Zheng, B Yang, Y Yu, Qimei Chen, T.S Huang, and D Li

Papers from 2011


Temporal integration of movement: fhe time-course of motion streaks revealed by masking, David Alais, Deborah M. Apthorp, Aana Karmann, and John Cass

Validity of the BodyGem calorimeter and prediction equations for the assessment of resting energy expenditure in overweight and obese Saudi males, Ali Almajwal, Peter Williams, and Marijka Batterham

Does the quality of life of Saudi Arabian men and women with schizophrenia differ?, A Alshowkan, J Curtis, and Y White


Quality of life among people with schizophrenia in Saudi Arabia, Amira Ali Alshowkan, Janette Curtis, and Yvonne White


The quality of life of people with schizophrenia living in the community in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Amira Ali Alshowkan, Janette Curtis, and Yvonne White

Changes in eccrine sweating on the glabrous skin of the palm and finger during isometric exercise, T Amano, Y Kato, C A. Machado-Moreira, N A. Taylor, Y Inoue, T Nishiyasu, and N Kondo

The impact of professionalism on the assessment of clinical competence, Patrea R. Andersen

Simulated learning in dementia care, Patrea Andersen, Victoria Traynor, and Kay Crookes

Using simulation to anchor the principles of practice development in professional practice: an evaluation of an innovative teaching learning strategy, Patrea Andersen, Kenneth Walsh, and Jackie Donsante

Measures of individual recovery, Retta Andresen, Lindsay G. Oades, and Peter Caputi

Psychological recovery: beyond mental illness, Retta Andresen, Lindsay G. Oades, and Peter Caputi


Dementia and retirement from driving: people with dementia and their carers critique available tools, Catherine Andrew, Victoria Traynor, and Donald Iverson


Implementation and Evaluation of a Community-Based Social Marketing Campaign to Create Awareness of Hypertension as a Risk Factor for Dementia, Kelly Andrews, Lyn Phillipson, Sandra C. Jones, Danika Hall, J. Potter, and Gaye Sykes


The spatial tuning of "motion streak" mechanisms revealed by masking and adaptation, Deborah Apthorp, John Cass, and David Alais

Display lag and gain effects on vection by active observers, April Ash, Stephen Palmisano, Donovan G. Govan, and Juno Kim


Vection in depth during consistent and inconsistent multisensory stimulation, April Ash, Stephen Palmisano, and Juno Kim

Improved iodine status in breastfeeding women following mandatory fortification, Samantha Axford, Karen Charlton, Heather Yeatman, and Gary Ma

Does intravenous delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol increase dopamine release? A SPET study, Emma Barkus, Paul Morrison, D Vuletic, John Dickson, Peter Ell, Lyn Pilowsky, Rudolf Brenneisen, David Holt, John Powel, Shitij Kapur, and Robin Murray

Auditory false perceptions are mediated by psychosis risk factors, Emma Barkus, Richard Smallman, Natalie Royle, Chris Barkus, Shon Lewis, and Teresa Rushe


'As long as you have some of that, it cancels it out': How advertisers use guilt to sell us quick-fixes for our unhealthy behaviour, Lance Barrie and Sandra C. Jones


"At least I'm not drink-driving": Formative research for a social marketing campaign to reduce drug-driving among young drivers, Lance R. Barrie, Sandra C. Jones, and Elizabeth Wiese

Single-trial event-related potentials and the orienting reflex to monaural tones, R. J. Barry, Brett MacDonald, and Jacqueline Rushby

Caffeine and opening the eyes have additive effects on resting arousal measures, Robert J. Barry, Adam R. Clarke, and Stuart J. Johnstone

Behavioural differences between EEG-defined subgroups of children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Robert J. Barry, Adam R. Clarke, Stuart J. Johnstone, Rory McCarthy, Mark Selikowitz, Leila D. Heckel, and Franca Dupuy

EEG coherence and symptom profiles of children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Robert J. Barry, Adam R. Clarke, Rory McCarthy, Mark Selikowitz, Mihaly Hajos, and Franca Dupuy

Covariation of EEG synchronization and emotional state as modified by anxiolytics, Robert J. Barry, Jan Kaiser, Miroslaw Wyczesany, Szczepan J. Grzybowski, Anton M. L Coenen, and Anna Potoczek

Exploring the mechanism of dishabituation, Robert J. Barry and Genevieve Steiner

Pupillary responses and event-related potentials as indices of the orienting reflex, Robert J. Barry and Genevieve Steiner

Predictors of oral health quality of life in HIV-1 infected patients attending routine care in Australia, Marijka Batterham, Sarangapany Jeganathan, Louise M. Houtzager, Kim Begley, and Julianita Purnomo

Double-bundle ACL surgery demonstrates superior rotational kinematics to single-bundle technique during dynamic task, Marijka Batterham, CL Vaughan, A Hemmerich, and W Van Der Merwe

Relax, you're soaking in it: sources of information about infant formula, Nina J. Berry, Sandra C. Jones, and Donald Iverson

