The University of Wollongong Faculty of Business was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Commerce and the Sydney Business School. Related series: Faculty of Commerce - Papers (Archive); Sydney Business School - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2018

Can firm-specific dividend drop-off ratios be used to infer shareholder marginal tax rates?, Andrew B. Ainsworth, Adrian Lee, and Terry S. Walter

A new perspective on performance persistence: Evidence using portfolio holdings, Scott Bennett, David R. Gallagher, Graham Harman, Geoffrey Warren, and Yuki Xi

Fractal attractors and singular invariant measures in two-sector growth models with random factor shares, Davide La Torre, Simone Marsiglio, Franklin Mendivil, and Fabio Privileggi

Designing gamified transformative and social marketing services: An investigation of serious m-games, Rory Mulcahy, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Nadia Zainuddin, and Kerri-Ann Kuhn


Decentralization and firm investment: Evidence from China, Xiaofei Pan, Yiping Wu, and Huihang Wu

A dispute in the making: A critical examination of displacement, climate change and the Pacific Islands, Stephanie Perkiss and Lee C. Moerman

The changing roles of researchers and participants in digital and social media research: ethics challenges and forward directions, Sarah Quinton and Nina Reynolds

Effectuation thinking and the manifestation of socio-cultural complexities in Sri Lankan female entrepreneurs' business decisions, Nadeera Ranabahu Mudiyanselage and Mary Barrett


Lending to Private Firms: Evidence from China on the Role of Firm Openness and Bribery, Wenjuan Ruan, Erwei Xiang, and Shiguang Ma

Papers from 2017

Taxes, Order Imbalance and Abnormal Returns around the ex-Dividend day, Andrew B. Ainsworth, Kingsley Y. L Fong, David R. Gallagher, and Graham H. Partington


Big data and disaster management: a systematic review and agenda for future research, Shahriar Akter and Samuel Fosso Wamba


Enabling a transformative service system by modeling quality dynamics, Shahriar Akter, Samuel Fosso Wamba, and John D'Ambra


Why PLS-SEM is suitable for complex modeling? An empirical illustration in Big Data Analytics Quality, Shahriar Akter, Samuel Fosso Wamba, and Saifullah Dewan


Exogenous oil shocks and the fiscal policy response in oil-exporting countries: evidence from Libya, Issa Saleh Ali and Charles Harvie

Migrant peripheral participation in communities and networks of practices, Shamika Almeida and Steve Fox

Sources of finance and export performance: evidence from Thai manufacturing SMEs, Yot Amornkitvikai and Charles Harvie

Introduction: current state and future directions for research on corporate brand management, John Balmer, Shaun M. Powell, Joachim Kernstock, and Tim Oliver Brexendorf


The privacy paradox in the data-driven marketplace: The role of knowledge deficiency and psychological distance., Heenkenda Mudiyanselage Ruwan Jayawickrama Bandara, Mario Fernando, and Shahriar Akter


Five tips to get the most out of your workday, Mary Barrett


The psychological contract of international volunteers: an exploratory study, Mary Barrett, Anne N. Cox, and Blake Woodward


Board Gender Diversity and Corporate Response to Sustainability Initiatives: Evidence from the Carbon Disclosure Project, Walid Ben-Amar, Millicent M. Chang, and Philip McIlkenny


Children's attitudes towards Electronic Gambling Machines: An exploratory qualitative study of children who attend community clubs, Amy Bestman, Samantha L. Thomas, Melanie J. Randle, and Hannah Pitt


The effects of corporate social disclosure on firm performance: empirical evidence from Bangladesh, Mohammed Bhuyan, Sudhir C. Lodh, and Nelson Perera

An 1831 discussion on New Public Management, Graham D. Bowrey, Freda C. Hui, and Ciorstan Smark


Financial cost of lymphedema borne by women with breast cancer, John Boyages, Ying Xu, Senia Kalfa, Louise Koelmeyer, Bonny Parkinson, Helen Mackie, Hector Viveros, Paul J. Gollan, and Lucy Taksa


Political capital and CEO entrenchment: evidence from CEO turnover in Chinese non-SOEs, Xiaping Cao, Xiaofei Pan, Meijun Qian, and Gary G. Tian

The Impact of CEO Narcissism on Earnings Management, Francesoco Capalbo, Alessandro Frino, Ming Lim, Vito Mollica, and Riccardo Palumbo

Exploring the board structures and member profiles of top ASX companies in Australia: An Industry level analysis, Palli Mulla K A Chandrakumara, Grace McCarthy, and John Glynn


Foreign exchange intervention in Asian countries: What determine the odds of success during the credit crisis?, Mei-Ching Chang, Sandy Suardi, and Yuanchen Chang


