The University of Wollongong Faculty of Social Sciences was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. Related series: Faculty of Education - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2017

Serum adiponectin levels and cardiorespiratory fitness in nonoverweight and overweight Portuguese adolescents: The LabMed Physical Activity Study, César Agostinis-Sobrinho, Carla Moreira, Sandra Abreu, Luis Lopes, José Oliveira-Santos, Jostein Steene-Johannessen, Jorge Mota, and Rute Santos


Stunting and severe stunting among children under-5 years in Nigeria: A multilevel analysis, Blessing Akombi, Kingsley E. Agho, John J. Hall, Dafna Merom, Thomas E. Astell-Burt, and Andre Renzaho

Effects of spell checkers on English as a second language students¿ incidental spelling learning: a cognitive load perspective, Porfirio Alino, Tzu-Chien Liu, and Fred Paas

Personality and sexuality in older adults, Mark S. Allen and Annelil Desille

Health-Related Lifestyle Factors and Sexual Functioning and Behavior in Older Adults, Mark S. Allen and Annelil E. Desille

Five factor personality traits and inflammatory biomarkers in the English longitudinal study of aging, Mark S. Allen and Sylvain Laborde

Examination of images in Australian standardised writing assessments: a case for recognising social and cultural disadvantage, Katherine Bates

Systematic review of SMART Recovery: Outcomes, process variables, and implications for research, Alison K. Beck, Erin Forbes, Amanda Baker, Peter James Kelly, Frank P. Deane, Anthony Shakeshaft, David Hunt, and John F. Kelly


How technology shapes assessment design: Findings from a study of university teachers, Sue Bennett, Phillip Dawson, Margaret Bearman, Elizabeth K. Molloy, and David J. Boud

Preliminary Exploration of Psychologists¿ Knowledge and Perceptions of Electronic Security and Implications for Use of Technology-Assisted Supervision, Russell J. Blackman, Frank P. Deane, Craig J. Gonsalvez, and Daniel F. Saffioti

The Effects of Precautionary Messages about Electromagnetic Fields from Mobile Phones and Base Stations Revisited: The Role of Recipient Characteristics, Christoph A. Boehmert, Peter M. Wiedemann, Jonathon Pye, and Rodney J. Croft

Falling short of dietary guidelines - What do Australian pregnant women really know? A cross sectional study, Khlood Bookari, Heather Yeatman, and Moira J. Williamson


Understanding carers' lived experience of stigma: the voice of families with a child on the autism spectrum, Timothy Broady, Gerard J. Stoyles, and Corinne Morse

Imagery Rescripting for PTSD and Personality Disorders: Theory and Application, Robert N. Brockman and Fiona L. Calvert


Exposure to digital marketing enhances young adults' interest in energy drinks: An exploratory investigation, Li Min Buchanan, Bridget Kelly, and Heather Yeatman

"I feel like having a nervous breakdown": Pre-service and in-service teachers' developing beliefs and knowledge about pronunciation instruction, Michael Burri, Amanda Ann Baker, and Honglin Chen

Empowering Nonnative-English-Speaking Teachers in Primary School Contexts: An Ethnographic Case Study, Michael S. Burri

Joint development of teacher cognition and identity through learning to teach L2 pronunciation, Michael S. Burri, Honglin Chen, and Amanda Ann Baker

An investigation of supervisory practices to develop relational and reflective competence in psychologists, Fiona L. Calvert, Trevor P. Crowe, and Brin F. S Grenyer


Societal perspective on access to publicly subsidised medicines: A cross sectional survey of 3080 adults in Australia, Lesley Chim, Glenn P. Salkeld, Patrick J. Kelly, Wendy Lipworth, Dyfrig A. Hughes, and Martin R. Stockler

Orbitofrontal and caudate volumes in cannabis users: a multi-site mega-analysis comparing dependent versus non-dependent users, Yann Chye, Nadia Solowij, Chao Suo, Albert Batalla, Janna Cousijn, Anna Goudriaan, Rocio Martin-Santos, Sarah Whittle, Valentina Lorenzetti, and Murat Yucel

