The University of Wollongong Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Science, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences. This series follows SMAH Papers: Part A. Related series: Faculty of Science - Papers (Archive); Graduate School of Medicine - Papers (Archive); Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sicences - Papers (Archive).


Papers from 2020

Contemporary distribution of benthic foraminiferal assemblages in coastal wetlands of south-eastern Australia, Kirti Lal, Carla V. Bonetti, Colin D. Woodroffe, and Kerrylee Rogers


Safety and Efficacy of Using Nuts to Improve Bowel Health in Hemodialysis Patients, Kelly Lambert, Luke Bird, Addison Borst, Andrew Fuller, Yanan Wang, Geraint Rogers, Jordan Stanford, Martina L. Sanderson-Smith, Jonathan Williams, Brett McWhinney, Elizabeth Neale, Yasmine Probst, and Maureen A. Lonergan


Practice Patterns Relating to the Use of Intradialytic Parenteral Nutrition in Australian Renal Units: Results From a Survey of Renal Dietitians, Kelly Lambert and Marguerite Conley


How frequently are patients weighed in hospital ? Results from a five-year cross-sectional audit of clinical practice in nine hospitals, Kelly Lambert, Allison Ferguson, Marissa Meletis, and Karen E. Charlton


Does a renal diet question prompt sheet increase the patient centeredness of renal dietitian outpatient consultations?, Kelly Lambert, Tsz Lau, Sarah Davison, Holly Mitchell, Alex Harman, and Mandy Carrie


Nutritional Status According to the Mini Nutritional Assessment Predicts Speed and Degree of Functional Improvement and Discharge Outcomes in Rehabilitation Patients, Kelly Lambert, Emily Taylor, Steven Bowden, and Karen E. Charlton


Curious Kids: why don't burns bleed?, Theresa A. Larkin

A preliminary investigation of the effects of short-duration, vigorous exercise following sleep restriction, fragmentation and extension on appetite and mood in inactive, middle-aged men, Penelope S. Larsen, Frank Marino, Kym Guelfi, Rob Duffield, and Melissa Skein

Predicting Compartment-scale Climate Change Impacts Related to Southern Ocean Wave Forcing: Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia, Chloe Leach, David Kennedy, Rafael C. Carvalho, and Daniel Ierodiaconou

Agroecological effect and sexual shape dimorphism in medfly Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) an example in Croatian populations, Darija Lemic, Hugo Benítez, Mario Bjelis, Rodrigo Ordenes-Claveria, Pave Nincevic, Katarina Maryann Mikac, and Ivana Zivkovic


Durum wheat cultivars express different level of resistance to granary weevil, sitophilus granarius (Coleoptera; curculionidae) infestation, Darija Lemic, Katarina Maryann Mikac, Matej Genda, Zeljko Jukic, and Ivana Zivkovic

Re-evaluating mid-Holocene reef “turn-off” on the inshore Southern Great Barrier Reef, Nicole Leonard, Mauro Lepore, Jian Zhao, Alberto Rodriguez-Ramirez, Ian Butler, Tara R. Clark, George Roff, Laurence McCook, Ai Nguyen, Yuexing Feng, and John Pandolfi

A U-Th Dating Approach to Understanding Past Coral Reef Dynamics and Geomorphological Constraints on Future Reef Growth Potential; Mazie Bay, Southern Great Barrier Reef, Nicole Leonard, Mauro Lepore, Jian Zhao, Alberto Rodriguez-Ramirez, Ian D. Butler, Tara R. Clark, George Roff, Laurence McCook, Ai Nguyen, Yuexing Feng, and John Pandolfi

Tunability of DNA Polymerase Stability during Eukaryotic DNA Replication, Jacob S. Lewis, Lisanne Maria Spenkelink, Grant Schauer, Olga Yurieva, Stefan Mueller, Varsha Natarajan, Gurleen Kaur, Claire Maher, Callum Kay, Michael O'Donnell, and Antoine M. van Oijen

The dosage-dependent effects of cevimeline in preventing olanzapine-induced metabolic side-effects in female rats, Jiamei Lian and Chao Deng

Validation of the LnTn method for De determination in optical dating of K-feldspar and quartz, Bo Li, Zenobia Jacobs, and Richard G. Roberts

