The University of Wollongong Faculty of Business was formed in 2013 and on 1 July 2020 became the Faculty of Business and Law, following incorporation of the School of Law and the ANCORS research unit. In 2013 it comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Commerce and the Sydney Business School. Related series: Faculty of Commerce - Papers (Archive); Sydney Business School - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2020


The coronavirus contact tracing app won't log your location, but it will reveal who you hang out with, Roba Abbas and Katina Michael

Employee voice in a semi‐rural hospital: impact of resourcing, decision‐making and culture, Shamika Almeida, Elizabeth Frino, and Marianna Milosavljevic

Explicating the privacy paradox: A qualitative inquiry of online shopping consumers, Heenkenda Mudiyanselage Ruwan Jayawickrama Bandara, Mario Fernando, and Shahriar Akter


The what and how of Family business paradox: Literature-inspired distillations and directions, Mary Barrett and Ken Moores

Core Attributes of Pro-Environmental Managers and Dynamics of Environmental Management, Asit Bhattacharyya and Kumar K. Biswas

Overcoming the challenge of "fuzzy" assessment and feedback, Brendan Boyle, Rebecca Mitchell, Anthony McDonnell, Narender Sharma, Kumar K. Biswas, and Stephen Nicholas

Equitable work-integrated-learning: Using practical simulations in university marketing subjects, Paul A. Chad

Network resilience modelling: a New Zealand forestry supply chain case, Paul Childerhouse, Mohammed Al Aqqad, Quan Zhou, and Carel Bezuidenhout

Extracting transparency: the process of regulating disclosures for the resources industry, Corinne L. Cortese and Jane Andrew


Lean Six Sigma and quality frameworks in higher education - a review of literature, Janelle Davidson, Oriana Price, and Matthew P. Pepper


Effect of Corporate Tax Avoidance Activities on Firm Bankruptcy Risk, Anirudh Dhawan, Liangbo Ma, and Maria H. Kim


Economic value of small-scale sea cucumber fisheries under two contrasting management regimes, Maria Eggertsen, Hampus B. Eriksson, Matthew Slater, Caroline Raymond, and Maricela De La Torre-Castro

Towards virtuous and ethical organisational performance in the context of corruption: A case study in the public sector, Mario Fernando and Ruwan Bandara


Identity work by a non-white immigrant business scholar: Autoethnographic vignettes of covering and accenting, Mario Fernando, James Reveley, and Mark Learmonth

Symbolic violence and Marketing ECRs in the neoliberal University, Ross Gordon and Nadia Zainuddin

How is responsible leadership related to the three-component model of organisational commitment?, Md Amlan Haque, Mario Fernando, and Peter Caputi


Towards an environmentally sustainable rental housing sector, Troy W. Heffernan, Emma Elizabeth Heffernan, Nina Reynolds, Wai Jin (Thomas) Lee, and Paul Cooper

Reconceptualizing Integration Quality Dynamics for Omnichannel Marketing, Tasnim M Taufique Hossain, Shahriar Akter, Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong, and Yogesh Dwivedi


Intergenerational Transmission of Body Mass and Obesity Status in Australia, Adrian James, Silvia Mendolia, and Alfredo R. Paloyo

Responsible management: an Indigenous perspective, Jason Paul Mika, Rick Colbourne, and Shamika Almeida

Transformative value and the role of involvement in gamification and serious games for well-being, Rory Mulcahy, Nadia Zainuddin, and Rebekah Russell-Bennett


Stock Liquidity and Default Risk around the World, Sivathaasan Nadarajah, Huu Nhan Duong, Searat Ali, Benjamin Liu, and Allen Huang


A toilet paper run is like a bank run. The economic fixes are about the same, Alfredo R. Paloyo


Asymmetric impact of earnings news on investor uncertainty, Zihang Peng, David Johnstone, and Demetris Christodoulou


Turning to Easter eggs to get through these dark times? Here’s the bitter truth about chocolate, Stephanie Perkiss, Cristiana Bernardi, and John Dumay

