The University of Wollongong Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences was formed in 2013 following an organisational restructure. It comprised an amalgamation of the former Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Informatics. Related series: Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences - Papers.


Papers from 2012

Automatic classification of human motions using Doppler radar, Jingli Li, Son Lam Phung, Fok Hing Chi Tivive, and Abdesselam Bouzerdoum

Efficient self-certified signatures with batch verification, Nan Li, Yi Mu, and Willy Susilo

Adaptive autoregressive logarithmic search for 3D human tracking, Peiyao Li, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, and Son Lam Phung

Secure and practical key distribution for RFID-enabled supply chains, Tieyan Li, Yingjiu Li, and Guilin Wang

Enhancing location privacy for electric vehicles (at the right time), J K. Liu, Man Ho Allen Au, Willy Susilo, and Jianying Zhou

What has my classifier learned? Visualizing the classification rules of bag-of-feature model by support region detection, Lingqiao Liu and Lei Wang

Incorporation of radius-info can be simple with SimpleMKL, xinwang liu, Lei Wang, Jianping Yin, and Lingqiao Liu

A novel AWG demodulation system in electronic engineering, Z Liu, Hongqiang Li, Changyun Miao, Haijiang Yang, Hongda Chen, Keqing Lu, Enbang Li, and Kejia Wei

Development and simulation evaluation of a magnetorheological elastomer isolator for seat vibration control, Weihua Li, Xianzhou Zhang, and Haiping Du

A two dimensional, reaction-diffusion model of compost piles, T Luangwilai, H S. Sidhu, and M I. Nelson

Mobile technology use in medical education, Rattiporn Luanrattana, Khin Than Win, John Fulcher, and Donald Iverson

Image reconstruction from sparse projections using S-transform, Jianhua Luo, Jiahai Liu, Wanqing Li, Yuemin Zhu, and Ruiyao Jiang

MRI reconstruction from 2D truncated k-space, Jianhua Luo, Yuemin Zhu, Wanqing Li, Pierre Croisille, and Isabelle E. Magnin


Solitary waves and their stability in colloidal media: Semi-analytical solutions, Timothy R. Marchant and N F. Smyth


Semi-analytical solutions for dispersive shock waves in colloidal media, Timothy R. Marchant and N. F. Smyth

The teaching-research-industry-learning nexus in information and communications technology, Tanya J. McGill, Jocelyn Armarego, and Tony Koppi

An approach to object recognition using CTFM sensing, Phillip McKerrow

Short-term liner ship fleet planning with container transshipment and uncertain container shipment demand, Qiang Meng, Tingsong Wang, and Shuaian Wang


Editorial: Social implications of technology: "Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo", Katina Michael


The idio-technopolis [Editorial], Katina Michael


You talkin' to me?, Katina Michael


Location privacy under dire threat as 'uberveillance' stalks the streets, Katina Michael and Roger Clarke

Implementing 'Namebers' using microchip implants: the black box beneath the skin, Katina Michael and M G. Michael

Stigmergic modeling for web service composition and adaptation, Ahmed Moustafa, Minjie Zhang, and Q. Bai

The effect of incomplete mixing upon quadratic autocatalysis, Ahmed Hussein Msmali, Mark Nelson, and Maureen Edwards

A finite-element study of the efficiency of arrays of oscillating water column wave energy converters, Jean-Roch Nader, Song-Ping Zhu, Paul Cooper, and Brad Stappenbelt


An experimental determination of perceived liveability in Sydney, Mohammad-Reza Namazi-Rad, Pascal Perez, Matthew Berryman, and Francois Lamy

Effective reuse via modeling, managing and searching of business process assets, Nanjangud C. Narendra, K Ponnalagu, G Gangadharan, H Truong, S Dustdar, and Aditya K. Ghose


A fundamental analysis of continuous flow bioreactor and membrane reactor models with non-competitive product inhibition. III. Linear inhibition, Mark I. Nelson and Wei X. Lim

A fundamental analysis of continuous flow bioreactor and membrane reactor models with non-competitive product inhibition. II. Exponential inhibition, Mark I. Nelson and Wei Xian Lim


A fundamental analysis of continuous flow bioreactor and membrane reactor models with tessier kinetics, M I. Nelson, E Balakrishnan, and H S. Sidhu

Spatial statistical data fusion for remote sensing applications, Hai Nguyen, Noel A. Cressie, and Amy Braverman

Breaking a 3D-based CAPTCHA scheme, Vu Duc Nguyen, Yang-Wai Chow, and Willy Susilo

Breaking an animated CAPTCHA scheme, Vu Duc Nguyen, Yang-Wai Chow, and Willy Susilo