Students' mental health clinical placements, clinical confidence and stigma surrounding mental illness: A correlational study, Hui Lim, Lorna Moxham, Christopher F. Patterson, Dana J. Perlman, Violeta Lopez, and Yong Goh

Long term effects of outbreeding: experimental founding of island population eliminates malformations and improves hatching success in sand lizards, Willow Lindsay, Thomas R. Madsen, Erik Wapstra, Mette Lillie, Lisa Loeb, Beata Ujvari, and Mats M. Olsson

Quina Retouch Does Not Maintain Edge Angle Over Reduction, Sam C. Lin and Joao Marreiros

An alternative method to solve the water scarcity in Adelaide – apply a coastal reservoir strategy in the Lower Lakes, Jianli Liu, Muttucumaru Sivakumar, Shu-qing Yang, and Brian G. Jones


Brown adipose tissue activity is modulated in olanzapine-treated young rats by simvastatin, Xuemei Liu, Xiyu Feng, Chao Deng, Lu Liu, Yanping Zeng, and Chang Hu

A synergistic effect between family intervention and rTMS improves cognitive and negative symptoms in schizophrenia: A randomized controlled trial, Xue Li, Xiuxia Yuan, Yulin Kang, Lijuan Pang, Yafei Liu, Qiyue Zhu, Luxian Lv, Xu-Feng Huang, and Xueqin Song

Nutrition information in pregnancy: Where do women seek advice and has this changed over time?, Shannen Lobo, Catherine Lucas, Jane S. Herbert, Michelle L. Townsend, Melissa Smith, Elise Kunkler, and Karen E. Charlton

Effective communication is key to intensive care nurses' willingness to provide nursing care amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Heidi Lord, Clare Loveday, Lorna Moxham, and Ritin S. Fernandez

Abundance changes of marsh plant species over 40 years are better explained by niche position water level than functional traits, Yanjing Lou, Jutta Kapfer, Pete Smith, Ying Liu, Ming Jiang, Xianguo Lu, and Michael B. Ashcroft


Teamwork and social cohesion are key: Nurses' perceptions and experiences of working in a new decentralised intensive care unit, Clare Loveday, Heidi Lord, Laura Ellwood, Kim Bonnici, Virginia Decker, and Ritin S. Fernandez

Trace fossils as proxy for biotic recovery after the end-Permian mass extinction: A critical review, Mao Luo, G R. Shi, Luis Buatois, and Zhong Chen

Stacked Parahaentzschelinia ichnofabrics from the Lower Permian of the southern Sydney Basin, southeastern Australia: Palaeoecologic and palaeoenvironmental significance, Mao Luo, G R. Shi, and Sangmin Lee


Detection and attribution of wildfire pollution in the Arctic and northern midlatitudes using a network of Fourier-Transform infrared spectrometers and GEOS-Chem, Erik Lutsch, Kimberly Strong, Dylan Jones, Thomas Blumenstock, Stephanie Conway, Jenny A. Fisher, James Hannigan, Frank Hase, Yasuko Kasai, Emmanuel Mahieu, Maria Makarova, Isamu Morino, Tomoo Nagahama, Justus Notholt, Ivan Ortega, Mathias Palm, Anatoly Poberovskii, Ralf Sussmann, and Thorsten Warneke

The P2X7 receptor antagonist JNJ-47965567 administered thrice weekly from disease onset does not alter progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in SOD1G93A mice, Diane T. Ly, Anjila Dongol, Peter Cuthbertson, Thomas Guy, Nicholas Geraghty, Reece Sophocleous, Lucia Sin, Bradley Turner, Debbie Watson, Justin J. Yerbury, and Ronald Sluyter


Isolation of circulating tumor cells from glioblastoma patients by direct immunomagnetic targeting, David Lynch, Branka Powter, Joseph Po, Adam Cooper, Celine Garrett, Eng Koh, Mark Sheridan, James van Gelder, Balsam Darwish, Simon Mckechnie, Renata Bazina, Matthias Jaeger, Tara Roberts, Paul De Souza, and Therese Becker

Delirium in intensive care: A stepped-wedge cluster randomised controlled trial for a nurse-led intervention to reduce the incidence and duration of delirium among adults admitted to the intensive care unit (protocol), Joan Lynch, Kaye D. Rolls, Yu Hou, Sonja Hedges, Masar Al Sayfe, Sharon Shunker, Kathleen Brennan, David Sanchez, Tony Bogdanovski, Leanne Hunt, Evan Alexandrou, and Steven Frost