Neuropsychological assessment of fitness to drive following acquired cognitive impairment, Vida V. Bliokas, Joanne E. Taylor, Judith Leung, and Frank P. Deane

A qualitative study of the Australian midwives' approaches to Listeria education as a food-related risk during pregnancy, Dolly Bondarianzadeh, Heather Yeatman, and Deanne Condon-Paoloni


The older patient, the doctor and the trainee: patients' attitudes and implications for models of care, Andrew Bonney, Sandra Jones, and Donald Iverson


The schizophrenia susceptibility gene neuregulin 1 modulates tolerance to the effects of canabinoids, Aurelie Boucher, Glenn E. Hunt, Jacques Micheau, Xu-Feng Huang, Iain McGregor, Tim Karl, and Jonathon Arnold

An innovative model of supportive clinical teaching and learning for undergraduate nursing students: The cluster model, Sharon Bourgeois, Nicola Drayton, and Ann-Marie Brown

Caring, Sharon R. Bourgeois and P Vander Riet

Psychotherapists' response to borderline personality disorder: a core conflictual relationship theme analysis, Marianne Bourke and Brin F. S Grenyer

A randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of a low-glycemic index diet on pregnancy outcomes in gestational diabetes mellitus, Jennie C. Brand-Miller, Jimmy Chun Yu Louie, Peter Petocz, Tania P. Markovic, Nimalie J. Perera, Deborah Foote, and Glynis P. Ross


A strong commitment to mental health nursing, Renee Brighton, Angela Brown, Terence Froggatt, and Susan Liersch


Explaining social exclusion in alcohol-related dementia: a literature review, Renee Brighton, Janette Curtis, and Victoria Traynor


Explaining social exclusion in alcolhol-related dementia: a literature review, Renee Brighton, Victoria Traynor, and Janette Curtis

Utilising practice development principles in preparing the new RN for professional practice, Angela M. Brown, Roy A. Brown, and Rebekkah Middleton


Competency assessment using a standardised tool across nursing programmes in Australia, Roy A. Brown and Patrick A. Crookes

Assessing the value of existing recovery measures for routine use in Australian mental health services, Philip Burgess, Jane Pirkis, Tim Coombs, and Alan Rosen

Trends in purchasing patterns of sugar-sweetened water-based beverages in a remote Aboriginal community store following the implementation of a community-developed store nutrition policy, Rosalind Butler, Linda C. Tapsell, and Philippa M. Lyons-Wall

Enhancing patient adherence: outcomes of medication alliance training on therapeutic alliance, insight, adherence, and psychopathology with mental health patients, Mitchell K. Byrne and Frank P. Deane


The interaction of body armor, low-intensity exercise, and hot-humid conditions on physiological strain and cognitive function, Joanne N. Caldwell, Lian Engelen, Charles van der Henst, Mark J. Patterson, and Nigel A.S Taylor


An investigation of forearm vasomotor and sudomotor thresholds during passive heating, following whole-body cooling, Joanne N. Caldwell, Asa Nykvist, Nicholas Powers, Sean R. Notley, Daniel S. Lee, Gregory E. Peoples, and Nigel A.S Taylor

How helpful are error management and counterfactual thinking instructions to inexperienced spreadsheet users' training task performance?, Peter Caputi, Amy Y. Chan, and Rohan Jayasuriya

Expressive language disturbance in borderline personality disorder in response to emotional autobiographical stimuli, Phoebe Carter and Brin F. S Grenyer


Does aging change docosahexaenoic acid homeostasis? Implications for the challenge to cognitive health in the elderly, Christian-Alexandre Castellano, Raphael Chouinard-Watkins, J Tom Brenna, Barbara J. Meyer, and Stephen C. Cunnane

Easy task first? Roles of metacognitive computer skills training strategies depend on how training tasks are sequenced, Amy Y. Chan, Peter Caputi, and Rohan Jayasuriya

Iodine fortification: why, when, what, how, and who?, Karen E. Charlton and Sheila Skeaff

Pork, beef and chicken have similar effects on acute satiety and hormonal markers of appetite, Karen E. Charlton, Linda C. Tapsell, Marijka Batterham, Rebecca L. Thorne, Jane E. O'Shea, Qingsheng Zhang, and Eleanor Beck

Insulin decreases therapeutic efficacy in colon cancer cell line HT29 via the activation of the PI3K/Akt pathway, J-Z Chen, Andrew Katsifis, Changhua Hu, and Xu-Feng Huang

TiO2(B)@anatase hybrid nanowires with highly reversible electrochemical performance, Zhixin Chen, Zaiping Guo, Hua-Kun Liu, Guodong Du, Xuebin Yu, Zunxian Yang, Neeraj Sharma, and Tailiang Guo

On being aware and accepting: a one-year longitudinal study into adolescent well-being, Joseph Ciarrochi, Todd B. Kashdan, Peter Leeson, Patrick Heaven, and Carlie Jordan