Computing resource prediction for MapReduce applications using decision tree, Jing Tai Piao and Jun Yan

Image similarity index based on moment invariants of approximation level of discrete wavelet transform, Prashan Premaratne and Malin Premaratne

Generalisation of flying capacitor-based active-neutralpoint-clamped multilevel converter using voltage-level modulation, S R. Pulikanti, G S. Konstantinou, and V G. Agelidis

Morphological characteristics of cervical cells for cervical cancer diagnosis, - Rahmadwati, Golshah Naghdy, Montserrat Ros, and Catherine Todd

A comparative study of vehicle drive performance and energy efficiency, S. Abdul Rahman, P. D. Walker, Nong Zhang, Jianguo Zhu, and Haiping Du

Investigating the impact of sensory effects on the Quality of Experience and emotional response in web videos, Benjamin Rainer, Markus Waltl, Eva Cheng, Muawiyath Shujau, Christian Timmerer, Stephen J. Davis, Ian S. Burnett, Christian H. Ritz, and Hermann Hellwagner

Investigating the operation of multiple voltage regulators and DG in a distribution feeder, Dothinka Ranamuka, A P. Agalgaonkar, and K M. Muttaqi

Bilateral single-issue negotiation model considering nonlinear utility and time constraint, Fenghui Ren, Minjie Zhang, and John A. Fulcher

On capabilities of hash domain extenders to preserve enhanced security properties, Reza Reyhanitabar and Willy Susilo


Attrition from Australian ICT degrees - why women leave, Madeleine R. H Roberts, Tanya J. McGill, and Peter N. Hyland

A simplified analytical approach for pricing discretely-sampled variance swaps with stochastic volatility, Sanae Rujivan and Song-Ping Zhu


Transport commons: a community based public transport system, Farzad Safaei

Coordination in wireless sensor-actuator networks: a survey, Hamidreza Salarian, Kwan-Wu Chin, and Fazel Naghdy

Model-based direct estimation of small-area distributions, Nicola Salvati, Hukum Chandra, and Ray Chambers

Small area estimation via M-quantile geographically weighted regression, N Salvati, N Tzavidis, M Pratesi, and R Chambers

ICT-enabled city government field operations: resiliency during extreme events, Hans J. Scholl, Beth J. Patin, and Akemi Takeoka Chatfield

A Gaussian-Rayleigh mixture modeling approach for through-the-wall radar image segmentation, Cher Hau Seng, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, Moeness G. Amin, and F Ahmad

Seizure detection in EEG signals using support vector machines, Cher Hau Seng, Ramazan Demirli, Lunal Khuon, and Donovan Bolger

Private fingerprint matching, Siamak F. Shahandashti, Reihaneh Safavi-Naini, and Philip Ogunbona


Grounding locations assessment of practical power system, Nadheer Shalash, Ahmed M. Haidar, and Abdul Sattar

Compressed sensing-based frequency selection for classification of ground penetrating radar signals, Wenbin Shao, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum, and Son Lam Phung


Positive semidefinite metric learning using boosting-like algorithms, Chunhua Shen, junae kim, Lei Wang, and Anton van den Hengel

Guest editorial notes for selected papers from SOCA 2010, Jun Shen, Soo-Dong Kim, and Nalini Venkatasubramanian

Fundus blood vessels detection based on pulse coupled neural network, Wang Shuqin, Xiao Zhitao, Wu Jun, Geng Lei, Zhang Fang, and Xi Jiangtao

Renault's equivalence theorem for reduced groupoid c*-algebras, Aidan Sims and Dana P. Williams


Estimating variance components and predicting breeding values for eventing disciplines and grades in sport horses, I D. Stewart, I.M S. White, Arthur R. Gilmour, R Thompson, J A. Woolliams, and S Brotherstone

Analysis and improvement of privacy-preserving frequent item protocol for accountable computation framework, Chunhua Su, Guilin Wang, and Kouichi Sakurai


Further analysis of a practical hierarchical identity-based encryption scheme, Ying SUN, Yong Yu, and Yi Mu

Polar differential power attacks and evaluation, Ming Tang, ZhenLong Qui, Si Gao, Yi Mu, ShuBo Liu, HuanGuo Zhang, and YingZhen Jin

An omnibus consistent adaptive percentile modified wilcoxon rank sum test with applications in gene expression studies, Olivier Thas, Lieven Clement, J. C. W Rayner, Beatriz Carvalho, and Wim Van Criekinge

Probabilistic index models, Olivier Thas, Jan De Neve, Lieven Clement, and Jean-Pierre Ottoy

