The University of Wollongong Faculty of Business was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Commerce and the Sydney Business School. Related series: Faculty of Business - Papers .


Papers from 2014

In the search for impact and relevance: a design science approach, Tillmann Boehme, Alberto Ordigoni, and Eric Deakins


Improving national hospice/palliative care service symptom outcomes systematically through point-of-care data collection, structured feedback and benchmarking, David Currow, Samuel Allingham, Patsy Yates, Claire Johnson, Katherine Clark, and Kathy Eagar

Microenterprise success of home-based garment makers in Bangalore, India, T S. Devaraja and Ananda Wickramasinghe

Idiosyncrasies of taking risk: a case of a South-Asian context, Helan Ramya Gamage and Ananda Wickramasinghe


Managing sub-branding affect transfer: the role of consideration set size and brand loyalty, Yi He, Qimei Chen, Wing Yin Leona Tam, and Ruby Lee

Inaugural debate section - Debate editor's note, Karlheinz Kautz

A study on knowledge-rich critical elements within Sri Lankan manufacturing supply networks, L Layangani, Lee Styger, and Amal S. Kumargae


Preliminary development and validation of a new end-of-life patient-reported outcome measure assessing the ability of patients to finalise their affairs at the end of life, N McCaffrey, Pawel Skuza, Katrina Breaden, Simon Eckermann, Janet Hardy, Sheila Oaten, Michael Briffa, and David Currow

Coaching and mentoring for business, Grace McCarthy


Communication accommodation to achieve research student autonomy, Grace McCarthy, Rodney Clarke, and Ann M. Rogerson

New South Wales public-hospital dietitians and how they feel about their workplace: an explorative study using a grounded theory approach, Marianna Milosavljevic, Gary Noble, Ivana Goluza, Ashleigh Keep, and Gabriella Ponta

Day-to-day activities of clinical dietitians working in the inpatient and outpatient settings in a group of New South Wales public hospitals: The results of a direct observational study, Marianna Milosavljevic, Gary Noble, and Carly Zaremba

Transitions in reflective practice: exploring student development and preferred methods of engagement, Sharleen L. O'Reilly and Julia Ahrens


Awakening giant: internation business in China growth, opportunities and challenges, Ananda Wickramasinghe and Alberto Ordigoni

Papers from 2013

Relationship marketing and customer orientation of sales people: learning from banks, Nalin Abeysekera and Ananda Wickramasinghe

Between 'me-time' and household duty: Male and female home internet use, Julia Ahrens

Mindfulness in coaching: philosophy, psychology, or just a useful skill?, Michael J. Cavanagh and Gordon B. Spence


Human resources management practices in small and medium enterprises in two emerging economies in Asia: Indonesia and South Korea, Palli Mulla K A Chandrakumara

Effective human resources management practices in small and medium enterprises: global perspectives of the MIST (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey) economies, Palli Mulla K A Chandrakumara and Pramila Rao


You never know what question you are going to answer: creating effective tension for effective learning using business case studies, Palli Mulla K A Chandrakumara and Ananda Wickramasinghe


The palliative care phase assessment in practice, Sabina P. Clapham and Maree Banfield

Calling in childrearing: Promoting meaningful, purposeful living in family life, Justin Coulson, Gerald Stoyles, and Lindsay Oades


Airline innovation and sustainability: a systems perspective, Peter Critchley and Lee Styger


Public interest litigation: making the case in Australia, Andrea Durbach, Luke McNamara, Simon Rice, and Mark Rix


Linking the principles of supply chain management to aid and development: A case study - Waters of Ayole', Mark Edwards and Lee Styger


Sociomateriality and information systems success and failure, Karlheinz Kautz and Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic


Innovation in small and medium-sized wood-furniture firms in Central Java, Indonesia, Amie Kusumawardhani and Grace McCarthy


David Clutterbuck, mentoring and coaching: a commentary, Grace McCarthy


Sharing the research journey - fostering a love of research in coursework Masters students, Grace McCarthy


Managerial coaching: challenges, opportunities and training, Grace McCarthy and Julia Milner

Positive and negative events in managerial coaching, Julia Milner and Grace McCarthy


Critical incidents in cross-cultural coaching: The view from German coaches, Julia Milner, Esther Ostmeier, and Ronald Franke


A review of consumer decision-making models and development of a new model for financial services, Trenton Milner and Daniela Rosenstreich


