The GeoQuEST Research Centre represents an interdisciplinary team from the Faculties of Science and Engineering that has a focus on environmental and climate change research under the overall theme of Earth System Science and Technology. The centre brings together outstanding researchers studying the atmosphere (Atmospheric Chemistry), earth (Geography and Geology), and water (Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering) who share central interests in environmental processes and climate change.


Papers from 2011

Spring Tidal Pumping, Errol J. McLean and J B. Hinwood


Calibration of TCCON column-averaged CO2: the first aircraft campaign over European TCCON sites, Janina Messerschmidt, M. Geibel, T. Blumenstock, H. Chen, Nicholas Deutscher, A. Engel, D. Feist, C. Gerbig, M. Gisi, F. Hase, K. Katrynski, O. Kolle, J. Lavric, Justus Notholt, M. Palm, M. Ramonet, M. Rettinger, M. Schmidt, R. Sussmann, G. Toon, F. Truong, Thorsten Warneke, Paul Wennberg, Debra Wunch, and I. Xueref-Remy

Late quaternary fire regimes of Australasia, S. Mooney, S. Harrison, P. Bartlein, A.-L. Daniau, J. Stevenson, K. Brownlie, Solomon Buckman Dr., Matthew Cupper, Jonathon Luly, M. Black, Eric Colhoun, D. D'Costa, John Dodson, S. Haberle, Geoffrey Hope, P. Kershaw, C. Kenyon, M. McKenzie, and N. Williams


Soils of low elevation coral structures, John Morrison


The dirt on assessing post-fire erosion in the Mount Lofty Ranges: comparing methods, Rowena H. Morris, Solomon Buckman, Paul Connelly, Deirdre Dragovich, Bertram Ostendorf, and Ross A. Bradstock

Contrasting sedimentation rates in Lake Illawarra and St Georges Basin, two large barrier estuaries on the southeast coast of Australia, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, Brian G. Jones, Craig R. Sloss, H Heijnis, and B P. Brooke

Bankfull hydraulic geometry; the role of in-channel vegetation and downstream declining discharges in the anabranching and distributary channels of the Gwydir distributive fluvial system, southeastern Australia, Gerald C. Nanson and Tim Pietsch

Naming conventions in geomorphology: contributions and controversies in the sandstone landscape of Zhangjiajie Geopark, China, Gerald C. Nanson, Robert A. Wray, Jan-Hendrik May, Andrew S. Goudie, Xiaoping Yang, Yuanxu Ma, Mike Crozier, Heather Viles, Gary Brierley, Guifang Yang, Chris Wood, Deli Qi, Piotr Migon, Wolfgang Eder, Simon Aiken, Guo-an Yu, Anze Chen, and He Qing Huang

Prompt transgression and gradual salinisation of the Black Sea during the early Holocene constrained by amino acid racemization and radiocarbon dating, William Anthony Nicholas, Allan R. Chivas, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, and David Fink

Scenarios for coastal vulnerability assessment, Robert J. Nicholls, Colin D. Woodroffe, V R. Burkett, J E. Hay, Poh Poh Wong, and L Nurse

The basement of the Punta del Este Terrane (Uruguay): an African Mesoproterozoic fragment at the eastern border of the South American Ri'o de La Plata craton, Allen P. Nutman, M S Basei, E Peel, L S. Bettucci, and F Preciozzi

Tectonic evolution of the Brusque Group, Dom Feliciano belt, Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil, Allen P. Nutman, M S Basei, M T. Yamamoto, O Siga, L Osako, K Wemmer, N A. Castro, M Hueck, M C. Campos Neto, and C R Passarelli

The Itaja foreland basin: a tectono-sedimentary record of the Ediacaran period, Southern Brazil, Allen P. Nutman, Liu Dunyi, M S Basei, L Osako, K Wemmer, M C. Campos Neto, C R Passarelli, Jr O. Siga, C O. Drukas, and P R. Santos

Calymmian (1.50-1.45 Ga) magmatic records in Votuverava and Perau sequences, south-southeastern Brazil: Zircon ages and Nd-Sr isotopic geochemistry, Allen P. Nutman, H Jose dos Prazeres Filho, M A Basei, C R Passarelli, I McReath, Jr O. Siga, and K Sato


Methane observations from the Greenhouse Gases Observing SATellite: comparison to ground-based TCCON data and model calculations, Robert Parker, Hartmut Boesch, Austin Cogan, Annemarie Fraser, Liang Feng, Paul Palmer, Janina Messerschmidt, Nicholas M. Deutscher, David W. Griffith, Justus Notholt, Paul O. Wennberg, and Debra Wunch


