The University of Wollongong Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Law, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Creative Arts. Related series: Faculty of Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Creative Arts - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Law - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2017

Affects on Absorbtion, Madeleine T. Kelly

Birds of the D'Aguilar Range, Madeleine T. Kelly

Claudia Fernandez: Ceremonia, Madeleine T. Kelly

Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award, Madeleine T. Kelly

Paradigma Blickwechsel - neue arbeitswelten (Paradigm Exchanging Glances - New Labor worlds), Madeleine T. Kelly

Scenes of our City, Madeleine T. Kelly

Scenes of our city: Gadens Brisbane Collection, Madeleine T. Kelly

Sea of Waste, Madeleine T. Kelly

Works from the Collection, Madeleine T. Kelly

Marine protected areas in a blue economy - challenges for Oceans Policy, Richard Kenchington and Michelle A. Voyer

'MasterChef' and Everyday Australia: Reception Amongst First- and Second-Generation Migrants', Sukhmani Khorana

'Futago no hoshi' to 'Ginga tetsudô no yoru' ni okeru shôjo bigaku toshite no Iihatobu, Helen Kilpatrick

From mutual manipulation to cognitive extension: challenges and implications, Michael D. Kirchhoff


Where There Is Life There Is Mind: In Support of a Strong Life-Mind Continuity Thesis, Michael D. Kirchhoff and Tom Froese

Challenges for Protection and Administration of Intellectual Property, Jakkrit Kuanpoth


Combatting counterfeit drugs: Case studies of Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

Intellectual Property Harmonisation under the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Issues and Challenges, Jakkrit Kuanpoth

Temporary refuge from war: Customary international law and the Syrian conflict, Helene T. Lambert

'Some Useful Values', A Working Model of the World, Jo Law

The Illustrated Almanac of Illawarra and Beyond, Jo Law

Separate lines: Challenges and opportunities of differentiated seabed and water column boundaries, Leonardo Leonardo and Clive H. Schofield

Crueldade contra os animais x direitos culturais de lazer e de entretenimento, Marcia D. Leuzinger, Kylie Anne Lingard, and Solange Teles Da Silva

Alone in the Crowd: Appropriated Text and Subjectivity in the Work of Rirkrit Tiravanija, Elizabeth Linden

En Masse: Books Orchestrated, Elizabeth Linden

Telethon, Elizabeth Linden and Jen Kennedy

Further to Fly, Joshua M. Lobb

Confected conflict in the wake of the South Australian blackout: Diversionary strategies and policy failure in Australia's energy sector, Adam Robert Lucas

No End of a Lesson Australia's Unified National System of Higher Education, Stuart Macintyre, Gwilym Croucher, and Andre D. Brett

Gender, Geopolitics and Gaps in the Records: Women Glimpsed in the Military Archives, Vera Mackie


Genders, Sexualities and Bodies in Modern Japanese History, Vera Mackie


One Thousand Wednesdays: Transnational Activism from Seoul to Glendale, Vera Mackie


Rethinking sexual citizenship: Asia-Pacific perspectives, Vera C. Mackie

Indigenous partner violence, Indigenous sentencing courts, and pathways to desistance, Elena Marchetti and Kathleen Daly


Population, reproduction and IVF in New Caledonia: Exploring sociocultural and caring dimensions of sustainable development, Nicola J. Marks

Academic persona: The construction of online reputation in the modern academy, Philip D. Marshall, Kim Barbour, and Christopher L. Moore


Defending university integrity, Brian Martin


Persistent Bias on Wikipedia: Methods and Responses, Brian Martin


Preparing for advocacy, resisting attack, Brian Martin


Ruling tactics: Methods of promoting everyday nationalism, how they serve rulers and how to oppose them, Brian Martin


The deceptive activist, Brian Martin

The playful anarchist, Brian Martin


What happens when scientists stand up for science, Brian Martin


Skills, training, and activism, Brian Martin and Patrick G. Coy


Investigating nonviolent action by experimental testing, Brian Martin and Majken J. Sorensen


Asian Servants for the Imperial Telegraph: Imagining North Australia as an Indian Ocean Colony before 1914, Julia T. Martinez


'Unwanted Scraps' or 'An Alert, Resolute, Resentful People'? Chinese Railroad Workers in French Congo, Julia T. Martinez

Stakeholder views on pest management in Australia, Paul Martin and Kylie Anne Lingard

Community Driven Development and Structural Disadvantage: Interrogating the Social Turn in Development Programming in Indonesia, J F. McCarthy, Dirk J. Steenbergen, C Warren, Greg Acciaioli, Geoff Baker, Anton Lucas, and Vivianti Rambe

Harm and the boundaries of disease, Patrick H. McGivern and Sarah Sorial


Whose best friend? How gender and stereotypes can shape our relationship with dogs, Paul McGreevy and Fiona S. Probyn-Rapsey


Truth to power: how podcasts are getting political, Siobhan McHugh


Why S-Town invites empathy not voyeurism, Siobhan A. McHugh


Is there such a thing as happiness in the present? Happiness and temporality, Jordan J. McKenzie

