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Submissions from 2021


The carrot and the stick: Policy pathways to an environmentally sustainable rental housing sector, Troy W. Heffernan, Matthew Daly, Emma Elizabeth Heffernan, and Nina Reynolds

Submissions from 2020

COVID-19 Contact Trace App Deployments: Learnings from Australia and Singapore, Roba Abbas and Katina Michael


Caring for the carers in a public health district: A wellbeing initiative to support healthcare professionals, Shamika Almeida, Alera Bowden, Jason Bloomfield, Besty Jose, and Valerie J. Wilson

Prospects for multi-level governance of maritime security in the Sulu-Celebes Sea: lessons from the Baltic Sea region, Indra Alverdian, Marko Joas, and Nina Tynkkynen

Enhancing software development through project-based learning and the quality of planning, Marco Antonio Amaral Feris, Keith Goffin, Ofer Zwikael, and Di Fan


Managing consumer privacy concerns and defensive behaviours in the digital marketplace, Ruwan Bandara, Mario Fernando, and Shahriar Akter

Impacts of supportive HR practices and organisational climate on the attitudes of HR managers towards gender diversity – a mediated model approach, Kumar K. Biswas, Brendan Boyle, and Sneh Bhardwaj

Does policy uncertainty influence mergers and acquisitions activities in China? A replication study, James Borthwick, Searat Ali, and Xiaofei Pan

Statutory aspects of unequal bargaining power in agreements with financial institutions-panacea or paradox: Some jurisdictional differences and international perspectives, Charles YC Chew

Institutional arrangements for the new BBNJ agreement: Moving beyond global, regional, and hybrid, Nichola Clark


Transparency in fisheries conservation and management measures, Ruth A. Davis and Quentin A. Hanich

Platform-mediated tourism micro-entrepreneurship: implications for community-based tourism in Thailand, Morakot Ditta-Apichai, Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong, and Ulrike Gretzel

Public perceptions of future threats to humanity: Why they matter, Richard Eckersley and Melanie J. Randle

Mindful and Mindless Anthropomorphism: How to Facilitate Consumer Comprehension towards New Products, Mona Esfahani, Nina Reynolds, and Melanie Ashleigh

COVID-19 and Pacific food system resilience: opportunities to build a robust response, Penny Farrell, Anne-Marie Thow, Jillian Wate, Nichol Nonga, Penina Vatucawaqa, Thomas D. Brewer, Michael K. Sharp, Anna K. Farmery, Helen Trevena, Erica Reeve, Hampus B. Eriksson, Itziar Gonzalez, Georgina Mulcahy, Jacob Eurich, and Neil L. Andrew


Lowering the Walls: An Integrative Approach to First Year Undergraduate Business Education, Mario Fernando, Stephen Fox, Ruwan Bandara, and Daniel Hartley

Regulating for safe work in a digital age: building on the adaptive power of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) laws in Australia, Elizabeth Frino and Troy Sarina

Changes to the growth and discount rates and asset impairment, Maxeem Georges


Policy interactions in large-scale marine protected areas, Rebecca Gruby, Noella Gray, Luke Fairbanks, Elizabeth Havice, Lisa Campbell, Alan Friedlander, Kirsten Oleson, King Sam, Lillian Mitchell, and Quentin A. Hanich

Bilateral cooperation in fisheries law enforcement: developments in state practice, W Gullett


Chinese fishing boats took half a billion dollars of illegal squid from North Korea. Scientists used satellites to catch them out, Quentin A. Hanich and Katherine Seto


Employment Change in Mining and Manufacturing in Australia, 2010/11 – 2015/16: Dissecting the Subnational Patterns and Concentrations, Shanaka Hereth and Kankesu Jayanthakumaran

Sustaining Volunteer Organizations: Investigating the Internal and External Predictors of Turnover, Djurre Holtrop, Darja Kragt, Mina Askovic, Edwin J. Boezeman, and Vivien Forner


