The University of Wollongong Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Informatics. Related series: Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences - Papers.


Papers from 2012

Spatio-temporal modeling of sudden infant death syndrome data, Lili Zhuang and Noel Cressie

A new exact solution for pricing European options in a two-state regime-switching economy, Song-Ping Zhu, Alexander Badran, and Xiaoping Lu

An analytical formula for VIX futures and its applications, Song-Ping Zhu and Guang-Hua Lian

On the valuation of variance swaps with stochastic volatility, Song-Ping Zhu and Guang-Hua Lian

Using laplace transform to price American puts, Song-Ping Zhu and Jin Zhang

How should a convertible bond be decomposed?, Song-Ping Zhu and Jing Zhang

Papers from 2011

The social implications of location-based services: an observational study of users, Roba Abbas


Emerging forms of covert surveillance using GPS-enabled devices, Roba Abbas, Katina Michael, M G. Michael, and Anas Aloudat


Towards knowledge management in sports event management: Context analysis of Malaysian biannual games with CommonKADS, Azizul Rahman Abdul Ghaffar, Ghassan Beydoun, Jun Shen, and William Tibben

Optimal allocation of renewable enegy resources for minimising emissions in the distribution network, M. A. Abdullah, A. P. Agalgaonkar, and K. M. Muttaqi

Quantification of emission reduction from electricity network with the integration of renewable resources, M. A. Abdullah, A. P. Agalgaonkar, and K. M. Muttaqi

Extended cubes: Enhancing the cube attack by extracting low-degree non-linear equations, Shekh Faisal Abdul-Latip, Reza Reyhanitabar, Willy Susilo, and Jennifer Seberry

Limb-based feature description of human motion, Kevin Adi Adistambha, Stephen J. Davis, Christian H. Ritz, and David A. Stirling


Using ontologies to synchronize change in relational database systems, Waqas Ahmed, Muhammad Ahtisham Aslam, Antonio Lopez Lorca, Jun Shen, Ghassan Beydoun, and Debbie Richards

A light weight approach for ontology generation and change synchronization between ontologies and source relational databases, Waqas Ahmed, Muhammad Ahtisham Aslam, Jun Shen, and Jianming Yong

Design and implementation of edge detection algorithm using digital signal controller (DSC), Sabooh Ajaz, Prashan Premaratne, and Malin Premaratne

Assessment of distributed generation impacts on distribution networks using unbalanced three-phase power flow analysis, Md Jan-E- Alam, Kashem Muttaqi, and Danny Sutanto


Considering cognitive load theory within e-Learning environments, Abdullah Al Asraj, Mark Freeman, and Paul A. Chandler

The effect of the characteristics of the dataset on the selection stability, Salem Alelyani, Huan Liu, and Lei Wang


An assessment tool for E-government system performance: a citizen-centric model, Shatha A. Al-Haddad, Peter Hyland, and Geoffrey Hubona

Modeling mobile learning system using ANFIS, Ahmed Al-Hmouz, Jun Shen, Jun Yan, and Rami Al-Hmouz


A nonparametric two-sample wald test of equality of variances, David Allingham and J. C. W Rayner


The application of location based services in national emergency warning systems: SMS, cell broadcast services and beyond, Anas Aloudat and Katina Michael

The socio-ethical considerations surrounding government mandated location-based services during emergencies: an Australian case study, Anas Aloudat and Katina Michael


Toward the regulation of ubiquitous mobile government: a case study on location-based emergency services in Australia, Anas Aloudat and Katina Michael


Recommendations for Australia's implementation of the national emergency warning system using location-based services, Anas Aloudat, Katina Michael, and Roba Abbas

The value of government mandated location-based services in emergencies in Australia, Anas Aloudat, Katina Michael, Roba Abbas, and Mutaz Al-Debei


A mathematical model for the biological treatment of industrial wastewater in a reactor cascade, Rubayyi Turki Alqahtani, Mark I. Nelson, and Annette L. Worthy

Analysis of a chemostat model with variable yield coefficient: contois kinetics., Rubayyi Turki Alqahtani, Mark I. Nelson, and Annette L. Worthy


Initial values in estimation procedures for State Space Models (SSMs), Raed Alzghool and Yan-Xia Lin


Sums of exponentials approximations for the Kohlrausch function, R S. Anderson, Maureen P. Edwards, S A. Husain, and R J. Loy


Naturality of Rieffel's Morita equivalence for proper actions, Astrid An Huef, S Kaliszewski, Iain F. Raeburn, and Dana P. Williams

A Dixmier-Douady theorem for Fell algebras, Astrid An Huef, Alexander Kumjian, and Aidan Sims

Full and reduced coactions of locally compact groups on C*-algebras, Astrid An Huef, John Quigg, Iain Raeburn, and Dana P. Williams

