The GeoQuEST Research Centre represents an interdisciplinary team from the Faculties of Science and Engineering that has a focus on environmental and climate change research under the overall theme of Earth System Science and Technology. The centre brings together outstanding researchers studying the atmosphere (Atmospheric Chemistry), earth (Geography and Geology), and water (Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering) who share central interests in environmental processes and climate change.


Papers from 2003

New name for Silurian graptolite from NSW, R B. Rickards, G H. Packham, Anthony J. Wright, and Penelope Williamson

The Pristiograptus dubius (Suess, 1851) species group and iterativce evolution in the Mid- and Late Silurian, R B. Rickards and Anthony J. Wright


Long-term trends of inorganic chlorine from ground-based infrared solar spectra: Past increases and evidence for stabilization, C P. Rinsland, E Mahieu, R Zander, Nicholas Jones, M P. Chipperfield, A Goldman, J Anderson, J M. Russell III, P Demoulin, J Notholt, G C. Toon, Jean-Francois Blavier, B Sen, R Sussmann, S W. Wood, A Meier, D W. T Griffith, L Chiou, F Murcray, T M. Stephen, Frank Hase, S Mikuteit, A Schultz, and T Blumenstock


The chronostratigraphy of a Holocene Barrier Estuary: Lake Illawarra NSW, Craig R. Sloss, Brian G. Jones, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, and Charles McClennan


Resource significance of overwash sand deposits from the Southern Sydney Basin, Adam D. Switzer, Kevin Pucillo, Brian G. Jones, and Edward A. Bryant


Mid-late Holocene El Nino variability in the equatorial Pacific from coral microatolls, Colin Woodroffe, Matthew R. Beech, and Michael K. Gagan

Papers from 2002

The charophyte Lamprothamnium succinctum as an environmental indicator: a Holocene example from Tom Thumbs Lagoon, eastern Australia, Adriana Garcia, Brian G. Jones, Bryan E. Chenhall, and Colin V. Murray-Wallace

Hydrolysis of the 5'-p-nitrophenyl ester of TMP by the proofreading exonuclease (E) subunit of Escherichia coli DNA polymerase III, Samir Hamdan, Esther M. Bulloch, Philip R. Thompson, Jennifer L. Beck, Ji Yeon Yang, Jeffrey A. Crowther, Penelope E. Lilley, Paul D. Carr, David L. Ollis, Susan E. Brown, and Nicholas E. Dixon

Structural basis for proofreading during replication of the Escherichia coli chromosome, Samir Hamdan, Paul D. Carr, Susan E. Brown, David L. Ollis, and Nicholas E. Dixon

Carbonate sedimentation on subtropical shelves around Lord Howe Island and Balls Pyramid, Southwest Pacific, David Kennedy, Colin D. Woodroffe, Brian G. Jones, Mark Dickson, and C V G Phipps

Asteropygine tribolites from the Late Devonian of the Kerman region, Iran, Pierre Morzadec, Mohammad Dastanpour, and Anthony J. Wright

Thermoluminescence ages for a reworked coastal barrier, southeastern Vietnam: a preliminary report, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, Brian G. Jones, Tran Nghi, David M. Price, Vu Van Vinh, Trinh Nguyen Tinh, and Gerald C. Nanson


Ground-based infrared spectroscopic measurements of carbonyl sulfide: Free tropospheric trends from a 24-year time series of solar absorption measurements, C P. Rinsland, A Goldman, E Mahieu, R Zander, J Notholt, Nicholas Jones, D W. T Griffith, T M. Stephen, and L S. Chiou


Multiyear infrared solar spectroscopic measurements of HCN, CO, C2H6, and C2H2 tropospheric columns above Lauder, New Zealand (45 S Latitude), C P. Rinsland, Nicholas Jones, Brian J. Connor, Stephen W. Wood, Aaron Goldman, Thomas M. Stephen, Frank J. Murcray, Linda S. Chiou, Rodolphe Zander, and Emmanuel Mahieu


Cultural sequence of Bet Dwarka island based on thermoluminescence dating, K H. Vora, A S. Gaur, David Price, and Sudaresh


Aerosol optical depth at Cape Grim, Tasmania 1986-1999, Stephen R. Wilson and B. W. Forgan


Validation of version 5.20 ILAS HNO3, CH4, N2O, O3, and NO2 using ground-based measurements at Arrival Heights and Kiruna, S W. Wood, G E. Bodeker, I S. Boyd, Nicholas Jones, B J. Connor, P V. Johnston, W A. Matthews, S E. Nichol, F J. Murcray, H Nakajima, and Y Sasano

Papers from 2001


Putting the wood back into our rivers: an experiment in river rehabilitation, Andrew P. Brooks, Tim B. Abbe, John Jansen, Matt Taylor, and Christopher J. Gippel

The Influence of Palaeoenvironment and lava flux on the emplacement of submarine, near-shore Late Permian basalt lavas, Sydney Basin (Australia), Paul F. Carr and Brian G. Jones