Porter model of economic development at the back of an envelope, Eduardo Pol


Finding convergence: Economic perspectives and the economic practices of an Australian ecovillage, Oriana Price, Simon Ville, Emma Elizabeth Heffernan, Belinda Kathlyn Gibbons, and Mary Johnsson


Conceptualising online fashion brand recognition: scale development and validation, Muhammad Sabbir Rahman, Md Afnan Hossain, Md Rifayat Islam Rushan, Mohammad Tayeenul Hoque, and Hasliza Hassan

E-Service Quality and Trust on Customer's Patronage Intention: Moderation Effect of Adoption of Advanced Technologies, Muhammad Sabbir Rahman, Md Afnan Hossain, Mahmud Habib Zaman, and Mahafuz Mannan


Green reputation of hotel improvement through green accounting and harmonious culture, Tjokorda Raka, I Astawa, and Parulian Silaen

University-led internships for innovative thinking: a theoretical framework, Nadeera Ranabahu, Shamika Almeida, and Elias Kyriazis


Does practice make micro-entrepreneurs perfect? An investigation of expertise acquisition using effectuation and causation, Nadeera Ranabahu and Mary Barrett

Artefacts, Surprise and Managing During Disaster: Object-Oriented Ontological and Assemblage-Theoretic Insights, James Reveley


The congruence effect between product emotional appeal and country-based emotion: The moderating role of country-of-origin, Felix Septianto, Tung M. Chiew, and Nguyen T. Thai

How exceptional is Australian financial sector misconduct? The Hayne Royal Commission revisited, John Singleton and James Reveley

The circle of vulnerability and the myth of choice, Felicity Small, Mehmet I. Mehmet, and Jodie Kleinschafer

Evaluating the implementation of performance-based fuel uplift regulation for airline operation, Nga Tang, Cheng-Lung Wu, and David T. Tan

Value creation and destruction in social marketing services: a review and research agenda, Nadia Zainuddin and Ross Gordon

The directionality of uncertainty expressions and the foreign language effect: Context and accounting judgement, Yuqian Zhang, Anura De Zoysa, and Corinne L. Cortese

Papers from 2019

Does Service Quality Perception in Omnichannel Retailing Matter? A Systematic Review and Agenda for Future Research, Shahriar Akter, Muhammad Ismail Hossain, Steven Lu, Sutapa Aditya, Tasnim M Taufique Hossain, and Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong

Retaining health carers: the role of personal and organisation job resources, Shamika Almeida, Mario Fernando, Albert Munoz, and Susan Cartwright

Cultural Capital of Recruitment Decision‐Makers and its Influence on their Perception of Person‐Organisation Fit of Skilled Migrants, Shamika Almeida, Marie-France Waxin, and Yin Paradies

Responsible science: Celebrating the 50-year legacy of Ball and Brown (1968) using a registration-based framework, Hiroyuki Aman, Wendy Beekes, Henk Berkman, Marc Bohmann, Michael Bradbury, Larelle Chapple, Millicent M. Chang, Victoria Clout, Robert Faff, Jianlei Han, David Hillier, Allan Hodgson, Bryan Howieson, Jonathan Jona, Martina Linnenluecke, Tiago Loncan, Bronwyn McCredie, David Michayluk, Nick Mroczkowski, Zheyao Pan, Vinay Patel, Edward Podolski, Naomi Soderstrom, Tom Smith, George Tanewski, Kathleen Walsh, Marvin Wee, and Sue Wright


The role of credibility in the relation between management forecasts and analyst forecasts in Japan, Hiroyuki Aman, Wendy Beekes, Millicent M. Chang, and Marvin Wee


Incorporating the concepts of sharing-in and sharing-out in CSR: Australian consumers' perspective, Anjum Amin-Chaudhry, Alan A. Pomering, and Lester W. Johnson


Ontological security as an unconscious motive of social media users, Charles S. Areni