Heart rate variability during cardiovascular reflex testing: The importance of underlying heart rate, Michael Macartney, Peter L. McLennan, and Gregory E. Peoples

Impact of electronic bedside meal ordering systems on dietary intake, patient satisfaction, plate waste and costs: A systematic literature review, Kristen MacKenzie-Shalders, Kirsty L. Maunder, Daniel So, Rebecca Norris, and Sally McCray

Speciation of nickel and its toxicity to Chlorella sp. in the presence of three distinct dissolved organic matter (DOM), Gabriella Macoustra, Dianne F. Jolley, Jenny Stauber, Darren Koppel, and Aleicia Holland

Amelioration of copper toxicity to a tropical freshwater microalga: Effect of natural DOM source and season, Gabriella Macoustra, Dianne F. Jolley, Jenny Stauber, Darren J. Koppel, and Aleicia Holland

SpinChem™: Rapid element purification from biological and geological matrices: Via centrifugation for MC-ICP-MS isotope analyses-a case study with Zn, Brandon M. Mahan, Fei Wu, Anthony Dosseto, Roger Chung, Bruce Schaefer, and Simon Turner

Hypoglycemic activity of the ethyl acetate extract from Smilax glabra Roxb in mice: Biochemical and histopathological studies, Phuong Mai, Quang van Ngo, Minh Hong, Lien Quach, and Stephen G. Pyne


More than a Corepressor: The Role of CoREST Proteins in Neurodevelopment, Simon Maksour, Lezanne Ooi, and Mirella Dottori


Determining the Plio-Quaternary uplift of the southern French Massif Central; a new insight for intraplate orogen dynamics, Oswald Malcles, Philippe Vernant, Jean Chery, Pierre Camps, Gael Cazes, Jean Ritz, and David Fink


Approaches to learning: Does medical school attract students with the motivation to go deeper?, Kylie J. Mansfield, Gregory E. Peoples, Lyndal A. Parker-Newlyn, and Danielle Skropeta

Rapid Late Pleistocene climate change reconstructed from a lacustrine ostracod record in central Italy (Lake Trasimeno, Umbria), Marta Marchegiano, David Horne, Elsa Gliozzi, Alexander Francke, Bernd Wagner, and Daniel Ariztegui


Discrimination between Protonation Isomers of Quinazoline by Ion Mobility and UV-Photodissociation Action Spectroscopy, Samuel Marlton, Benjamin McKinnon, Boris Ucur, James Bezzina, Stephen Blanksby, and Adam J. Trevitt

Central Venous Access Device Complications in Patients Receiving Parenteral Nutrition in General Ward Settings: A Retrospective Analysis, Irena Martincich, Krystle Cini, Samuel Lapkin, Heidi Lord, and Ritin S. Fernandez

Synthesis of thioridazine-VLA-4 antagonist hybrids using N-propargyl northioridazine enantiomers, Alexander P. Martyn, Anthony Willis, and Michael J. Kelso


Examining the response of an eastern Australian mangrove forest to changes in hydro-period over the last century, Samuel K. Marx, Jon Knight, Patrick Dwyer, David Child, Michael Hotchkis, and Atun Zawadzki

Sensitive Detection of Motor Neuron Disease Derived Exosomal miRNA Using Electrocatalytic Activity of Gold-Loaded Superparamagnetic Ferric Oxide Nanocubes, Mostafa Masud, Rabbee Mahmudunnabi, Nahian Aziz, Claire H. Stevens, Phuong Dzung Do-Ha, Shu Yang, Ian Blair, Md. Shahriar Al Hossain, Yoon Shim, Lezanne Ooi, Yusuke Yamauchi, and Muhammad Shiddiky


A reflection of my experience of compassion and vulnerability in nursing, Marie Matriano and Rebekkah Middleton


Inflammation (Il-1β) modifies the effect of vitamin d and omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids on core symptoms of autism spectrum disorder-an exploratory pilot study, Hajar Mazahery, Cathryn Conlon, Kathryn Beck, Owen Mugridge, Marlena Kruger, Welma Stonehouse, Carlos Camargo, Barbara J. Meyer, Bobby Tsang, and Pamela von Hurst


Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Proteins, Proteostasis, Prions, and Promises, Luke McAlary, Yee Lian Chew, Jeremy Lum, Nicholas Geraghty, Justin J. Yerbury, and Neil R. Cashman

Trajectory Taken by Dimeric Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase through the Protein Unfolding and Dissociation Landscape Is Modulated by Salt Bridge Formation, Luke McAlary, Julian A. Harrison, John Andrew Aquilina, Steven Fitzgerald, Celine Kelso, Justin Benesch, and Justin J. Yerbury

Consumer directed care in residential aged care: an evaluation of a staff training program, Marita McCabe, Elizabeth Beattie, Gery Karantzas, David Mellor, Kerrie Sanders, Lucy Busija, Belinda J. Goodenough, Michelle Bennett, Kathryn von Treuer, and Jessica Byers


Implementing and measuring person-centredness using an APP for knowledge transfer: the iMPAKT app, Tanya McCance, Brighide Lynch, Christine Boomer, Donna Brown, Christopher Nugent, Andrew Ennis, Matias Garcia-Constantino, Ian Clelland, Denise Edgar, Emma Radbron, and Valerie J. Wilson

Effect of external breast prosthesis mass on bra strap loading and discomfort in women with a unilateral mastectomy, Deirdre McGhee, Katelyn Mikilewicz, and Julie R. Steele

Breast Biomechanics: What Do We Really Know?, Deirdre McGhee and Julie R. Steele

Physical side-effects following breast reconstructive surgery impact physical activity and function, Deirdre McGhee and Julie R. Steele

Determinants of hamstring fascicle length in professional rugby league athletes, Timothy McGrath, William T. Hulin, Nathan Pickworth, Alex Clarke, and Ryan Timmins


Carotenoid supplementation affects the post-hibernation performance of southern corroboree frogs, Emma McInerney, Aimee J. Silla, and Phillip G. Byrne

Do dietary carotenoids improve the escape-response performance of southern corroboree frog larvae?, Emma McInerney, Aimee J. Silla, and Phillip G. Byrne

Predicting Nasal High-Flow Treatment Success in Newborn Infants with Respiratory Distress Cared for in Nontertiary Hospitals, Megan McKimmie-Doherty, Gaston Arnolda, Adam Buckmaster, Louise Owen, Kate Hodgson, Ian M. R Wright, Calum Roberts, Peter G. Davis, and Brett Manley


Nutritional Care of Patients Admitted to Hospital for Alcohol Withdrawal: A 5-Year Retrospective Audit, Cameron McLean, Linda C. Tapsell, Sara J. Grafenauer, and Anne T. McMahon


Systematic review of nutritional interventions for people admitted to hospital for alcohol withdrawal, Cameron McLean, Linda C. Tapsell, Sara J. Grafenauer, and Anne T. McMahon

An attractor modelling approach to predicting system stability in barrier estuaries, Errol J. McLean and J Hinwood

Navigating authority and legitimacy when ‘outsider’ volunteers co-produce emergency management services, Blythe McLennan, Joshua Whittaker, Tarn Kruger, and John Handmer

Developing and testing a mobile application for breastfeeding support: The Milky Way application, Shahla Meedya, Khin Than Win, Heather Yeatman, Kathleen Fahy, Karen L. Walton, Lois Burgess, Deborah McGregor, Parisa Shojaei, Eden Wheatley, and Elizabeth J. Halcomb


Styryllactones from Goniothalamus tamirensis, Pornphimol Meesakul, Wuttichai Jaidee, Christopher Richardson, Raymond Andersen, Brian Patrick, Anthony Willis, Chatchai Muanprasat, Jin Wang, Xiaoguang Lei, Sarinya Hadsadee, Siriporn Jungsuttiwong, Stephen G. Pyne, and Surat Laphookhieo


Synthesis and crystal structure of (±)-Goniotamirenone C, Pornphimol Meesakul, Christopher Richardson, Surat Laphookhieo, and Stephen G. Pyne

Connoisseur’s Choice: Legrandite, Ojuela Mine, Mapimí, Durango, Mexico, Peter Megaw and Malcolm J. Southwood