Insights into mature consumers of financial services, Trenton Milner and Daniela Rosenstreich

Does financial liberalisation boost money demand? Evidence from Sri Lanka, Ramesh Chandra Paudel and Nelson Perera


Security without secrecy? Counter-terrorism, ASIO and access to information, Mark Rix


Reasserting freedom? Response to the prevent agenda by the UK coalition government, Mark Rix, Nick Johns, and Alison Green


Why do women vote for women: an exploration of decision criteria in the Australian 2010 federal election, Diann Rodgers-Healey

The development of a multi variant model for market intelligence data gathering for Australian micro businesses and SMEs - A first step in unravelling the paradox of big picture thinking by small market players, Pauline Ross and Lee Styger

The author's reply, Janet E. Sansoni

Is it possible to incorporate quality into hospital pricing systems?, Janet Sansoni, Kathy Eagar, Carol Loggie, and Anne-marie Boxall


The Australian corporate closet, why it's still so full: a review of incidence rates for sexual orientation discrimination gender identity discrimination in the workplace, Ian Smith, Lindsay G. Oades, and Grace McCarthy


Ideas are cheap, it's a coach that business really needs, Gordon B. Spence and Padraig B. O'Sullivan


An identification of the current constraints of knowledge business modelling as a strategic decision making tool, Lee Styger


Repositioning the business of sustainable manufacturing, Lee Styger


The role of the design coach - A novel approach to achieving 360 collaboration between industry and higher education, Lee E. J Styger and Ian Ellis

Competing for sustainability within carbon constrained world: A strategic climate change planning framework, Ananda Wickramasinghe and Helan R. Gamage

Predicting corporate failure: supporting the case for the inclusion of cash flow factors when using modelling as a tool, Bill Wilkinson

Papers from 2012


How is your boss? Impact of transformational leadership behavior of manager on customers' selling orientation-special reference to corporate banking sector in Sri Lanka, Nalin Abeysekera and Ananda Wickramasinghe

Transforming nobody to somebody: Do transformational leadership and relationship marketing make a difference for sustainable marketing?, Nalin Abeysekera and Ananda Wickramasinghe

Juengere Manager - aeltere Mitarbeiter, Julia Ahrens and Grace McCarthy

The hour of power (article in German), Julia Ahrens and Grace McCarthy

Virtuelle teams - Zusammen-arbeit per mausklick, Julia Ahrens and Grace McCarthy


Assessing the strengths of mental health consumers: A systematic review, Victoria J. Bird, Clair Le Boutillier, Mary Leamy, John Larsen, Lindsay G. Oades, Julie Williams, and Mike Slade

Impact of work values and individual attributes on citizenship and task performance, Anil Chandrakumara

Actual and preferred HRM practices in domestic and foreign invested firms, Palli Mulla K A Chandrakumara, H W. Gunathilake, and John Glynn

Supply chain theory and cultural diversity, P Childerhouse, E Deakins, A Potter, R Banomyong, P McCullen, A Thomas, T Boehme, T Hosoda, E A. Yaseen, and D R. Towill


Parent's conception and experience of calling in child rearing: A qualitative analysis, Justin C. Coulson, Lindsay G. Oades, and Gerard J. Stoyles

The NSW Post School Programs eligibility assessment: a guide to functional assessments in 2012, Kathy Eagar, Janette P. Green, and Alan G. Owen

Review of Demand for Cochlear Implantation in NSW to 2021, Gary Eckstein, David L. Fildes, Robert Gordon, and Malcolm R. Masso


Culture of social institutions and behavioural manifestations in entrepreneurship development: a South-Asian case, Helan R. Gamage and Ananda Wickramasinghe

Development in Western ideology of entrepreneurialism and their (mis)applications in the context of non-Western cultures, Helan R. Gamage and Ananda Wickramasinghe

Western perspectives on entrepreneurship and their sensitivity in the context of Asian cultures, Helen R. Gamage and Ananda Wickramasinghe

Development and validation of the solution-focused inventory, Anthony M. Grant, Michael J. Cavanagh, Sabina Kleitman, Gordon B. Spence, Michaela Lakota, and Nickolas Yu

Positive education programmes: integrating coaching and positive psychology in schools, Lisa S. Green, Lindsay G. Oades, and Paula Robinson

Why the acceptance of voluntary codes on corporate governance by listed firms is so rapid? a theoretical explanation, H P. Gunathilake and Palli Mulla K A Chandrakumara

