The University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Creative Arts. Related series: Faculty of Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Creative Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Law - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2020

Militarized sexual violence and campaigns for redress, Vera Mackie

On Markov blankets and hierarchical self-organisation, Ensor Rafael Palacios, Adeel Razi, Thomas Parr, Michael D. Kirchhoff, and Karl Friston

Rethinking global governance of plastics - The role of industry, Karen Raubenheimer and Niko Urho

Papers from 2019

Veganwashing Israel's Dirty Laundry? Animal Politics and Nationalism in Palestine-Israel, Esther Alloun

Imminence in refugee and human rights law: a misplaced notion for international protection, Adrienne Anderson, Michelle Foster, Helene T. Lambert, and Jane McAdam


Coastal proximity of populations in 22 Pacific Island Countries and Territories, Neil L. Andrew, Phil Bright, Luis de la Rua, Shwu Jiau Teoh, and Mathew Vickers

Searching for Culinary Footprints: A Question of Cultural Identity - Kristang Foodways and the Portuguese Culinary Legacy in Melaka, Paula Arvela


The Aquarian Uprising: America in 1969, Anthony I. Ashbolt

100 Atmospheres: Studies in Scale and Wonder, Su Ballard, Louise J. Boscacci, David S. Carlin, Anne A. Collett, Eva Hampel, Lucas M. Ihlein, Jo Law, Joshua M. Lobb, Jade E. Kennedy, Catherine McKinnon, Teodor E. Mitew, Joanna Stirling, and Kim Williams


Spiral Jetty, geoaesthetics, and art: Writing the Anthropocene, Su Ballard and Elizabeth Linden

Joan Brassil: 'The Energy of the Life Game', Susan Ballard

Freedoms of navigation in the Asia-Pacific region: Strategic, political and legal factors, Sam Bateman

Realising the food security benefits of canned fish for Pacific Island countries, Johann D. Bell, Michael K. Sharp, Elizabeth Havice, Michael J. Batty, Karen E. Charlton, Joanna Russell, Wayne Adams, Kamal Azmi, Alessandro Romeo, Colette Wabnitz, Neil L. Andrew, Leonard Rodwell, Steve Gu'urau, and Robert Gillett

Language and attitude shift of young Mauritians in secondary education, Anu Bissoonauth-Bedford


Linking production and consumption: The role for fish and seafood in a healthy and sustainable Australian diet, Jessica Bogard, Anna K. Farmery, Danielle L. Baird, Gilly A. Hendrie, and Shijie Zhou


Will fish be part of future healthy and sustainable diets?, Jessica Bogard, Anna K. Farmery, David C. Little, Elizabeth A. Fulton, and Mat Cook

Colonial and Provincial Separation Movements in Australia and New Zealand, 1856-1865, Andre D. Brett

Docu-reality and Empathy in Bloodless (2017) A Manifesto for Transnational Virtual Reality Cinema, Luke Buckmaster and Brian Yecies


Why slow TV deserves our (divided) attention, Aaron L. Burton


On the margins, Rowan Cahill

Sympathy for Dolores: Moral Consideration for Robots Based on Virtue and Recognition, Massimiliano L. Cappuccio, Anco Peeters, and William McDonald

Development of a Model for Enhancing Justice in MPA Designation and Zoning and its Application to Taiwan's South Penghu Marine National Park, Huey-Shian Chung, W Gullett, and Gregory L. Rose

Social equity and benefits as the nexus of a transformative Blue Economy: A sectoral review of implications, Andres Cisneros-Montemayor, Marcia Moreno-Baez, Michelle A. Voyer, Edward H. Allison, William Cheung, Margot Hessing-Lewis, Muhammed Oyinlola, Gerald Singh, Wilf Swartz, and Yoshitaka Ota

Black As: Performing Indigenous difference, Georgine W. Clarsen


Securing a just space for small-scale fisheries in the blue economy, Philippa J. Cohen, Edward H. Allison, Neil L. Andrew, Joshua E. Cinner, Louisa S. Evans, Michael Fabinyi, Len R. Garces, Stephen J. Hall, Christina C. Hicks, Terry P. Hughes, Svein Jentoft, David J. Mills, Rosalie Masu, Emmanuel K. Mbaru, and Blake D. Ratner


A slow reading of Olive Senior's hurricane story, Anne A. Collett

This Thing of Darkness: Reading Atmospheric Disturbance in Matthew Lewis's Journal of a West India Proprietor, Anne A. Collett

Inclusive innovation: Enhancing global participation in and benefit sharing linked to the utilization of marine genetic resources from areas beyond national jurisdiction, Jane Eva Collins, Harriet R. Harden- Davies, Marcel Jaspars, Torsten Thiele, Thomas Vanagt, and Isabelle Huys

The Rohingya jurisdiction decision: a step forward for stopping forced deportations, Imogen V. Colvin and Philip C. Orchard