Future perspectives in addressing the global issue of vitamin D deficiency, M M. Mendes, Karen E. Charlton, Siddhartha Thakur, Helen Ribeiro, and Susan A. Lanham-New


Towards Population Salt Reduction to Control High Blood Pressure in Ghana: A Policy Direction, Elias Menyanu, Leonard Baatiema, Karen E. Charlton, Michael Wilson, Ama Aikins, and Joanna Russell


Salt and potassium intake among adult Ghanaians: WHO-SAGE Ghana Wave 3, Elias Menyanu, Barbara Corso, Nadia Minicuci, Ilaria Rocco, Joanna Russell, Lisa Ware, Richard Biritwum, Paul Kowal, Aletta Schutte, and Karen E. Charlton

The impact and translation of postgraduate leadership education on practice in healthcare, Rebekkah Middleton, Keith Jones, and Margaret A. Martin


Assessment of periprostatic and subcutaneous adipose tissue lipolysis and adipocyte size from men with localized prostate cancer, Dushan Miladinovic, Thomas Cusick, Kate Mahon, Anne Haynes, Colin H. Cortie, Barbara J. Meyer, Phillip Stricker, Gary Wittert, Lisa Butler, Lisa Horvath, and Andrew Hoy

The Wistar-Kyoto rat model of endogenous depression: A tool for exploring treatment resistance with an urgent need to focus on sex differences, Samuel Millard, Katrina Weston-Green, and Kelly A. Newell

Characterization and antibacterial activity of phthalides from the roots of the mmedicinal herb levisticum officinale W.D.J. Koch, Mansour Miran, Hamidreza Monsef Esfahani, Jee Jung, Atousa Aliahmadi, Danielle Skropeta, Mahdi Abbas-Mohammadi, Samad Nejad Ebrahimi, and Mahdi Farimani

General practice nurses and physicians and end of life: A systematic review of models of care, Geoffrey Mitchell, Michele Aubin, Hugh Senior, Claire E. Johnson, Julia Fallon-Ferguson, Briony Williams, Leanne Monterosso, Joel J. Rhee, Peta McVey, Matthew Grant, Harriet Nwachukwu, and Patricia M. Yates

Trauma-informed care for people presenting to the emergency department with mental health issues, Luke J. Molloy, Lorraine P. Fields, Baylie R. Trostian, and Grant R. Kinghorn

Student beliefs about their practice within a non-traditional mental health clinical placement, Luke J. Molloy, Lorna Moxham, Ellie Karen Taylor, Renee Brighton, Christopher F. Patterson, Dana J. Perlman, and Shawn G. Burns


A Primase-Induced Conformational Switch Controls the Stability of the Bacterial Replisome, Enrico Monachino, Slobodan Jergic, Jacob S. Lewis, Zhi-Qiang Xu, Allen Lo, Valerie O'Shea, James Berger, Nicholas E. Dixon, and Antoine M. van Oijen

Probing the neuromodulatory gain control system in sports and exercise sciences, Florian Monjo and Jonathan Shemmell


Design, synthesis and evaluation of carbamate-linked uridyl-based inhibitors of human ST6Gal I, Andrew Montgomery, Christopher Dobie, Remi Szabo, Laura Hallam, Marie Ranson, Haibo Yu, and Danielle Skropeta


Archaeology and art in context: Excavations at the Gunu site complex, northwest Kimberley, Western Australia, Mark Moore, Kira Westaway, June Ross, Kim Newman, Yinika Perston, Jillian Huntley, Samantha Keats, Michael J. Morwood, Gavin Cathy, John Greg, Myron Goonack, Joseph Karadada, John Hayward, Deb DiEngland, Murray Scown, Robin Maher, Alistair Patterson, and Corili Souter


Wildfire management in Mediterranean-type regions: Paradigm change needed, Francisco Moreira, Davide Ascoli, Hugh Safford, Mark Adams, Jose Moreno, Jose Pereira, Filipe Catry, Juan Armesto, William Bond, Mauro Gonzalez, Thomas Curt, Nikos Koutsias, Lachlan McCaw, Owen F. Price, Juli Pausas, Eric Rigolot, Scott Stephens, Cagatay Tavsanoglu, V Vallejo, Brian Van Wilgen, Gavriil Xanthopoulos, and Paulo Fernandes