Practical policy solutions for the final stage of BBNJ treaty negotiations, Fran Humphries and Harriet R. Harden- Davies

Investigating factors affecting consumers' satisfaction towards food safety products in east-west economic corridor: A structural equation modelling, Pensri Jaroenwanit, Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong, and Supot Deeboonmee


Institutional and foreign ownership vis-à-vis default risk: Evidence from Japanese firms, Md Nurul Kabir, Muhammed Miah, Searat Ali, and Parmendra Sharma

Indonesia's Archipelagic Sea Lanes: International Law and Practice, Stuart B. Kaye

Modern slavery legislation in Australia, Stuart B. Kaye


Climate change considerations are fundamental to management of deep-sea resource extraction, Lisa Levin, Chih Wei, Daniel Dunn, Diva Amon, Oliver Ashford, William Cheung, Ana Colaco, Carlos Dominguez-Carrio, Elva Escobar, Harriet R. Harden- Davies, Jeffrey Drazen, Khaira Ismail, Daniel Jones, David Johnson, Jennifer Le, Franck Lejzerowicz, Satoshi Mitarai, Telmo Morato, Sandor Mulsow, Paul Snelgrove, Andrew Sweetman, and Moriaki Yasuhara

Using A Culturally Safe Creative Writing Programme to Empower and Heal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Men in Prison, Elena Marchetti and Barbara Nicholson

Getting Behind COVID-19 Contact Trace Apps: The Google-Apple Partnership, Katina Michael and Roba Abbas

Stability of money demand function in the SAARC region: A panel co-integration approach, Rabindra Nepal and Nirash Paija


Beyond static spatial management: Scientific and legal considerations for dynamic management in the high seas, Guillermo Ortuno Crespo, Joanna Mossop, Daniel Dunn, Kristina Gjerde, Elliott Hazen, Gabriel Reygondeau, Robin M. Warner, Derek Tittensor, and Patrick Halpin


Illuminating dark fishing fleets in North Korea, Jaeyoon Park, Jungsam Lee, Katherine Seto, Timothy Hochberg, Brian Wong, Nathan Miller, Kenji Takasaki, Hiroshi Kubota, Yoshioki Oozeki, Sejal Doshi, Maya Midzik, Quentin A. Hanich, Brian Sullivan, Paul Woods, and David Kroodsma

Is the RBA Economic Logic Faulty?, Eduardo Pol

Journal of Brand Management: year end review 2020, Shaun M. Powell

Enacting responsible management: a practice-based perspective, Oriana Price, Silvia Gherardi, and Marie Manidis

Aligning the IT portfolio with business strategy: Evidence for complementarity of corporate and business unit alignment, Magno Queiroz, Paul P. Tallon, Tim Coltman, Rajeev Sharma, and Peter J. Reynolds

An integrative model of consumer-based heritage destination brand equity, Muhammad Sabbir Rahman, Fadi Abdel Fattah, Bashir Hussain, and Md Afnan Hossain

Millennials’ purchasing behavior toward fashion clothing brands: influence of brand awareness and brand schematicity, Muhammad Sabbir Rahman, Md Afnan Hossain, Mohammad Tayeenul Hoque, Md Rifayat Islam Rushan, and Mohammad Rahman

Responding to COVID-19: Enriching students' responsible leadership through an online work-integrated learning project, Laura L. Rook and Lisa McManus

Evaluating a mindfulness program in a middle school: A complex systems analysis, Laura L. Rook and Sue Smith


AMP doesn't just have a women problem. It has an everyone problem, Andrew D. Schmulow


AFCA: the first foothill between Australia's Twin Peaks, Andrew D. Schmulow, Virginia Dore, Jacob Reardon, and William Hanna

Rising seas and retreating coasts: Implications for the arctic, Clive H. Schofield and Suzanne Lalonde

