The University of Wollongong Faculty of Business was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Commerce and the Sydney Business School. Related series: Faculty of Commerce - Papers (Archive); Sydney Business School - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2018

Leadership coaching: An Australian context, Julia Ahrens and Michael Armour

Can firm-specific dividend drop-off ratios be used to infer shareholder marginal tax rates?, Andrew B. Ainsworth, Adrian Lee, and Terry S. Walter

Gender differences in the value of using Facebook: A pilot study, Omar Al-Hujran, Rasmiah Hamzah, and Kholoud Alkayid


Have Asian airlines caught up with European Airlines? A by-production efficiency analysis, Amir Arjomandi, K Herve Dakpo, and Juergen Heinz Seufert


Supervision's 'Three Amigos': Exploring the Evolving Functions of Supervision and its Application in the Field of Coaching, Michael Armour


Is the privacy paradox a matter of psychological distance? An exploratory study of the privacy paradox from a construal level theory perspective, Heenkenda Mudiyanselage Ruwan Jayawickrama Bandara, Mario Fernando, and Md Shahriar Akter


Companies keep slashing jobs, but new technologies won't replace good management, Mary Barrett


Grappling With Grapes: Developing Strategy for the Poncini Vineyards, Mary Barrett, Luca Gottardi, and Ken Moores

A new perspective on performance persistence: Evidence using portfolio holdings, Scott Bennett, David R. Gallagher, Graham Harman, Geoffrey Warren, and Yuki Xi


Changing board behaviour: The role of the 'Two Strikes' rule in improving the efficacy of Australian Say-on-Pay, James Borthwick, Aelee Jun, and Shiguang Ma


On the (nonmonotonic) relation between economic growth and finance, Alberto Bucci, Simone Marsiglio, and Catherine Prettner

How directors trade and learn during takeovers, Millicent M. Chang, Jing Yu, and William Adamson

IFRS adoption in Australia: A strong structuration perspective, Sandra H. Chapple

Is Knowledge Cursed When Forecasting the Forecasts of Others?, Swee Chuah, Robert Hoffmann, Bin Liu, and Monica Tan

Developing a Community of Practice: Michael Gaffikin and Critical Accounting Research, Corinne L. Cortese and Claire Wright

Global Citizenship and Cross-Cultural Competency: Student and Expert Understandings of Internationalization Terminology, Debby Cotton, David Morrison, Pollyanna Magne, Simon Payne, and Troy W. Heffernan


The role of public health advocacy in preventing and reducing gambling related harm: challenges, facilitators, and opportunities for change, Jennifer David, Samantha L. Thomas, Melanie J. Randle, Mike Daube, and Susan Balandin

Concepts of Time and Temporality in the Storytelling and Sensemaking Literatures: A Review and Critique, Patrick M. Dawson and Christopher S. Sykes


Big data and predictive analytics in humanitarian supply chains: Enabling visibility and coordination in the presence of swift trust, Rameshwar Dubey, Zongwei Luo, Angappa Gunasekaran, Md Shahriar Akter, Benjamin Hazen, and Matthew A. Douglas


Rights, Respect and Responsibilities Online - Reflections and Efficacy, Michelle J. Eady, Michael L. Jones, Irit Alony, and Yoke Berry


Prime Ministers as Leaders: Applying Self-Determination Theory on Australian Prime Ministers, Joakim Eidenfalk, Vivien Forner, Michael L. Jones, and Dominique R. Parrish

A collaborative governance approach to improving tertiary education in PNG, Kaye Eldridge, Lisa Larry, Jeanette Baird, and David Kavanamur

Value of industry mentoring and resource commitment to the success of an undergraduate internship program: A case study from an Australian university, Geraldine Hardie, Shamika Almeida, and Pauline J. Ross

Internalising internationalisation: views of internationalisation of the curriculum among non-mobile home students, Troy W. Heffernan, Dave Morrison, Pollyanna Magne, Simon Payne, and Debby Cotton

Crowding, housing and health: An exploratory study of Australian cities, Shanaka Herath and Rebecca Bentley


Overcrowded housing looms as a challenge for our cities, Shanaka Herath and Rebecca Bentley

Merit-based Rewards, Job Satisfaction and Voluntary Turnover: Moderating Effects of Employee Demographic Characteristics, Fabian Jintae Froese, Vesa Peltokorpi, Arup Varma, and Azusa Hitotsuyanagi-Hansel


Contemporary trends in professional doctorates, Michael L. Jones

Analysing health data sources to inform chronic disease management decisions of health insurers: A mixed methods study, Joanna Khoo and Helen M. Hasan

Racial Segregation in the United States since the Great Depression: A Dynamic Segregation Approach, Trevor Kollmann, Simone Marsiglio, and Sandy Suardi

Fractal attractors and singular invariant measures in two-sector growth models with random factor shares, Davide La Torre, Simone Marsiglio, Franklin Mendivil, and Fabio Privileggi