Quantitative characterization of emissions from biomass burning using remote sensing measurements, Clare Paton-Walsh, Emma Young, and David Griffith


Importance of secondary sources in the atmospheric budgets of formic and acetic acids, Fabien Paulot, Debra Wunch, John D. Crounse, G C. Toon, Dylan B. Millet, Peter F. DeCarlo, C Vigouroux, Nicholas M. Deutscher, G Gonzalez Abad, Justus Notholt, Thorsten Warneke, J Hannigan, Carsten Warneke, Joost A. De Gouw, Edward Dunlea, M De Maziere, David W. Griffith, P Bernath, J L. Jimenez, and Paul O. Wennberg

Recent discoveries and a review of the Ordovician faunas of New Zealand, Ian G. Percival, Roger A. Cooper, Yong Yi Zhen, J E. Simes, and Anthony J. Wright


Rotationally resolved infrared spectrum of the Na+-D2 complex: an experimental and theoretical study, Berwyck L. Poad, V Dryza, J Klos, A A. Buchachenko, and E J. Bieske

Photoelectron-photofragment coincidence studies of NO-_X clusters (X = H2O, CD4), Berwyck L. J. Poad, Christopher J. Johnson, and Robert E. Continetti

Paleoecological responses to avulsion and floodplain evolution in a semiarid Australian freshwater wetland, Timothy Ralph, T. Kobayashi, Adriana Garcia, P. P. Hesse, D. Yonge, N. Bleakley, and T. T Ingleton

Intimate meetings at INQUA, Jessica Reeves, Peter Almond, Timothy Cohen, and Drew Lorrey

Multiple Early Triassic greenhouse crises impeded recovery from Late Permian mass extinction, Gregory Retallack, Nathan Sheldon, Paul F. Carr, M. Fanning, Caitlyn Thompson, Megan Williams, Brian G. Jones, and Adrian C. Hutton


Retrieval of atmospheric CO2 with enhanced accuracy and precision from SCIAMACHY: validation with FTS measurements and comparison with model results, M Reuter, H Bovensmann, M Buchwitz, JP Burrows, B Connor, Nicholas M. Deutscher, David W. Griffith, J Heymann, Gretchen Keppel-Aleks, Janina Messerschmidt, Justus Notholt, Christof Petri, J Robinson, O Schneising, V Sherlock, Voltaire A. Velazco, Thorsten Warneke, Paul O. Wennberg, and Debra Wunch

30 million years of Permian volcanism recorded in the Choiyoi igneous province (W Argentina) and their source for younger ash fall deposits in the Parana Basin: SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology evidence, A C. Rocha-Campos, M A. Basei, Allen Phillip Nutman, Laura E. Kleiman, R Varela, E Llambias, F M. Canile, and O de C R da Rosa


The atmospheric chemistry box model CAABA/MECCA-3.0, R Sander, A Baumgaertner, S Gromov, H Harder, P Jöckel, A Kerkweg, Dagmar Kubistin, E Regelin, H Riede, Adrian Sandu, D Taraborrelli, H Tost, and Zhi Xie


Extensional and colisional magmatic records in the Apiai Terrane, south-southeastern Brazil: integration of geochronological U-Pb zircon ages, Oswaldo Siga Junior, Miguel Angelo Stipp Basei, Allen P. Nutman, Kei Sato, Ian McReath, Claudia Regina Passarelli, and Dunyi Liu

Distinctiveness and diversity of arid zone river systems, Stephen Tooth and Gerald C. Nanson

Pyrolysis of fulvenallene (C7H6) and fulvenallenyl (C7H5): theoretical kinetics and experimental product detection, Adam J. Trevitt, G da Silva, M Steinbauer, and P Hemberger

Branching fractions of the CN + C3H6 reaction using synchrotron photoionization mass spectrometry: evidence for the 3-cyanopropene product, Adam J. Trevitt, Talitha M. Selby, Craig A. Taatjes, Satchin Soorkia, J D. Savee, D L Osborn, and S R Leone


Validation of the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment by noncoincident MkIV balloon profiles, Voltaire A. Velazco, G. Toon, J.-F. Blavier, A. Kleinbohl, G. Manney, W. Daffer, P. Bernath, K. Walker, and C. Boone

Changes in air quality and tropospheric composition due to depletion of stratospheric ozone and interactions with climate, Stephen R. Wilson, Keith R. Solomon, Xiaoyan Tang, M Shao, and S Madronich

The Australian margin: ocean and coastal processes, Colin D. Woodroffe


Atolls, Colin D. Woodroffe and Naomi Biribo

River-Dominated Coasts, Colin D. Woodroffe and Yoshiki Saito


Alunite formation within silica stalactites from the Sydney Region, South-eastern Australia, Robert A. Wray