The phonological neighbourhood effect on short-term memory for order, Larissa Clarkson, Steven J. Roodenrys, Leonie M. Miller, and Charles Hulme


The Preschool Activity, Technology, Health, Adiposity, Behaviour and Cognition (PATH-ABC) cohort study: Rationale and design, Dylan P. Cliff, Jade McNeill, Stewart A. Vella, Steven J. Howard, Megan A. Kelly, Douglas J. Angus, Ian M. R Wright, Rute Santos, Marijka Batterham, Edward Melhuish, Anthony D. Okely, and Marc de Rosnay


Wheat, sheep or Elvis Presley? Rural Australia has had to change its tune, John Connell and Christopher R. Gibson

Aspects of a boy's childhood as a complex social construct in comics, Judie Cross


Neurological soft signs: Effects of trait schizotypy, psychological distress and auditory hallucination predisposition, Saskia de Leede-Smith, Steven J. Roodenrys, Lauren Horsley, Shannen Matrini, Erin Mison, and Emma Barkus

Even adults need to play: Sandplay therapy with an adult survivor of childhood abuse, Kirsten Doyle and Lynne E. Magor-Blatch


Developing intervention strategies to optimise body composition in early childhood in South Africa, Catherine E. Draper, Simone Tomaz, Matthew Stone, Trina Hinkley, Rachel A. Jones, Johann Louw, Rhian Twine, Kathleen Kahn, and Shane A. Norris

The impact of home literacy and family factors on screen media use among Dutch preteens, Elisabeth Duursma, Anna Meijer, and Kees De Bot


Impact of a type 2 diabetes diagnosis on mental health, quality of life, and social contacts: a longitudinal study, Xiaoqi Feng and Thomas E. Astell-Burt


The relationship between neighbourhood green space and child mental wellbeing depends upon whom you ask: Multilevel evidence from 3083 children aged 12-13 years, Xiaoqi Feng and Thomas E. Astell-Burt

Integrated mental health atlas of the Western Sydney Local Health District: gaps and recommendations, Ana Fernandez, James Gillespie, Jennifer Smith-Merry, Xiaoqi Feng, Thomas E. Astell-Burt, Cailin Maas, and Luis Salvador-Carulla

The delaying effect of stigma on mental health help-seeking in Sri Lanka, Sunera M. Fernando, Frank P. Deane, and Hamish J. McLeod

A carer burden and stigma in schizophrenia and affective disorders: Experiences from Sri Lanka, Sunera M. Fernando, Frank P. Deane, Hamish J. McLeod, and Esther Davis


Continued participation in youth sports: the role of achievement motivation, Lauren Gardner, Stewart A. Vella, and Christopher A. Magee

Mental health workers values and their congruency with recovery principles, Bianca Glajz, Frank P. Deane, and Virginia Williams


Mental health workers' values and thier congruency with recovery principles, Bianca Glajz, Frank P. Deane, and Virginia Williams

The Supervision Evaluation and Supervisory Competence Scale: Psychometric Validation, Craig J. Gonsalvez, Geaty Hamid, Nicole Savage, and Danielle Livni


Goal-setting, feedback, and assessment practices reported by australian clinical supervisors, Craig J. Gonsalvez, Talia Wahnon, and Frank P. Deane


Qualitative process evaluation of an Australian alcohol media literacy study: Recommendations for designing culturally responsive school-based programs, Chloe Gordon, Lisa K. Kervin, Sandra C. Jones, and Steven J. Howard


Qualitative process evaluation of an Australian alcohol media literacy study: recommendations for designing culturally responsive school-based programs, Chloe Gordon, Lisa K. Kervin, Sandra C. Jones, and Steven J. Howard

The psychology of positivity at work, Suzy Green, Michelle McQuaid, Alicia Purtell, and Aylin Dulagil


