This page lists University of Wollongong research publications arising from grants supported by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). Each publication record has been tagged with the relevent grant number/s within the Research Online record.


Papers from 2007

Flexible, Aligned carbon nanotube/ polymer electrodes for a lithium-ion battery, Jun Chen, Carol M. Lynam, Gordon G. Wallace, Andrew I. Minett, Jiazhao Wang, and Yong Liu

Novel fullerene-functionalised poly(terthiophenes), Jun Chen, George Tsekouras, Caiyun Wang, Chee O. Too, Gordon G. Wallace, David L. Officer, and Pawel W. Wagner

An efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst of Methanol Oxidation, Jun Chen, Gordon G. Wallace, Zemin Dong, Gerhard F. Swiegers, and Weimin Zhang

Preparation of novel ultrafine fibers based on DNA and poly(ethylene oxide) by electrospinning from aqueous solutions, Jun Chen, Gordon G. Wallace, Violetta Misoska, and Yong Liu

Preparation of platinum inverse opals using self-assembled templates and their application in methanol oxidation, Jun Chen, Gordon G. Wallace, Violetta Misoska, Yong Liu, and Gerhard F. Swiegers

A readily-prepared, convergent, oxygen reduction electrocatalyst, Jun Chen, Weimin Zhang, David L. Officer, Gerhard F. Swiegers, and Gordon G. Wallace

TEM characterization of precipitates in the segregated regions of a low-carbon, low-manganese, titanium-added steel, Rian J. Dippenaar and Sima Aminorroaya-Yamini

Addition of Ca-compounds nanoparticles in melt-textured Bi:2212, Dayse dos Santos, Jung Ho Kim, Meng J. Qin, Konstantin Konstantinov, and S X. Dou


Mechanism of Enhancement in Electromagnetic Properties of MgB2 by Nano SiC Doping, S X. Dou, Olga V. Shcherbakova, W. K. Yeoh, J. H. Kim, Saeid Soltanian, Xiaolin Wang, C. Senatore, R. Flukiger, M. Dhalle, O. Husnjak, and E. Babic

Universal influence of disorder on MgB2 wires, M Eisterer, R Muller, R Schoppl, H W Weber, Saeid Soltanian, and S X. Dou

Pushing the limits of the Law of the Sea Convention: Australian and French cooperative surveillance and enforcement in the Southern Ocean, Warwick Gullett and Clive Schofield

Enhancement of flux pinning in a MgB2 superconductor doped with tartaric acid, Md. Shahriar-Al Hossain, Jung Ho Kim, Xiaolin Wang, Xun Xu, Germanas Peleckis, and S. X. Dou

Significant enhancement of Hc2 and Hirr in MgB 2+C4H6O5 bulks at a low sintering temperature of 600 C, Md. Shahriar-Al Hossain, Jung Ho Kim, Xun Xu, Xiaolin Wang, M Rindfleisch, M Tomic, M D Sumption, E W Collings, and S. X. Dou

Flux pinning and inhomogeneity in MgB2/Fe wires, O Husnjak, E Babic, I Kusevic, Xiaolin Wang, Saeid Soltanian, and S X. Dou

Strong flux pinning in nano-SiC doped MgB2 tapes, O Husnjak, I Kusevic, E Babic, Saeid Soltanian, Xiaolin Wang, and S X. Dou

Conducting textiles from single-walled carbon nanotubes, Marc in het Panhuis, Jian Wu, Syed A. Ashraf, and Gordon G. Wallace

Colouration efficiency measurements in electrochromic polymers: The importance of charge density, P C. Innis, J H. Mazurkiewicz, G G. Wallace, M Fabretto, T Vaithianathan, C Hall, and P Murphy

Chemical and Photoluminescence Properties of Purified Poly(2-methoxyaniline-5-sulfonic acid) and Oligomer, Peter C. Innis, Fatemeh Masdarolomoor, Gordon G. Wallace, Leon A. Kane-Maguire, R J. Forster, and T E. Keyes