Phylum arthropoda, subphylum trilobitomorpha: trilobites, Anthony J. Wright and Roger A. Cooper

Multistage late Neoarchaean crustal evolution of the North China Craton, eastern Hebei, H Xie, Wei Wang, Allen P. Nutman, C Friend, L Du, Y Wan, C Dong, H Sun, and D Liu

Papers from 2010

Assessing vulnerability to sea-level rise using a coastal sensitivity index: A case study from southeast Australia, Pamela A. O. Abuodha and Colin Woodroffe

Vulnerability assessment, Pamela A. O. Abuodha and Colin Woodroffe


Morpho tectonic units of the Zagros Orogenic Belt, NE Iraq: a modern analogue for subduction accretion processes, Sarmad A. Ali, Brian Jones, Solomon Buckman, Sabah Ismail, and Khalid Aswad

Contribution of SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology to unravelling the evolution of Brazilian Neoproterozoic fold belts, Miguel Basei, Benjamin Neves, Oswaldo Junior, Marly Babinski, Marcio Pimentel, Colombo Tassinari, Maria Hollanda, Allen Phillip Nutman, and Umberto Cordani

Traces from the past: the Cenozoic regolith and intraplate neotectonic history of the Gun Emplacement, a ferricreted bench on the western margin of the Mt Lofty Ranges, South Australia, Robert P. Bourman, Solomon Buckman Dr., Brad Pillans, Martin Williams, and Frances Williams

Mount Augustus geology and geomorphology, Robert P. Bourman, Cliff Ollier, and Solomon Buckman Dr.

Seismic reflection evidence for the evolution of the Camden Syncline and Lapstone Structural Complex, central Sydney Basin, Australia, A. Bray, Peter Hatherly, and Christopher Fergusson


Silica-carbonate (listwanites) related gold mineralisation associated with epithermal alteration of serpentinite bodies, Solomon Buckman and P Ashley


Laboratory measurements of trace gas emissions from biomass burning of fuel types from the southeastern and southwestern United States, I R. Burling, R J. Yokelson, David W. Griffith, T J. Johnson, P Veres, J.M. Roberts, Carsten Warneke, S P. Urbanski, J Reardon, D R. Weise, W M Hao, and Joost A. De Gouw

Freshwater recharge into a shallow saline groundwater system, Cooper Creek floodplain, Queensland, Australia, Dionisio Cendon, Joshua Larsen, Brian G. Jones, Gerald C. Nanson, David Rickleman, S. Hankin, J. J. Pueyo, and Jerry Maroulis

Oxygen-isotope dating the Yilgarn regolith, Allan Chivas and Julius Atlhopheng


Cosmogenic 21Ne analysis of individual detrital grains: opportunities and limitations, Alexandru T. Codilean, Paul Bishop, Trevor B. Hoey, Finlay M. Stuart, and Derek Fabel


Late Quaternary aeolian and fluvial interactions on the Cooper Creek Fan and the association between linear and source-bordering dunes, Strzelecki Desert, Australia, Timothy J. Cohen, Gerald C. Nanson, Joshua R. Larsen, B. G. Jones, David M. Price, Maria Coleman, and Tim Pietsch

Tidal estuary width convergence: theory and form in North Australian estuaries, Gareth Davies and Colin Woodroffe

Emissions of methane and nitrous oxide from Australian sugarcane soils, O. T. Denmead, B.C.T. Macdonald, G. Bryant, Travis A. Naylor, Stephen R. Wilson, David W. T. Griffith, W. J. Wang, B. Salter, I. White, and P. W. Moody


Linking measured carbon dioxide exchange by sugarcane crops and biomass production, O T Denmead, B.C.T. Macdonald, I. White, David W. Griffith, G Bryant, Travis A. Naylor, Stephen R. Wilson, and W J. Wang

Coarse particulate matter emissions from cattle feedlots in Australia, O T Denmead, Travis A. Naylor, D Chen, B Crenna, D Rowell, Sean M. McGinn, and Thomas Flesch


Total column CO2 measurements at Darwin, Australia - site description and calibration against in situ aircraft profiles, Nicholas Deutscher; David Griffith; Glenn Bryant,; Paul Wennberg; G. Toon; Rebecca Washenfelder; Gretchen Keppel-Aleks; Debra Wunch; Yael Yavin; Norton Allen; J. F. Blavier; Rodrigo Jimenez; Bruce Daube; Alfram Bright; Daniel Matross; Steven Wofsy; and Sunyoung Park


