The University of Wollongong Faculty of Business was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Commerce and the Sydney Business School. Related series: Faculty of Business - Papers .


Papers from 2008

Style versus substance: multiple roles of language power in persuasion, John R. Sparks and Charles S. Areni

Mapping the Mind and Making Your Point, Lee Styger


The impact of uncertain environment on rice supply chain performance in Northeast Thailand, Phatcharee T. Thongrattana and Peter W. Robertson


The corporate social responsibilities in Sri Lankan universities, Kamal Tilakasiri, Grace McCarthy, and John Glynn


A global analysis of supply chain trends in the health industry, Siti Zulkiffli and Peter Wayne Robertson

Papers from 2007

Expected value of information and decision making in HTA, Simon Eckermann and Andrew Willan

The development of Version 2 of the AN-SNAP casemix classification system, Robert Gordon and Janette P. Green

Professional and peer life coaching and the enhancement of goal striving and well-being: An exploratory study, Anthony M Grant and Gordon B. Spence


Renewable Energy Strategies in England, Australia and New Zealand, Geoff Kelly


Toolkit for managing virtual teams, Grace McCarthy

Australasian Business Statistics, Nelson Perera, John Asafu-Adjaye, Ken Black, Mark Harris, Phillip Edwards, and Nazim Khan

Financial Derivatives and the Theory of Money, Michael Rafferty and Dick Bryan

Our hearts and minds - what would it take for Australia to become the healthiest country in the world?, Ian T. Ring and John F. O'Brien


Australia and the 'War against Terrorism': Terrorism, National Security and Human Rights, Mark Rix


Legal Aid, the Community Legal Sector and Access to Justice: What has been the Record of the Australian Government? , Mark Rix


Toward the interoperability of HL7 v3 and SNOMED CT: a case study modeling mobile clinical treatment, Amanda Ryan, Peter Eklund, and Brett Esler

The SF36 Version 2: critical analyses of population weights, scoring algorithms and population norms, Janet E. Sansoni, Graeme Hawthorne, Richard H. Osborne, and Anne Taylor

Further development of evidence-based coaching: Lessons from the rise and fall of the human potential movement, Gordon B. Spence

Priority rating for community care, Tara Stevermuer, Alan Owen, Kathryn Williams, and Malcolm Masso

Public policy and private health insurance: distributional impact on public and private hospital usage, Agnes Walker, R Percival, L Thurect, and Edwin J. Pearse

Measuring and Reducing Waiting Times: A Cross-National Comparison of Strategies, Sharon Willcox, Mary Seddon, Stephen Dunn, R Tudor Edwards, Edwin J. Pearse, and J Tu

Papers from 2006

Increase in skin cancer screening during a community-based randomized intervention trial, J F. Aitken, P H. Youl, M Janda, J. Lowe, Ian T. Ring, and Mark Elwood

When a few minutes sound like a lifetime: does atmospheric music expand or contract perceived time?, Nicole Bailey and Charles S. Areni

The use of smart tokens to permit the secure, remote access of electronic health records, Andrew Dalley, Ken Lynch, Peter Feltham, John Fulcher, and D. Bomba

Functional Assessment to Predict Capacity for Work in a Population of School-leavers with Disabilities, Kathy Eagar, J. Green, Ross Gordon, A. Owen, Malcolm Masso, and Kathryn Williams

The Griffith Area Palliative Care Service (GAPS): an evaluation of an Australian rural palliative care model, Kathy Eagar, A. Owen, Malcolm Masso, and K. Quinsey

Corporate governance, activism, and the role of trustees, Martin L. Gold

Equity issuance trends in Australia's listed investment fund markets, Martin L. Gold

Governance reform in Australia: the intersection of investment fiduciaries and issuers, Martin L. Gold

Towards a measure of function for Home and Community Care Services in Australia: Part 2 - Evaluation of the screening tool and assessment instruments, Robert Gordon, Kathy Eagar, Janette P. Green, Alan G. Owen, and Karen Qunisey


Working together for mental health: evaluation of a one-day mental health course for human service providers, Pamela E. Grootemaat, Cathie Gillan, Gillian Holt, Wayne Forward, Narelle Heywood, and Sue Willis

Subordinate expectations of leadership within a cleaned-up bureaucracy: a grounded theory study, George Kriflik and Robert Jones

Towards a measure of function for Home and Community Care Services in Australia: Part 1 - Development of a standard national approach, Nicholas Marosszeky, Kathy Eagar, Roslyn G. Poulos, and Alan G. Owen