Biomedical applications of inherently conducting polymers (ICPs), Peter C. Innis, Simon E. Moulton, and Gordon G. Wallace

Enhancement of the low-field Jc properties of MgB2/Fe tapes by a modified in situ process, Chunhai Jiang, Hiroaki Kumakura, and S. X. Dou

Reproducible Nucleation Sites for Flux Dendrites in MgB2, T. H. Johansen, D. V. Shantsev, A.A.F Olsen, M. Roussel, A. V. Pan, and S. X. Dou


Parsimonious classification via generalised linear mixed models, G Kauermann, J. T. Ormerod, and M P. Wand

IUU fishing in the Southern Ocean: challenge and response, Stuart B. Kaye

Threats from the global commons: problems of jurisdiction and enforcement, Stuart B. Kaye


Improvement of Upper Critical Field and Critical Current Density in Single Walled CNT Doped MgB2=Fe Wires, J. H. Kim, W. K. Yeoh, X. Xu, Dongqi Shi, and S. X. Dou

Systematic study of a MgB2 + C4H6O5 superconductor prepared by the chemical solution route, Jung Ho Kim, S X. Dou, Md. Shahriar-Al Hossain, Xun Xu, Jianli Wang, Dongqi Shi, T Nakane, and H Kumakura


Study of MgO formation and structural defects in in-situ processed MgB2/Fe wires, Jung Ho Kim, S X. Dou, Dongqi Shi, M Rindfleisch, and Mike Tomsic

The effects of sintering temperature on superconductivity in MgB2/Fe wires, Jung Ho Kim, S X. Dou, Jianli Wang, Dongqi Shi, Xun Xu, Md. Shahriar-Al Hossain, Wai Kong Yeoh, S Choi, and T Kiyoshi

Effect of Al addition on the superconducting properties and microstructures of MgB2 tape prepared by PIT method, Jae-Woong Ko, Jaimoo Yoo, Kuk-Chae Chung, Young K. Kim, Xiaolin Wang, S X. Dou, and Sang-Im Yoo

Effect of magnetic field processing on the microstructure of carbon nanotubes doped MgB2, Wenxian Li, Y Li, R H. Chen, Wai Kong Yeoh, and S X. Dou

Effect of magnetic field processing on the microstructure of micronsize Zn doped MgB2, W. X. Li, Y. Li, M. Y. Zhu, R. H. Chen, S. X. Dou, M. J. Qin, X. Xu, and P. Yao


Benzoic acid doping to enhance electromagnetic properties of MgB2 superconductors, W. X. Li, Y. Li, M. Y. Zhu, R. H. Chen, X. Xu, W. K. Yeoh, J. H. Kim, and S. X. Dou

Electrodeposition and characterisation of polypyrroles containing sulfonated carbon nanotubes, Carol Lynam, Gordon G. Wallace, and David L. Officer


Haptic gaze-tracking based perception of graphical user interfaces, Simon Meers and Koren Ward


Substitute three-dimensional perception using depth and colour sensors, Simon Meers and Koren Ward

Incorporation of carbon nanotubes into the biomedical polymer poly(styrene-B-isobutylene-B-styrene), Simon E. Moulton, Kerry J. Gilmore, and Gordon G. Wallace

Carbon-Nanotube Biofibers, Simon E. Moulton, Carol M. Lynam, and Gordon G. Wallace

Incorporation of dye into conducting polyaniline nanoparticles, Simon E. Moulton, Orawan Ngamna, and Gordon G. Wallace

Inkjet printable polyaniline nanoformulations, Simon E. Moulton, Orawan Ngamna, Gordon G. Wallace, A Morrin, A Killard, and Malcolm R. Smyth

Poly(2-methoxyaniline-5-sulfonic acid)-surfactant complexes and their redox and solvatochromic behaviour, Simon E. Moulton, Gordon G. Wallace, Leon A. Kane-Maguire, and Yingpit Pornputtkul