Mesospheric temperatures from observations of the hydroxyl (6-2) emission above Davis, Antarctica: A comparison of rotational and Doppler measurements, J L. Innis, Frances Phillips, G B. Burns, P A. Greet, W J R French, and P L. Dyson


Correlation of aerosol and carbon monoxide at 45 S: Evidence of biomass burning emissions, Nicholas Jones, Curtis P. Rinsland, J Ben Liley, and Jim Rosen


Springtime enhancement of upper tropospheric aerosol at 45S, J Ben Liley, James M. Rosen, Norman T. Kjome, Nicholas Jones, and Curtis P. Rinsland

Late Silurian and Early Devonian biostratigraphy in the Hill End Trough and the Limekilms area, New South Wales, G H. Packham, Ian G. Percival, R B. Rickards, and Anthony J. Wright

A new assemblage of graptolites, rhabdopleuran hemichordates and chitinous hydroids from the late Arenig(Ordovician) of the Banestan area, east central Iran, R B. Rickards, Mir Alireza Hamedi, and Anthony J. Wright


Silurian biostratigraphy of the Cadia area, South of Orange, New South Wales, R B. Rickards, Ian G. Percival, A J. Simpson, and Anthony J. Wright

Rugose coral diversifications and migrations in the Devonian of Australasia, Yong Yi Zhen, Anthony J. Wright, and John S. Jell

Papers from 2000

Anatomy of a floodout in semi-arid eastern Australia, Damian B. Gore, Gary J. Brierley, John Pickard, and John Jansen


Positionally dependent 15N fractionation factors in the UV photolysis of N2O determined by high resolution FTIR spectroscopy, Fred Turatti, D W. T Griffith, Stephen Wilson, Michael Esler, T Rahn, H Zang, and G A. Blake


Coral microatolls from the central Pacific record Late Holocene El Nino, Colin Woodroffe and Michael K. Gagan


A new Early Devonian operculate tetracoral genus from eastern Australia, Anthony J. Wright

Papers from 1999


Systematics, biostratigraphy and evolution of the Late Ludlow and Pridoli (Late Silurian) graptolites of the Yass district, New South Wales, Australia, R B. Rickards and Anthony J. Wright

Papers from 1998


A giant new trimerellide brachiopod from the Wenlock (Early Silurian) of New South Wales, Australia, Des L. Strusz, Ian G. Percival, Anthony J. Wright, J W. Pickett, and A Byrnes

Papers from 1997

Overview of factors leading to dryland salinity and its potential hazard in New South Wales, Australia, John M. Bradd, William A. Milne-Home, and George Gates


Graptolite zonation in the late Wenlock (Early Silurian), with a new graptolite-brachiopod fauna from New South Wales, R B. Rickards and Anthony J. Wright

Graptolite evidence for the ages of the Sofala Volcanics and Willow Glen Formation, northern Capertee High, N.S.W., R B. Rickards, Anthony J. Wright, and John W. Pemberton


Chronology of Holocene Tsunamis on the Southeastern Coast of Australia, R. W. Young, Edward A. Bryant, David M. Price, S. Y. Dilek, and D. J. Wheeler

Papers from 1995


The imprint of tsunami in Quaternary coastal sediments of Southeastern Australia, R. W. Young, Edward A. Bryant, David M. Price, and E. Spassov

Papers from 1992


Evidence of Tsunami Sedimentation on the Southeastern Coast of Australia, Edward A. Bryant, R. W. Young, and David M. Price

Papers from 1991


Scruttonia (Rugosa, Cnidaria) from the Devonian of Western Australia, Anthony J. Wright

Papers from 1990


A new Early Devonian spinose phacopid trilobite from Limekilns, New South Wales: morphology, affinities, taphonomy and palaeoenvironment, Anthony J. Wright and W Haas

Papers from 1987

Silurian evaporitic strata from New South Wales, Australia, Brian Jones, Bryan Chenhall, Anthony J. Wright, John W. Pemberton, and C Campbell

Papers from 1986

Silicified early devonian trilobites from Mudgee, New South Wales, Brian D. E Chatterton and Anthony J. Wright

Papers from 1981

A new phillipsastraeinid tetracoral from the Devonian of New South Wales, Anthony J. Wright


A new species of the brachiopod Notanoplia (Notanopliidae) from the Early Devonian of New South Wales, Anthony J. Wright

Papers from 1980

Review of occurrences of halysitid corals in Devonian strata, Anthony J. Wright and J G. Byrnes

Papers from 1979

A new Early Devonian solitary 'cystimorph' tetracoral from New South Wales, Anthony J. Wright


Evaluation of a New Zealand Tremadocian trilobite, Anthony J. Wright

Papers from 1970

The trilobites Incaia Whittard 1955 and Anebolithus gen. nov, C P. Hughes and Anthony J. Wright