Understanding ageing in older Australians: the contribution of the Dynamic Analyses to Optimise Ageing (DYNOPTA) project to the evidence base and policy, Kaarin Anstey, Allison Blelak, Carole Birrell, Colette Browning, Richard Burns, Julie Byles, Kim Kiely, Binod Nepal, Lesley Ross, David Steel, and Timothy Windsor

Modelling the runtime of the gaussian computational chemistry application and assessing the impacts of microarchitectural variations, Joseph Antony, Alistair Rendell, Rui Yang, Gary Trucks, and Michael Frisch

Modelling with agents, Estefania Argente, Ghassan Beydoun, Ruben Fuentes-Fernandez, Brian Henderson-Sellers, and Graham Low


Exploring the role of ICT in the formation of transactive memory systems in virtual teams, Mohamed Imran Ariff, Simon K. Milton, Rachelle Bosua, and Rajeev Sharma

Review of disturbance emissions assessment techniques, D Arlt, H Bronzeado, R Cai, E De Jaeger, Z Emin, M Halpin, F Klein, I Papic, P Paranavithana, S Perera, H Renner, and F Zavoda

Review of flicker objectives for LV, MV and HV systems, Detmar Arlt, Herivelto Bronzeado, Rong Cai, Emmanuel De Jaeger, Zia Emin, David Guillot, Mark Halpin Halpin, Naoki Kobayashi, Matti Lahtinen, Igor Papic, Francisco Pazos, Sarath Perera, Jeremy Price, Herwig Renner, Xavier Yang, and Francisc Zavoda

Towards agent-oriented approach to a call management system, Amir Nabil Ashamalla, Ghassan Beydoun, and Graham C. Low

Defect trancking of electrical components, Geoffrey Asiegbu and Ahmed Haidar

Lagrange solution for three wavelength solitary wave clusters in nematic liquid crystals, Gaetano Assanto, Catherine Garcia-Reimbert, Antonmaria Minzoni, Noel Smyth, and Annette L. Worthy


Reorientational versus Kerr dark and gray solitary waves using modulation theory, Gaetano Assanto, Timothy R. Marchant, Antonmaria Minzoni, and Noel Smyth


Electronic cash with anonymous user suspension, Man Ho Au, Willy Susilo, and Yi Mu

PEREA: Practical TTP-free revocation of repeatedly misbehaving anonymous users, Man Ho Au, Patrick P. Tsang, and Apu Kapadia

Case-Based Trust Evaluation from Provenance Information, Quan Bai, Xing Su, Qing Liu, Andrew Terhorst, Minjie Zhang, and Yi Mu

Knowledge-based issues for aid: agencies in crisis scenarios: evolving from impediments to trust, Rajeev Bali, Russell Mann, Vikram Baskaran, Aapo Immonen, Raouf Naguib, Alan Richards, John Puentes, Brian Lehaney, Ian Marshall, and Nilmini Wickramasinghe

Equilibrium configurations for carbon nano-stacked cups, Duangkamon Baowan, Barry Cox, and James M. Hill

Modelling adsorption of a water molecule into various pore structures of silica gel, Duangkamon Baowan and Ngamta Thamwattana

Keyword spotting based on the analysis of template matching distances, Mohamed Barakat, Christian H. Ritz, and David A. Stirling

On the symbol error probability of multihop parallel relay networks, Bappi Barua, Mehran Abolhasan, and Farzad Safaei


Self-matching bands in the paperfolding sequence, Bruce Bates, Martin Bunder, and Keith Tognetti

The q-Calkin-Wilf tree, Bruce Bates and Toufik Mansour

Reducibility of covers of AFT shifts, Teresa Bates, Soren Eilers, and David Pask

Accounting for spatiotemporal variation of rainfall measurements when evaluation ground-based methods of weather modificaiton, Stephen Beare, Ray Chambers, Scott Peak, and Jennifer Ring

Smart control of UPCQ within microgrid energy system, C Benachaiba, Ahmed M. Haidar, O Habab, and O Abdelkhalek

A statistical test for ranking data from partially balanced incomplete block designs, Donald John Best, J. C. W Rayner, and David Allingham

How do we measure and improve the quality of a hierarchical ontology?, Ghassan Beydoun, Antonio Lopez Lorca, Francisco Garcia-Sanchez, and Rodrigo Martinez Bejar


Development of a peer-to-peer information sharing system using ontologies, Ghassan Beydoun, Graham Low, Numi Tran, and Paul Bogg

Evaluating effectiveness of risk identification and management using organisational models, Moshiur Bhuiyan, Sohel Rana, and Aneesh Krishna