A review of research on regulation changes in the Asia-Pacific region, Millicent M. Chang, Andrew B. Jackson, and Marvin Wee


Does director trading change the information environment?, Millicent M. Chang, Xiaolin Qian, Jing Yu, and Yvonne See

Thailand's SME participation in ASEAN and East Asian regional economic integration, Teerawat Charoenrat and Charles Harvie

The performance of Thai manufacturing SMEs: data envelopment analysis (DEA) approach, Teerawat Charoenrat and Charles Harvie

Testing the effect of portfolio holdings disclosure in an environment absent of mandatory disclosure, Zhe Chen, David R. Gallagher, and Adrian Lee

Are funds true to label? A note on matching qualitative and quantitative information, Zhe Chen, David R. Gallagher, and Camille Schmidt

The effect of data availability in measuring fund managers' after-tax alphas, Zhe Chen, David R. Gallagher, and Geoffrey Warren


Do petrol prices increase faster than they fall in market disequilibria?, Chew Lian Chua, Chamaka De Silva, and Sandy Suardi

A re-examination of Libor rigging: a time-varying cointegration perspective, Chew Lian Chua, Sandy Suardi, and Yuanchen Chang

The gender gap in mathematics achievement: Evidence from Italian data, Dalit Contini, Maria Laura Di Tommaso, and Silvia Mendolia

Benefit corporation no seido sekkei iso to sono sustainability management no eikyou, Anura De Zoysa and Nobyuki Takaoka


Foreign institutional investment, ownership and liquidity: Real and information frictions, Mingfa Ding, Birger Nilsson, and Sandy Suardi


The links among characteristics, controls and performance of inter-firm innovation projects, Maria Cadiz Dyball and Andy Wang


A pilot study into mapping atypical supply Networks, Mark Edwards, Pauline J. Ross, and Lee Styger


Impact on employee productivity from presenteeism and absenteeism: evidence from a multinational firm in Sri Lanka, Mario Fernando, Peter Caputi, and Fred D. Ashbury


How do we stop volunteer emergency service workers quitting?, Vivien Forner, Michael L. Jones, and Yoke J. Berry


Social media adoption and use for improved emergency services operations: the case of the NSW SES, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Andrew Edwards, and Shahriar Akter


Big data analytics and firm performance: effects of dynamic capabilities, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Angappa Gunasekaran, Shahriar Akter, Steven Ji-Fan Ren, Rameshwar Dubey, and Stephen J. Childe

Guest editorial: transforming operations and production management using big data and business analytics: future research directions, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Eric W. T Ngai, Frederick Riggins, and Shahriar Akter

Sustainability and the consumer-citizen's consumption consciousness, Julie E. Francis and Davis

Asymmetry in the permanent price impact of block purchases and sales: theory and empirical evidence, Alex Frino, Vito Mollica, Maria Romano, and Zeyang Zhou

In-house asset management in the Australian superannuation industry, David R. Gallagher, Timothy Gapes, and Geoffrey Warren

Global equity fund performance: An attribution approach, David R. Gallagher, Graham Harman, Camille Schmidt, and Geoffrey Warren

Does the probability of Informed Trading Model Fit Empirical Data?, Quan Gan, Wang Chun Wei, and David Johnstone

A socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics: The accounting annual report of China Mobile, Xun Gong and Corinne L. Cortese


The value-added role of industry specialist advisors in M&As, Michael Graham, Terry S. Walter, Alfred Yawson, and Huizhong Zhang

Big data and predictive analytics for supply chain and organizational performance, Angappa Gunasekaran, Thanos Papadopoulos, Rameshwar Dubey, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Stephen J. Childe, Benjamin Hazen, and Shahriar Akter

Residents Open Their Homes to Tourists When Disaster Strikes, Homa Haji Baba, Logi Karlsson, and Sara Dolnicar

The Relationship Between Responsible Leadership and Organisational Commitment and the Mediating Effect of Employee Turnover Intentions: An Empirical Study with Australian Employees, Md Amlan Haque, Mario Fernando, and Peter Caputi

Labour migration, food expenditure, and household food security in Eastern Indonesia, Alfiah Hasanah, Silvia Mendolia, and Oleg Yerokhin

Political connections, audit opinions and auditor choice: Evidence from the ousters of government officers, Ku He, Xiaofei Pan, and Gary G. Tian


Home prices tell us the value the public puts on green spaces, Shanaka Herath


Planning sustainable cities and regions: towards more equitable development, Shanaka Herath


The Impact of Integration Quality on Customer Equity in Data Driven Omnichannel Services Marketing, Tasnim M Taufique Hossain, Shahriar Akter, Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong, and Samuel Fosso Wamba