Fractal attractors in economic growth models with random pollution externalities, Davide La Torre, Simone Marsiglio, and Fabio Privileggi

Corporate governance and postcolonialism: the experience of Sri Lanka, Athula S. Manawaduge, Anura De Zoysa, and Kathleen M. Rudkin


On the implications of tourism specialization and structural change in tourism destinations, Simone Marsiglio

Forecasting, impact analysis and uncertainty propagation in regional integrated models: A case study of Australia, Ashkan Masouman and Charles Harvie

Measuring the impact of knowledge loss: a longitudinal study, Peter R. Massingham


Women's gambling behaviour, product preferences, and perceptions of product harm: Differences by age and gambling risk status, Simone McCarthy, Samantha L. Thomas, Melanie J. Randle, Amy Bestman, Hannah Pitt, Sean Cowlishaw, and Mike Daube


Changes in health-related quality of life: a compensating income variation approach, Paul Mcnamee and Silvia Mendolia


Carer Factors Associated with Foster-Placement Success and Breakdown, Leonie M. Miller, Melanie J. Randle, and Sara Dolnicar

Information Systems as a Service (ISaaS): Consumer Co-creation of Value, Saradhi Motamarri

Designing gamified transformative and social marketing services: An investigation of serious m-games, Rory Mulcahy, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Nadia Zainuddin, and Kerri-Ann Kuhn

SLAPPing accountability out of the public sphere, Daniel Murphy and Lee C. Moerman

The Short Run Impact of Penalty Rate Cuts on Employment Outcomes in Retail and Hospitality Sectors in Australia, Martin J. O'Brien, Raymond A. Markey, and Eduardo Pol


Bank Work Experience Versus Political Connections: Which Matters for Bank Loan Financing?, Xiaofei Pan and Gary G. Tian


Decentralization and firm investment: Evidence from China, Xiaofei Pan, Yiping Wu, and Huihang Wu

Abusive supervision and emotional exhaustion: The moderating role of power distance orientation and the mediating role of interaction avoidance, Vesa Peltokorpi

Communication in Theory and Research on Transactive Memory Systems: A Literature Review, Vesa Peltokorpi and Anthony Hood

Millennials and facebook: Are men at greater risk of cyberbullying victimization than women?, Joy V. Peluchette, Katherine Karl, Christa Wood, and Jennifer Williams

A dispute in the making: A critical examination of displacement, climate change and the Pacific Islands, Stephanie Perkiss and Lee C. Moerman


Building Sustainability into Services Marketing: Expanding decision-making from a mix to a matrix, Alan A. Pomering and Lester W. Johnson

Returned migrants and remittances alleviating poverty: Evidence from Malang, East Java, Devanto Pratomo and Kankesu Jayanthakumaran


Lean six sigma and the Australian business excellence framework: An exploratory case within local government, Oriana Price, Matthew P. Pepper, and Matthew Stewart

The role of IT application orchestration capability in improving agility and performance, Magno J. Queiroz, Paul P. Tallon, Rajeev Sharma, and Tim Coltman

The changing roles of researchers and participants in digital and social media research: ethics challenges and forward directions, Sarah Quinton and Nina Reynolds

Effectuation thinking and the manifestation of socio-cultural complexities in Sri Lankan female entrepreneurs' business decisions, Nadeera Ranabahu Mudiyanselage and Mary Barrett

Carbon copy: The mock bureaucratic setting of colliery explosions in early twentieth century Britain and at Pike River, New Zealand, James Reveley and John Singleton


Accommodating student diversity and different learning backgrounds, Ann M. Rogerson and Louise C. Rossetto

An enterprising phoenix: materiality, affect and learning, Donna Rooney, Marie Manidis, Oriana Price, and Hermine Scheeres

Creative accounting? The critical and creative voice of students, Louise C. Rossetto and Sandra H. Chapple


Lending to Private Firms: Evidence from China on the Role of Firm Openness and Bribery, Wenjuan Ruan, Erwei Xiang, and Shiguang Ma

Human Resource Management in China and Vietnam, Jie Shen and Anne N. Cox

The impact of ownership concentration and analyst coverage on market liquidity: Comparative evidence from an auction and a specialist market, Raffaele Stagliano, Maurizio La Rocca, and Dionigi Gerace

Emerging economies, Farzana A. Tanima and Trevor Hopper

Quality dominant logic in big data analytics and firm performance, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Md Shahriar Akter, and Marc De Bourmont

International brand alliances and co-branding: antecedents of cognitive dissonance and student satisfaction with co-branded higher education programs, Stephen Wilkins, Muhammad Mohsin Butt, and Troy W. Heffernan


The interplay between accounting professionals and political ideologies: The emergence of Chinese accounting standards from 1978 to 1992, Lina Xu, Corinne L. Cortese, and Eagle Zhang

Do aggressive pro forma earnings-reporting firms have difficulty disclosing intellectual capital? Australian evidence, Yiru Yang