The Riddle of Prosecutorial Discretion, Victoria Colvin


Controlling the clock-how showing and telling impact time in short-short fiction, Shady E. Cosgrove


Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Rights and Clothing Workers in Bangladesh and Malaysia, Vicki D. Crinis

Sex trafficking to the Federated Malay States 1920-1940: from migration for prostitution to victim or criminal?, Vicki D. Crinis


Book review: Mary Lee: The life and times of a 'turbulent anarchist' and her battle for women's rights, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa


Book Review: You Daughters of Freedom: The Australians Who Won the Vote and Inspired the World, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa


How fighting for the vote exposed the hierarchy of nationalisms in the UK, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa


I’m not convinced that the celebratory ‘we’re having a feminist moment’ helps feminism, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa


Margaret Ward (ed), Hanna Sheehy Skeffington, Suffragette and Sinn Féiner: Her Memoirs and Political Writings, Dublin: UCD Press, 2017, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Remembering Women's Activism, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa and Vera Mackie


Who was Jane Walker? Remembering Women's Activism, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa and Vera Mackie

After the cultural turn: For a textural sociology, Eduardo de la Fuente

Spanish pronunciation and teacher training: challenges and suggestions, Manuel Delicado Cantero, William Steed, and Alfredo Herrero de Haro


A global review of farmers' perceptions of agricultural risks and risk management strategies, Thi Tam Duong, Thomas D. Brewer, Jo Luck, and Kerstin Zander

Farmers' assessment of plant biosecurity risk management strategies and influencing factors: A study of smallholder farmers in Australia, Thi Tam Duong, Thomas D. Brewer, Jo Luck, and Kerstin Zander

Understanding biosecurity threat perceptions across Vietnamese smallholder farmers in Australia, Thi Tam Duong, Thomas D. Brewer, Jo Luck, and Kerstin Zander


"I'LL BE BACK…": The Chance of a Political Comeback as Party Leader, Joakim Eidenfalk and Stuart Woodcock


After a dark decade for Australia's regional newspapers, a hopeful light flickers, Steinar Ellingsen


South-South Cooperation in Southeast Asia: From Bandung and Solidarity to Norms and Rivalry, Susan N. Engel

The impact of gender on international relations simulations, Susan N. Engel, Deborah Mayersen, David Pedersen, and Joakim Eidenfalk

Microfinance as poverty-shame debt, Susan N. Engel and David Pedersen

Incorporating ecologically sustainable development policy goals within fisheries management: An assessment of integration and coherence in an Australian context, Anna K. Farmery, Emily Ogier, Caleb Gardner, and Julia Jabour


It's all about the sex, or is it? Humans, horses and temperament, Kate Fenner, Georgina Caspar, Michelle Hyde, Cathrynne Henshall, Navneet Dhand, Fiona S. Probyn-Rapsey, Katherine Dashper, Andrew McLean, and Paul McGreevy

Embodied Cognitive Science and the Person: A Comment on the Spezio-Eastman Exchange, Shaun Gallagher

Replies to Barrett, Corris and Chemero, and Hutto, Shaun Gallagher


Acting Oneself as Another: An Actor's Empathy for her Character, Shaun Gallagher and Julia Gallagher


Economic reasoning and interaction in socially extended market institutions, Shaun Gallagher, Antonio Mastrogiorgio, and Enrico Petracca


Food security and asset creation in Solomon Islands: gender and the political economy of agricultural production for Honiara Central Market, Nichole Georgeou, Charles Hawksley, James Monks, and Melinda Ki'i


Australian wool and Chinese industrialization, 1901-41, Peter Gibson and Simon Ville


Maximising community wellbeing: Assessing the threats to the benefits communities derive from the marine estate, Natalie Gollan, Michelle A. Voyer, Alan Jordan, and Kate Barclay


El Chapo trial shows why a wall won't stop drugs from crossing the US-Mexico border, Luis Gomez Romero


López Obrador clashes with courts after vowing ‘poverty’ for Mexican government, Luis Gomez Romero

Longtail tuna, Thunnus tonggol (Bleeker, 1851): a global review of population dynamics, ecology, fisheries, and considerations for future conservation and management, Shane Griffiths, Duncan Leadbitter, Demian Willette, Farhad Kaymaram, and Mohammed Moazzam

Distillations, Lori Gruen and Fiona S. Probyn-Rapsey


Drifting fish aggregating devices (FADs) deploying, soaking and setting - when is a FAD 'fishing'?, Quentin A. Hanich, Ruth A. Davis, Glen Holmes, Elizabeth-Rose Amidjogbe, and Brooke M. Campbell


Ripples of Decolonisation in the Asia Pacific, Charles Hawksley and Rowena G. Ward

Catorce vocales del andaluz oriental: producción y percepción de /i/, /e/, /a/, /o/ y /u/en posición final y ante /-s/, /-r/ y /-θ/ subyacentes en Almería, Alfredo Herrero de Haro