Liquid crystal behavior of single-walled carbon nanotubes dispersed in biological hyaluronic acid solutions, Simon E. Moulton, Gordon G. Wallace, M Maugey, and Philippe Poulin


Impact of sintering temperature on the physical properties of the superconducting ferromagnet: RuSr2Eu1.5Ce0.5Cu2O10, Rashmi Nigam, Alexey V. Pan, and S X. Dou


Multilayering and Ag-Doping for Properties and Performance Enhancement in YBa2Cu3O7 Films, Alexey Pan, Serhiy V. Pysarenko, D. Wexler, S. Rubanov, and S. X. Dou

High-pressure synthesized nanostructural magnesium diboride-based materials for superconductive electromotors, generators and pumps, Tatiana Prikhna, W Gawalek, Nikolay Novikov, Y M. Savchuk, M Zeisberger, Athanasios Mamalis, N V Sergienko, V E Moshchil, M Wendt, T Habisreuther, S X. Dou, S N Dub, V S Melnikov, C Schmidt, J Dellith, and P A Nagorny


Conducting polymers with fibrillar morphology synthesized in a biphasic ionic liquid/water system, J.M. Pringle, Orawan Ngamna, Carol M. Lynam, Gordon G. Wallace, Maria Forsyth, and Douglas MacFarlane

Influence of Ag-doping and thickness on superconducting properties of YBa2Cu3O7 films, Serhiy V. Pysarenko, Alexey V. Pan, and S X. Dou

Platinum recovery using inherently conducting polymers and common fabrics, Stephen F. Ralph, Roza Dimeska, Gordon G. Wallace, and Shannon Little


The Plasminogen-Binding Group A Streptococcal M Protein-Related Protein Prp Binds Plasminogen via Arginine and Histidine Residues, Martina L. Sanderson-Smith, M. Dowton, Marie Ranson, and Mark J. Walker


The Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries: A Matter of Life or Death for East Timor?, Clive Schofield and I Made Andi Arsana

Minding the gap: the Australia-East Timor treaty on certain maritime arrangements in the Timor Sea (CMATS), Clive H. Schofield

Unlocking the seabed resources of the Gulf of Thailand, Clive H. Schofield


Specific heat and magnetic relaxation analysis of MgB2 bulk samples with and without additives, C. Senatore, P. Lezza, R. Lortz, Olga V. Shcherbakova, Wai Kong Yeoh, S. X. Dou, and R. Flukiger

Superconducting properties of Al-stabilized MgB2 wires, Andrey Shcherbakov, S X. Dou, and Alexey V. Pan

Effect of Mg-Ga powder addition on the superconducting properties of MgB2 samples, Olga V. Shcherbakova, Dayse dos Santos, and S X. Dou

Cooling rate effect on microstructure and superconducting properties of pure and SiC doped MgB2 superconductors, Olga V. Shcherbakova, Alexey V. Pan, Saeid Soltanian, and S. X. Dou

Influence of the cooling rate on the main factors affecting current-carrying ability in pure and SiC-doped MgB2 superconductors, Olga V. Shcherbakova, Alexey V. Pan, Saeid Soltanian, S. X. Dou, and David Wexler


New Method for the Fabrication of Al-Stabilized Fe/MgB2 Wires, A. Shcherbakov, A. V. Pan, S X. Dou, and E. W. Collings

Superconducting properties of coated conductor grown by RABiTS on Ni-Mn tape, Dongqi Shi, Meng J. Qin, Jung Ho Kim, M Y. Zhu, and S X. Dou

Inkjet deposition and characterization of transparent conducting electroactive polyaniline composite films with a high carbon nanotube loading fraction, William Small, Fatemeh Masdarolomoor, Gordon G. Wallace, and Marc in het Panhuis

A novel 'dual mode' actuation in chitosan/polyaniline/carbon nanotube fibers, Geoffrey M. Spinks, Su Ryon Shin, G G. Wallace, Philip G. Whitten, In Young Kim, Sun I. Kim, and Seon Jeong Kim