Knowing what you need to know about needs assessment, Nicholas Marosszeky, Mark D. Rix, and Alan G. Owen

Policy and practice for preventing skin cancer in children, Malcolm Masso


Impact of EFQM Excellence Model on leadership in German and UK organisations, Grace McCarthy and R. Greatbanks

Intelligent decision system and its application in business innovation self assessment, Grace McCarthy, Dong-Ling Xu, and Jian-Bo Yang

Suturing as an advanced skill for Registered Nurses in the emergency department, Rebekkah Middleton


Transforming community caring into improved health outcomes: lessons from the evaluation of a national palliative care program, Karen Quinsey, Kathryn Williams, David Fildes, Malcolm Masso, Heather Yeatman, and Kate Senior

Can financial Derivatives Inform HRM? Lessons from Moneyball, Michael Rafferty and Dick Bryan

Capitalism With Derivatives: A Political Economy of Financial Derivatives, Capital and Class, Michael Rafferty and Dick Bryan


'Financial Derivatives: The New Gold?, Michael Rafferty and Dick Bryan


'Money in Capitalism and Capitalist Money', Michael Rafferty and Dick Bryan

Urban-rural differences in survival from cutaneous melanoma in Queensland, Ian T. Ring, JF Aitken, M Smithers, P Baade, and M Coory

Clinical outcomes from skin screening clinics within a community-based melanoma screening program, Ian T. Ring, J. Lowe, JF Aitken, PH Youl, M Janda, and Mark Elwood

Do centralised skin screening clinics increase participation in melanoma screening (Australia)?, Ian T. Ring, J. Lowe, JF Aitken, PH Youl, M Janda, and Mark Elwood

Who attends skin cancer clinics within a randomized melanoma screening program?, Ian T. Ring, J. Lowe, JF Aitken, PH Youl, M Janda, and Mark Elwood

What motivates men age >50 years to participate in a screening program for melanoma?, Ian T. Ring, J. Lowe, JF Aitken, PH Youl, M Janda, Mark Elwood, and P Baade

Australia's anti-terrorism legislation: the national security state and the community legal sector, Mark Rix


Australia's anti-terrorism legislation: the national security state and the community legal sector, Mark Rix


Can Citizenship be Gender-neutral and -inclusive? Exploring the possibilities of social and legal citizenship, Mark Rix


Performance Contracts, Corporate Governance and the Third Sector: The Case of the NSW Community Legal Sector, Mark Rix


The Australian National Security State and the Third Sector: Who is Really Protecting Australia's National Security?, Mark Rix

The contract state and closure of the public sphere: the rise of consumer citizenship?, Mark D. Rix


Star or black hole? Australia and the international transfers of anti-terrorism policy, Mark D. Rix


Designing a faecal incontinence instrument using survey data, Janet E. Sansoni, Nicholas Marosszeky, Emily Sansoni, and Graeme Hawthorne


Why 'primary care' patients go to emergency departments: demographic profile and reasons for presentation, Peter M. Siminski, Andrew J. Bezzina, and Kathy Eagar

Welfare, enterprise and Aboriginal community: the case of the Western Australian Kimberley region, 1968-96, Tony Johnathon Smith

Cost-effectiveness of cholesterol-lowering therapy with pravastatin in patients with previous acute coronary syndromes aged 65 to 74 years compared with younger patients: Results from the LIPID study, Andrew Tonkin, Simon Eckermann, Harvey White, Denis Friedlander, P Glasziou, A Kirby, Sarah Mulray, Mary Denton, Michele Sallaberger, David Hunt, and John Simes

Ethnicity, deprivation and mental health outcomes, Thomas Trauer, Kathy Eagar, and Graham Mellsop

Hospital admissions by socio-economic status: does the 'inverse care law' apply to older Australians?, Agnes Walker, Edwin J. Pearse, Linc Thurecht, and Ann Harding

Papers from 2005

A comparative study of the diffusion of computerized health records among general practitioners in Australia and Sweden, D. Bomba

A description of handover processes in an Australian public hospital, D. Bomba and Robert Prakash

Cost-effectiveness of rehabilitation after an acute coronary event: A randomised controlled trial, Tom Briffa, Simon Eckermann, Alison Griffiths, Anthony Keech, Phillip Harris, Rose Heath, Saul Freedman, Lana Donaldson, and Kathryn Briffa


The role of online profiling, service quality, satisfaction and loyalty in developing a CRM capability: propositions and considerations, Jamie Carlson, Ranjit Voola, and Sukunesan Sinnappan