Complex and diverse roles performed by non-executive directors in the context of the implementation of the non-regulatory codes of corporate governance: evidence from small and medium firms in the UK, H W. Gunathilake and Palli Mulla K A Chandrakumara


Sustainability at home: Policy measures for energy-efficient appliances, Geoff Kelly


A comparison of supply integration and end-to-end communication theory and practice - an Australian perspective, Fadi Kotob and Lee E J Styger


Autonomy and innovativeness: understanding their relationships with the performance of Indonesian SMEs, Amie Kusumawardhani, Grace McCarthy, and Nelson Perera

Estimating Indigenous life expectancy: pitfalls with consequences, Richard Madden, Leonie Tickle, Lisa Jackson Pulver, and Ian T. Ring

What is personality change coaching and why is it important?, Lesley Martin, Lindsay G. Oades, and Peter Caputi

Evaluation of the implementation of the Kidney Health Check Policy, Malcolm R. Masso and David L. Fildes

Captaining the GB and Ireland team to victory in the 2011 Walker Cup: a commentary, Grace McCarthy


Sharing the research journey - developing research skills in a Coaching Masters Program, Grace McCarthy

The case for coaching as an approach to addressing challenges in doctoral supervision, Grace McCarthy


Virtual teams and blended learning, Grace McCarthy

Authentic assessment and feedback in a masters program, Grace McCarthy and Julia Ahrens


How and why do managers use coaching skills?, Grace McCarthy and Julia Ahrens

Management: A Focus on Leaders, Annie Mckee, Travis Kemp, and Gordon Spence

Responding to the challenge of mental health recovery policy, Lindsay G. Oades

Recovery in Australia: marshalling strengths and living values, Lindsay G. Oades and Julie Anderson

The collaborative recovery model: developing positive institutions to facilitate recovery in enduring mental illness, Lindsay G. Oades, Trevor P. Crowe, and Frank P. Deane

Experience cycle methodology: a method for understanding the construct revision pathway, Lindsay Oades and Linda L. Viney


Are we there yet? Closing the gap in indigenous health in Australia: Monitoring clinical performance in Aboriginal and Islander community control health services in Queensland, Kathryn S. Panaretto, Selwyn Button, Adrian Carson, Dallas Leon, Rhonda Schibasaki, Gail Wason, David Baker, and Ian Ring

Asthma Management Program: Sixth Evaluation Progress Report, Karen Quinsey, James P. Dawber, Pamela E. Grootemaat, David L. Fildes, Peter D. Samsa, Darcy Morris, Cheryl M. Blissett, and Robert Gordon

Black Health's long shadow, Ian T. Ring

Abandoning leadership for a better way of being for women and men, Diann M. Rodgers-Healey

Coaching insights for coaches - listening to the inner game, Diann M. Rodgers-Healey

How global activism starts and spreads for women, Diann M. Rodgers-Healey


A comparison of theory and practice in market intelligence gathering for Australian micro-businesses and SMEs, Pauline Ross, Carol McGowan, and Lee Styger

Triggers, algorithms and priority settings in the initial intake tools, Peter Samsa, Janet Sansoni, Alan Owen, and Kathy Eagar

The Northern Territory Intervention in Australia: a grassroots perspective, Miliwanga Sandy and Kathleen F. Clapham

A model and proposed items for the new assessment system for aged care, Janet E. Sansoni, Peter D. Samsa, Alan G. Owen, and Kathy Eagar

Overlaps between initial intake assessments and ACAT assessment and suggested modifications, Janet E. Sansoni, Peter D. Samsa, Alan G. Owen, and Kathy Eagar

An Assessment Framework for Aged Care, Janet E. Sansoni, Peter D. Samsa, Alan G. Owen, Kathy Eagar, and Pamela E. Grootemaat


Evaluation of the Bourke Alcohol Action Plan: final report, Teresa Senserrick, Marilyn Lyford, Reece Hinchcliff, Soufiane Boufous, Kathleen F. Clapham, Sally Torr, and Rebecca Ivers


Homophobia to heterosexism: constructs in need of re-visitation, Ian Smith, Lindsay G. Oades, and Grace McCarthy


Coaching and cross disciplinary collaboration: more complexity and chaos?, Gordon B. Spence

Coaching and well-being: A brief review of existing evidence, relevant theory and implications for practitioners, Gordon B. Spence and Anthony M. Grant