New understanding of the group A streptococcus pathogenesis cycle, A. H. Tart, Mark J. Walker, and J. M. Musser

The effect of polypyrrole with incorporated neurotrophin-3 on the promotion of neurite outgrowth from auditory neurons, Brianna Thompson, Simon E. Moulton, Graeme M. Clark, Gordon G. Wallace, C Newbold, S J O'Leary, M Lum, Adrian Cameron, Rachael Richardson, and Robert M. Kapsa

Photovoltaic properties of poly(terthiophene) doped with light-harvesting dyes and photocurrent generation mechanism, George Tsekouras, Chee O. Too, and Gordon G. Wallace


DNase Sda1 provides selection pressure for a switch to invasive group A streptococcal infection, Mark J. Walker, A. Hollands, Martina L. Sanderson-Smith, J. N. Cole, J. K. Kirk, A. Henningham, Jason D. McArthur, K. Dinkla, R. K. Aziz, R. G. Kansal, A. J. Simpson, J. T. Buchanan, G. S. Chhatwal, M. Kotb, and V. Nizet

Electrochemical actuation properties of a novel solution-processable polythiophene, G G. Wallace, Dezhi Zhou, Yanzhe Wu, Geoffrey M. Spinks, David L. Officer, Amy M. Ballantyne, and Pawel W. Wagner

Putting function into fashion: Organic conducting polymer fibres and textiles (Review Paper), Gordon G. Wallace, Toni E. Campbell, and Peter C. Innis


Smart nanotextiles: a review of materials and applications, Gordon G. Wallace, Danilo De Rossi, Yanzhe Wu, King-Tong Lau, Shirley Coyle, and Dermot Diamond

Immobilisation of fully sulfonated polyaniline on nanostructured calcium silicate, Gordon G. Wallace, Leon A. Kane-Maguire, Anton Dominis, James H. Johnston, Michael J. Richardson, Thomas Borrmann, and Andrew McFarlane

Performance evaluation of CNT/polypyrrole/Mn02 composite electrodes for electrochemical capacitors, Gordon G. Wallace, Byung C. Kim, S R. Sivakkumar, Dong Young Kim, and Jang Myoun Ko

Conducting Polymers - Bridging the bionic interface, Gordon G. Wallace and Geoffrey M. Spinks

Conducting polymers: a bridge across the bionic interface, Gordon G. Wallace and Geoffrey Maxwell Spinks


Polymers in nanobionics, Gordon G. Wallace and Geoffrey Maxwell Spinks

Soft Mechanical Sensors through Reverse Actuation in Polypyrrole, Gordon G. Wallace, Yanzhe Wu, Geoffrey M. Spinks, Gursel Alici, and John D Madden


Polyaniline and polyaniline-carbon nanotube composite fibres as battery materials in ionic liquid electrolyte, Caiyun Y. Wang, Vahid Mottaghitalab, Chee O. Too, Geoffrey M. Spinks, and G G. Wallace


Silicon oil: a cheap liquid additive for enhancing in-field critical current density in MgB2, Xiaolin Wang, Zhenxiang Cheng, and S X. Dou


Josephson-vortex flow resistance in Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3Oy single crystals and its possible application in the manipulation of spin and charge textures in diluted magnetic semiconductors, Xiaolin Wang, C T Lin, B Liang, S Yu, S Ooi, K Hirata, S Y Ding, Dongqi Shi, S X. Dou, Zhi W. Lin, and Jian G. Zhu

Free standing carbon nanotube composite bio-electrodes, Philip G. Whitten, Adrian Gestos, Geoffrey Maxwell Spinks, Kerry J. Gilmore, and Gordon G. Wallace

TEM characterisation of iron titanium sulphide in titanium- and niobium-containing low manganese steel, Paton Wilson and Zhixin Chen