Beyond the academic precariat: a collective biography of poetic subjectivities in the neoliberal university, Catherine Hartung, Nicoli Barnes, Rosie Kate Welch, Gabrielle H. O'Flynn, Jonnell Uptin, and Samantha McMahon

The Politics of widening participation and University access for young people: making educational futures, Valerie Harwood, Anna Hickey-Moody, Samantha McMahon, and Sarah Elizabeth O'Shea

The other-race effect in face learning: Using naturalistic images to investigate face ethnicity effects in a learning paradigm, William G. Hayward, Simone K. Favelle, Matt Oxner, Ming Hon Chu, and Sze Man Lam


An early years toolbox for assessing early executive function, language, self-regulation, and social development: Validity, reliability, and preliminary norms, Steven J. Howard and Edward Melhuish


What are standardized literacy and numeracy tests testing? Evidence of the domain-general contributions to students' standardized educational test performance, Steven J. Howard, Stuart Woodcock, John F. Ehrich, and Sahar Bokosmaty


The role of community sports clubs in adolescent mental health: the perspectives of adolescent males' parents, Diarmuid Hurley, Christian F. Swann, Mark S. Allen, Anthony D. Okely, and Stewart A. Vella


An Exploration of Smoking Among People Attending Residential Substance Abuse Treatment: Prevalence and Outcomes at Three Months Post-Discharge, Isabella Ingram, Peter James Kelly, Frank P. Deane, Amanda Baker, Geoffrey C. Lyons, and Russell J. Blackman

The tuning of human visual cortex to variations in the 1/f¿ amplitude spectra and fractal properties of synthetic noise images, Zoey Jeanne Isherwood, Mark M. Schira, and Branka Spehar

Effect of Current Dietary Recommendations on Weight Loss and Cardiovascular Risk Factors, David J. A Jenkins, Beatrice Boucher, Fred D. Ashbury, Margaret Sloan, Patrick Brown, Ahmed El-Sohemy, Anthony Hanley, Walter Willett, Melanie Paquette, Russell de Souza, Christopher Ireland, Natalie Kwan, Amy L. Jenkins, Sathish Pichika, and Nancy Kreiger

Economic Resources and HIV Preventive Behaviors Among School-Enrolled Young Women in Rural South Africa (HPTN 068), Larissa Jennings, Audrey Pettifor, Erica Hamilton, Tiarney Ritchwood, Francesc Xavier Gomez-Olive, Catherine L. Mac Phail, James Hughes, Amanda Selin, and Kathleen Kahn


Physical activity, sedentary behavior and their correlates in children with autism spectrum disorder: A systematic review, Rachel A. Jones, Katherine Downing, Nicole Rinehart, Lisa M. Barnett, Tamara May, Jane McGillivray, Nicole Papadopoulos, Helen Skouteris, Anna Timperio, and Trina Hinkley

Is it all about price? Why requests for government subsidy of anticancer drugs were rejected in Australia, Deme J. Karikios, Lesley Chim, Andrew Martin, Adnan Nagrial, Kirsten Howard, Glenn P. Salkeld, and Martin R. Stockler

Polysubstance use in treatment seekers who inject amphetamine: Drug use profiles, injecting practices and quality of life, Peter James Kelly, Laura Robinson, Amanda Baker, Frank P. Deane, Rebecca McKetin, Suzanne Hudson, and Carol Keane

Children creating multimodal stories about a familiar environment, Lisa K. Kervin and Jessica Mantei

Gender-differentiated effects of theory of mind, emotion understanding, and social preference on prosocial behavior development: A longitudinal study, Rebecca-Lee Kuhnert, Sander Begeer, Elian Fink, and Marc de Rosnay

The effect of slow-paced breathing on stress management in adolescents with intellectual disability, Sylvain Laborde, Mark S. Allen, N Gohring, and F Dosseville


Community mobilization for HIV testing uptake: Results from a community randomized trial of a theory-based intervention in rural South Africa, Sheri Lippman, Torsten Neilands, Catherine L. Mac Phail, Dean Peacock, Suzanne Maman, Dumisani Rebombo, Rhian Twine, Amanda Selin, Hannah Leslie, Kathleen Kahn, and Audrey Pettifor

