The University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Creative Arts. Related series: Faculty of Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Creative Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Law - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 1997

Women, Modernity and Cars in Inter-War Victoria, Georgine W. Clarsen Dr

Interview with Anna Rutherford, Anne A. Collett

Perspectives on home ground, foreign territory, Anne A. Collett

"Sharing a Common Destiny": Censorship, Imperialism and the Stories of Doctor Dolittle, Anne A. Collett

Malaysian women under the colonial gaze, Vicki D. Crinis

The story of the self: the narrative basis of self-development, J D.D Hutto

Beauty unmasked, Dorothy L. Jones

Post-colonial familes reconfigured: a discussion of The Bone People and Miss Smilla's Felling for Snow, Dorothy L. Jones

Setting limits: humour and Australian national identity, Dorothy L. Jones


The picture book ‘Kojuro and the Bears’: a cross-cultural comparison with ‘The Bears of Mount Nametoko’ (Nametoko yama no kuma), Helen Kilpatrick

Humberto Maturana: Interview, Adam Robert Lucas

Refugees, Thomas D. Musgrave

Papers from 1996

Down under Muslim law: principles and practices in Bangladesh, Afroza Begum


Shadows of 1951, Rowan Cahill

Lecture on Contemporary Australian literature, Anne A. Collett

Was the later Wittgenstein a transcendental idealist?, Daniel D. Hutto

Women, place and myth-making: a post-colonical perspective, Dorothy L. Jones

Morimoto Junko ni yoru: 'Yodaka no hoshi' no ehonka" (The Pictorialisation of Junko Morimoto's 'The Night Hawk Star'), Helen Kilpatrick

The Tale of 'The Night Hawk Star': A Cross-Cultural Analysis of a Picture Book, Helen Kilpatrick


Indigenous people in cyberspace, Adam Robert Lucas

Conclusion: learning from struggle, Brian Martin

Introduction: experts and establishments, Brian Martin

When experts disagree, Brian Martin


Understanding scientific/technical controversy, David Mercer

Beyond military control (by Schweik Action), Alison Rawling, Lisa Schofield, Terry Darling, and Brian Martin


Revising the past/Revisioning the future: A postcolonial reading of Eleanor Dark's 'The Timeless Land' trilogy, Antonio Simoes da Silva

Environmental Concerns: Their Impact on Activities at Sea, Robin M. Warner

Papers from 1995


A conscription story, 1965-69, Rowan Cahill


Consciousness demystified: A Wittgensteinian critique of Dennett's project, Daniel Hutto

The mindlessness of computationalism: The neglected aspects of cognition, Daniel Hutto

Eliminating state crime by abolishing the state, Brian Martin

Scientific knowledge, controversy, and public decision-making, Brian Martin and Evelleen Richards

Papers from 1994


Lucas Heights revisited: the framing of a major scientific controversy by the Sydney Morning Herald, Adam Robert Lucas

Papers from 1993

Music-hall performer or 'Serious Poet': The case of the Canadian Balladeer Pauline Johnson, Anne A. Collett


Edgy laughter: Women and Australian humour, Dorothy Jones


Art, science and technology in an expanded field, Adam Robert Lucas

Papers from 1991

Social defence: arguments and actions, Brian Martin

Papers from 1990


Australia and the Convention for the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resource Activities (CRAMRA), Sam Blay and Ben M. Tsamenyi


More than a footnote: a biographical portrait of L. C. Rodd, Rowan Cahill

In Praise of Words, review of Goldsworthy, Kerryn, Dorothy L. Jones


Review: Jolley, Elizabeth, My Father's Moon, Dorothy L. Jones


The myth of the neutral social researcher in contemporary scientific controversies, P Scott, Evelleen Richards, and Brian Martin

Implementing international environmental law in Australia: Queensland v the commonwealth (full court of the high court of Australia, Mason CJ, Brennan, Deane, Dawson Toohey, Gaudron and McHugh JJ 30June 1989), Ben M. Tsamenyi and J Bedding

Papers from 1989

‘Placing Memory’, review of Frame, Janet, The Carpathians, Dorothy L. Jones

Review of Masters, Olga, A Working Man's Castle, Dorothy L. Jones

Nonviolent deterrence, Brian Martin

Papua New Guinea's accession to the 1951 convention and the 1967 protocol relating to the status of refugees, Ben M. Tsamenyi

Papers from 1988


Review: Anderson, Jessica, An Ordinary Lunacy, Dorothy L. Jones

Education and the environmental movement, Brian Martin

The exercise of coastal state jurisdiction over EEZ fisheries resources: the South Pacific practice, Ben M. Tsamenyi

Papers from 1987


Rituel Commun + Common Ritual, Jonathan P. Cockburn and Gerry Weise


Bohemians in and out of Toronto, Dorothy L. Jones

Papers from 1986

Academic exploitation, Brian Martin

Archives of suppression, Brian Martin

Elites and suppression, Brian Martin

Mutagens and managers, Brian Martin

Science policy under the whip, Brian Martin

Suppression and social action, Brian Martin

Introduction, Brian Martin, C.M Ann Baker, Clyde Manwell, and Cedric Pugh

Options for dissidents, Brian Martin, C.M Ann Baker, Clyde Manwell, and Cedric Pugh

Publicising suppression, Brian Martin and Clyde Manwell

Legal aspects of fisheries: the need for legal training facilities in the South Pacific., Ben M. Tsamenyi

The South Pacific states, the USA and sovereignty over highly migratory species, Ben M. Tsamenyi

Papers from 1985


‘Current Australian Art Exhibition’ at Galleria d’Arte Lillo, Venezia-Mestre (Venice) Italy, 1985, Jonathan P. Cockburn

Bureaucracy - Friends of the Earth (Canberra), Ray Kent, Brian Martin, Val Plumwood, Ann Thomson, Rosemary Walters, and Ian Watson

The social construction of Australian peace movement demands, Brian Martin

Papers from 1984


Soft Attack: Artists Against Militarism, Jonathan P. Cockburn, Denis Mizzi, and George Alexander

Papers from 1983

Science and war, Brian Martin

Papers from 1982


Ambiguity and Tension, Jonathan P. Cockburn


Pig Memory II, Jonathan P. Cockburn


Word Works at Experimental Audio Works, Jonathan P. Cockburn


Word Works Satellite Exhibition/Performance Event 4th Biennale Sydney, Jonathan P. Cockburn

Social defence for Australia?, Brian Martin

Papers from 1981


Travelling Head, Richard Boulez and Jonathan P. Cockburn


Talking About my Childhood: Tacky, Jonathan P. Cockburn

The economic value of wind power in electricity grids, Mark Diesendorf, Brian Martin, and J Carlin

Questioning technology and jobs, Brian Martin

Papers from 1980

Sources of political power in academia, Brian Martin

Calculating the capacity credit of wind power, Brian Martin and Mark Diesendorf

Papers from 1979

Large scale wind power for Western Australia, Mark Diesendorf and Brian Martin

Changing the Cogs: Activists and the Politics of Technology, Brian Martin

On the spectrum of Feige 7, D T. Wickramasinghe and Brian Martin

Papers from 1971


Monash Days, Alan Wearne

Papers from 1968

Review: Irvin, Margaret. The Rock and the Pool, Dorothy L. Jones

Papers from 1964

Review: Walker, Kath. We Are Going, Dorothy L. Jones