Actuation behaviour of polyaniline films and tubes prepared by the phase inversion technique, Binbin Xi, Van-Tan Truong, Vahid Mottaghitalab, Philip G. Whitten, Geoffrey M. Spinks, and Gordon G. Wallace


Apparent negative mobility of vortex matter due to inhomogeneous pinning, X B Xu, H Fangohr, Shichao Ding, M Gu, T.B Tang, Z Han, Dongqi Shi, and S X. Dou


Effect of Boron powder purity on superconducting properties of bulk MgB2, Xun Xu, Dayse dos Santos, Jung Ho Kim, Wai Kong Yeoh, Meng J. Qin, Konstantin K. Konstantinov, and S. X. Dou

Enhancement of Hc2 and Jc by carbon-based chemical doping, Wai Kong Yeoh and S X. Dou

Enhancement of critical current density and irreversibility field by nano carbon substitution in MgB2, Wai Kong Yeoh, Jung Ho Kim, Josip Horvat, Xun Xu, and S. X. Dou


Effect of Carbon Substitution on the Superconducting Properties of MgB2 Doped With Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Nano Carbon, W. K. Yeoh, J. Horvat, J. H. Kim, X. Xu, and S. X. Dou


Effect of processing temperature on high field critical current density and upper critical field of nanocarbon doped MgB2, W. K. Yeoh, J. Horvat, J. H. Kim, X. Xu, and S. X. Dou

Significant improvement in the critical current density of in situ MgB2 by excess Mg addition, R Zeng, L Lu, Jianli Wang, J Horvat, W X. Li, Dongqi Shi, S X. Dou, M Tomsic, and M Rindfleisch


Effect of Sucrose (C12H22O11) Doping on the Critical Current Density of MgB2, Y. Zhang, S. Zhou, Alexey Pan, and S. X. Dou


Study of Oxygen Incorporation in PLD MgB2 Films by Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy, Y. Zhao, M. Ionescu, S X. Dou, and Hua-Kun Liu

Deposition of MgB2 thin films on Nb substrates using an in situ annealing PLD method, Yue Zhao, Yi Sun Wu, S X. Dou, Tsuyoshi Tajima, and Alexander Romanenko

Phase evolution in PLD MgB2 films during the in situ annealing process, Yue Zhao, Yi Sun Wu, C Kong, David Wexler, Maarten Vos, Michael Went, and S. X. Dou

Sugar coating of Boron powder for efficient carbon doping of MgB2 with enhanced current-carrying performance, Sihai Zhou, Alexey V. Pan, David Wexler, and S. X. Dou


Chemical solution deposition of LaMnO3 buffer layers for coated conductors, Xuebin Zhu, Hechang Lei, Dongqi Shi, Li Zhang, Lin Wang, Yuping Sun, Wenhai Song, S. X. Dou, Jian Yang, and Hongwei Gu

Papers from 2006


In-situ observation of sulfide precipitation in a low-carbon, titanium alloyed steel, Sima Aminorroaya-Yamini, Rian J. Dippenaar, and Mark H. Reid


The application of GIS in maritime boundary delimitation: a case study on the Indonesia-East Timor maritime boundary delimitation, I Made Andi Arsana, C. Rizos, and Clive H. Schofield

Freedom of navigation in a post 9/11 world: security and creeping jurisdiction, Stuart B. Kaye


Carbohydrate doping to enhance electromagnetic properties of MgB2 superconductors, Jung Ho Kim, Sihai Zhou, Md S. Hossain, Alexey V. Pan, and S X. Dou


Simple, robust and accurate head-pose tracking using a single camera, Simon Meers, Koren Ward, and Ian Piper


Exploiting time diversity to improve block spread OFDM, Ibrahim S. Raad and Xiaojing Huang

Integrated maritime enforcement and compliance in Australia, Ben M. Tsamenyi, Anthony Bergin, Derek Woolner, and Sam Bateman


A new signature scheme without random oracles from bilinear pairings, Fangguo Zhang, Xiaofeng Chen, Willy Susilo, and Yi Mu