Objectively measured sedentary time and academic achievement in schoolchildren, Luís Lopes, Rute Santos, Jorge Mota, Beatriz Pereira, and Vitor Pires Lopes


Significance and Novelty effects in single-trial ERP components and autonomic responses, Brett MacDonald and Robert J. Barry


Knowledge and attitudes to sexual health and STI testing for students at an Australian regional university: a cross-sectional study, Catherine L. Mac Phail, Tinashe Dune, Gina Dillon, Saifur Rahman, Rasheda Khanam, Laura Jenkins, Marnie Britton, Bernie Green, Christine Edwards, and Annette Stevenson

The Work Family Interface and Sleep Quality, Christopher A. Magee, Laura Robinson, and Alisha McGregor


Using short films in the classroom as a stimulus for digital text creation, Jessica Mantei and Lisa K. Kervin


Effects of Integrating Physical Activities Into a Science Lesson on Preschool Children's Learning and Enjoyment, Myrto-Foteini Mavilidi, Anthony D. Okely, Paul A. Chandler, and Fred Paas

Significant change events in psychodynamic psychotherapy: Is cognition or emotion more important?, Kye L. McCarthy, Peter Caputi, and Brin F. S Grenyer


With Moonlight's Oscar win, Hollywood begins to right old wrongs, Scott J. McKinnon


Lessons from the AIME approach to the teaching relationship: valuing biepistemic practice, Samantha McMahon, Valerie Harwood, Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews, Sarah Elizabeth O'Shea, Anthony D. McKnight, Paul A. Chandler, and Amy Priestly

Indicators of a health promoting local food environment: a conceptual framework to inform urban planning policy and practice, Maureen Murphy, Hannah M. Badland, Mohammad Koohsari, Thomas E. Astell-Burt, Georgina Trapp, Karen Villanueva, Suzanne Mavoa, Melanie Davern, and Billie Giles-Corti

Addressing Professional Competency Problems in Clinical Psychology Trainees, Kathryn Nicholson-Perry, Mark O. Donovan, Roslyn Knight, and Alice Shires


Pharmacology students' perceptions of creating multimodal digital explanations, Wendy S. Nielsen, Garry F. Hoban, and Christopher J. T Hyland

Australia's supervising teachers: Motivators and Challenges to Inform Professional Learning, Wendy S. Nielsen, Juanjo Mena, Anthony Clarke, Sarah Elizabeth O'Shea, Garry F. Hoban, and John Collins

Neonatal abstinence syndrome and high school performance, Ju Lee Oei, Edward Melhuish, Hannah Uebel, Nadin Azzam, Courtney Breen, Lucinda Burns, Lisa Hilder, Barbara Bajuk, Mohamed E. Abdel-Latif, Meredith Ward, John M. Feller, Janet Falconer, Sarah Clews, John Eastwood, Annie Li, and Ian M. R Wright

First-in-Family Students, University Experience and Family Life: Motivations, Transitions and Participation, Sarah Elizabeth O'Shea, Josephine May, Cathy Stone, and Janine Delahunty


Vection and cybersickness generated by head-and-display motion in the Oculus Rift, Stephen Palmisano, Rebecca Mursic, and Juno Kim


Relationship between children's physical activity, sedentary behavior, and childcare environments: A cross sectional study, Michele Peden, Rachel A. Jones, Silvia Costa, Yvonne Ellis, and Anthony D. Okely

Examining the influence of Sport Education on the precursors of amotivation, Dana J. Perlman and Peter Caputi

The types and aspects of front-of-pack food labelling schemes preferred by adults and children, Simone Pettigrew, Zenobia Talati, Caroline Miller, Helen Dixon, Bridget Kelly, and Kylie Ball