Effect of non-IFRS earnings reporting guidelines on underlying earnings reporting quality: The case of Australian listed firms, Yiru Yang and Indra Abeysekera


Is perception reality in consumer dominant value creation?, Nadia Zainuddin and Rory Mulcahy

Papers from 2017

Taxes, Order Imbalance and Abnormal Returns around the ex-Dividend day, Andrew B. Ainsworth, Kingsley Y. L Fong, David R. Gallagher, and Graham H. Partington


Big data and disaster management: a systematic review and agenda for future research, Shahriar Akter and Samuel Fosso Wamba


Enabling a transformative service system by modeling quality dynamics, Shahriar Akter, Samuel Fosso Wamba, and John D'Ambra


Why PLS-SEM is suitable for complex modeling? An empirical illustration in Big Data Analytics Quality, Shahriar Akter, Samuel Fosso Wamba, and Saifullah Dewan


Exogenous oil shocks and the fiscal policy response in oil-exporting countries: evidence from Libya, Issa Saleh Ali and Charles Harvie

Migrant peripheral participation in communities and networks of practices, Shamika Almeida and Steve Fox

QPLAN: A Tool for Enhancing Software Development Project Performance with Customer Involvement, Marco Antonio Amaral Feris

Sources of finance and export performance: evidence from Thai manufacturing SMEs, Yot Amornkitvikai and Charles Harvie

Introduction: current state and future directions for research on corporate brand management, John Balmer, Shaun M. Powell, Joachim Kernstock, and Tim Oliver Brexendorf


The privacy paradox in the data-driven marketplace: The role of knowledge deficiency and psychological distance., Heenkenda Mudiyanselage Ruwan Jayawickrama Bandara, Mario Fernando, and Shahriar Akter


Five tips to get the most out of your workday, Mary Barrett


The psychological contract of international volunteers: an exploratory study, Mary Barrett, Anne N. Cox, and Blake Woodward


Board Gender Diversity and Corporate Response to Sustainability Initiatives: Evidence from the Carbon Disclosure Project, Walid Ben-Amar, Millicent M. Chang, and Philip McIlkenny


Children's attitudes towards Electronic Gambling Machines: An exploratory qualitative study of children who attend community clubs, Amy Bestman, Samantha L. Thomas, Melanie J. Randle, and Hannah Pitt


The effects of corporate social disclosure on firm performance: empirical evidence from Bangladesh, Mohammed Bhuyan, Sudhir C. Lodh, and Nelson Perera

An 1831 discussion on New Public Management, Graham D. Bowrey, Freda C. Hui, and Ciorstan Smark


Financial cost of lymphedema borne by women with breast cancer, John Boyages, Ying Xu, Senia Kalfa, Louise Koelmeyer, Bonny Parkinson, Helen Mackie, Hector Viveros, Paul J. Gollan, and Lucy Taksa

An Analysis of Media Representation of the Australian Electronic Gaming Machine Industry, June Buchanan, Michael L. Jones, and Ken Tann


Political capital and CEO entrenchment: evidence from CEO turnover in Chinese non-SOEs, Xiaping Cao, Xiaofei Pan, Meijun Qian, and Gary G. Tian

The Impact of CEO Narcissism on Earnings Management, Francesoco Capalbo, Alessandro Frino, Ming Lim, Vito Mollica, and Riccardo Palumbo

Exploring the board structures and member profiles of top ASX companies in Australia: An Industry level analysis, Palli Mulla K A Chandrakumara, Grace McCarthy, and John Glynn


Foreign exchange intervention in Asian countries: What determine the odds of success during the credit crisis?, Mei-Ching Chang, Sandy Suardi, and Yuanchen Chang


A review of research on regulation changes in the Asia-Pacific region, Millicent M. Chang, Andrew B. Jackson, and Marvin Wee


Does director trading change the information environment?, Millicent M. Chang, Xiaolin Qian, Jing Yu, and Yvonne See

Thailand's SME participation in ASEAN and East Asian regional economic integration, Teerawat Charoenrat and Charles Harvie

The performance of Thai manufacturing SMEs: data envelopment analysis (DEA) approach, Teerawat Charoenrat and Charles Harvie

Testing the effect of portfolio holdings disclosure in an environment absent of mandatory disclosure, Zhe Chen, David R. Gallagher, and Adrian Lee

Are funds true to label? A note on matching qualitative and quantitative information, Zhe Chen, David R. Gallagher, and Camille Schmidt

The effect of data availability in measuring fund managers' after-tax alphas, Zhe Chen, David R. Gallagher, and Geoffrey Warren


Do petrol prices increase faster than they fall in market disequilibria?, Chew Lian Chua, Chamaka De Silva, and Sandy Suardi

A re-examination of Libor rigging: a time-varying cointegration perspective, Chew Lian Chua, Sandy Suardi, and Yuanchen Chang