Academic leaders' double bind: challenges from an Indonesian perspective, Maria Arquisola, Ambika Zutshi, Ruth Rentschler, and Jonathan A. Billsberry


Do tourists notice social responsibility information?, Nazila Babakhani, Melanie J. Randle, and Sara Dolnicar

Privacy concerns in E-commerce: A taxonomy and a future research agenda, Heenkenda Mudiyanselage Ruwan Jayawickrama Bandara, Mario Fernando, and Shahriar Akter


The enduring and evolving influence of Ball and Brown (1968), Karen L. Benson, Millicent M. Chang, Philip Gray, and Sue Wright


'Everyone knows grandma'. Pathways to gambling venues in regional Australia, Amy Bestman, Samantha L. Thomas, Melanie J. Randle, Hannah Pitt, Rebecca Cassidy, and Mike Daube


Factors affecting the liquidity of commercial banks in India: a longitudinal analysis, Shyam S. Bhati, Anura De Zoysa, and Wisuttorn Jitaree


Financial contagion and economic development: An epidemiological approach, Alberto Bucci, Davide La Torre, Danilo Liuzzi, and Simone Marsiglio

Financial development and economic growth: long-run equilibrium and transitional dynamics, Alberto Bucci and Simone Marsiglio

Thailand's SME participation in ASEAN and East Asian Regional Economic Integration, Teerawat Charoenrat and Charles Harvie

Elicitation Strategies for Interviewing and Fieldwork: Emerging Research and Opportunities, Rodney J. Clarke

Does 'the local' provide a pathway to revitalizing primary production in regional communities?: A case study of professional fishing on the NSW South coast, Freya Croft, Michelle A. Voyer, Michael J. Adams, Candice Visser, Duncan Leadbitter, James Reveley, Frances Steel, and Jade E. Kennedy

A multivariate Markov chain stock model, Guglielmo D'Amico and Riccardo De Blasis


The role of Health Locus of Control in value co-creation for standardized screening services., Janet Davey, Judith Herbst, Raechel Johns, Joy Parkinson, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, and Nadia Zainuddin


A public health advocacy approach for preventing and reducing gambling related harm, Jennifer David, Samantha L. Thomas, Melanie J. Randle, and Mike Daube


Parent and child perceptions of gambling promotions in Australian sport, Jennifer David, Samantha L. Thomas, Melanie J. Randle, Hannah Pitt, and Mike Daube

Corporate social responsibility performance of small and medium enterprises in regional Japan: an empirical examination, Anura De Zoysa and Nobyuki Takaoka

Government ownership and stock liquidity: Evidence from China, Mingfa Ding and Sandy Suardi


Assessing the link between cultural influences and persuasibility in online daily deals, Morakot Ditta-Apichai and Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong

Depths and spreads in futures markets: Relationship with order execution, submission, and cancellation, Alessandro Frino, Ognjen Kovacevic, and Vito Mollica

Trending topics plus future challenges and opportunities in brand management, Ursa Golob, Mark Davies, Joachim Kernstock, and Shaun M. Powell

A Probability Scoring Rule for Simultaneous Events, Andrew Grant, David Johnstone, and Oh Kang Kwon

Fortescue vs Yindjibarndi: land rights and welfarism in third spaces, Margarita Guevara, Lee C. Moerman, and Sanja Pupovac

Perceived human resource management and presenteeism: Mediating effect of turnover intentions, Md Amlan Haque, Mario Fernando, and Peter Caputi

Responsible leadership, affective commitment and intention to quit: an individual level analysis, Md Amlan Haque, Mario Fernando, and Peter Caputi

Micro-, Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs): Challenges, Opportunities and Sustainability in East Asia, Charles Harvie

The Dutch Disease and Economic Diversification: Should the Approach by Developing Countries Be Different?, Charles Harvie

The Multidimensional Benefits of University Student Volunteering: Psychological Contract, Expectations, and Outcomes, Debbie Haski-Leventhal, Megan Paull, Susan Young, Judith MacCallum, Kirsten Holmes, Maryam Omari, Rowena Scott, and Irit Alony