Gambling with the public sphere: accounting's contribution to debate on social issues, Helen J. Irvine and Lee C. Moerman

Sequencing risk for baby boomers: Prosperity or poverty, Loretta A. Iskra and Ciorstan Smark

Exploring the perception and attitude on food safety: A market situation in Thailand, Pensri Jaroenwanit, Pornpirat Kantatasiri, and Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong

Relationships between organizational justice, organizational trust and organizational commitment: a cross-cultural study of China, South Korea and Australia, Zhou Jiang, Paul J. Gollan, and Gordon Brooks

Sensitivity of the discount rate to the expected payoff in project valuation, David Johnstone

When are investment projects in the same risk class?, David Johnstone


Enriching leadership of volunteers in the emergency services, Michael L. Jones and Yoke J. Berry

Predicting corporate bankruptcy: an evaluation of alternative statistical frameworks, Stewart Jones, David Johnstone, and Roy Wilson

The academic game: compliance and resistance in universities, Senia Kalfa, Adrian Wilkinson, and Paul J. Gollan

The link between strategic human resource management and job engagement in Thai health-care industry, Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong and Anne N. Cox

Luxury Brand Management Insights and Opportunities, Joachim Kernstock, Tim Oliver Brexendorf, and Shaun M. Powell

Premium subsidies and demand for private health insurance: results from a regression discontinuity design, Nathan Kettlewell, Olena Stavrunova, and Oleg Yerokhin

Area-specific subsidies and population dynamics: Evidence from the Australian zone tax offset, Nathan Kettlewell and Oleg Yerokhin

Exercising responsible leadership in a Singapore context, Carolyn Koh, Mario Fernando, and Trevor A. Spedding


Unpacking brand management superiority: Examining the interplay of brand management capability, brand orientation and formalisation, Wai Jin J. Lee, Aron O'Cass, and Phyra Sok

Exploring Value Destruction in Social Marketing Services, Cheryl Leo and Nadia Zainuddin


Testing for differences in technical efficiency among groups within an industry, Phuong Le, Charles Harvie, and Amir Arjomandi

Pedagogies across borders: perspectives from teaching staff and students engaged with transnational programmes in Hong Kong, Pollyanna Magne, Oxana Poverjuc, and Troy W. Heffernan


Panel evidence on the impact of toursim growth on poverty, poverty gap and income inequality, Renuka Mahadevan and Sandy Suardi

Endogenous Recombinant Growth and Intellectual Property Rights, Carla Marchese, Simone Marsiglio, Fabio Privileggi, and Giovanni B. Ramello


A simple endogenous growth model with endogenous fertility and environmental concern, Simone Marsiglio


On the carrying capacity and the optimal number of visitors in tourism destinations, Simone Marsiglio


The association of earnings quality with corporate performance: evidence from the emerging market of China, Shiguang Ma and Liangbo Ma

Measuring economic change in the Illawarra: an integrated framework, Ashkan Masouman and Charles Harvie

Regional economic modelling through an embedded econometric-interindustry framework, Ashkan Masouman and Charles Harvie

Embedding knowledge management into business processes, Peter R. Massingham and Moshary Al-Holaibi

Introducing Knowledge Management to the Marketing Mix, Peter R. Massingham and Alan A. Pomering

The Knowledge Enhancement Process of Knowledge Workers, Carol McGowan, Kate L. P Reid, and Lee Styger

Is education the mechanism through which family background affects economic outcomes? A generalised approach to mediation analysis, Silvia Mendolia and Peter M. Siminski


Progressive Australian views will win out over parochial Foreign Policy White Paper, George Mickhail

Smear and Fear by Numbers Accounting, Information Technology, and Economic Control for the New Capitalism, George Mickhail


Does big data analytics influence frontline employees in services marketing?, Saradhi Motamarri, Shahriar Akter, and Venkata K. Yanamandram


Does Frontline Employees' Empowerment Make A Difference In Data Driven Services?, Saradhi Motamarri, Shahriar Akter, and Venkata K. Yanamandram


Why is Empowerment Important in Big Data Analytics?, Saradhi Motammarri, Shahriar Akter, Venkata Yanamandrama, and Samuel Fosso Wamba


Alcohol-related incidents in Residence; what are the demographics?, Rebekah A. Murray-Smith


Big Data Analytics in Electronic Markets, Eric W. T Ngai, Angappa Gunasekaran, Samuel Fosso Wamba, Shahriar Akter, and Rameshwar Dubey


Small and Medium Enterprise Productivity and its Determinants: Evidence from Vietnamese manufacturing SMEs, Cong Nguyen, Charles Harvie, and Amir Arjomandi