Consonant Deletion and Eastern Andalusian Spanish Vowels: The Effect of Word-final /s/, /r/ and /θ/ Deletion on /i/, Alfredo Herrero de Haro


The vowel /u/ before deleted word-final /s/, /r/, and /θ/ in Eastern Andalusian Spanish, Alfredo Herrero de Haro

Discussing Hilbert's 24th problem, Ines Hipolito and Reinhard Kahle


Interactive expertise in solo and joint musical performance, Simon Hoffding and Glenda L. Satne

Economic benefits of FAD set limits throughout the supply chain, Glen Holmes, Quentin A. Hanich, and Mark Soboil

Loneliness and love in late modernity: Sites of tension and resistance, Nicholas Hookway, Barbara Barbosa Neves, Adrian Franklin, and Roger Patulny

Spectres of post-Marxism? Reassessing key post- Marxist texts: a reply to Stuart Sim, Richard Howson

The Innovation Ecosystem: Interrogating (trans)national gender (un)sustainability in the new business centre, Richard Howson and Gregory M. Kerr

The cognitive basis of computation: Putting computation in its place, Daniel D. Hutto, Erik W. Myin, Anco Peeters, and Farid Zahnoun

Silvia Cuevas-Morales: A Chilean-Australian Expatriate Writer?, Michael R. Jacklin

Between paradox and play: semblances of sublimation in the later works of Salvador Dalí, Klemens E. James


Enactive social cognition: Diachronic constitution & coupled anticipation, Alan Jurgens and Michael D. Kirchhoff

Prospects of Return: The Case of Syrian Refugees in Germany, Serdar Kaya and Philip C. Orchard

Local government and coastal damage: confusion, potential and dreams, Andrew H. Kelly, Jasper Brown, and Aaron Strickland


Killed in the line of work duties: we need to fix dangerous loopholes in health and safety laws, Diana J. Kelly

Screening the refugee: Freedom Stories and the performance of empathy in an 'emotional community', Sukhmani Khorana

How to determine the boundaries of the mind: a Markov blanket proposal, Michael D. Kirchhoff and Julian Kiverstein

Breaking explanatory boundaries: flexible borders and plastic minds, Michael D. Kirchhoff and Russell Meyer

Eight urgent, fundamental and simultaneous steps needed to restore ocean health, and the consequences for humanity and the planet of inaction or delay, Dan Laffoley, John Baxter, Diva Amon, Duncan Currie, Craig Downs, Jason Hall-Spencer, Harriet R. Harden- Davies, Richard Page, Chris P. Reid, Callum M. Roberts, Alex Rogers, Torsten Thiele, Charles R.C Sheppard, Rashid Sumaila, and Lucy Woodall


Beyond the Heroic Stereotype: Sidney Jeffryes and the Mythologising of Australian Antarctic History, Elizabeth Leane, Ben Maddison, and Kimberley Norris

Towards a theatrical jurisprudence, Marett Leiboff

Identity theft and tax crime: Has technology made it easier to defraud the revenue?, Mathew J. Leighton-Daly

Re-examining Miller v Miller: a search for rationality and coherence in Australia's illegality defence, Aidan Lerch and Yvonne M. Apolo

Remembering the Grandmothers: The International Movement to Commemorate the Survivors of Militarized Sexual Abuse in the Asia-Pacific War, Vera Mackie and Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Introduction: The Body and the Globe, Vera Mackie, Nicola J. Marks, and Sarah Ferber

Modes of Mobility: Tracing the Routes of Reproductive Travel in the Asia-Pacific Region, Nicola J. Marks, Vera Mackie, and Sarah Ferber


These 'job snob' claims don't match the evidence, Greg Marston, Gaby Ramia, Michelle A. Peterie, and Roger Patulny


To move or not to move: mobility decision-making in the context of welfare conditionality and paid employment, Greg Marston, Juan Zhang, Michelle A. Peterie, Gaby Ramia, Roger Patulny, and Emma Cooke

Writing Regularly as a Thesis-Completion Strategy, Brian Martin

Chinese Women in Prostitution in the Courts of 1880s Darwin, Julia T. Martinez

The Pilbara: From the Deserts Profits Come by Bradon Ellem, Julia T. Martinez


Colonialism and Male Domestic Service Across the Asia Pacific, Julia T. Martinez, Claire K. Lowrie, Frances Steel, and Victoria Haskins

Adaptation pathways for conservation law and policy, Jan McDonald, Phillipa McCormack, Michael Dunlop, David Farrier, Jess Feehely, Louise Gilfedder, Alistair J. Hobday, and April E. Reside


'Finally an academic approach that prepares you for the real world': simulations for human rights skills development in higher education, Fiona McGaughey, Lisa Hartley, Susan Banki, Paul Duffill, Matthew Stubbs, Philip C. Orchard, Simon Rice, Laurie Berg, and Peggy Kerdo