Train-borne measurements of tropical methane enhancements from ephemeral wetlands in Australia, Nicholas M. Deutscher, David W. T Griffith, Clare Paton-Walsh, and Rittick Borah

Mixing laser spectroscopy and mass spectrometry- infrared spectra of metal cation- hydrogen complexes, Vikoras Dryza, Berwyck L. J Poad, and Evan J. Bieske


Soil geochemistry and pathfinder element distribution associated with the Hillgrove Antimony-Gold-Tungsten deposit, New England Orogen, NSW, R Ellsmore, Solomon Buckman, and C Simpson


Interpreting New England subduction complex rocks using deep-sea drilling results from the Nankai Trough (offshore southwest Japan), Christopher L. Fergusson


Plate driven extension and convergence along the East Gondwana active margin: Late Silurian–Middle Devonian tectonics of the Lachlan Fold Belt, southeastern Australia, Christopher L. Fergusson

Eoarchean Ophiolites? New Evidence for the Debate on the Isua Supracrustal Belt, Southern West Greeland, Clark Friend and Allen Phillip Nutman


A golden garment? Identifying new ways of looking at the past through a preliminary report of textile fragments from the Pafos ‘Erotes’ Sarcophagus, Adriana Garcia and Diana Wood Conroy

Cosmogenic 21 Ne exposure dating of young basaltic lava flows from the newer volcanic province, Western Victoria, Australia, D Gillen, M Honda, Allan R. Chivas, I Yatsevich, D B. Patterson, and Paul F. Carr

Effect of global warming on large rivers, deltas and coastal zones, Avijit Gupta

The hazardousness of high-magnitude floods, Avijit Gupta


Suitability of Membrane Bioreactor for treatment of recalcitrant textile dye wastewater utilising white-rot fungi, Faisal I. Hai and Kazuo Yamamoto


Recalcitrant industrial wastewater treatment by membrane bioreactor (MBR), Faisal I. Hai, Kazuo Yamamoto, Fumiyuki Nakajima, and Kensuke Fukushi


Development of a regional habitat classification scheme for the Amirante Islands, Seychelles, Sarah Hamylton, Tom Spencer, and Annelise Hagan

Holocene evolution of the Minnamurra River estuary, southeast Australia: foraminiferal evidence, S. Haslett, R. Davies-Burrows, K. Panayotou, Brian G. Jones, and Colin Woodroffe

Response of an estuary to transient river flow variation, J. B. Hinwood and Errol J. McLean


A petrological, mineralogical and geochemical analysis of listwaenite alteration at Spring Creek Bingara in the Great Serpentinite Belt, New England, NSW, E Holcroft, Solomon Buckman, and I Neuss

The complex age of orthogneiss protoliths exemplified by the Eoarchaean Itsaq Gneiss Complex (Greenland): SHRIMP and old rocks, Kenji Horie, Allen Phillip Nutman, Clark Friend, and H. Hidaka

The Formation Age of the Neoarchean Zhuzhangzi and Dantazi Groups in the Qinglong Area, Eastern Hebei Province: Evidence from SHRIMP U-Pb Zircon Dating, Sun Huiyi, Dong Chunyan, Xie Hanqqiang, Wang Wei, Ma Mingzhu, Liu Dunyi, Allen Phillip Nutman, and Wan Yusheng

Platinum-group elements geochemistry in podiform chromitites and associated peridotites of the Mawat ophiolite, northeastern Iraq, Sabah Ismail, Tola Mirza, and Paul F. Carr


Scale dependence of lithological control on topography: bedrock channel geometry and catchment morphometry in western Scotland, John D. Jansen, Alexandru T. Codilean, Paul Bishop, and Trevor B. Hoey


Functional relationships between vegetation, channel morphology, and flow efficiency in an alluvial (anabranching) river, John D. Jansen and Gerald C. Nanson

Comment on "Lead isotopic evidence for an Australian source of aeolian dust to Antarctica at times over the last 170,000 years" by P. De Deckker, M. Norman,, Balz S. Kamber, Samuel K. Marx, and Hamish A. McGowan


Hydroxyl radicals in the tropical troposphere over the Suriname rainforest: comparison of measurements with the box model MECCA, Dagmar Kubistin, H Harder, M Martinez, M Rudolf, R Sander, H Bozem, G Eerdekens, H Fischer, C Gurk, T Klupfel, R Konigstedt, U Parchatka, C L. Schiller, A Stickler, D Taraborrelli, J Williams, and J Lelieveld