Why the ban on nicotine vape fluid will do more harm than good, Jody Morgan

Mollisols in the islands of the South-West Pacific: Occurrence, land uses and classification, R John Morrison and David M. Leslie

Design of customizable long linear DNA substrates with controlled end modifications for single-molecule studies, Stefan Mueller, Lisanne Maria Spenkelink, Antoine M. van Oijen, and Jacob S. Lewis


Remote interpreting services are essential for people with limited English — during COVID-19 and beyond, Judy Mullan

Supporting patients to be involved in decisions about their health and care: Development of a best practice health literacy App for Australian adults living with Chronic Kidney Disease, Danielle Muscat, Kelly Lambert, Heather Shepherd, Kirsten McCaffery, Stephanie Zwi, Na Liu, Kamal Sud, John Saunders, Emma O¿Lone, Jinman Kim, Aphra Robbins, and Angela Webster

On-Resin Strategy to Label α-Conotoxins: Cy5-RgIA, a Potent α9α10 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Imaging Probe, Markus Muttenthaler, Simon T. Nevin, Marco C. Inserra, Richard J. Lewis, David J. Adams, and Paul F. Alewood


Open vs laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair: Influences of patient age and bmi on analgesic requirements and hospital stay duration, Derek Mwagiru and Theresa A. Larkin


Chlorine partitioning near the polar vortex edge observed with ground-based FTIR and satellites at Syowa Station, Antarctica, in 2007 and 2011, Hideaki Nakajima, Isao Murata, Yoshihiro Nagahama, Hideharu Akiyoshi, Kosuke Saeki, Takeshi Kinase, Masanori Takeda, Yoshihiro Tomikawa, Eric Dupuy, and Nicholas B. Jones


Validation of Carbon Trace Gas Profile Retrievals from the NOAA-Unique Combined Atmospheric Processing System for the Cross-Track Infrared Sounder, Nicholas R. Nalli, Changyi Tan, Juying Warner, Murty Divakarla, Antonia Gambacorta, Michael Wilson, Tong Zhu, Tianyuan Wang, Zigang Wei, Ken Pryor, Satya Kalluri, Lihang Zhou, Colm Sweeney, Bianca Baier, Kathryn McKain, Debra Wunch, Nicholas M. Deutscher, Frank Hase, Laura T. Iraci, Rigel Kivi, Isamu Morino, Justus Notholt, Hirofumi Ohyama, David Pollard, Yao Te, Voltaire A. Velazco, Thorsten Warneke, Ralf Sussmann, and Markus Rettinger


Structural elucidation of hydroxy fatty acids by photodissociation mass spectrometry with photolabile derivatives, Venkateswara Narreddula, Pawel Sadowski, Nathan Boase, David Marshall, Berwyck Poad, Adam J. Trevitt, Todd W. Mitchell, and Stephen Blanksby


Effect of walnut consumption on markers of blood glucose control: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Elizabeth Neale, Vivienne Guan, Linda C. Tapsell, and Yasmine Probst


Barriers and enablers to detection and management of chronic kidney disease in primary healthcare: a systematic review, Elizabeth Neale, Justin Middleton, and Kelly Lambert

DGT and selective extractions reveal differences in arsenic and antimony uptake by the white icicle radish (Raphanus sativus), Lien Ngo, Helen Price, William Bennett, Peter Teasdale, and Dianne F. Jolley

α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activity of the Extracts and Major Phytochemical Components of Smilax glabra Roxb, Phuong Nguyen, Quang Ngo, Minh Hue Nguyen, Alan T. Maccarone, and Stephen G. Pyne


The Role of Cathepsins in Memory Functions and the Pathophysiology of Psychiatric Disorders, Christine Niemeyer, Natalie Matosin, Dominic Kaul, Alexandra Philipsen, and Nils C. Gassen


Linking forest flammability and plant vulnerability to drought, Rachael H. Nolan, Chris Blackman, Víctor de Dios, Brendan Choat, Belinda Medlyn, Ximeng Liu, Ross A. Bradstock, and Mathias M. Boer

Bark attributes determine variation in fire resistance in resprouting tree species, Rachael H. Nolan, Simin Rahmani, Stephanie A. Samson, Harriet Simpson-Southward, Mathias M. Boer, and Ross A. Bradstock