Political Ambivalence as Praxis: The Limits of Consensus in Habermas's Theory of the Public Sphere, Jordan J. McKenzie


Early challenges to multilingualism on the Internet: the case of Han character-based scripts, Mark J. McLelland

Early computer networks in Japan, 1984-1994, Mark J. McLelland


Governmentality and fan resistance in the Japan pop culture sphere, Mark J. McLelland


Negotiating "cool Japan" in research and teaching, Mark J. McLelland


Evidence of Intoxication in Australian Criminal Courts: A Complex Variable with Multiple Effects, Luke J. McNamara, Julia Quilter, Kate Seear, and Robin Room


Submission re: City of Melbourne's proposed Activities (Public Amenity and Security) Local Law 2017, Luke J. McNamara, Julia Quilter, and Tamara Walsh

The Empire's Patriotic Fund: Public Benevolence and the Boer War in an Australian Colony, John McQuilton

Police perceptions of irrational unstable behaviours and use of force, Laura McTackett and Stuart DM Thomas


Australian politics explainer: Robert Menzies and the birth of the Liberal-National coalition, Gregory C. Melleuish


Baird's early exit means NSW loses a leader whose best years were yet to come, Gregory C. Melleuish


E G Whitlam: Reclaiming the initiative in Australian History, Gregory C. Melleuish


It's unrealistic to expect MPs to follow the view of the people who elected them every time, Gregory C. Melleuish


No longer tied to Britain, Australia is still searching for its place in the world, Gregory C. Melleuish


Queensland Liberals and Nationals have long had an uneasy cohabitation, and now should consider divorce, Gregory C. Melleuish


Philosophy of history: Change, stability and the tragic human condition, Gregory C. Melleuish and Susanna G. Rizzo

"My whole life is a dark room": Nostalgia and domesticity in Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, Renee Middlemost

Indigenous children's multimodal communication of emotions through visual imagery, Kathy Mills, Alberto Bellocchi, Roger Patulny, and Jane Dooley


Histories of internet games and play: space, technique, and modality, Teodor E. Mitew and Christopher L. Moore

Swarm networks and the design process of a distributed meme warfare campaign, Teodor E. Mitew and Travis Wall


Law and Argument for a Culturally Diverse World: How not to Communicate, Richard Mohr


Everyday Jurisprudence in Urban Australia: Negotiating the space of legal performances, Richard Mohr and Nadirsyah Hosen

Register analysis in systemic functional linguistics, Alison Rotha Moore

Crown and Sword Executive power and the use of force by the Australian Defence Force, Cameron Moore


The Arbitral Award in the Matter of the South China Sea between the Philippines and China What are the Implications for Freedom of Navigation and the Use of Force?, Cameron Moore

Teaching with Twitter: A Case Study in the Practice of Audiencing, Christopher L. Moore and Sue Turnbull

Operating Unmanned Surface Vessels at Sea: Is International Law Ready for the Future?, Anthony P. Morrison and Stuart B. Kaye

Women in 'Rural' Practice: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies to Thrive, Trish Mundy

Rural and Regional Legal Practice, Trish Mundy and Amanda Kennedy

Advancement of Women in Law Firms: Best Practice Pilot Research Project, Trish Mundy and Nan M. Seuffert

Music for "You've Mistaken Me for a Butterfly", Terumi Narushima

Performance in response to Anna Magdalena Laerkesen's "Refuge", Terumi Narushima and Linda Luke

Strong sustainability in coastal areas: a conceptual interpretation of SDG 14, Barbara Neumann, Konrad Ott, and Richard Kenchington

A special Australian country thing: the small hall in Australian country life, David Nichols, Katherine Bowles, and Gordon R. Waitt

(Im)politeness and relationality, J Ohashi and Wei-Lin Chang


The sociology of emotions: A meta-reflexive review of a theoretical tradition in flux, Rebecca Olson, Jordan J. McKenzie, and Roger Patulny

Teaching Australian Multicultural Literature, Wenche Ommundsen

The literatures of Chinese Australia, Wenche Ommundsen

The dawn of international refugee protection: States, tacit cooperation and non-extradition, Philip C. Orchard

Transnational humanitarian action and regime complexity: The case of Syria, Philip C. Orchard


The drivers of firm longevity: age, size, profitability and survivorship of Australian corporations, 1901-1930, Laura Panza, Simon Ville, and David Merrett

A visual analysis of gender bias in contemporary anatomy textbooks, Rhiannon Parker, Theresa A. Larkin, and Jonathan P. Cockburn

'I'll just text you': is face-to-face social contact declining in a mediated world?, Roger Patulny and Claire Seaman

Generalising men's affective experiences, Roger Patulny, Vern Smith, and Kai Ruo Soh

Freedom regained: the possibility of free will, Anco Peeters

The Coherent Fragmentation of International Economic Law: Lessons from the Transpacific Partnership Agreement, Colin B. Picker


Fighting back against prolific online harassment in the Philippines, Julie N. Posetti