Earnings Quality and Corporate Social Disclosure: The Moderating Role of State and Foreign Ownership in Vietnamese Listed Firms, Trang Cam Hoang, Indra Abeysekera, and Shiguang Ma

Multichannel integration quality: A systematic review and agenda for future research, Tasnim M Taufique Hossain, Shahriar Akter, Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong, and Yogesh K. Dwivedi


Gender distributions in New Zealand universities: Guilt in Brotopia, Hedy Huang and Jing Wang

Resource boom and non-resource firms: Mongolia 2007 and 2011, Kankesu Jayanthakumaran and Mohammad Bari

Inclusion of Firm Heterogeneity in Resource Boom-Bust Cycle Literature, Kankesu Jayanthakumaran, Mohammad Bari, and Nelson Perera


Modelling trade-offs in students' choice set when determining universities, Andriani Kusumawati, Nelson Perera, and Venkata K. Yanamandram


Money Demand in a Dollarized Economy: Evidence from Laos PDR, Phouphet Kyophilavong, Gazi Uddin, Muhammad Shahbaz, Charles Harvie, and Teerawat Charoenrat

Population and geography do matter for sustainable development, Davide La Torre, Danilo Liuzzi, and Simone Marsiglio


How and when does the brand orientation-market orientation nexus matter?, Wai Jin (Thomas) Lee, Aron O'Cass, and Phyra Sok


Financial liberalisation, bank ownership type and performance in a transition economy: The case of Vietnam, Phuong Le, Charles Harvie, Amir Arjomandi, and James Borthwick

Positioning a destination as fashionable: The destination fashion conditioning framework, Clifford Lewis, Gregory M. Kerr, and Lois Burgess


State Ownership and Earnings Management in Highly-Valued Firms: Evidence from China, Leye Li, Gary S. Monroe, and Jing Wang


Loan financing and investment in princeling-backed firms, Qing Li, Qigui Liu, Shiguang Ma, and Gary G. Tian

Overconfidence and forecast accuracy: An experimental investigation on the hard-easy effect, Bin Liu and Monica Tan

Reinvestigate the Bid-Ask Bounce Effect and Pricing of Idiosyncratic Volatility: The Case of the Australian Market, Bin Liu, Monica Tan, and Marie-Anne Cam

Exploring mixed emotions and emotion-regulation strategies of students balancing higher education with employment, Nilupulee Sharmamalee Liyanagamage, Charmaine Glavas, and Thilakshi Kodagoda


General public perceptions and motivations to adopt children from out-of-home care in New South Wales, Australia, Betty Luu, Amy Conley Wright, and Melanie J. Randle

A disaster typology towards informing humanitarian relief supply chain design, Jonathon Mackay, Albert Munoz, and Matthew P. Pepper

Conceptualising redundancy and flexibility towards supply chain robustness and resilience, Jonathon Mackay, Albert Munoz, and Matthew P. Pepper

Operationalising and evaluating redundancy and flexibility-based management strategies within a queuing system, Jonathon Mackay, Albert Munoz, Matthew P. Pepper, and Emily Ryan


Trade credit use and bank loan access: an agency theory perspective, Liangbo Ma and Shiguang Ma


An Aristotelian interpretation of practical wisdom: the case of retirees, Peter R. Massingham

Generational differences in work values and attitudes: reintroducing retirees to the workforce, Peter R. Massingham and Anil Chandrakumara

Improving integrated reporting: A new learning and growth perspective for the balanced scorecard, Rada Massingham, Peter R. Massingham, and John Dumay

Scaring the bras off women: the role of threat appeal, brand congruence, and social support in health service recruitment coping strategies, Jessica Mayer, Nadia Zainuddin, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, and Rory Mulcahy


Mixed views in the academy: academic and student perspectives about the utility of developing work-ready skills through WIL, Lisa McManus and Laura L. Rook


Changes in health-related quality of life: a compensating income variation approach, Paul McNamee and Silvia Mendolia