Paleoenvironmental records, geophysical modeling, and reconstruction of sea-level trends and variability on centennial and longer timescales, Kurt Lambeck, Colin Woodroffe, Fabrizio Antonioli, Marco Anzidei, W. Roland Gehrels, Jacques Laborel, and Alex Wright

Recovery from a large tsunami mapped over time: The Aceh coast, Sumatra, Soo Chin Liew, Avijit Gupta, Poh Poh Wong, and Leong Keong Kwoh


Hydroxyl radicals in the tropical troposphere over the Suriname rainforest: airborne measurements, M Martinez, H Harder, Dagmar Kubistin, M Rudolf, G Eerdekens, H Fischer, T Klupfel, C Gurk, R Konigstedt, U Parchatka, C L. Schiller, A Stickler, J Williams, and J Lelieveld

Trace-element systematics of sediments in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia: sediment provenance and palaeoclimate implications of fine scale chemical heterogeneity, Samuel K. Marx and Balz S. Kamber

Atmospheric pollutants in alpine peat bogs record a detailed chronology of industrial and agricultural development on the Australian continent, Samuel K. Marx, Balz S. Kamber, Hamish A. McGowan, and Atun Zawadzki

Long-distance transport of urban and industrial metals and their incorporation into the environment: Sources, transport pathways and historical trends, Samuel K. Marx and Hamish A. McGowan


Evidence of solar and tropical-ocean forcing of hydroclimate cycles in southeastern Australia for the past 6500 years, Hamish A. McGowan, Samuel K. Marx, Joshua Soderholm, and John Denholm

Copenhagen, climate science and the emotional geographies of climate change, Helen V. McGregor and Carol Farbotko


Application of a simple hydrodynamic model to estuary entrance management, Errol J. McLean and Jon B. Hinwood

Aminostratigraphy and thermoluminescence dating of coastal aeolianites and the later Quaternary history of a failed delta: The River Murray mouth region, South Australia, Colin V. Murray-Wallace, Robert P. Bourman, John R Prescott, Frances Williams, David M. Price, and Antonio P. Belperio


The hydraulic geometry of narrow and deep channels; evidence for flow optimisation and controlled peatland growth, Rachel Nanson, Gerald C. Nanson, and He Qing Huang

Setting of the 2560 MA Qorqut Granite Complex in the Archean Crustal Evolution of Southern West Greenland, Allen P. Nutman, Joe Hiess, and Clark R L Friend

≥3700 Ma pre-metamorphic dolomite formed by microbial mediation in the Isua supracrustal belt (W. Greenland): simple evidence for early life?, Allen Phillip Nutman, Clark Friend, Vickie Bennett, David Wright, and Marc Norman


Trace gas emissions from savanna fires in northern Australia, Clare Paton-Walsh, Nicholas M. Deutscher, David Griffith, B. W. Forgan, Stephen Wilson, Nicholas Jones, and D. Edwards


Estimated total emissions of trace gases from the Canberra Wildfires of 2003: a new method using satellite measurements of aerosol optical depth & the MOZART chemical transport model, Clare Paton-Walsh, L Emmons, and Stephen R. Wilson


Importance of secondary sources in the atmospheric budgets of formic and acetic acids, Fabien Paulot, Debra Wunch, John D. Crounse, G C Toon, Dylan B. Millet, Peter F. DeCarlo, C Vigouroux, Nicholas M. Deutscher, G Gonzalez Abad, J Notholt, Thorsten Warneke, J Hannigan, Carsten Warneke, Joost A. De Gouw, Edward Dunlea, M. De Maziere, David W. Griffith, P Bernath, J L. Jimenez, and Paul O. Wennberg

Ozone-induced dissociation on a modified tandem linear ion-trap: observations of different reactivity for isomeric lipids, Berwyck L. Poad, Huong Thu Pham, Michael Thomas, Jessica R. Hughes, J Larry Campbell, Todd W. Mitchell, and Stephen J. Blanksby

Combining MBR and NF/RO membrane filtration for the removal of trace organics in indirect potable water reuse applications, William E. Price, Nichanan Tadkaew, Long D. Nghiem, Stuart Khan, Abdulhakeem Alturki, and James A. McDonald


Stratigraphic distribution and suggested evolution of dendroid graptolites from the Silurian of eastern Australia, Barrie Rickards and Anthony Wright


Environmental Effects of Ozone Depletion and its Interactions with Climate Change: 2010 Assessment, Sharon A. Robinson and Stephen R. Wilson

The Holocene infill of Lake Conjola, a narrow incised valley system on the southeast coast of Australia, Craig R. Sloss, Brian G. Jones, Adam D. Switzer, Scott Nichol, Alastair Clement, and William Nicholas