Indigenous Australians are under-represented in longitudinal ageing studies, Carole Birrell, Kim M. Kiely, Kaarin J. Anstey, Peter Butterworth, Mary A. Luszcz, Heather Booth, Julie E. Byles, and Richard Gibson


Integrating the projective transform with particle filtering for visual tracking, Philippe L. Bouttefroy, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, Son Lam Phung, and A. Beghdadi

A likelihood-based comparison of temporal models for physical processes, Amy Braverman, Noel Cressie, and Joao Teixeira


Post-release mortality of angled sand mullet (Myxus elongatus: Mugilidae), Matt K. Broadhurst, Paul A. Butcher, and Brian R. Cullis

Experience with change evaluations suggests the need for better learning designs: one possibility for mathematics, Bothaina Bukhatowa, Anne Porter, and Mark Nelson

Separation of speech sources using an acoustic vector sensor, Ian S. Burnett, Christian H. Ritz, and Muawiyath Shujau

Co-universal algebras associated to product systems, and gauge-invariant uniqueness theorems, T. Carlsen, Aidan Sims, and Sean T. Vittadello

Which sample survey strategy? A review of three different approaches, Ray Chambers

On bias-robust mean squared error estimation for pseudo-linear small area estimators, Ray Chambers, Hukum Chandra, and Nikos Tzavidis

Small area estimation under transformation to linearity, Hukum Chandra and Ray Chambers

Axial buckling of multi-walled carbon nanotubes and nanopeapods, Yue Chan, Ngamta Thamwattana, and James M. Hill


Disaster communication governance and public trust: the case of TEPCO, Akemi Takeoka Chatfield and Mary Barrett


Promises and successful practice in IT governance: a survey of Australian senior IT managers, Akemi T. Chatfield and Terrence Coleman


An ambient multimedia user experience feedback framework based on user tagging and EEG biosignals, Eva Cheng, Stephen J. Davis, Ian Burnett, and Christian H. Ritz

Semi-proving: an integrated method for program proving, testing, and debugging, Tsong Yueh Chen, T. H. Tse, and Zhiquan Zhou

Object detection by admissible region search, X. Chen, Senjian An, Wanquan Liu, and Wanqing Li

Identity-based trapdoor mercurial commitments and applications, X. Chen, Willy Susilo, F. Zhang, Haibo Tian, and J. Li

Efficient batch verification of online/offline short signature for a multi-signer setting, Zhide Chen, Yilian Zhang, Li Xu, and Fuchun Guo

A green scheduler for enterprise WLANs, Kwan-Wu Chin

E2MAC: An energy efficient MAC for RFID-enhanced wireless sensor networks, Kwan-Wu Chin and Dheeraj Klair

Efficiency of split questionnaire surveys, James O. Chipperfield and David G. Steel

An empirical analysis of online social network structure to understand citizen engagement in public policy and community building, Kon Shing Kenneth Chung and Akemi Takeoka Chatfield


Analysis of First-year Student performance in an Engineering Program, Philip Ciufo


Robust Resampling Confidence Intervals for Empirical Variograms, Robert Graham Clark and Samuel F. Allingham


Women In ICT: guidelines for evaluating intervention programmes, Annemieke Craig, Julie Fisher, and Linda Dawson

Discussion on "Spatial prediction in the presence of positional error", Noel Cressie

Statistics for Spatio-Temporal Data, Noel A. Cressie and Christopher Wikle

Editorial: Special issue on time series in the environmental sciences, Noel Cressie and Scott H. Holan

Using power-divergence statistics to test for homogeneity in product-multinomial distributions, Noel Cressie and Frederck M. Medak

Heart rate monitoring system based on power line communication, Sridhathan C and Ahmed Haidar


A voxel-based octree construction approach for procedural cave generation, Juncheng Cui, Yang-Wai Chow, and Minjie Zhang


Procedural generation of 3D cave models with stalactites and stalagmites, Juncheng Cui, Yang-Wai Chow, and Minjie Zhang

An agent-based framework for distributed collaborative model evolution, Hoa Khanh Dam and Aditya K. Ghose

An agent-oriented approach to change propagation in software maintenance, Hoa Khanh Dam and Michael Winikoff

Multimedia user feedback based on augmenting user tags with EEG emotional states, Steve Davis, Eva Cheng, Ian Burnett, and Christian Ritz

A comparison of deterministic and probabilistic methods for indoor localization, Brett Dawes and Kwan-Wu Chin

Generalised smooth tests for the generalised Pareto distribution, B De Boeck, Olivier Thas, J. C. W Rayner, and Donald John Best

Smooth tests for the gamma distribution, B De Boeck, Olivier Thas, J. C. W Rayner, and Donald John Best


Piloting a logic-based framework for understanding organisational change process for a health IT implementation, Kieren Diment, Karin Garrety, and Ping Yu