Australia, Finland and South Africa - delving into data to understand differences in stroke rehabilitation outcomes, Janette P. Green, H. Valvanne-Tommila, H. Loubser, Robert Gordon, P. Paunio, J. E. Marosszeky, and B. Richards

Strategies for managerial self-change in a cleaned-up bureaucracy, George Kriflik and Robert Jones

Impact of EFQM Excellence Model on leadership in German and UK organisations, Grace McCarthy

Lessons from the National Mental Health Integration Program, Jane Pirkis, Kathy Eagar, Alan G. Owen, Natasha Posner, Philip Burgess, and David Perkins

Increase in skin cancer screening during a community-based randomised intervention trial, Ian T. Ring, J. Lowe, JF Aitken, PH Youl, M Janda, and Mark Elwood

Divided Loyalties? The New Public Management of Community Legal Centres, Mark D. Rix


The foundations of legal citizenship: Community law, access to, justice and the community legal sector, Mark D. Rix and Scott Burrows

(Re)form with Substance? Restructuring and governance in the Australian health system 2004/05, Mark D. Rix, Kathy Eagar, and Alan G. Owen


A configurable time-controlled clustering algorithm for wireless sensor networks, S. Selvakennedy and Sukunesan Sinnappan


The time controlled clustering algorithm for optimised data dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks, S. Selvakennedy and Sukunesan Sinnappan

Costing the ambulatory episode: implications of total or partial substitution of hospital care, B. Shorten, R Marks, and S Wilson


Website quality in the Australian Electronic Marketspace: Application of the WebQual tm Instrument, Sukunesan Sinnappan, Jamie Carlson, and Banu P. Sukunesan

Online profiling and privacy: an exploratory study amongst Australian websites, Sukunesan Sinnappan, Punidha Banu Sukunesan, Rishika Seth, and Gina Cetine-Silva


Stroke outcomes in Australia - five years of AROC data, Tara L. Stevermuer

The repeatability of the 24-hour pad test, Tara L. Stevermuer, W Allen, A M Simons, E Karantanis, Ray O'Sullivan, and Kate H. Moore

Spike Morphology, Location, and Frequency in Benign Epilepsy with Centrotemporal Spikes, Tara L. Stevermuer, AG Berroya, AF Bleasel, AME Bye, and J Lawson

The 'Inverse Care Law', Population Ageing and the Hospital System: A distributional analysis, Linc Thurect, Agnes Walker, Ann Harding, and Edwin J. Pearse

Performance of routine outcome measures in adult mental health care, Thomas Trauer, Kathy Eagar, and Graham Mellsop

Distributional impact of recent changes in private health insurance policies, Agnes Walker, R Percival, L Thurect, and Edwin J. Pearse

Understanding occupational potential, Alison M. Wicks

Older women's 'ways of doing': Strategies for successful ageing, Alison M. Wicks

An occupational therapy perspective, Alison M. Wicks, M Mitcham, and J Burik

Gender and occupational participation, Alison M. Wicks and G Whiteford

Media influences on suicidal behaviour: evidence and prevention, Kathryn E. Williams and K Hawton


Evaluation of a midwifery model of care, Kathryn E. Williams, A. Lainchbury, and Kathy Eagar

Papers from 2004

Assessing the effectiveness of research management in Australian commerce and business faculties: the view from within, Mark Rix, David Aylward, Rob Macgregor, and John Glynn

Papers from 2003

Exploring managers' implicit theories of atmospheric music: comparing academic analysis to industry insight, Charles S. Areni

The effects of structural and grammatical variables on persuasion: an elaboration likelihood model perspective, Charles S. Areni


Creating Connections - Health, Community and Residential Care Assessments, Kathy Eagar

Accounting for Managers, John J. Glynn, Michael Murphy, and Anne Abraham


Boyfriends, babies and basketball: present lives and future aspirations of young women in Ngukurr, Kate Senior


Projecting the Fiscal Impact of Population Ageing on the Hospital System: A Distributional Analysis, Linc Thurecht, Agnes Walker, Ann Harding, and Edwin J. Pearse

Papers from 2002

The proposition‐probability model of argument structure and message acceptance, Charles S. Areni


The Options for Future Assessment Models in Community Care, Kathy Eagar and Alan G. Owen

Papers from 1999

Point-of-purchase displays, product organization, and brand purchase likelihoods, Charles S. Areni, Dale F. Duhan, and Pamela Kiecker