Physical and Physiological Demands of Recreational Team Handball for Adult Untrained Men, Susana Povoas, Carlo Castagna, Carlos Resende, Eduardo Coelho, Pedro Silva, Rute Santos, Andre Filipe Teixeira E Seabra, Juan Tamames, Mariana Lopes, Morten Randers, and Peter Krustrup

Crime in the streets, Stuart Ross and Natalia K. Hanley

Accelerometer wear-site detection: When one site does not suit all, all of the time, Alex V. Rowlands, Timothy Olds, Kishan Bakrania, Rebecca M. Stanley, Gaynor C. Parfitt, Roger G. Eston, Thomas Yates, and Francois Fraysse


Total Diet Score as a valid method of measuring diet quality among older adults, Joanna Russell, Victoria M. Flood, Ali Sadeghpour, Bamini Gopinath, and Paul Mitchell

Putting Plural Self-Awareness into Practice: The Phenomenology of Expert Musicianship, Alessandro Salice, Simon Hoffding, and Shaun Gallagher


What factors contribute to the continued low rates of Indigenous status identification in urban general practice? - A mixed-methods multiple site case study, Heike Schutze, Lisa Jackson Pulver, and Mark Fort Harris

"No more secrets-Ngukurr News": Looking back at the contribution of a community newspaper in a remote Aboriginal setting, Kate Senior, Richard D. Chenhall, and Daphne Daniels

'As long as he's coming home to me': vulnerability, jealousy and violence in young people's relationships in remote, rural and regional Australia, Kate Senior, Janet Helmer, and Richard D. Chenhall

Genuine conversation: the enabler in good mentoring of pre-service teachers, Lynn D. Sheridan and Marie Young

Barriers to Provision of External Clinical Psychology Student Placements, Alice Shires, Lila P. Vrklevski, Judy Hyde, Vida V. Bliokas, and Akeesha Simmons

Factors related to self-directed learning readiness of students in health professional programs: A scoping review, Craig Slater and Anne Cusick


Current forms of inhibitory training produce no greater reduction in drinking than simple assessment: A preliminary study, Janette Smith, Nicole Dash, Stuart J. Johnstone, Katrijn Houben, and Matt Field

A mixed methods study of the mental health and criminal justice histories of missing persons, Amy Sowerby and Stuart DM Thomas


Psychological States Underlying Excellent Performance in Sport: Toward an Integrated Model of Flow and Clutch States, Christian F. Swann, Lee Crust, Patricia C. Jackman, Stewart A. Vella, Mark S. Allen, and Richard J. Keegan

Is it 'fair'? Representation of children, young people and parents in an adversarial court system, Lorraine Thomson, Morag Mcarthur, and Peter J. Camilleri


Educator engagement and interaction and children's physical activity in early childhood education and care settings: an observational study protocol, Karen Tonge, Rachel A. Jones, M. Hagenbuchner, Tuc Nguyen, and Anthony D. Okely

Validation of the SenseWear Mini activity monitor in 5−12-year-old children, Christiana van Loo, Anthony D. Okely, Marijka Batterham, Trina Hinkley, Ulf Ekelund, Soren Brage, John J. Reilly, Gregory E. Peoples, Rachel A. Jones, Xanne Janssen, and Dylan P. Cliff

Bidirectional Associations between Sport Involvement and Mental Health in Adolescence, Stewart A. Vella, Christian F. Swann, Mark S. Allen, Matthew Schweickle, and Christopher A. Magee

Understanding the social experiences of adolescent females on the autism spectrum, Rebecca Vine and Amanda A. Webster

Adjuncts to local anaesthetics in tonsillectomy: a systematic review and meta-analysis, R Vlok, Edward Melhuish, C Chong, T Ryan, and Leigh D. White

Empowering Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Critical Decision-making for Quality Outcomes, Amanda A. Webster, Joy Cumming, and Susannah Rowland

The effect of a single dose of multivitamin and mineral combinations with and without guarana on functional brain activity during a continuous performance task, David J. White, David A. Camfield, Silvia Maggini, Andrew Pipingas, Richard B. Silberstein, Con Stough, and Andrew Scholey