A novel video-based smoke detection method using image separation, Hongda Tian, Wanqing Li, Lei Wang, and Philip O. Ogunbona

Editorial: Computational methods for PDEs in finance, Jari Toivanen, Cornelis W. Oosterlee, and Song-Ping Zhu

Contribution and limits of IT-enabled codification and dissemination of traditional knowledge: case of Bamileke people, Dieudonne Toukam and Samuel Fosso Wamba

Strongly secure certificateless short signatures, Raylin Tso, Xinyi Huang, and Willy Susilo


Multivariate whole genome average interval mapping: QTL analysis for multiple traits and/or environments, Arunas P. Verbyla and Brian R. Cullis

On the effect of multiple access interference in a space time spreading time hopping PPM UWB system, Peter James Vial, Beata J. Wysocki, Tadeusz A. Wysocki, Montserrat Ros, and David A. Stirling


RFID-enabled healthcare applications, issues and benefits: an archival analysis (1997-2011), S F. Wamba

Towards bio-inspired cost minimisation for data-intensive service provision, Lijuan Wang and Jun Shen


A survey on bio-inspired algorithms for web service composition, Lijuan Wang, Jun Shen, and Jianming Yong

Privacy preserving protocol for service aggregation in cloud computing, Peishun Wang, Yi Mu, Willy Susilo, and Jun Yan

Liner ship fleet deployment with week-dependent container shipment demand, Shuaian Wang and Qiang Meng


Perfect ambiguous optimistic fair exchange, Yang Wang, Man Ho Allen Au, and Willy Susilo

RFID applications in e-healthcare, Mohamed K. Watfa, Manprabhjot Kaur, and Rashida Firoz Daruwala

Healthcare applications for clinicians, Mohamed K. Watfa, Hina Majeed, and Tooba Salahuddin


Surface diffusion flow near spheres, Glen Wheeler

A provably secure construction of certificate-based encryption from certificateless encryption, W Wu, Yi Mu, Willy Susilo, Xinyi Huang, and Li Xu

Affiliation-hiding authenticated asymmetric group key agreement, C Xu, Zhirong Li, Yi Mu, H-W Guo, and T Guo


A cloud-based design of smart car information services, Yi Xu and Jun Yan

Robust optimization model of schedule design for a fixed bus route, Yadan Yan, Qiang Meng, Shuaian Wang, and Xiucheng Guo

Exploiting independent relationships in multiagent systems for coordinated learning, Chao Yu, Minjie Zhang, and Fenghui Ren

Forward secure attribute-based signatures, Tsz Hon Yuen, Joseph K. Liu, Xinyi Huang, Man Ho Allen Au, Willy Susilo, and Jianying Zhou

Provably secure single sign-on scheme in distributed systems and networks, Jiangshan Yu, Guilin Wang, and Yi Mu


Aged care IT in Australia-the past, present and future, Ping Yu

Evaluating the impact of implementing of a new wireless telemonitoring system for urinary continence management for older people living in nursing homes, Ping Yu, D Hailey, V Traynor, and Z Zhang

Provably secure proxy signature scheme from factorization, Yong Yu, Yi Mu, Willy Susilo, Ying Sun, and Yafu Ji

Improved certificateless signature scheme provably secure in the standard model, Yong Yu, Yi Mu, Guilin Wang, Q Xia, and B Yang


A polarized adaptive schedule generation scheme for the resource-constrained project scheduling problem, Reza Zamani

Local representation of faces through extended NMF, Ce Zhan, Wanqing Li, and Philip O. Ogunbona


Anisotropic coupled diffusion filter and binarization for the electronic speckle pattern interferometry fringes, Fang Zhang, Zhitao Xiao, Jun Wu, Lei Geng, Hongqiang Li, Jiangtao Xi, and Jin Jiang Wang

Efficient escrow-free identity-based signature, Yunmei Zhang, J K. Liu, Xinyi Huang, Man Ho Allen Au, and Willy Susilo

On the CCA-1 security of somewhat homomorphic encryption over the integers, Zhenfei Zhang, Thomas Plantard, and Willy Susilo


Reaction attack on outsourced computing with fully homomorphic encryption schemes, Zhenfei Zhang, Thomas Plantard, and Willy Susilo

Encoding navigable speech sources: an analysis by synthesis approach, Xiguang Zheng, Christian H. Ritz, and Jiangtao Xi


Privacy enhanced data outsourcing in the cloud, Miao Zhou, Yi Mu, Willy Susilo, Jun Yan, and Liju Dong

Automated functional testing of online search services, Zhiquan Zhou, Shujia Zhang, Markus Hagenbuchner, T. Tse, Fei-Ching Kuo, and T. Y. Chen