Combining Participative Action Research with an Adapted House of Quality Framework for the Stakeholder Development of Performance Indicators in Local Government, Rebekah Schulz, Andrew J. Sense, and Matthew P. Pepper

Fleeing across the globe: Trans asylum seekers, Nan M. Seuffert

Crime drama and national identity on Australian television, 1960-2019, Cassandra E. Sharp

Corporate Vehicular Manslaughter Provisions In The Bangladesh Road Transport Act 2018: A Textual Comparison With Their Equivalents in Australia, S M. Solaiman


Human rights and the confinement of people living with dementia in care homes, Linda Roslyn Steele, Ray Carr, Kate Swaffer, Lyn Phillipson, and Richard Fleming

Engaging with Law's Menstrual Moment, Linda Roslyn Steele and Beth Goldblatt

Ending confinement and segregation: barriers to realising human rights in the everyday lives of people living with dementia in residential aged care, Linda Roslyn Steele, Kate Swaffer, Ray Carr, Lyn Phillipson, and Richard Fleming

COVID-19 restrictions amidst cyclones and volcanoes: A rapid assessment of early impacts on livelihoods and food security in coastal communities in Vanuatu, Dirk J. Steenbergen, Pita Neihapi, Douglas Koran, A Sami, V Malverus, R Ephraim, and Neil L. Andrew


Family control and cost of debt: Evidence from Thailand, Tanapond Swanpitak, Xiaofei Pan, and Sandy Suardi


Surfacing the political: Women's empowerment, microfinance, critical dialogic accounting and accountability, Farzana A. Tanima, Judy Brown, and Jesse Dillard


The impact of asymmetric information in medical services: A study in progressive law, Nanik Trihastuti, Stephanie Putri, and Bagoes Widjanarko


Sinking Islands, drowned logic; Climate change and community-based adaptation discourses in Solomon Islands, Jan van der Ploeg, Meshach Sukulu, Hugh Govan, Tessa Minter, and Hampus B. Eriksson


Capacity building and technology transfer for improving governance of marine areas both beyond and within national jurisdiction, Marjo Vierros and Harriet R. Harden-Davies


It's hard to tell why China is targeting Australian wine. There are two possibilities, Markus Wagner and Weihuan Zhou


Where energy flows, passion grows: testing a moderated mediation model of work passion through a cross-cultural lens, Qingxiong Weng, Hirra Pervez Butt, Shamika Almeida, Bilal Ahmed, Asfia Obaid, Muhammad Burhan, and Hussain Tariq

Talent Management and Digitalised Talent Management, Sharna L. Wiblen


Marketing, not medicine: Gwyneth Paltrow's The Goop Lab whitewashes traditional health therapies for profit, Nadia Zainuddin

Submissions from 2019

Australia: Consumer and competition law - Penalty regime, Charles YC Chew

Financial Services-Royal Commission into Misconduct in Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, Charles YC Chew


Growth in an Economy with Automation and Human Capital Accumulation, Thanh Le

Strategies to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to access and complete an undergraduate law degree, Kylie Anne Lingard, Elena Marchetti, and Tegan Kelly

Poisoning the Well: A Donation Request-Fatigue Behaviour Model, Jose Luis Sakakibara, Elias Kyriazis, and Jennifer Algie

Submissions from 2017


Boardroom gender diversity and stock liquidity: Evidence from Australia, Ammad Ahmed and Searat Ali

Submissions from 2016


Transitional dynamics in an R&D-based growth model with natural resources, Thanh Le and Cuong Le Van

Submissions from 2015


Local Governance, Corruption and Public Service Quality: Evidence from a national survey in Viet Nam, Thang Nguyen, Thang Bach, Thanh Le, and Canh Le


Is All Well in the Ivory Tower? Well-being of Staff in 34 Australian Universities, Lindsay G. Oades, L Parkes, and Vivien Forner

Submissions from 2003


Policy-only liability insurance as alternative to prudential regulation, Andrew D. Schmulow